Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th!  Thanks to my great blog commentators!  Keeping it real while I am chill in'.  Just in case you have missed it, here is Joan Rivers telling it like it is.


  1. Same to you Dr pieczenik! Just come in from chillin myself! Love reading this blog the content in my opinion is second to none! And to steal Gen Patton's phrase, if we are thinking the same that means someone ain't think thinking! This blog and fellow commentators have certainly improved my mind

  2. Happy Declaration of Independence Day!!!
    Do you have any intel on Michelle Robinson?
    What was "his" birth name?

    1. The Michael/Michelle Robinson-Obama story started in this hoax website:


      That doesn't mean that it isn't true--the truth is often said in jest--but it's not true that Michael Robinson played a year of football at Oregon State (someone else checked and the picture here is obviously a photoshopped joke).

      Origin (not Gen. Patton) of "When everybody's thinking aike, somebody isn't thinking."

      Where's Patriarch?

    2. On vacation.
      Just wrote below.


    What physician is going to spent 70 minutes per Medicare patient filling out ridiculous government forms? No one is going to accept Medicare. This will kill seniors. Why isn't there a huge revolt in this country among doctors and patients alike?

    The RIght Scoop
    Friday Document DUMP! Obama Admin imposes another 1,296 pages of Obamacare on Independence Day
    Posted on Jul 5, 2014 at 11:00 PM in Politics
    While Americans were enjoying “Independence Day” on Friday, the Obama administration was adding another 1,296 pages of dependence to the Obamacare bill that takes away our freedom.

    Watch below: ...

  4. Now i can tell the truth....

    Now that my friend Bobby Womack has finally given up the ghost, after so many years of wacked-out drug-dazed fog consuming his life....

    Bobby Womack is actually the father of Michelle Obama's two daughters.

    Womack met Michelle in Boston while Michelle was attending Harvard law school. He shared his mountains of drugs with her, and she loved his "street cred" and "ghetto wayz" which was an escape for her otherwise engulfed in the lame, white bread world of Cambridge and Harvard Square. "Give me dat big black trouser snake" Michelle would squeel as Bobby transformed her into the street hooker/ho she always fantasized about being. "Bring me dat money bitch!" Bobby would command her, "or I be slapping you stupid you ugly ass ho!"

    Michelle loved being the bad gurl for Bobby, the real gurl she always wanted. "Across 110th Steet" was the hood Bobby gave Michelle in spirit if not in actuality. When Bobby finally went the way of Curtiss Mayfield, Teddy Pendergrass and the other walking wounded icons of the ghetto sound of heroin-pushing, ho-stealing players of the 24 track recording crib.....

    Keeping it real...keeping it real.....Freddies dead.....


    Where were you THIRTY YEARS AGO when Prince released "Purple Rain?"

    Believe it or not it's been thirty years, and I remember my second floor walk up in Brookline near the Star Market and "T" which would convey me to Boston on the Red Line, through Kenmore where I used to buy used records and eat Indian food every day....

    Oh yes what a mistake to move in with that psycho Puerto Rican girl from Boston University who entrapped me in that cold and dreary apartment. Neither of us listened to Prince or anything like that until we sublet our spare bedroom to "Laurie" the Jewish teenager from Miami Beach high school who screwed and followed her Jewish Venezsuelan boyfriend to Boston all the way from New York, where she had been living with the Italian family who owned all the porn theaters in Times Square.....

    She would tell me her father, a chief in one of the hotels, was always saying that anyone who isn't Jewish is a nigger....But that was cool because Laurie was an equal opportunity slut who bragged to me about fucking some friend of hers on "Scavulo's bed" while he was out of town.....

    Laurie was all of nineteen when she first graced our spare bedroom, and she was five foot one and weighed about 97 pounds. The fun part was pretending that I was her boyfriend when the landloard, a Chinese guy, would sometimes pop in, causing Laurie to dash to my room and jump into bed in a drill she hoped would convince Mr. Chen that she was only there as my significant other.

    However her real boyfriend, "Solo," as in "Solomon" from Caraccas, was of course the jealous type, and always gave me the evil eye whenever we would brush by.

    1. Her father was not a chief in the hotel, but a chef, as in a cook....

  6. Anyway it was Laurie who thought Prince was a God, and she used to sing the lyrics of Purple Rain and the other ditties on that album from the movie of the same name, with the fabulous "Cantalonia Cotero" or whatever the fuck her name was.....

    About Christmas time I started hanging out with one of the managers of the Sack theater, the one underground in government center which had three screens or houses. He told me he had to instruct his people to police the house where Purple Rain was playing because lots of guys would sit in the front rows and masterbate as thought they were in one of the Tremont Street Combat Zone porn theaters. I could never understand why anyone would masterbate to Purple Rain.

    The combat zone was the downtown red light area, and was pretty small and I had to walk through it to get to China town after hours to find something to eat as those places were open all night....

    "The Pussy Galore Stag Bar" and other such places in the combat zone had fully nude strippers who would strip on stage and then sit with customers and have a drink with them for a fee though they didn't stip at the table.....

    There was also the ubiquitous porn shops with various toys, videos for rent, and booths with live girls or videos on loop.

    Once at night i was walking through the combat zone when Robert Urich and his negro friend were shooting for "Spencer for Hire" and it was cool watching them work in the middle of the night when everything was closed.

    1. The negro actors name was Avery something. How does a negro get the name Avery? Negros like exhalted sounding names, or names with a lot of emphasis on the second syllable, like ty-RONE or ty-RESE or le-BRON or ty-RELL or a big emphasis on the first syllable like....TRAY-vonne.

      They always like a lot of emphasis somewhere.

      Negro women like to wear big hats too.

  7. i never liked Spencer for Hire but I liked "St.Elsewhere" a lot and used to watch it every Wednesday night.

    1. St Elswhere was the perfect Boston show because Boston is a dreary place where everyone is sullen, downcast and depressed. St.Elsewhere was about how cruel and dark the world is and how much we try we just keep getting pulled back into the muck and the mire which is life....

      Bostonians feel this way because the weather there is bad for half the year and because the city itself is an ugly city with houses with no yards or trees are stacked back to back, cheek-by-jowl in rows and rows of depressive darkness.

    2. I liked the interaction and subsequent tension between the "Type A" Cardiologist and the Ed Begley character on St. Elsewhere. I felt like the Cardiologist's pursuit of excellence and perfection was going to cause him to have a heart attack at any moment.

  8. So Laurie and I were sitting in my car at the laundrymat waiting for our clothes to wash and dry and she lights up a cigarette. So I go on to inform her that the carcinogins from the tobacco can lodge in the female organs where they can cause cancer. "You mean this could give me cancer in my ........?," she joked.
    Well that was the door opener because next she was telling me how small her vagina was and that having sex at the beginning was painful. "It really hurt for about the first thirty times," she stated.

    The first thirty times? Was she counting?

    Anyway a couple of months later she was in the apartment with my terrible puerto rican girlfriends smoking weed, which was of course dryed out low quality swag....

    And Laurie enthusiastically declares what kind of penises she likes, saying "I like the long ones!" "You're a small girl," my girlfriend replied with concern. "You'd better be careful with the big ones. I was with this guy who was six feet four and weighed 280 and he felt like UGH!"

    Little of course did my horrible puerto rican girlfriend know what I did, that Laurie's vagina had earlier been thoroughly adapted by that time.

    1. I guess the 31st time was the trick.

  9. Anyway I had this monogram from some Congressional office that Ash Carter had written, and it had all the Congressional labels and everything on it. I think it had something to do with Intermediate Nuclear Forces, and so Laurie sees this thing and thinks it's a secret document or something.....

    From then on she thought I was doing some kind of top level national security work with the government, which I thought was amusing because the more I denied it the more she thought otherwise because in Laurie's world that's the way people behave. Next thing you know she was telling some of her movie business friends that I was this important person at MIT doing secret work with nuclear weapons, and her friends like Stephen and Robert Englund actually believed this.

    1. I meant monograph, not monogram....

  10. Belated happy independence day to you all. I thought you might find it interesting that our past/present political elites are getting a 'roasting' here in the UK press at the moment due to cover ups of 'child sex rings' which they were involved with. It is quite refreshing to see some real heavy weights sweat in spite of their power and connections.Some big TV celebrity's were offered up as cannon fodder to distract from where Police investigations were heading, but it really seems that it is going to all come out. I might be deluded but I think things might be changing for the better.

    1. Sounds like they've been messing with others' naughty bits. The Brits are an apathetic lot of blokes and I don't see them organizing and turning things around much but I hope I'm wrong.

    2. Well highlighted Bill UK! Yes I'd like to think the groundswell of opinion started from the alternative media and became too big to ignore! Which it is exactly that, too big to ignore! They will be some arseholes twitching waiting for that knock on the door! But what does intrigue me is why are these animals being exposed now?

  11. Won't be many more:

    I never thought I would be around to see the Red Sox win a World Series. I was 80.

    I never thought I would be alive to see AMERICA' s constitution incinerated.

    Petraeus received his marching orders at Bilderberg.