Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The American Spy Who Came Out of the Cold—Thrown Out Of Germany—Congrats to the CIA Station Chief Whomever You Are!
Many of you may have heard that the American Station Chief in Berlin was summarily thrown out of Germany because he/she was running human assets right in the middle of the German Ministry of Defense.  In my world,  that is the equivalent of hitting a home run with bases loaded!
German intelligence has always been a problem for the USA  since WWII.
Contrary to the admirable Angela Merkel’s disingenuous protests that ‘friends don’t spy on friends’,  she knows all too well that had the CIA and other USG intel organizations not spied on Germany qua West and East Germany, she, Angela Merkel,  born in East Germany of an activist Lutheran Minister father,  would have never ended up as the future Prime Minister of a United Germany!
Some background….
Many of you know about Operations Paperclip where US intel Officers in the OSS (precursor to the CIA) brought over prominent Nazi scientists like Werner von Braun to enlighten us on the merits of the V2 rockets when not aimed at London.  The U.S. helped to create a West German Intelligence system based on ex-Nazi,  Abwehr intelligence officers.  Despite our penetration of the formidable German system,  the greatest intelligence obstacles that I and many others in five American administrations had to deal with was East Germany’s Stasi,  operated by the Master Spy—Markus Wolfe.  From the 1950’s through the 1990’s he was the spy of all spies.
Wolfe ran a Romeo Operation through West German intelligence where East German Operatives seduced the female and male secretaries in West German intelligence.  So  anytime we were supposed to debrief the West Germans, we knew that it went to Marcus Wolfe and then straight to Moscow.   Clearly,  you can ascertain my hidden admiration for this Spy Master,  personally chosen by Stalin to oversee approximately over 100, 000 official and non-official spies in East Germany. 
When Bush Sr/Baker brought East and West Germany together [a geopolitical phenomena for which neither man received the deserved credit],  they had to ignore or exclude the thousands of East German citizens that had worked ‘officially‘ or ‘unofficially’ for Stasi.   This exculpation of guilt for collaboration was not new.  The Americans had done the same thing with the countless number of French Collaborators who had worked for and with the Nazis in WWII.  The numbers were so great that there would have been a major discontinuity in the evolution of post WWII democracy in France and Germany.
So Angela Merkel is clearly no ‘ANGEL’ when it comes to intelligence or spying on us or on the Russians,  French and other EU countries.
She has no choice.
Germany is now at a strategic point of ‘breaking out of the EU’ so it must balance it’s relationship with Russia from which it receives most of its gas and the USA which is the de facto military/political guarantor of Germany’s sovereignty.   In the words of my favorite Polish Bolshevik,  Felix Dzerzhinsky,  father of the Cheka,  predecessor of the NKVD, and the infamous KGB:
“Trust is good. But control is better!”

In the world of intelligence and geopolitical strategic interests,  Americans have no friends and no enemies.  What we have are “INTERESTS”.   That means if Germany is courting Russia while at the same time ‘screwing over’ France;  we Americans want to know –What? How? Why? When? Where? and How Much? 
Without answers to these questions,  we Americans can never be certain of where our real allies or interests and counter-forces may lay.  And nothing irritates or exacerbates an intelligence officer or community more than the fact that ‘they don’t know’ or ‘there are no human assets on the ground’.
I have fired plenty of intel officers and transferred more Station Chiefs over my thirty year career in the State Department.   Intelligence is to the policy maker and operational officer what X-rays are to the surgeon before an operation.   The doctor never wants to go into a bloody situation without some inkling of what, why, when or where.  If the patient dies and the operation is a success… in my world of intelligence…. that is still a success.

So congratulations to the weather beaten CIA whom I have mercilessly attacked over the years for a job well done!
A little advice from an old pro:  Next time,  try to get PNG’d out of Germany.  That’s the gold standard for intel excellence!  Labeled as PERSONA NON GRATA!  I have been there so many times that I was shocked when the Syrians and Iranians allowed me to enter their respective countries.  However, Thailand was right on the ball!  I was PNGd there, when I was a mere civilian. 

Memo to ex-CIA Station Chief:  take a break and do what all the other CIA operatives do—write a Book!  Make a movie!  HBO and Netflix are looking for new content!


  1. Think this answers my earlier question as to if Spycatcher would be worth getting. Dr Steve you should really write some more non-fiction many folk would buy it.


    Exposed! $6.5 Billion for Border Crisis Was Funded by Senate In 2013!
    Published on Jul 16, 2014
    Bombshell. This info proves that Senate Not only knew of a Massive Border Plan, But set aside $6.5 Billion to get the job done!

  3. Dr.P I think you're completely wrong here. Recruiting an penetration asset in an allied country like this is way out of bounds - way out of bounds.

    This kind of stuff is what got Jonathan Pollard sentenced to life imprisonment.

    It's one thing to use technical means unobtrusively to take some low hanging fruit AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT....

    But running an asset in an ally's government and carrying on with that government as though nothing is wrong while all the while you are keeping this secret from them is always going to be a breach of trust.

    Furthermore there is nothing at stake in Germany to possibly justify this. Contrary to your statements German interaction with Russia has been a fixture in Europe since "Ostpolitik" decades ago. There is nothing Germany will be doing with Russia which threatens the US, or it's supposed "interests," as you claim.

    When you make these statements you are exaggerating the importance of the issues involved, and this is a function of your comportment with the follies of statecraft mentality which always exaggerate everything and see threats where they don't exist.

    It's this kind of irrational and doctrinal thinking which led me to leave all government work, and I think you should re-examine your assumptions here.

    1. The normal way of gathering information about hidden activities in an allied country is to communicate with them. That's the way it's normally done.

      When you start treating them with BAD FAITH it DESTROYS their willingness to share anything with you...

    2. Furthermore you're dead wrong, and malicious actually, when you claim that Germany's security depends on the US.

      Germany is once again the most powerful, secure, and prosperous country in Europe.

      It was such before WW1, and between the wars, and then after it's recovery.

      The only thing Germany has declined to have is nuclear weapons, preferring to rely on the US for that.

      But that's because unlike the Brits and the French the Germans are civilized, non-Imperialistic people who don't want to possess nuclear weapons.

    3. To remind you of history....

      From the Russian perspective the prospect of a powerful Germany has in the past meant INVASION by Germany.

      That's not possible anymore because Russia has nuclear weapons and Germany does not.

      However for the sake of tranquility in Europe don't you think it would be a good idea for Germany and Russia to be friends just a little bit?

      As a German I'm really happy that my country, Germany not the sick United States, is not towing the American line of confrontation and encirclement of Russia which the negro President Obama, the blood-thirsty drug user President Bush, and the REPROBATE cigar-penetrating President Clinton have pursued.

      The reason why the US has been fucked up all these years is because all it's Presidents have been subhuman Scotch-Irish trash rather than anyone from a civilized culture such as Germany or Sweden or Switzerland for examples.....

      Almost every single American President have been from the slaver mentality of Scotch-Irish trash, that TALENTLESS hoard of land-stealing sod-busters of Methodists, Prysbeterians, etc., who NEVER create anything, never build anything, invent anything, but simply steal other people's land and enslave them for farm labor.

      The Scotch-Irish and English imperialistic, grasping, finance culture of the US is what explains why it's been an evil force in the world.

    4. Speaking as a German I believe that Merkel actually despises Obama because he's a subhuman negro with no integrity whatsoever and governs the way the leaders of Nigeria govern their pitiful state. She views Obama correctly as the Goodluck Johnson of the G7.

    5. As for "Tinker Tailor"....

      It was a horrible film - emotionless, incomprehensible, and ugly to look at.

      LeCarre is a vastly over-rated writer who composes incomprehensible trivil full of jargon and slang used by his characters so the audience doesn't have a fucking idea what they're talking about LOL.

      That horrible film was a huge loser as it deserved to be.

      There never has been a well-crafted film about spying. No one who knows the topic has ever contributed to making a good film about it....


  4. The last "spy" film I liked was Three Days of The Condor. Liked Faye Runaway too. Didn't enjoy Tinker much either.

  5. I didn't like the way Dunaway was treated and the Stockholm aspect of her character, although it did reflect the ruthlessness of the CIA character who terrorized her....

    But in reality that book and film are as close to the truth about CIA as you will find anywhere. The characters ran true in fact they houses they lived in, the way the dressed, etc...

    Was correct to a tee...

    1. For that matter Body of Lies isn't bad either.

      Both these American CIA works are better than anything LeCarre wrote about MI6 and their fucking "circus."

    2. Yes but her good looks and submissive nature made me want to go "discovery channel" on her ass. I can't believe I said that! Lol. I'm growing hair on my chest reading MIT's blogs. : )

  6. BRENNAN is worse than Haman.