Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The American Policy of ‘No Negotiations With Terrorists’ Has Finally Devolved! Now a Simple Crime Whereby Criminals/Terrorists Extract Significant Ransoms from Hostages!
A recent article from the NYTimes,  July30, 2014, “Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror” by Rukmini Callimachi (posted earlier),  describes in detail what different EU countries pay as an ‘insurance premium’ to Al Qaeda to ‘encourage’ them not to attack any of their respective citizens located anywhere around the world.  In particular,  the article mentions the following countries: Austria; France; Germany; Italy; Switzerland.
Similarly countries in the African Magreb as well as in the Arabian Peninsula—Yemen; Somalia; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Oman; Jordan, et. al have paid off directly or indirectly all types of terrorist organizations through ‘cut-outs’,  intermediaries, or even ‘unofficial brokers.’  The amounts of money are significant,  ranging up to hundreds of millions to avert,  prevent, or attenuate a ‘hostage situation’.
Now before everyone becomes upset about this apparent violation of a long-standing American Policy of “No Negotiations With Terrorists”,  I have to admit that since I was one of the first senior National Security officials who had developed and instituted this policy in the in the mid-1970’s ,  America, in one way or another has been a major transgressor of this policy.  I will not go into any specific incidents or place the blame on any one administration, since I, too, had to circumvent the policy that I helped to create in order to save countless innocent administrative officials as well as Americans caught by accident in a ‘hostage situation’.
The article really forced me to reconsider what I have long felt and expressed to many of my national security colleagues over the past four decades that the policy had created more problems, wars and unnecessary conflagrations.  The policy really did not have as much of a deterrent effect as many of the TV pundits and so-called ‘academic scholars‘ annunciated.  Many studies had shown that terrorism could be best handled by official ‘police’ work rather than any military efforts, be it pre-emptive or consequential.
Even the Israelis over the past four decades had paid different terrorists groups for one or another reason.  Remember that I have reiterated in many of my past blogs,  that the Israelis have created and funded Hamas as well as other Sunni groups like ISIS.
Yes, the world of terrorism has not set rules—other than use ‘terror’ at will..  and in the case of Israel… AD NAUSEUM!
Then what does the imminent death of this antiquated ‘no negotiation policy’ mean?
Nothing. This policy had lasted a lot longer than I or anyone else,  had ever envisioned.  In truth,  the policy has run it’s natural course and now finds itself within the realm of the monetary imbroglios of international financing and insurance premiums.  Terrorism like most other endeavors in the 21st  century has become a very lucrative business for the so-called ‘experts’ who tell you how to handle ‘terrorism’.   Terrorism has been equally beneficial for the ‘gangsters who understand that taking a hostage is a very profitable enterprise.

Welcome the commoditization of ‘terrorism’.
Remember all the neocons who had created 9/11 both in the Clinton and Bush/Cheney Administrations: Cherthoff,  Woflowitz,  Hadley,  Zalmay Khalizad,  Condi Rice, Richard Perle,  Sandy Berger?  They now all have ‘consulting companies‘ to help Americans and the world to stop,  promote and benefit from the murder, capture and hostage taking of innocent victims.  Talk about creating a “market” for your services!

Now the Clintons and Bushs will run again in 2016 because they know how to protect us from the evils that their own family members created! 
  But no one went to jail.  So, America, think about it.
Just a policy went into extinction and no one was the worst for it ---except--- 3000 innocent Americans in the WTC and 6,000 American soldiers.


  1. Commoditization of terror!the 9/11 stitch up! On the end if my nose and didn't see it Dr pieczenik! The few million delivered to the Sahara literally is a grain of sand in comparison!! I must study harder

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  2. Interesting post. Are you aware of Jeremy Keenan's work on the region? He has argued that entities in Algeria's deep state, e.g. the DRS, are involved in the infiltration and control of AQIM, and have been falsifying acts to terrorism and kidnapping to extract 'rent' from the US and Europe.
    He has two books on the subject: & -- both of which are interesting reads.

  3. Every government does this and always has, but of course the USA took this kind of thing to NEW LEVELS of depravity under Richard Nixon.

    View the Speilbert film "Munich" and you will see his account of how an Israeli hit team was zeroing in on the Red Prince of Black September in 1972 in London when their plans to assassinate him were foiled by CIA officers detailed to protect him ! What the Fuck??
    What were CIA officers doing working as bodyguards for Black September after the Olympics Massacre in Munich?

    Well for once Speilberg got part of the story right. CIA officers and contractors did work for Black September, Fatah, PFLP and other Palestinian "terror" groups after the Munich event.

    Richard Nixon was told by psychic Jean Dixon that there would be a huge terror event in the US shortly and that he would be blamed for it....

    Therefore what did Nixon do?

    He and Kissinger went straight to CIA HQ and ordered them to contact Black September, Col. Kaddafi in Libya, and Idi Amin and offer to assist them with all their terror needs against the British, Israelis, etc. in exchange for promising to not target Americans anywhere in the world.

    And of course CIA loved that kind of idea because it meant killing a lot of non-Americans to save Americans, which they believe is their reason for living.

    CIA's best operators were used. Edwin Wilson left CIA employment and went straight away to Libya posing as a rogue retired officer. He arranged for hundreds of Marines trainers and others to go to Libya and train the IRA, the ETA, and anyone else on Kadaffi's list of freedom fighters he wanted them to train. Wilson arranged for Kadaffi to buy twenty tons of C-4 explosive, the entire US amount available in the country. He also gave a lot of com equipment, weapons, et...

    And to Idi Amin went Frank Terpel, one of the nicest CIA officers ever to pose as a fired employee. Terpel was a genius and a nice guy who supplied Amin and his terror buddies a lot of cools stuff.

    Yes those were the dayz of wine and roses.

    1. And like the awesome film with Jack Lemon and Leigh Remick the awesome Norwegian love doll.....

      In the end the story was not so good....

      Not exactly a happy ending.

      But no Americans were killed anywhere so long as the program was running. But after Carter came in and the Justice Department prosecuted Terpel and Wilson then.....

      Americans started dying in Beirut and lots of other places so...GO FIGURE.

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  13. Former NSA director Keith Alexander may have sold classified info for $1M per month

    Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson accused Alexander Wednesday of disclosing “classified information to bank trade groups for monthly fees of up to $1,000,000.”
    According to Grayson, here quoted in press reports, “Disclosing or misusing classified information for profit is, as Mr. Alexander well knows, a felony. I question how Mr. Alexander can provide any of the services he is offering unless he discloses or misuses classified information, including extremely sensitive sources and methods.”


    You might think the article is a condemnation, but no.

    The article concludes: "That’s the American way."

    For this is the rational:

    "These days, Alexander is plying his technical skills for a security firm called IronNet Security, which is focused on protecting the U.S. banking system from devastating cyber attacks. According to press reports, Alexander and his team have come up with a “unique” system for detecting such attacks."

    Well, is Alexander a computer programmer?


    But he does know all the in's and out's of America's electronic intelligence system.

    Maybe, he's getting paid a million dollars to teach international bankers how to launder money.

    Alexander was a manager, skilled at management.

    I"m with Grayson on this.

    Generals don't just retire.

    They get rich.

    Doing what?

    1. I'll tell you what Mr. "Alexander" of "Alexander the Great" or "Alexander the invincible" or whatever idiotic name you have....

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    John Brennan should probably be in jail, but that's another story.

    Huffington Post
    Sen. Mark Udall Calls For CIA Director John Brennan To Resign
    Posted: 07/31/2014 2:19 pm EDT Updated: 17 minutes ago
    WASHINGTON -- Following reports that Central Intelligence Agency employees improperly accessed computers used by U.S. Senate staff to investigate the agency, Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) on Thursday called for the resignation of John Brennan as CIA director.

    "After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today, I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan," he said in a statement. "The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers. This grave misconduct not only is illegal, but it violates the U.S. Constitution’s requirement of separation of powers. These offenses, along with other errors in judgment by some at the CIA, demonstrate a tremendous failure of leadership, and there must be consequences."