Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Winners in the Israeli Invasion of Gaza Are: USA And Iran!
As stated in previous posts,  Iran and America will renew Trade/Oil/Nuclear Agreements.  Iran [Shi’ite] and Turkey [Sunni]  will “De Facto”  dominate the Middle East.  The Major Losers are Israel and Saudi Arabia!
As one might imagine,  I received countless protests about my last blog criticizing Israel as morally repugnant for their incursion into Gaza.   I wish it were just so,  morally repugnant but I actually think the decision to invade Gaza was even more horrible. For a state that allegedly has ‘massive brain power’ as the Great American Fakir of Business,  Warren Buffet declared about Israel,  how did they fall so easily into a geopolitical trap set up by Iran…. and the Obama Administration?
From my previous blogs,  many of you could assume that Israel would use brain power to figure out that Iran,  shipped missiles to Sudan, and into Egypt through the tunnels into Hamas.  Israel knew this yet could not or would not interdict.

In addition,  Saudi Arabia also loses in this BOLD OBAMA GAMBIT to ally U.S. interests with IRAN.
Saudi Arabia, often portrayed as a historical enemy of the Jews and Israel in particular,  is nothing of the sort.  Saudi Arabia has been a very close and important ally to Israel throughout their collective histories.  Let me just say that the 9/11 Stand Down was assisted by Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan and of course, our favorite American Neo Cons.
What will happen to this British created, ersatz potentate called, Saudi Arabia?
Its oil interests have been depleted by the British/U.S. corporations and like a used up old whore,  the potentate will be kicked to the curb..metaphorically speaking.
In this newly created power vacuum which countries will dominate the Middle East?

In my humble opinion,  which I have spouted for the past several years: IRAN will represent SHI’ITE interests in the Middle East and TURKEY will represent SUNNI interests from Mesopotamia onward.   The reality is that the Iranians/Persians and the Turks /Ottoman Empire have both existed for centuries and they will continue to dominate the region for a few more centuries.  Call it the historical or geopolitical imperative or call it fate.   Whatever you call it,  these British/French post WWI creations –Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE … will border on extinction and eventually succumb to their fate.
Therefore Jordan,  Qatar,  Sudan, Yemen, UAE, will play the role of minor powers to manipulate and spin events in the region until the USA and others [probably Russia/China] will determine what to do with them.  Such are the games of State,  I just call them as I see them.


  1. And Iran have indeed been called to the table regarding Iraq and the isis problem!!!!! This is news before it happens once again! My frustration is passing on this information! I've certainly discovered how educated we in general really are!!!!

  2. Reading the post once again and the Persian/ Ottoman point really resonates doesn't it? Once again simplicity

    Zero Hedge ran a story on what i had already posted. There are many comments, but two links in the comments are of interest.

    Zero Hedge
    "I Was Absolutely Shocked At What I Read," Congressman Calls For Release Of Secret 9/11 Documents
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/20/2014 15:31 -0400
    Sun, 07/20/2014 - 19:41
    today i learned a new narrative:

    Sun, 07/20/2014 - 20:33
    Great info trader1.Thanks for posting that.

    Cross reference that with this:

    and more connections become clear.

  4. Once again Dr.P you're evoking the tattered old jargon of fallacious "statecraft" when you claim that this or that country will "dominate" the region.

    Iran doesn't benefit from any of these events in real terms. It of course survived the sabre rattling and lunatic suggestions in the US that it should be attacked. That was never an option. Having survived this no-brainer threat and a decade of being encircled by the half-witted American military which you like so much....

    Iran is just as before having gained nothing and lost nothing in real terms save maybe some little chips on the table if you really believe that playing these little statecraft games of violence has any bearing on the real strength of a country or the well being of its populations.

  5. Iran as a country has no real threats and never did. Now in terms of the institutional interests of its bureaucracies, or the interests of its political factions, now that's where gain or loss may be stated from these changing circumstances.

    However the conclusion that the state or country as a whole has gained, or lost, is a a fallously, and we should never continue to hold onto our long-standing ones.

  6. Now as for people criticizing Dr.P for criticizing Israel's attack in Gaza....

    Well from the Israeli point of view at this point what else can they do? I mean Hamas is attacking Israel with these rockets and it's causing a lot of alarm and inconvenience though perhaps few if any casualties....

    But who would put up with this? No one.

    On the other hand the Israeli's methods are unsound and indifferent to the loss of life here, and they're clearly lying again about their supposed efforts to save civilian lives...

    The simple truth is that Hamas is the population of Gaza, and to fight it Israel will attack the people of Gaza just as the Americans attacked the people of Vietnam because the truth was that the entire population of Vietnam were NLF.

    So what can we say about this?

    What we can say is that Hamas is continuing the war, the struggle, and Israel will counter-attack and so forth.

    But the simple truth is that Hamas is fighting because it has no choice but to fight, as the people of Vietnam have no choice but to fight.

    The people in Gaza should be living all over southern Palestine where they came from but the Israelis won't let them return to their homes, won't let them out....

    So the war goes on.

    The fallously is to think it ever ended.

  7. The other stupid American/Israeli peicnik fallousy is to think the solution is to gather up all the arabs who had their land stolen and are not allowed to return to their lands AND PUT THEM ALL IN THEIR OWN STATE SOMEWHERE ELSE...

    This two state solution is the most idiotic idea there ever was.

    If the UN decided to give Texas to Mexico would the solution be to take all the Texans and give them their own state in Belize?

    I think not.

  8. Or maybe the UN could break off the Texas panhandle and everyone who used to live in Texas can migrate there and live there in their own state while the Mexican have everything else...

  9. Dr Steve, People need to watch these Y/T videos 'Official Russian Military Presentation of evidence that Russia nor the pro-Russian freedom fighters downed the Boeing 777'
    And 'Whistleblower: Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17'

  10. Now as for the intl dimension....

    Are we to think that CIA had no warning of the Hama rocket offensive?

    Are we to conclude that CIA had no knowledge of what was about to happen?

    And regarding flight 17 are we to conclude that CIA has no way of knowing whether it was the Russians or the Ukrainians who are responsbile?

    Are we to conclude that CIA has no assets in Russia reporting on Putin's conversations and no technical means to listen to what he's saying and discussing with others?

    Are we to conclude that NSA and CIA and so forth are only listening to the conversations of Merkel, et. al., but not Putin or anyone involved in this mess?

    What the hell is going on here.

    This is exactly the kind of situations where intl capability matters.

    There's a lot of consternation and tension over this and although it won't lead to another cold war it's not a good situation.

  11. All this stuff is making me quite cynical. I saw the picture of the passports from the 'shoot down' and they were in mint condition, as was the case of the 9/11 passport.Maybe they should make planes and black box recorders from the same materials as the passports so they survive these disasters.

  12. They do survive. All kinds of stuff survives intact. A passport is a book. What should a book look like when it falls from the sky?

  13. At least this event has served to cystalize for the public what kind of people the Russians are.

    Everyone turned a blind eye to these cretains at the Soji Olympics.

    The Germans have tried over and over again to contain them because more than anyone the Germans knew what kind off assholes the Russians are.

    But every time the Germans made these efforts the French, Brits and Americans came to the Russians' aid. Then afterward they'd try unsuccessfully to contain them themselves.

    This only points to fact that the twenieth century was ruined because the Americans and British opposed German hegemony.

    If Germany had won the Great War as it won in 1971 there would have been a century of peace and prosperity.

    But instead we got the wishes of the British, and they fuck everything up everywhere they go.

    1. I meant to say the Germans won in 1871...not 1971.

      The Germans defeated the French in the Franco-Prussian war, and thereafter the Germans went back home. The Germans didn't stick around to "dominate" the continent the way the English claimed they would have if they had won again in 1914.

      Even today Max Hastings makes the ridicuous claim that if Germany had defeated France in 1914 that the Germans would have gone on to make all of Europe a vassal state.

      These are clearly lies, and the kind of lies the British always cook up to justify their neverending quest for empire and domination over others.

      The only dominating bunch of assholes in western Europe are the Brits and Scotts, and ask the poor Irish what they think about English integrity....

    2. The most warlike countries in the world are Israel and England....two democracies.

      Reminds me of the warlike tendencies of Athens and Rome...two democracies.

    3. And if you want to understand the US just look at who runs the US, who it's Presidents have been, AND WHO OWNS ALL THE LAND AND PROPERTY IN AMERICA !

      The Irish own nothing. The Scotts and English own it all here. The Germans here own almost nothing, and the Italians even less...

      The Scotts and Brits own almost everything in this country, and now a lot of Russians and Iranians are increasing their shares because they're the same kind of crooked assholes.

      There's lots of Norwegians and Swedes here too and they own almost nothing. All they do is work all the time while the English and the Scotch Irish own the businesses they work for.

    4. As regards domination you are right, 'the sun never set on the British Empire'. A few thousand red coated soldiers were able to control whole continents through their military discipline. They could probably have one the independence wars if they had not adhered to the european rules of war, where you pop round in the morning to take Washington's surrender and of course he bugger's orf during the night! Even when they lost like at Rorkes drift they kept it together, unlike say Custer's lot at little big horn. I feel your fondness for the Fatherland is misplaced (try having a German Mother-in-law!) Yes they have great cars, women and food. Also they are sterotypically organised and clean. Yet they also have major flaws their defference and obsequiousness to authority is much so it enabled a one testicled, crazy Austrian to rule them. When Oswald Moseley tried the same shit in Britain he and his 'blackshirts' literally got seven colours of shit kicked out of them at the Docks and the Police had to rescue them. In the modern setting most elite systems of education are based on the Oxbridge model as are Special forces where the SAS provided the blueprint for your own Delta and others. We even invented the 'false flag' and would often use it to start some pointless and crazy war much like the US now. Unfortunately we have a surveillance state second to none, they even have cameras on George Orwells old house! However try installing a Police state here and the same old 'bloody mindedness' that beat the Germans twice would come to the fore and it would unravel very quickly. As regards being 'crooked assholes' that reflects the elite the world over, they have their own international club, to which we can never become members.

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