Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This is not what the founding fathers of Israel envisioned for their future...this downward spiral of self destruction fed by revenge against the Palestinians will lead to the eventual end of Israel.


  1. Dr Steve, You said "This is not what the founding fathers of Israel envisioned for their future" are you forgetting THE BALFOUR DECLARATION The establishment of a puppet regime under LLOYD GEORGE in London brought a visible change in the official policy towards Zionism. This paid huge dividends when the new Foreign Secretary ARTHUR BALFOUR wrote on November 2, 1917, the following letter to LIONEL ROTHSCHILD, recently made a peer of the realm:
    “Dear Lord Rothschild,
    I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of his Majesty’s Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the cabinet.
    His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.
    I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.
    Yours sincerely,
    Arthur James Balfour
    Which is all part of (How do we Jesuits get the Jews of Europe to move to Palestine so that they can build the Temple for our future Jesuit Pontiff?)

    1. There were plenty of idealistic dupes from eastern Europe who started kibbutzim and sought a socialist utopia....

      But the important figures among the founders such as Ben-Gureon, Begin and others were ruthless racist supremicists who used terror to cleanse as much of Palestine as they could and intened from the beginning to expand over the entire region.

      The release of documents fifteen years ago from the 1948 era forward has revealed to the Israeli people the myths and lies they were told, intentionally, by their "founders," and this has led all informed Israelis to a much more cynical view in which they have to accept that their state was always intended to be racist, hegemonic state in which the indiginous Arabs would be tolerated, subjagated, exploited, etc. as the negros of South Africa were, or pushed aside like the native Americans were.

      It's all in the documents, and every Isreali has by now seen them although Americans don't know they exist.

    2. As a racist myself I can see how and why Israel's founders thought the way they did. Arab political culture, etc. is just horrible, and the alternative of Israeli democracy and culture is a vast improvement.

      This is the reason why important Israelis were shocked after 1969 when the Arabs in the west bank and gaza formed the PLO and resisted Israeli hegemony. The Israelis believed that the Arabs were find Israeli hegemony preferable than living under King Hussein and other Arab leaders.

      But this doesn't work because what Israel is actually founded on isn't a patronizing relationship with the Arabs but ethnic cleansing and bantustanization....

      I agree that the Arabs have huge shortcomings, but they are not equivalent to the primative savages of the American continent or the negro savages of southern Africa.

      The Arabs of Palestine were a developing culture which was traditional and impoverished but not primative and savage.

      The Israelis frankly were demonizing them because it's what they wanted to believe. They wanted to believe that an aparthide condition, which personally I favor for S. Africa, would be justified for the Arabs too....

      But they are simply thinking that way because it's what they want to believe so they can have the land.

    3. But practically speaking the Israelis are insane for repeated in Gaza what they did before...

      What they did before cost them so much good will among American Jews and now they're going to lose that even more.

      The current Israeli government has the same mentality of denial and irrationality as.....


      And that's because they are one in the same...

      Cheney and the Likud are one in the same, and they were conspirators in 911 and everything that's happened since.

      It's just insane that they are carrying on this way....

      Not even in their own obvious self interest anymore.

      Just nutjobs.

    4. CIA operator, when I put on my cold-hearted, real-politik glasses... I agree with your comment, even if I don't like it.

      But realism, is necessary, too, as is idealism.

      Idealism falls on its face, if it doesn't acknowledge reality. A Greater Israel is a recipe for war and isn't in America's vital interest and it could end up backfiring on Israel.

      We need ass kickers like you telling it as you see it (see response below).

      Clearly, there were both Idealists and ruthless supremacists in Israel from the very beginning.

    5. Hey, CIA operator, how about some levity and irreverence.

      As I know you are a major pussy hound, I thought this might be entertaining: You like bad bitches, I know you do.

      Bon appétit.

    6. I haven't seen anything of the Filipina girl with the alien implant in her perineum for weeks and weeks....

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      Believe it or not I'm actually jealous of whoever else she found who is still breeding her with semen superior to my own.

      I feel like such a loser. : (

  2. Israeli society is, step by step, getting more course and brutal towards the other.

    Dr. Pieczenik, you are right in my opinion. Taking the best intentions for Israel, it was supposed to be a refuge away from prejudice and hate, but watching YouTube's and various interviews of various Israelis, prejudice and hate are infiltrating Israeli society at all levels, starting at a young age.

    But, instead of prejudice and hate being directed at Israelis, it is emanating from Israelis, themselves, towards various populations, principally at Palestinians, yet others as well.

    Somehow, it seems to me and maybe it is intuitive, but filling yourself with prejudice and hate is as bad or worse than being the object of prejudice and hate.


    Because other's prejudice and hate can be deflected, turned away, it does not have to be assimilated into your consciousness, but when it emanates from your own consciousness, there is no escaping, you carry it wherever you go, it affects you, changes who you are and how you look at the world.

    As a supporter of Israel (believe it or not), I fear for the collective psyche of the nation-state of Israel.

    Yes, Israel's foundation was born in violence, but I believe the idea was that soldiers and fighters would give way to diplomats and statesmen, with the hope that they eventually would give way to poets, humanitarians, and artists.

    In this way, Israel could be a light to the nations.

    But this hopeful process seems to have been reversed and Israel is drifting towards a nation of haters and prejudice.

    It is not good for Israel and its citizens and I do not believe it is good for Jews in general.

    What is good for the Jews?

    Surely, it is not good that Israel be identified as a bastion of prejudice and hate for what others think of them or what they think of the others.

    Prejudice and hate are the rot of a society and an individual.

    Oh, Israel, how we wanted you to be reconciled with humanity.

    Oh, Israel, how we wanted you to be an example to humanity.

    For the best of humanity.

    Oh, Israel, what are we to do, when the best of humanity is captured in a darkness and humanity turns away in despair.

    We must try and see the best in humanity, nurture the best in humanity, but what of Israel, if it is filled with hate for the rest of humanity.

    I fear for humanity.

    Let us pray for humanity.

    This can not be the path to an enlightened and peaceful world.

    Oh, Israel you were to be a leader to this promised land.

    Where are you now?

    1. That's just how I feel... Am I wrong?... For thinking we (humanity) could be something real. For choosing another way other than violence & hate?

      Trying to reach the things I can't see.

      That's just how I feel.

    2. What will humanity do with modernity (that little T.V)?

      Will we push through to a better world or will we destroy ourselves?

      The choice is ours.

    3. Anaconda, Read this following article 'Israel’s Jesuit President, Shimon Peres heads again to Rome to offer Pope Francis I the Cenacle (Church with the Upper Room) and an International Jerusalem'
      After you've read through that you'll realize all Israel leaders have just been puppets of the Jesuit Superior General these people are pulling all the strings of the entire human race, also read this article '10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits!

    4. Anaconda,

      What have you been smoking?

      You sound like a total pussy in this post.

      "Why can't we all get along" and shit....

      "Pray for humanity?"

      Have you become a monk or something?

    5. CIA Operator... I chuckled reading your response. Not in a bad way, actually chuckling with you at my own expense.

      I'm just tired of the violence & hate.

      As I've stated before there are millions of innocent Israelis that are not in on the leadership of Israel.

      That's where the problem lies, with the leadership, but the leadership's attitude is spreading through Israeli society.

      I got a question for you, CIA operator: Is being philosophical, perhaps, even poetical, lyrical and wanting peace... is being "a total pussy"?

      What am I supposed to think? Let's kill all the Palestinians or kill all the Jews?

      I'm thinking out loud... as I've stated before, here, on this comment board, "blessed are the peacemakers."

      Or I could just throw up my hands or wash my hands and say, "let the blood thirsty savages kill each other."

      But I don't think either group, Jews or Palestinians are blood thirsty savages.

      Israel is a fact, it ain't going anywhere.

      I support Israel the same way I support France, Sweden, Britain, Belgium, or a number of other countries, including Germany (and my father was a B-24 bomber pilot during WWII dropping bombs on Germany).

      I am seriously concerned Israel could, and I emphasize, could end up being a flash point for world conflagration.

      Besides, as you, yourself, have noted Jews makes a powerful contribution to civilization (they also do a lot of things that are detrimental to civilization, as most others groups).

      I suggest, at this point in time, there is not a Jewish Question, but rather an Israeli Question.

      A lot of what is going on in the Middle East is being driven by either Israel, directly, or by concerns for Israel.

      Again, regarding my "pussy" comment, it was my muse. Yes, I knew that "pray" phrase would raise some hackles, but I've dropped some "God" comments before, although, I try and keep it in the closet, for the most part.

      You know, geo-political analysis and "God talk" don't mix well. I get that, but that's where I get my "peace" from.

      My own life experience and wiring is rather different.

      I'm a banger, fierce. Up until a couple of years ago, I supported every war America was in.

      I grew up playing with plastic green army men. I played "war" games as a kid. Pine cones were hand grenades, balsa wood guns, plastic, fake Thompson submachine guns, you name it, BB guns, slingshots, dirt clods, whatever.

      And, of course, football -- controlled violence as a team sport.

      I can be a violent guy, myself.

      Although, I try and stay out of trouble.

      I never questioned America's history of killing off the Indians for westward expansion. I'm an American Firster. I was willing to see America kill to gain an advantage.

      So, can't I be a "pussy" every once in a while and hope for peace?

      Peace for Jews and Gentiles, alike?

      And, yes, again, when I see "Pray for humanity" I wince and laugh because I know it sounds like a "pussy".

      But what would you have me do?

      Damn humanity and wait for some supposed "end times".

      If sounding like a "pussy" is what it takes to get some sanity in this world, so be it.

      But I know the truth: What we need are warriors for peace. Fight for peace.

      Pussies won't get peace, they just suck their thumb in a corner.

      It's going to take violent men, men willing to break things, break noses, break bones... those are the men with the best chance of bringing peace.

      Actually, CIA operator, you're the kind of guy who can fight for peace... especially since that requires kicking men in the balls, when they aren't looking... that's right up your ally.

      Kicking balls for peace... now that's a phrase I bet you could get behind.

      "Pay for humanity"? Maybe, it would be better to say, "kicking ass for peace."

      Is that better?

    6. Limp dick better choice of words boys...

    7. Anaconda, This paragraph:::The Jesuits control the Masonic Jewish Zionists who control Zionist Israel. They HATE the Jewish race. And when I speak of Jews, I’m not speaking of Judaism. I’m not speaking of their evil religion, that openly and notoriously rejects Jesus as the Messiah; even Josephus realized Jesus was the Messiah.
      I’m talking about the RACE. And when I’m speaking of the Jewish race, I’m speaking of the descendants of Jacob, through his 12 sons, and their physical descendants. That’s what I mean when I speak of the Jews.
      Many, many Orthodoxes today believe there is no such thing as the Jewish race. They are in error about that, because in Romans IX, X, & XI, it speaks specifically about the Jewish race, that Christ was a Jew; that Christ spoke in John, Chapter IV, we know whom we worship for salvation is of the Jews.
      So, he identified himself as a Jew. The Apostle Paul identified himself as a Hebrew of Hebrews, an Israelite, etc. So the terms Jew, Israelite, and Hebrew are all synonymous terms; they are the physical, racial descendants of Jacob. And, therefore, the Abraham covenant and promises apply to them, and they have not been fulfilled to this day. They are in the great diaspora—they are in the great dispersion.
      And so, Satan, not wanting them to inherit these promises, has set-out to destroy the Jewish race any way he possibly can. And his greatest tool in the destruction of the Jewish race is the Jesuit Order:::came from this article 'Maniacal World Control Thru The Jesuit Order Well-Hidden Soldiers Of Satan'

    8. Sir, you are wasting your time.

    9. SouthernBelle, you'll have to explain what you mean.

    10. Anaconda, You said "Sir, you are wasting your time" please explain why you said that to me! So tell me is the information wrong on this site 'Jesuits Control the Vatican and Are the Real Spiritual Controllers Of The New World 0rder' what about this one "Rothschilds Invented and Control Modern-Day Israel"

    11. heyhey1956, I don't subscribe to your assertions regarding the Jesuits. The power you claim they have in today's world (as opposed to hundreds of years ago), in my opinion does not exist, therefore, I don't care to engage it or take the time to refute it.

    12. Hate isn't the issue.

      What's going on is that a conquered people are fighting back.

    13. Anaconda, You said "regarding the Jesuits the power you claim they have in today's world (as opposed to hundreds of years ago), in my opinion does not exist, therefore, I don't care to engage it or take the time to refute it" Can I ask WHY???? I'm an Aussie and our latest PM is a Rhodes Scholar, an article titled "Tony Abbott: the Jesuit Guided Missile Aimed at OZ" came out in June 2012 warning us of Abbotts intention and by golly it was pretty well spot on, the latest from him praising the Japs during WW2 which has upset many Australians see he's doing what he has been told to do by his superiors backing the American stand against the China growth in the Pacific area! Also watch "The Zionist agenda, Dr. David Kelly" And read this article "The Vatican and The Jesuits" If you think they have no power today then Google "Pictures of Papal Infiltration" it might change your mind rapidly!
      Anaconda, One thing I've learnt over many years of research on these lowlife Jesuits is that they're brilliant at dissimulation, and Anaconda it seems to me that you have a very severe case of INTRARECTALCRANIALITIS!

    14. Anaconda,
      When I read the blog here, less frequently as I cringe at some of the degenerate talk and wording...I am not a fan of the p word...and if a man is calling out another man's weakness, they should disparage their own equipment...that's all.

    15. Anaconda, See when you search back through history you'll find Israel's claim to the lands of Palestine rests solely on the fact that they have adopted the religion of a people who lived on that land thousands of years ago. Khazars adopted Judaism as their religion in A.D. 740 which is on this site 'The Thirteenth Tribe'
      Also one of those main people that adopted Judaism was a family called Rothschild who just happen to have been the guardians of the Vatican treasury since 1823 which is shown on this site 'The History of the House of Rothschild'

  3. According to George Green (FORMER INSIDER that sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS), Israel is a possible "TRIGGER" to lead to the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER) "planned" NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (FORMER INSIDER))! Also, SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC) on April 16, 2008!

  4. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    As stated in other comments, I being followed around all the time by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA); and THE C.I.A., along with corrupt police, know where I reside in Santa Ana, California!

    During the last two (2) nights (July 7, 2014 and July 8, 2014), I stayed behind 2227 and 2229 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California; and during the next morning, I tried to utilize the A.T.M. (located at 2225 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California (RA FOOD STORE)! However, the owner of RA FOOD STORE intentionally kept the said store closed unit I left the premises! Therefore, I believe there is an attempted by THE C.I.A. to try and do a "FRAME JOB," when I can NOT get adequate evidence showing "proof of location" (use of the said A.T.M. at RA FOOD STORE)! In fact, during the week, for the last couple of months, I have been residing behind 2227 and 2229 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California!

    During the weekends, I have been staying on private property within the INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX near Warner Ave. and Main St. Santa Ana, California!

    When I woke-up this morning (July 9, 2014), I saw that my "LEFT" thumb nail (already deformed due to prior work by THE C.I.A. during the middle of 2009) had been cut-back ("CLIPPED") during the night before! C.I.A.????

    1. You are very astute Raymond. You're awareness of the fingernail matter speaks to your high functioning mind.

      That's why we have to keep tabs on you.

    2. Knock off the bullshit you two! : )

  5. I did not realise that major intelligence networks offered a nail clipping service. Excellent they can park their black helicopter on my lawn (they are after your Keratin, anti-anxiety and all that) Now back to Israel, the 10 o'clock new on BBC last night looked like it was decades old because of UK Politician sex scandals and Israel and Palestine 'rocketing' each other. Do they not get bored with all the carnage and stupidity of it. When I now think of Israel i remember that old adage about you have to be careful what you hate or you may become it. It is almost as if they need that old Kissinger thing an attack from something outside (aliens?) to unite them, but ET's probably could not be arsed to get involved.

    1. If you were an alien flying above humanity and could read the minds of humans you would see that 90% of humans have nothing on their minds but serving their own primative apitites and destroying and tormenting those around them....

      What the aliens see is so horrendous that they want no part of what goes on here except for the interaction that they have to engage in.

  6. Dr Steve, people should watch this Y/T video "Israeli Lawmaker calls for Palestinian Genocide"

    1. heyhey1956, I don't care to engage your comments.

      But I do appreciate the YouTube, therefore, I will provide a direct hyperlink:

      Israeli Lawmaker calls for Palestinian Genocide

      The Knesset member is explicit.

      [The entire Palestinian People are the enemy] "including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure."

      My perception is that the female Knesset member does call for genocide.

      Let me be crystal clear: Such a sentiment if carried out upon the Palestinian People by Israel would threaten the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

      I don't believe Americans would support genocide committed by Israel against the Palestinians.

      I don't believe Jewish Americans would support genocide against the Palestinian People by the state of Israel.

      This statement is unacceptable.

      Should it be adopted by Israel, as a whole, I can no longer support Israel.

      It is hard to make that statement, but I can not accept genocide.

  7. Anaconda, You said "I don't believe Americans would support genocide committed by Israel against the Palestinians" believe me 98% of Americans have not got a clue of just how ruthless and evil Israel really is, they all need to do is watch this Y/T video 'Israeli kids taught to kill and hate'
    Also look up this lady Charlotte Iserbyt-Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World that's why they have no idea that the Jesuits have been using Americans as their military against countries they wish to disrupt and destroy! Also 98% of Americans would be more than surprised if they read this latest article from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger 'Migrant children used as human pawns to spread infectious disease across America, warn netizens'

  8. heyhey1956, I agree a large percentage of Americans don't know the full extent of the apartheid-like policies of Israel employed against the Palestinians, nor the hate that is inculcated into Israeli youth from an early age, nor the collective punishment meted out by the Israeli government in response to acts by Palestinians, nor statements like the one above from the female Knesset member calling for genocide.

    But the number of Americans who do know all of the above is increasing at an ever increasing percentage at an increasing rate of time. What percentage I do not know, but it is increasing.

    There will be a tipping point where those who support Israel, right or wrong, will no longer be able to deny or defend those policies and it will be increasingly harder to silence Israel's critics by "shouting them down" as anti-Semitics to end any rational discussion of the issues.

    In fact, my suspicion is that after the tipping point comes, those who deny or defend these policies of Israel will be seen as immoral.

    Their credibility will be no more and they will be ostracized politically. And, many, at the prospect of losing all credibility, will go silent, not because of any "shout down," but because a full airing of the facts and the arguments will make them look ruthless and brutal.

    To defend Israel will become untenable politically and morally -- it will reveal a moral blindness, an ugliness of their consciousness and they will not want to be exposed as a reprobate.

    True friends of Israel, not mindless supporters, already know this is an existentially dangerous situation for Israel.

    Mind you, there are many Israelis and right or wrong supporters, who think Israel can stand against the whole world's condemnation, as an Island stands in the middle of the ocean.

    But, in my opinion, they are wrong -- catastrophically wrong.

    True friends of Israel, who have influence with Israeli leadership, will counsel against this ominous trend...

    The question will be whether the Israeli leadership will be smart enough to accept and act on this wise counsel or will they reject it in a fit of hubris that will jeopardize the existence of the Israeli nation-state?

    1. What a bunch of wishful thinking.

      Israel can and will stand with the help of the US against all other world opinion. They will continue to get away with slaughter of all kinds, and all the criticism against them doesn't mean shit.

      In the US the friends of Israel will always support them know matter what they do, and no matter how much condemnation is hurled against them from American Jewish critics.

      There are no "true friends of Israel" who need to save them from any consequences of their actions.

      They always get away with it and always will until finally after enough time there are more Muslim citizens of Israel then Jews, and then things will change....

      But not one second before.

    2. C_I_A_operator, Can I ask you a question in regards to this confrontation in GAZA? Do you believe that this could be the lead up to what Albert Pike's letter to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871 said about
      The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agentur of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other!

    3. The Arab countries have no stomach for a fight with a nuclear armed Israel. Even with the muslim brotherhood in Egypt for a few months even they didn't want to fight. Fighting Israel is a tremendously expensive and risky thing that none of them see a need for, and frankly they don't even like the Palestinian Arabs.

      The only exception to this was the Ba'ath in Iraq, which was formed with influences from National Socialism in Germany. The Iraqi Ba'ath might have undertaken a war with Israel at some point for ideological reasons, but now they're history....

      I don't think the Arabs will ever attack Israel.

      What's going to happen is that the Arab citizens will out-breed the Jewish ones and when that happens the Arabs will control the government and then dismantle the Jewish state. It's going to take a while but this is inevitable just as Texas will become a majority hispanic state in the future.

    4. If the Arabs were serious about Israel they would at least enforce their embago of Israel, which calls for suspending trade with countries that trade with Israel, but they don't even do that.

      Very very few Arabs ever do anything out of principle, and that's why Arab leaders like Nasser and Saddam Hussein were treated with such enormous public enthusiasm - because they acted based on principle and ideology rather than craven self interest.

    5. You've gotta understand Arab culture.

      Life for most Arabs is really, really unpleasant.

      There is no dating of girls, no porn, no affection of any kind.....

      There is no pleasure to speak of in anything.....

      If by chance an Arab man finds himself in political power, with money and access to the world outside....

      Then they can have mistresses, drink alcohol, and have whatever fun they want while everyone else is wallowing in utter misery.

      Given that you can see why Arab men act so strongly to retain power, and are motivated to pursue whatever keeps them out of the misery of the masses of their muslim brothers.

    6. As far as Israel being "a fact."

      You can see the zionist Wolfe Blitzer at a conference saying this very indignantly, and many zionists are fond of repeating this, but it only means that it SHOULDN'T be a fact. No one ever says that "something is a fact" unless what they imply is that "there's nothing you can do about it" and that implies that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS "FACT."

      The truth is that France, Italy, Belgium and Norway and most countries do not have the very recent history of being formed out of ethnic cleansing and conquest that Israel does.....

      The conquered Arabs who had their property and houses actually confiscated by the Israeli government when they fled in terror in 1948 because the Israelis were murdering them to scare them away....

      These people and their children are still alive.

      This isn't like whoever lived in France who were pushed out by the Gauls, if ever there were any such people pushed out by the Gauls...

      In England genetics has demonstrated that 90% of the English are NOT the Angles, Saxons, Normans, or others which conquered England....

      90% of the English are people who have lived their for over 5,000 years while all these others came and went!

    7. My German and Norwegian ancestors came to Texas because they were offered land and when they got here they went about living EXACTLY the way they did in Europe. They did exactly the same things in the same ways and they didn't even learn to speak english until the second or third generation here!

      Now here I am living in this place and it's been ruined by all the other groups here - principally the English, Scotch-Irish who came after they were kicked out of England and then Ireland because they were talentless, land-stealing slavers! Now we are inundated with people from south of the border and that's even worse....

      I am at a crossroads in terms of what to do about this...

      On the one hand I can consider myself a non-American, but a northern European who comes from a place in Europe which is prosperous, united, harmonious and free from crime.....and maybe even leave the United States.

      Or I can remember that this place is my home, that I was born and reared here....

      And therefore I have as much right to change this place to my own ways every bit as much as the English, Scotch-Irish, Mexican and so forth are SO AGGRESSIVE ABOUT DOING !!!!!!!

      So maybe what I should do is go to war with all these other peoples.


      Maybe I should take action to displace them and push them aside in favor of people like myself.

      Afterall that's exactly what they did when they got here and they've been doing it ever since.

    8. MITmichael, What's your opinion on what is been said in this video 'The Roots of Nazism in Radical Islam - PLO, Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah & The Muslim Brotherhood'
      Haj Amin al Husseini was involved in funding The PLO , 33rd degree Freemasonic Muslim Yasser Arafat got in his footsteps , Mammoud Abbas trained in Russia founded Nazi Fatah and got in the footsteps of Yasser Arafat. Both Yasser Arafat & Mammoud Abbas (aswel as many other middle east leaders) had many audiences with several Nazi Pope's in the Jesuit controlled Nazi Vatican aswel as the Nazi Masonic Labor Zionist leaders of Israel.
      Hamas was founded by The Fascist Muslim Brotherhood influenced by Nazi Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini who was supervised by the secretary of the Society of Jesus , Piettro Tacchi Venturi. The Muslim Brotherhood is ran by High Level Freemasonry (The Grand Orient Lodge of Cairo) and Knights of Malta Sergio and Felice Pallavicini both papal nobilities , The Grand Orient Lodge of Cairo has been controlled by The former Jesuit General Peter Hans Kolvenbach himself from out Lebanon.
      All of Radical Islam (incl Saudi Arabia) are ran by the Knights of Malta and other Knighthoods through High level Freemasonry and thus by the Jesuit order according to Historian Eric Jon Phelps
      The British Crown has been taken over by The Jesuit order since King george III gave them shelter in 1773 , The Grand Lodge of England is also the headquarters of worldwide Freemasonry , Freemasonry is uttely corrupt at the top and its degrees were designed by a Jesuit from Cleremont College in Paris , The Jesuit Order was also founded in Paris (France)
      All by all its a wicked plot for triggering WW3 designed by Albert Pike the grandmaster of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in 1871 , he also was overseen by a Jesuit , Jesuit John Peter de Smet......
      Hitler was brough to power by Knight of malta Franz von Papen and the Archbischop of Munich Faulhauber , Industrialist Fritz Thyssen , Pope Pius XII and Financed by Jewish Labor Zionist Vatican Bankers !!!! , The Reichsconcordat signed in the Vatican in 1933 brought Hitler to power. Heinrich Himmler created the SS and formed it after the hierarchy of The Jesuit order , Hitler has said , We see Heinrich Himmler as our Ignatius Loyola. Himmler was a Jesuit coadjutor just as Josef Stalin or Franklin D Rooseveld or Harry Truman was (and there are many other of these cases and examples)

  9. Mit/CIA operator:

    Possibly, you are right. But, then, again, you could be wrong, because your view of both Americans and human nature is so pessimistic.

    I'll acknowledge, I've been taken aback by the numerous comments on news reports of the Israeli reaction: Blood thirsty. I can visualize these commenters with dripping blood from their teeth.

    It is hard to tell how many of these comments are part of an organized Israeli strategy of flooding comment sections with support for this Israeli terrorist campaign.

    But, obviously, many are run-of-the-mill Americans. So, not only Israeli citizens, but also many Americans are having their attitudes brutalized. That many of these same people would claim to be Christians is appalling.

    For me, I'll acknowledge there is a kind of "shock & awe" quality that comes from seeing so many blood thirsty comments from average Americans (Americans that believe or want to believe the corporate media narrative).

    On a brighter note, which you acknowledge, there is a growing chorus of Jewish-Americans that are objecting to this slaughter.

    Perhaps, even our own Patriarch is queasy about the situation or at least ambivalent.

    And they are objecting because it goes against their morals.

    This situation is an example of the old axiom that evil will triumph, when good men do nothing.

    Mit, as to your eventual solution of Palestinian birth rates outpacing Jewish birth rates, thus, causing a demographic outnumbering of Palestinians over Jews in Israel causing a political change.

    That is wishful thinking on your part.

    The leadership in Israel, with the support of a growing majority of Israeli citizens, are aware of the demographic trends you cite.

    They are determined to reverse those trends and will take whatever actions deemed necessary to change those trends. Ethnic cleansing and genocide are the only means at their disposal. Thus, unless, my "True friends of Israel" counsel is taken, there will be either ethnic cleansing, or genocide, or a combination of both.

    So, the question comes back to you, Mit/CIA operator: Do you believe Americans, in general, and, specifically, Jewish-Americans will accept an Israeli government action of either ethnic cleansing and/or genocide against the Palestinian People?

    For my part, I believe those spouting blood-dripping statements in the news reports, comment sections, would accept ethnic cleansing and/or genocide of the Palestinian People.

    The question then devolves to whether the silent majority of Americans that are ambivalent regarding Israel will speak up against this final solution.

    (My suspicion is that long ago, at the founding of Israel, the leaders, those who were Jewish supremacists, knew a day would come when they would employ a final solution to avoid the demographics cited, thus, the need, among many rationalizations, to create a premises where Zionists would not be the first to employ a final solution, and, indeed, their final solution would not be the worst final solution -- what could be worse than the supposed industrialization of mass slaughter via assembly-line gas chamber summary execution, as claimed was perpetrated by the Nazi.)

    For the world's sake and, dare I say, Israel's sake, you better hope I'm not engaged in wishful thinking.

    1. It is up to men of good will and morals, both Jew & Gentile, alike, to stop this slaughter.

      Frankly, the greater weight needs to come from Jews of good moral character and I believe there are enough of these good men & women of the Jewish faith to speak out to stop this human tragedy.

      Regarding your response, to my comment that "Israel is a fact", you are partially right. Yes, I have objections to what Israel is doing now in Gaza. So, you are right about those who state Israel is a fact.

      Hate & violence in Israel's population is a fact that I deeply regret. But facts must be dealt with whether we like those facts or not. For the sake of the world and the nature & quality of Israeli society, Israel's leaders must disabuse themselves of the idea they can "get rid" of the Palestinians and take over all of Palestine.

      But should Israel, for whatever reason, be successful in some variant of the final solution of the so-called Palestinian Question, look out, there will be further land grabbing outside the boundaries of Palestine.

      Remember, this is a multi-generational program. My suspicion is that down the road, who know when, Israel will, again, attempt to conquer southern Lebanon up to the Litani River, to get the additional water. That was the real reason for multiple Israeli incursions into southern Lebanon over the years.

      Israeli leaders have, and always have had, a long-term outlook for geographic expansion. They see American history of expansion across the North American Continent as the model for Israel expansion across the Middle East over many generations.

      I agree with Dr. Pieczenik that to the extent that Israeli leaders seek a Manifest Destiny of conquering a wide swath of the Middle East, they are engaged in an anachronism.

      The world is no longer in a 19th century mode of outright conquest & annexation of lands.

      Only a world devastated by World War would acquiesce to such a audacious plan.

      But will there be anything left to be conquered but radioactive sand?

    2. I am not queasy. I have seen the same PLAYBOOK since Harry Truman recognized israel as a state.

      Peres would do the same thing as Bibi.
      This began with murdered kids & escalated.
      By doing nothing, they would continue to kidnap & murder.
      They bait. They have ice in their veins & venom in their hearts.
      They will not stop the harassment until their love for their own kids is greater than their hate for Israeli kids. (Golda Meir)

  10. Let me add a personal observation based on personal experience:

    My livelihood was intellectual, now I engage in physical labor for my expenses. I know that after a hard day's labor, I am not interested in intellectual pursuits, such as this. I think about the personal enjoyments, physical enjoyments, i.e., wine, women & song. I let the outside, abstract, world go by.

    It is my suspicion that the powers that be want to reduce a vast number of Americans to physical labor (or be dependent on government, thus, not too inclined to question the hand that feeds them), so that they have little interest beyond eating, drinking, and sex and their immediate physical environment.

    Beasts of burden, if well trained, seldom give thought beyond moving their burden, that is what the powers that be want to eventually achieve for humanity.

    Conspiratorial? Yes. But the evidence is all around if one is willing to see and connect the dots.

    After reading this statement, readers are likely to say to themselves, "But if you are engaged in physical labor right now, why in fuck are you on this board spouting intellectual ideas, your actions and this statement contradict each other, you are full of shit."

    Well, because of my situation, I can control how much physical labor I do and when. After a good rest, I regain my capacity and interest in intellectual pursuits such as this.

    Not everybody has that luxury. Nor do they have a compelling interest in intellectual pursuits (I have always been curious about the world around me and reaching beyond my immediate physical environment from an early age).

    So, for the average Joe, my suspicion is that being a beast of burden (not that physical labor is dishonorable, on the contrary, it can be noble and worthwhile) can be all consuming.

    Perhaps, that is why there seems to be an assault on the middle class, where non-physical work predominates, thus, leisure can be turned to intellectual pursuits more easily.

    There does seem to be a dumbing down of America strategy at work. Counterbalanced by the power of the internet to have access to literally the equivalence of The Great Library of Alexandria at one's fingertips.

    My guess is that the powers that be were willing to trade that possibility for being able to tract every individual on the internet, thus, having a form of sociological knowledge which would allow them to predict and control society.

    And that most internet users would be filled up with facebook triviality, pure entertainment, and dissipating activities.

    Thus, their plans could go forward without interruption.

    Time will tell if the powers that be were right in their predictions.

  11. Why the Jewish state of Israel?

    In Europe prior to the French Revolution, Jews were held separate and apart, both by the choice of the Jews, themselves, and, by law, of the nation-states of Europe. This satisfied both the Jews' tribal inclinations and the prejudices of the Gentile masses, who saw Jews foreigners and different.

    This situation allowed the leaders of the Jews to use the common Jew as instruments and shields. Talmudic Judaism was developed while the Jews were captive in Babylon.

    Desperate were the rabbis to keep a coherent people and faith in a captive condition. Obviously, your captors are not looked on favorably, and there is constant fear that Jews would opt for assimilation, rather than stay as a captive people surrounded by a hostile host.

    Thus, Talmudic Judaism constantly defined the hostile host as repugnant and unworthy of any kind of respect and that any action against their captors was acceptable (ironic given the current situation where Jews hold captive the Palestinian People).

    The Jews eventually left Babylon. Apparently, Judaism was accepted as the state religion of the Khazars, north of the Caucasus Mountains, roughly between the Caspian and Black seas. Interestingly, this region has been at the cross-roads of migrations and invasions since time immemorial. So, the inhabitants of this region likely were the subject and product of incredible mixing of populations and genetics.

    I suggest it is this mixing of populations that gave Khazars above average intelligence, but upon the formation of a Khazarian Kingdom, stability was had for at least a couple of hundred years, at least 10 generations. Upon this skeleton of genetic material was then placed the Talmudic doctrines of separateness and supremacy.

    But again invasion and migration played its part and the Mongol hoards defeated and broke up the Khazarian Kingdom and its population was scattered, principally west into Eastern Europe and Central Europe (the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern and Central Europe).

    But just as Talmudic Judaism was successful at holding a people together in the face of captivity by a hostile host, so it was successful keeping a scattered people connected by communal, ritual, and religious ties.

    In some sense, quite a fete, considering the pressures put upon it by their small numbers and prejudice in the new, host countries.

    Okay, let's skip up to the French Revolution: Jews gained equality in law. Soon, I suggest, it became apparent to the Rabbis and others that Jews finally were assimilating into the host countries, perhaps, at advantage by their innate intelligence and community cohesiveness.

    But assimilation was occurring, Judaism was at threat of being subsumed by a sea of Gentiles. What were the rabbi to do?

    Thus, started nascent Zionism in the 1840's.

    But most adjusted and assimilated Jews had no interest in going to a desert, there wasn't much interest from the run-of-the-mill Jew. They had the good life right where they lived, there was no need to move -- finally.

    Skip and conclusion: If Jews were to stay a coherent people, some rabbis thought, they needed a "Jewish Homeland" that Jews all over the world could look to for solidarity.

    Today, Israel provides that intense, emotional link to a central core, to generate solidarity among a people, which maintains their identity.

    Too bad, it seems at the same time many Jews want to diminish everybody else's unique identity as separate nation states.

    1. It is very important to note, the number of Jews who hold this supremacist viewpoint in small, perhaps 10% at most. Although, in Israel, that number is climbing steadily. Fear is a wonderful tool to enforce solidarity.

      Don't kid yourself, almost all leaders use fear at one time or another to generate consent for policy actions.

      The Israeli leadership is no exception.

      But should Israel fail morally in the eyes of Jews inside and outside (outside is what is important) Israel, it will cease to be a rallying point for solidarity and continuity and survival of a Jewish identity.

      Thus, instead of Israel being a rallying point, it could end up being the cause of Jewish dissolution.

      That would be a shame as the Jewish faith and her people have contributed so much to Western Civilization. Jewish people would be wise not to allow Israel to be their everlasting shame, but work to make it their everlasting pride, as they individually see fit.

      What Israel is doing today is a shame.

      On who's heads will that fall?

    2. What AMERIKKA is doing is a shame. What is sis is doing is a shame. What All Qaedas doing is a shame.
      What Israeli is doing is necessary.