Friday, July 18, 2014

Once Again, The Intelligence Theater Of The Absurd: Malaysian AF 17 “Shot Down With Missile” Over Ukraine  As 70,000 Israeli Soldiers INVADE GAZA IN A NEW WAR!!

News Coverage Co-Opted by:  American/Israeli/Russian/Dutch /Malaysian Intelligence Services to Divert Attention Away from Israeli Slaughter of Innocent Children, Women, Civilians In Gaza!   The first and most horrific casualty in the Israeli War and Malaysian Airline Tragedy is the TRUTH!   Remember that the truth is always the first victim of any war.

I must state categorically that I have never witnessed a more absurd attempt at diverting worldwide news attention away from an ACTUAL ILLEGAL INVASION by Israeli forces into another country (Gaza) than this directing of MEDIA ATTENTION to an  “ALLEGED” DOWNING of yet another “MYSTERIOUS EXISTING/NON-EXISTING MALAYSIAN AIRLINE.”  Yes,  once again,  like the ‘stand down’ in 9/11 and the sick makeshift drama of ‘Newtown’, we are now witnessed to the collective creative forces of the  intelligence communities of the USA,  Russia,  Israel,  Holland and of course, the pathetic country run by the Genting Gambling Empire: Malaysia to another narrative that RINGS FALSE.
In the world of intelligence there is one SACRED RULE nothing happens by accident!  Like psychiatry,  intelligence speaks most loudly in the interstices of SILENCE –what is not said and not what is in the verbal diarrhea of media,  Tv pundits and histrionic articles about kids killed on board a plane.   Remember:  You are supposed to forget that 1800 innocent Palestinians have been wounded and close to 300 killed in a gratuitous slaughter of  people in Gaza by Israeli forces.  You are supposed to be distracted!
Now what do I mean?
When countries are afraid or unwilling to intercede in an imminent war,  like that of Israel constantly fixated on destroying it’s own creation –HAMAS—then a new narrative must be created by the various countries to avoid their inherent responsibility to pre-empt this impending war.   The narrative creators, various Intelligence services including the CIA, FSB, Mossad, Dutch intel and Malaysian ‘pimps’,  have constructed a phantasmagorical plot that once again involves yet, another, “mysterious Malaysian Airline” like the former disappearing one that CNN obsessively described for over one month.

What is the evidence for my assertion?
[1]  Once again,  CNN in the person of the effete CIA operative Anderson Cooper brought on board for our viewing pleasure a new character whom I call “Major Mudd’, in real life a 25 year veteran of the CIA/FBI [which one are you? Or does the CIA admit they use the FBI as a ‘cover’?].  This Major Mudd explains the intricacies of HUMINT, ELITN, SIGINT, and even has the intercepted NSA recordings of “Russian Separatists BOASTING ABOUT THEIR ACHIEVEMENT WITH THEIR MISSILE STRIKE”. 
How convenient!
[2] Then we have the dependable histrionic professional POW,  SENATOR JOHN McCAIN blustering about ‘serious consequences‘ against the Russians.
 Of course, no mention was ever made about ISRAEL’S DECLARATION OF WAR IN GAZA!!  That’s irrelevant to the former ISRAELI BOUGHT presidential candidate.
How convenient!
[3] Then Six of the Major Articles in the formerly esteemed NYTimes and Washington Post are about the missile,  airplane routes of Ukraine, even a touching story about a girl and her doll on the Malaysian Airline !  Yet only one minor article on the 70K man invasion into Gaza!   That’s amazing editorial assessment.  A possible airline downing takes precedence over an  actual gritty dirty war in Gaza involving hundred of thousand innocent lives and 300 children already dead.  Only the Wall Street Journal,  usually pro-Israel, wrote in an extensive,  detailed piece on the IDF INVASION.
[3] Yet the most revealing piece of intelligence deception was a STRATFOR REPORT by the founder and chairman of Stratfor [CIA CUT-OUT] GEORGE FRIEDMAN describing in the most obtuse,  convoluted sophomoric logic ever created by a HUNGARIAN JEW how the Malaysian Airline downing and the Israel incursion reflected “geopolitical imperatives”.
 Absolute and complete nonsense for which I pay $350 a year [but that’ s my prerogative].
[4] Then to top of the Absurd narrative, we have WHO researchers on their collective way to an AIDS conference in Australia by way of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia who were killed in this sad ‘Malaysia tragedy’.  BTW, Bill Clinton is the GUEST SPEAKER at the AIDS CONFERENCE. 
How convenient!

I am shocked,  Rick, ‘this is a Casino!’ here in Casablanca.  I will round up the usual suspects and please give me my 40,000 Francs. 
Now why would Russia, USA,  Israel,  Malaysia and Holland collaborate on this type of nonsensical narrative?
Because each country has something to gain from avoiding condemnation of Israel and helping to create another Malaysian fairy-tale.
USA does not want to interfere with Israeli attempts to curb Hamas.  American overtures for peace have failed and have embarrassed this administration. Also the USA owes Israel for their help in the 9/11 ‘stand down’ which killed 3000 plus innocent Americans at the World Trade Center.
Russia,  as I have mentioned in the previous blog,  has very close relations with Israel and Lieberman [Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs] and they seek help from Israel with Syria, ISIS [Israel funds them]; and allows Russia to enter the Middle East, ass-backward.
CIA, FSB, GRU and MOSSAD all like to work together  at one or another time. Very convenient.
Holland—Now here is the one country that has always hidden behind a Jewish Myth—The Anne Frank Story --nonsensical story used to cover up Holland’s persecution of the JEWS IN HOLLAND [93 % of all Dutch Jews were killed by the DUTCH not the Nazis].  The Anne Frank story was used to cover up WAR CRIME COLLABORATIONS BETWEEN HOLLAND AND THE NAZIS.  This WWII travesty will be elaborated in another blog.
Malaysia of all the East Asian countries that can ‘pimp and prostitute’ itself for money—no country can beat the MALAYSIANS.  When I was DAS for EAST ASIA,  I remember another medical doctor,  Dr Mahatir, who was a brilliant, manipulative extractor of favors ‘granted and received’.

With respect to prostituting itself for money—Malaysia’s Genting Group wants favorable treatment in Miami,  NY State, Pennsylvania in order to continue to develop  MAJOR GAMBLING CASINOS all over the USA.  BTW,  the Genting Group in addition to running horse tracks, casinos and cruise-lines are notorious for being the drug runners of the world.

So I have presented to you,  a background scenario which in my mind co-opts the nefarious narrative offered by the world wide media about some ‘real’ or ‘mythical’ Malaysian Airline which conveniently was shot down the same day that the Israelis invaded and slaughtered innocents in Gaza.   Just like a skilled pick pocket or other criminal creates a “distraction” so you will not notice the REAL CRIME that is being committed.  Israel knew from the beginning of the creation of Operation Dome that it would be in constant strategic tensions with the “terrorist” group it created –HAMAS—in order to test,  refine and develop new weapons systems for the world-wide consortium of military industrial juggernauts eager to acquire the latest KILLING MACHINE.
What is a few hundred if not thousands of Palestinians, or Israelis or Jews,  Muslims, Christians killed in the act of war?   When war can give you the Miracle Weapons: drones, SDI, disease warfare, chemical weapons that command high profit margins!  Greedy cowards and political elites worldwide will create all kinds of stories if it serves their purpose of economic, geopolitical and intelligence self-aggrandizement.

Hitler said it best when he decided to exterminate the Polish Jews, Slavs, Homosexuals, Gypsies,  “Who remembers the Armenian Genocide of 1.2 million Armenian women,  children all killed on the Death March from Turkey to Alleppo, Syria?“

Or maybe I should paraphrase StalinOne death on a mysterious airplane is a tragedy but thousands of deaths in Gaza and Israeli are merely statistics!
Tragedy is sensational,  worthy of headlines!  Statistics are boring and not newsworthy.  Historical amnesia and indifference are the greatest palliatives for national greed fed with nefarious deeds.


  1. Interesting take. Obviously, the airliner "distraction" is working. Wikiquote disputes the famous "million deaths is a statistic" Stalin attribution.

    1. Dr.P you have just made the biggest error in knowledge, reason, and tradecraft I've ever witnessed.

      Your statement that in intelligence that it's a rule that, "Nothing happens by accident" is totally and completely untrue and is the opposite of reality.

      In life everything happens by accident. Everything happens by syncronicity. Everything happens by coincidence.

      If you haven't learned this much by now then I think you should examine your whole outlook and philosophy of how events happen in life.

      Life is a tangle of coincidences. You take a trip to Africa and by chance on a remote safari you run into someone who went to school with your best friend...or maybe you run into your best friend...

      Everything in life is the opposite of random. Nothing happens randomly. Everything happens by coincidence, against the odds, etc....

      If you examine the events of your personal life, the people you met "by chance," etc, and the course your life events took because of these "chance" meetings then you will clearly see the undeniable facts of which I'm referring.

      If you assume, wrongly, that whenever there's a coincidence that it must mean that someone's plotting to bring these things about you will not only misperceive events but you will misperceive life itself and how your own life has unfolded.

    2. And furthermore...

      My intl career was a short one but I would have heard of this motto if it really existed, and I never heard anything like, "nothing happens by chance" or whatever idiotic statement you just made....

      In fact I heard the opposite all the time.

      I don't know what kind of "intelligence" work you were involved with in State, but in the work I performed we were always seeking to confirm with additional sources and AVOID JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS and making other....


    3. There were three Ukrainian aircraft shot down in the three days prior to flight 17 going down so I think it might just be that these idiot Russian-trained morons shooting down a plan a day shot this one down by mistake being that it became their practice. It's too early to form any judgements about this but at this point that appears reasonable.

      Anyway if you recall in 1987 a US destroyer in the Persian gulf mistakenly SHOT DOWN AN IRANIAN AIRLINER thinking it was a combat aircraft.

      Someone on board the destroyer was taking a video of the events on the bridge at the time and you can see everything that went on.

      No one of course in the media today even remembers this, and it was such an embarrisment that no one in the government will remind us that we did exactly this same thing.

      But of course knowing you, you will probably claim that it wasn't shot down by accident and that there must have been a secret agenda, and you will make this assumption once again without any facts but simply based on your usual conjecture.

    4. The saying may or may not always hold true, but it does exist. It's well known, too. Joe Kennedy and FDR are associated with the quotes.

      "There are no accidents in politics."

      "In politics, nothings happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way."

    5. Bullshit.

      In the summer of 1956 Israel, England and France attacked Egypt sparking the Suez Crisis, in which the US opposed the British/French/Jewish aggressors.

      Then a few weeks later the Budapest Uprising happened and all but threw the Suez Crisis off the agenda at the UN and in the media.

      Dr.P are you saying that the Budapest Uprising was also engineered to "distract" attention from Suez?

      I happen to know otherwise, and that what happened in Hungary and in Suez were merely a coincidence, just like the current Gaza/Ukraine matter are also coincidences.

  2. Some YouTube videos for your weekend viewing...DAHBOO believes that the downed Malaysian airliner thing really smells--the bodies were already decomposed. He senses a hoax...TeamWakeEmUp finally addresses the Houston family shooting and says it obviously seems like another Sandy Hook hoax. FreeRadioRevolution, first on the scene with the Houston shootings, is being harassed and threatened with possible lawsuits and YT removal.

    Rebel Leader Says Plane Crash Bodies Were NOT Fresh, Reeked of Decomposition!
    Published on Jul 18, 2014

    Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed
    Published on Jul 18, 2014

    Published on Jul 18, 2014

  3. Brilliant article! Absolutely straight to the point and on the money its a point I quickly realised, indeed what is a few thousand lives for the greater picture? This for me is true reporting of events and the media or rather the people whom work in that particular environment should hang their heads in shame! Being an avid reader of this blog I should of seen this coming and I'm grateful for the direction Dr Pieczenik

  4. Thank you, I will keep working at it.

  5. Dr Steve, This is one very interesting analyse by DAHBOO77 in regards to MH17 "The Real Reason "Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17" Was 'Shot Down' Over Ukraine!

  6. The question everyone is asking me is why would you fly a civilian jet over a war zone? Beats me, also I appreciate people shoot down stuff accidentally. I once played with an an unarmed system at the Biggin hill airshow and easily tracked the Red Arrows, frankly a monkey could do it! Also I notice Amsterdam is where the rather silly underwear bomber was put on a flight by US intelligence? Any significance? So we have a choice, dickhead missile launcher or WW3 warmer upper?

    1. Because they're fucking stupid that why!

      Why did the Iranian airliner fly over a "war zone" in 1987 where it would be mistaken by the US navy as a combat aircraft F-4 and be shot down?? Duh...

      Until flight 17 was shot down dozens of airliners continued flying over Ukraine at altitudes of over 30,000 feet where they thought they'd be safe.

    2. No Mit, you come off as either misinformation or your biases & prejudices blind you.

      This commercial, regularly routed civilian airplane had a regular schedule and flight path. The flight path was well established and it was south of where the airplane was shot down by 200 kilometers.

      Then, the regular route was re-started on its normal flight path.

      Sorry, intelligence operations are much like life in general: Some things are chance, happenstance, but others are coordinated and planned.

      Is there such a thing as serendipity, I agree.

      But to account everything to such a convention is complete falsehood.

      You know better than that.

      As for the Iranian airplane, the whole damn Persian Gulf was a war zone and the airplane was crossing it. It was hard to go around.

      This situation is different because the flight path was directed THIS ONE TIME over the war zone.

      There are many reasons for the U. S. and the Kiev coup regime to want to divert attention:

      As Dr. Pieczenik points out, divert from the Gaza invasion.

      Reports of ethnic cleansing & genocide were starting to come out of eastern Ukraine and getting traction in media and the Ukraine military was failing in their operations in Eastern Ukraine.

      BRICS had formed a rival to the International Monetary Fund.

      ISIS had stalled in Iraq and Assad's Syrian Arab Army was and is crushing the terrorist fighters.

      Take your pick or maybe all of these situations played into the decision to attempt a false flag against Russia and the Ukrainian rebels.

      But the big screw-up was thinking Kiev and the U. S. could pitch a false flag against Russia.

      Russia is not going to let a false flag be successful as opposed to the U. S. and British media who assisted the perpetrators of 911.

      Russia has the independent sources of intelligence (they have satellites, too) to refute a false flag.

      Also, it is clear the Kiev coup regime is full of bumblers, arrogance, and hubris.

      The perfect combination for a clumsy & awkward false flag.

      Yes, the U. S. has real time satellite coverage of the war zone, they would know exactly where the missile originated from as it would have a significant signal that could be tracked.

      But the public has not been presented any such evidence at all. Why, when it is clear the U. S. wants to blame Russia or the separatists, would the U. S. government hold back on such clear cut evidence?

      (Obviously, the Russians know the U. S. has satellite technology, so releasing this evidence would in no way threaten U. S. security interests or the methods.)

      Simple, the evidence the U. S. has implicates the Kiev coup regime as responsible for downing the aircraft.

      Such information if it came to light could possibly collapse the Kiev regime and get Russia and the separatists off the hook.

      We know that in Syria, the terrorist fighters and possibly Turkey, U. S., and Saudi were guilty of an attempted false flag sarin gas attack.

      I'm sorry, Mit, this time you come off as the man bent on pitching a line of inaccurate or outright false reasoning.

      The Kiev prime minister and the president have called the east Ukrainians "subhuman."

      The Kiev government is full of shysters and liars.

      But I don't Kiev did it alone, likely, the U.S. gave a go-ahead for this latest false flag.

      My bet: It will be exposed and will immediately go off the corporate media radar.

    3. If your facts were correct I'd agree with you but I don't accept your facts or their sources.

      I don't believe that the plane took any unusual route, or do I believe that the sarin gas attack was a false flag.

      For Gods sake even the Assad government has admitted the sarin gas event was their doing.

      The sources you rely on are bogus. Sorry.

    4. Mit, you are wrong.

      Mit wrote: "For Gods sake even the Assad government has admitted the sarin gas event was their doing."

      False. Assad never admitted responsibility for the sarin gas attack.

      And multiple sources point to the terrorist fighters.

      Mit, you are simply ignorant and repeating your ignorance or engaged in a pathetic lie.

      Well, Mit, since you provide zero sources or even an attempt at referencing sources, your comments come off as knee-jerk reactions based on your prejudices & biases.

      The airplane did take an alternative route and it is well established by multiple sources.

      Funny, again, we have a U. S. government sponsored action and again we have Mit backing the government/corporate narrative to the hilt.

      You can always count on Mit to back the government narrative when its regarding current events, not something dead & gone in the past of irrelevancy, where it doesn't matter.

      Mit, where's your cabin boy key so you can slip into the captain's quarters for a late night rendezvous.

      You should stop being a flunky for this corrupt government.

      It ruins whatever credibility you might of had.

      Anaconda wrote: "Yes, the U. S. has real time satellite coverage of the war zone, they would know exactly where the missile originated from as it would have a significant signal that could be tracked."

      "But the public has not been presented any such evidence at all. Why, when it is clear the U. S. wants to blame Russia or the separatists, would the U. S. government hold back on such clear cut evidence?"

      Mit... crickets chirping...

      Yes, that omission on Mit's part tells you the rest of his scratchings is bullshit.

  7. Small update on earlier post, Wayne Madsen on Public Intelligence Blog agrees with you Dr Steve, that is air disaster as distraction from Israel activities...the newspapers in the UK are frying Putin, always a clue to look in opposite direction.

  8. If there is a false flag involved here it would obviously be the Ukrainians themselves in order to discredit their Russian Rebel adversaries.

    The one entity benefiting greatly from this affair is the Ukrainian government, and most of them are hard right Nazis who would have no problem with staging this kind of attack and frame it on the Rebels.

    But the idea that Israel had anything to do with it to distract from Gaza is nuts, and the Gaza attack is still in the media anyway...

    1. The author is loose in his thinking. How the hell would Russia benefit? Hillary was on TV within the hour of the shoot down blaming the Russians. The whole intel community and their partners in the media did the obvious, blame Russia.

      The Ukrainian military is shelling cities in the region. Air defence would be part of the mix of forces. Especially with Russian troops "massing" on the border as they claim from time to time.

      The militants don’t look like they have the equipment or capability to get the job done as it is. Their only strength is the weakness of the Ukrainian military. If they turned on a radar array they would have had fire come down on them from the opposing force. That is the doctrine.

      This appears to be the act of a State or States or a bonehead mistake. The Anglo American intel community and their partners in the media are completely discredited from their many past adventures.

      The Anglo Americans want something really really badly in the region. Money, power, and control are but a few of the obvious.


    Free Radio Revolution does the work that Alex Jones used to do, or is supposed to do. Unlike Alex Jones, FRR makes no money. FRR continues to receive death threats.

    I din't know for certain what aspects of the Cassidy Stay story are a hoax or a false flag, but on its face, the pieces certainly don't add up. It's a major news story--you can make a video and talk about it. This used to be a free society. FRR needs all the help he can get. The least Alex Jones can do is to publicize his plight.

    This is not just a story about FRR. The people doing the intimidation are also going after TeamWakeEmUP and Red Pill Revolution and everybody else. If successful, they will go after the Sandy Hook videos and the Boston Marathon videos and the 9-11 videos as well.

    Death Threats + Legal Threats against Free Radio Revolution and others!
    Published on Jul 19, 2014
    They want to ERASE all evidence of a conspiracy at the Houston Shooting. They will NOT stop with their threats. Be warned. Anything happens to me - raise as much hell as you can! Every single threat is being saved and shared - download this video please.


      Alex Jones, where are you on all this? Truth seekers get death threat and you don't even have a story up?

      Washington Post Takes Fire at DAHBOO77!
      Published on Jul 19, 2014
      Look. I get threats all the time. But when Washington's Paper starts targeting me as their center piece for conspiracy nuts, its obvious i have ruffled some feathers! When people start to talk about me Really being killed is crazy! All i do is grind to put out this knowledge! Other platforms are taking my work and reporting it, and not even mentioning my name! Im talking the biggest conspiracy Dude out there!
      Just want to say Thank You to my true subs! We are In this Together!

  10. Also, I wanted to add information to the effect that the Interior Ministry of the Kiev coup regime is being run by the Right Sector, a neo-fascist, even neo-Nazi political party.

    Perfect candidate for a ham-handed false flag attempt.