Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ex-DCI, Greek-American Trojan Horse George Tenet: sodomized by his own lies, cowardness and betrayal to the American people and the CIA
Bill Clinton,  himself a CIA asset, appointed Tenet, a garrulous, narcissistic, egregiously “incompetent” senate staffer to become the Director of the CIA from July 1997 to July 2004 [Bush/Cheney administration].  The fact that Tenet was bereft of any formal training in statecraft and only had less than impressive credentials from the CIA recruiting school –Georgetown University—somehow qualified him to become the Director of the CIA--once the bastion of Yale, WASP tenure and OSS legacies.
Unlike many of us,  who had trained under a far more intensive CIA sponsored MIT School of Political Science/International Relationship and gritty ‘field experience’ under duress and different crises situations,  Tenet was the Greek Comedic version of the Tragedian Fool--- effete; ‘sucker up’ that climbed the greasy pole of CIA politics.

He in turn anointed another somewhat “effete” high-pitched voiced,  Irish Catholic toady, whom by now we all know for his false OBL raid, and Benghazi coup against Gen. Petraeus—none other than, Choirboy John Brennan; another non-covert operative selection.
It seems that most incompetent US Presidents who know very little about the real CIA are afraid to pick a William Colby or Richard Helms; both distinguished DDOs—covert operatives –to become the Director of the CIA [DCI]. 
Well now with time and perseverance, you, the American public, have finally succeeded in forcing Madame Diane Feinstein [D-Calif],  Chairman of the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee to ‘investigate’ and ‘possibly‘ indict Tenet,  J. Cofer Black [Director of Counter Terrorism in the CIA] as well as two hundred other CIA operatives “for lying to the senate about their non existent torture program” as well as “hacking into the senate staffer’s computers to change the outcome of this major senate investigation into the CIA torture program.”
Just when all of us were about to give up hope that no one would be asked about the CIA contrived 9/11 stand down and subsequent expansive bullshit terrorism war,   Diane Feinstein suddenly pops up and says, not so fast CIA!
The July 25, 2014 article in the NY Times, by Mark Mazzeti, entitled “Ex-Chief of C. I. A Shapes Response to Detention Report”,  has thoroughly examined how this Greco-American bootlicker,  George Tenet,  beset by cowardly self-preservation instincts after he ordered the cold blooded assassination of 3000 innocent Americans in the World Trade Center and then proceeded to facilitate the slaughter of two thousand more Americans in the ersatz Iraq War, is now running scared.  Yet this guy Tenet who made up the false intel to justify the invasion into Iraq is trying to intimidate the senate, white house and his former colleagues in the CIA to dismiss any possible charges of willful murder. 
Clearly, America, TENET  is culpable for what he had done in 9/11 in addition to falsifying the intelligence reports of WMDs in Iraq at the behest of Bush/Cheney.  But , like all COWARDS who have killed innocent American PEOPLE en masse,  he was decorated by the equally culpable Bush Jr and then received countless offers to enrich himself at the expense of the American taxpayer---including serving with Palantir Technologies a  silicon-valley creation which went public then private.

Important: Americans continue to demand that our legislators investigate the CIA and other so-called ‘secret agencies’ like the NSA,  we can find some very interesting facts about our tax funded, bloated government agencies.

For example, let me quote from the following sections of the article:
[1] “Over the past several months, Mr. Tenet  ENGINEERED A COUNTERATTACK AGAINST THE SENATE COMMITTEE’S VOLUMINOUS REPORT [my emphasis], which could become public next month.  THE EFFORT TO DISCREDIT THE REPORT HAS SET UP A THREE-WAY SHOWDOWN AMONG C. I. A officials who BELIEVE HISTORY HAS BEEN DISTORTED [sure!! My comment and emphasis]…. A white house carefully managing the process and politics of declassifying the document, and Senate Democrats CONVINCED THAT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS TRYING TO PROTECT THE CIA AT ALL COSTS [my emphasis].
Folks, as I have mentioned numerous times before in former blogs,  I have pinpointed OBAMA as a clear CIA asset or even officer having worked for the CIA cut-out agencies—Geithner’s ASIA Business Council,  Rockefeller Group et al.
[2] The report is expected to “ACCUSE TENET and FORMER CIA OFFICIAL OF MISLEADING CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE ABOUT THE PROGRAM AND ITS EFFECTIVENESS”… and folks here is the Sword that cuts the Gordian Knot—“but it is Mr Tenet who might have the most at stake” [no shit!]
[3] “And Tenet [who refused to be interviewed for this article; normally he has “diarrhea of the mouth”] IS RELYING ON HIS CLOSE relationship with Mr Brennan to keep him “apprised”  [ a fancy word for ‘changing and deep sixing’] as the report moves through a glacial declassification process.

BTW so not only do we get this Greek fool in as a CIA culprit but then Bush Jr [along with brother Jeb’s approval] anoints two other losers—Porter J. Goss [Yale] and Gen Michael Hayden as CIA Directors.   In time,  we will all eventually extract the carcasses of the culprits of 9/11 and the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars.  But it will take time, patience and hard work.
“While former CIA officials may be working to hide their own past wrongs,  there is no reason BRENNAN OR ANY OTHER CURRENT CIA official should help FACILITATE THE DEFENSE OF THE INDEFENSIBLE”,  said Christopher Anders, senior legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union.
Amen ! 



  1. I find it very interesting that on your blog and other people's blogs and books you Dr P and others name names, times and dates and that in the US the most litigious of societies, there is nothing but silence. About 9/11, Death of OBL2, Benghazi, etc, etc.The MSM ignore it as do the main players named because they do not wish to draw attention to it and fundamentally it is all true!

    How does this guy get paid millions? How? Those damn libertarians who wanted us to stay out of Iraq! Look at all the good we've done in Libya!
    Pearls of Wisdom
    July 28, 2014
    "One of the things that bothers me about the modern libertarian movement is many of them think that much of the world's unrest is caused by us intervening where we have no business."

  3. Time to lance this festering pile of pus so the healing can begin all while the usual suspects try to double down on their efforts to coverup this stinking steaming pile of shit that Americans can see and smell since 9/11. Let the shit hit the fan.

  4. I don't believe there's any evidence that Tenet or anyone at CIA was involved in the 911 plot. I think the evidence clearly shows that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Vice President's office pulled that off without risking bringing in any unnecessary figures in the US such as anyone at CIA or other agencies.

    In terms of Tenet's role in the Iraq war and the WMD issue....

    Tenet's dilemma was that as DCI he could not GUARANTEE that there were no chemical weapons in Iraq.

    We all know that Chilean intelligence assets in the early 1970s made sarin in bathtubs in apartments in Santiago.

    There is no way whatsoever that anyone in the intl business could have guaranteed that there were no chemical weapons in Iraq, or that there might no be in the future, and that was the standard CIA was forced to meet under Cheney and his "one percent" paranoid doctrine, which was really just a rationalization for doing what his Israeli/Saudi handlers wanted him to do.

    Given that situation Tenet decided to comply and play on the team and "make the case" that chemical weapons and nuclear materials were in Iraq.

    If it turned out they weren't there not much would be lost to CIA, but if by chance it turned out that they were there, or would be, then CIA would be blamed when they are used anywhere at any time.

    So that's why he went along. It was a feckless, ruthless bureaucratic calculation which threw under the bus all the people in Iraq and elsewhere who would pay the ultimate costs for this policy....

    But Tenet's job wasn't to look after them, only his own agency and Americans.....

    That's always been the cold blooded, bloodsoaked practice of the dark men of CIA.

    1. On Tenet/CIA culpability...

      Richard "Clarke charges that Tenet and two other senior CIA officials, Cofer Black and Richard Blee, deliberately withheld information about two of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77 — al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar. The two had entered the United States more than a year before the 9/11 attacks."


      Al Hazmi and al Mihdhar were the same two that we know Bandar was funding through Saudi intelligence agent Omar al-Bayoumi...

  5. As for Colby and Helms being better DCIs I beg to differ.

    Colby, Helms and their ilk of covert action operators from the 1950s are all war criminals and mass murderers and torturers every bit as much as Tenet and his modern day crowd.

    To suggest that Colby and Helms wouldn't also seek to cover up torture and other crimes is ludicrous.

    All those guys ever did was cover such things up, and far more than anyone around today.

  6. Some inside humor out of Tenet era Langley courtesy of Michael Scheuer - “Question: Why is George Tenet never photographed from behind? Answer: Because they have not found a way to dislodge John Brennan’s nose.”

    But on a more serious note, what was Tenet doing with Prince Bandar on the night of Sept. 8 2001?...

    "On Saturday (9/08/01) night, [Bandar] attended a party hosted by Bruce Riedel, and most of the official Middle East policy community was there, including both the Saudi and Israeli ambassadors, as was CIA director George Tenet. Afterward, Bandar left with Tenet for an all-night schmooze that lasted through breakfast on Sunday morning. According to Reidel, the prince told Tenet that the crisis in U.S.-Saudi relations they had just weathered had been but the tip of an iceberg. The leading lights of the House of Saud had undertaken a sweeping reappraisal of the kingdom's ties to the United States, and the debate had gone on for months. A consensus had emerged in favor of a dramatic change in direction away from reliance on the Americans. In his message, Abdullah had been speaking not just for himself but for the entire family. The good news was that events of the past week had changed all that, and U.S.-Saudi relations were back on track..."

    From pg. 154 of The King's Messenger by David Ottaway

    Then there's this episode...

    1. Bandar is like all Saudis. A megalomaniacial, hypocritical, drunken, torturing, fat, disgusting....

      A perfect foil for the Bushes.

  7. Repost:
    By: "Barry Soetoro, ESQ"

    STEP 1 - Culprits commit 9/11. Bush has no choice but to help cover it up (he's either involved OR doesn't want WW3 level chaos).

    STEP 2 - Culprits blame Osama Bin Laden (b/c official story isn't what happened).

    STEP 3 - It gets covered up during Bush Term 1+2.

    STEP 4 - In 2008, Bush is leaving office. Whoever's the next President will have access to all the intel/files on 9/11, and will have a pretty good picture of what really happened. This panics the culprits during Bush term 1+2.

    STEP 5 - CIA <> install a puppet President who is controlled by CIA. Anybody else might spill the beans or launch an investigation or leverage control of the real criminals by threatening to expose them.

    STEP 6 - CIA asks itself, "Who can we install that we control? Someone who will definitely lie to America?"

    STEP 7 - CIA answers itself "How about our long-time operative Bari Soebarkah? He's perfect. He'll ENJOY lying to America b/c he HATES America and everything about the USA. He's been groomed by Communists since birth, and has no allegiance to the USA. He'll relish this assignment, and he'll never step out of line b/c we've got a file from his gay sex exploits going back to the 1980's, including Man Country bathhouse in Chicago, and his seven SSNs and all his chicago MAFIA deals."

    STEP 8 - Before Hussein takes office, Euro Banks gently blackmail USA, so CIA/Fed/Treasury xfer billions/trillions to Euro Banks via TARP (as hush money). Afterward, Bernanke refuses to disclose WHO received that money.

    STEP 9 - CIA asks itself "Okay we'll keep Hussein for 8 years, but what happens when ANOTHER president gets elected in 2016? Then he'll know about 9/11 and have all the files, and we're in the same damn boat."

    STEP 10 - CIA answers itself, "The best we can do is shred the evidence and KILL THE BIN LADEN storyline, so nobody's looking for him anymore, and the next President won't be expected to pursue OBL b/c he got killed by SEALS in the Pakistan villa."

    STEP 11 - Stage FAKE OBL RAID in Pakistan. Declare OBL dead.

    STEP 12 - But what about the SEALS who Biden claimed killed OBL? They're getting jittery b/c they KNOW they didn't actually kill OBL. The SEALS know the whole OBL raid story was a charade. SEALS know OBL was never at that villa; never buried at sea.

    STEP 13 - Betray and ambush those SEALS in EXTORTION 17. Send them into an ambush with zero air support and make sure they get shot down. Falsify the reports. Claim the 'black box' got washed away in a flood. Harass the parents of the dead SEALS so they don't become Celebrity Personas like Code Pink lady did.

    1. Continued:

      My theory also explains How/Why the entire 'Obama background' is manufactured, photoshopped, and the whole damn family is missing or 'dead.' Also explains his seven (7) stolen SSNs (CIA covers over the years).

      HOWEVER........ Nobody at CIA was crazy enough to forge a birth certificate for Soebarkah, b/c #1 They thought they could get away without showing a LFBC. They DID get away with that until Corsi kept clobbering them, Corsi book was almost out, and 2012 election approached. And #2 Anybody with a brain knew there was a 50/50 chance that Soebarkah, IF HE SHOWED A BIRTH CERTIFICATE, would get eventually busted as a fraud. Thus CIA top forgers weren't stupid enough to be the guy to forge the LFBC in 2011 for their POS low-level CIA operative sock puppet. Obama could fool the world, but wasn't fooling the CIA who installed him, nor was he fooling all the men he'd enjoyed gay sex with the past 30 years or the Mafia crew in Chicago. Thus, the risk of exposure was HIGH.

      So the Soebarkah team got a low-level crew to cobble together "The worst forgery Reed Hayes has seen in his career."

      The infamous "Jimmy down the hall" (as Boyles calls him), created the LFBC 9-layer fake birth certificate.

      Friday, the phony COLB was unveiled.
      Sunday aka Obama golfed & returned for a photo op in his golf clothes in the situation room monitoring the aka Osama "raid".
      Sunday night the headline of the phony birth certificate changed above the fold to "bin-laden buried at sea".

      If the bin Laden death was pre -scheduled, that is why the COLB was posted 2 days earlier.

      And to lend further support to my theory, in the PAST 24 HOURS:

      - AP story distances Colin Powell from CIA

      - CIA chief JIHAD JOHN BRENNAN apologizes for hacking Senate computers

      - Rep Massie appears on Glenn Beck to tease the release of 28 pages (redacted by Bush) of 9/11 Commission Report that may or may not point finger at Saudi government

      Q: Does anybody believe that after 13 years of psychotic lying, that CIA suddenly this week, by sheer coincidence, is gonna Declassify 28 pages of 9/11 report (that probably blame Saudis), b/c they "Feel it's the right thing to do?"

      Nope! The reason FedGov (CIA) is gonna Declassify those 28 pages, is b/c COVER STORY #1 is falling apart (A/Z Day) as folks realize FedGov has been STAGING FALSE FLAGS.

      Thus, CIA must switch the public mind to COVER STORY #2 (aka the Saudis planned 9/11 but we didn't tell you because bla bla bla).

      Remember, 15 of 19 hijackers were Saudi. Thus, Saudi Arabia was ALWAYS the fall guy.

      9/11 stinks. No bodies at Pentagon (it was a missile or kerosene bomb). No bodies at Shanksville.

      CIA and MSM lied from the moment Plane #1 hit the WTC.

      And now their story is about to UNRAVEL.

      No biggie. We just changed the course of history based on CIA lies.

      All this came from 9/11:

      TSA cavity-searching everyone at airports.
      NDAA indefinite detention for American citizens (NAZI law).
      NSA spying.
      Iraq war.
      Afghanistan war.


      I wouldn't be surprised if the rockets in Gaza began on aka OBAMA'S order.