Sunday, July 13, 2014

Persistent Psychological Warfare: Israel vs. Hamas! 
Repetition Compulsion—IDF Intelligence Failure vs Syrian/Iran Rockets Delivered through Sudan, Qatar, Gaza and Egypt to Hamas!!
Major Israeli/Bibi Intelligence Failure---Once Again!

How many more Israeli Reservists must die for another Bibi Failure like 2012 Operation Pillar to eliminate Hamas Rockets?  For the past week,  the world has once again witnessed the perverse kabuki of IDF forces retaliating against Hamas rockets,  this time targeting Tel Aviv,  Haifa,  Hadera and Hof HaCarmel.  How did this happen and why?
First, let me say,  that I am intimately familiar with the modest genius Uzi Rubin who had the foresight, wisdom and chutzpah to create the “Iron Dome” that is protecting Israelis from the horrible consequences of actual rocket attacks.  The country would have been strewn with carnage far beyond anyone’s imagination had Uzi not convinced the Israeli political/military leadership decades ago to develop the “Iron Dome” to protect the country from foreseeable destruction.  At the time of his inchoate suggestion,  most of the Israeli leadership could not take Uzi’s ideas and plans very seriously.   Yet,  Uzi persisted and today,  most Israelis are safe because of the courage and foresight of this modest Sabrah who not only fought bravely on the Golan Heights but had the intellectual skill and vision to prepare his homeland,  Eretz Israel from future attacks.
I bring up his name because Uzi has always represented to me the best of Israel.  He was born in Palestine at a famous settlement that his illustrious family had founded in Gedera, one of the original Zionist settlements before the state was created.  He,  like many of us,  grew up a Likudnik,  believing and following the precepts of Menachem Begin and Ze’ev Jabotinsky.  But over time,  Uzi had become one of the more brilliant scientists/operators in the Israeli Defense Establishment,  sublimating his talents into productive defensive strategic operational systems.
Uzi,  like many who had participated in terrorist acts as well as wars,  understood that in order for Israel to survive as a mature country it needed ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking in war as well as in peace.  Too bad Israel in total did not follow his course of transformation from warrior /operator to technical genius dedicated to the well-being of his homeland. 

Israel has transformed itself over sixty years from a Polish-inspired dream of a few Zionists into a Hi Tech Phenomena,  admired all over the world for its’ scientific innovations and humane contributions to the health care field.  Unfortunately,  the Israeli leadership failed to transform it’s old shetl ways of infighting,  bickering, manipulations and deceit into a mature establishment where transition of elite power could be implemented without going to war against one another or a surrounding Arab country.

It was no accident that the father of the Likud/Herut parties and the model of terrorists around the Arab world—Menachem Begun, Leader of the Irgun Zve Leumi—was the first Prime Minister to accept President Jimmy Carter’s Camp David Peace Accords.  With the encouragement of the brilliantly, talented one-eyed icon of Israeli military might—Gen. Moshe Dayan--- a peace treaty was implemented in which another terrorist—Awar Sadat—garnered peace for close to four decades.
Nor was it an accident that the mercurial,  manipulative, blustering, self-aggrandizing  Gen Ariel Sharon [Arik] singlehandedly ordered the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the west bank after having sacrificed his life and the countless thousands of Israeli soldiers lives to attain military victories in the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War.
What am I getting at?
These unusual warriors understood that war and military retaliations all had a very limited value.
 As Arik once said: ”It is impossible to have a JEWISH, DEMOCRATIC  STATE and AT THE SAME TIME CONTROL ALL OF ERETZ ISRAEL”. [my emphasis].
But he added these prophetic words:

Back to my basic point about the IDF vs Hamas psychological warfare.  The crux of Israel’s viability as a state is INTELLIGENCE.   If the intelligence is poor in any  particular area then the leaders of the country will rely on their innate instincts based on hubris,  ignorance and worn weary habits of RETALIATION against the perceived enemy.
Why do I say perceived enemy?
Hamas was and is a complete creation of the IDF,  Shin Bet, Mossad.  When I was working on the West Bank in the late 1980’s for the State Dept with PLO physicians who were detained by the IDF with a British contrived nonsense called “preventive detention”,  I was informed correctly that Shin Bet had created Hamas in Beir Zet in the Gaza as a counter-force for the PLO.
That was part and parcel of the Game of Terrorism.  We,  Americans created AL Qaeda then Haqqani et al. –all of which we are now trying to destroy.  Like many western countries including the USA,  Israel created Hamas as a strategic tension point to the PLO who were eventually driven out of Jordan by the Hashemite King Hussein into Lebanon.
Once Hamas became active and effectively neutralized the PLO,  it turned against it’s creator  the Israelis just like Frankenstein.
At one time,  the Israelis maintained a very effective and ruthless Intelligence Corp to monitor this “Franken-Terrorist Group”.  However,  over time,  as I had warned both the Israelis and the Americans;  Israel had lost its INTELLIGENCE FORTE.
The reason was quite simple.
As Israel became increasingly more prosperous,  thanks to the young geniuses creating start-ups and invaluable hi tech companies,  the smarter and more creative individuals refused to enter the intelligence community,  preferring to make a fortune with their expertise in the hi tech arena.  In reality,  Israel’s success as a HI TECH NATION HAS LED IT INTO A CONUNDRUM OF A FAULTY INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AND AN EXCEEDINGLY  VULNERABLE ARMY,  CONSISTING MAINLY OF RESERVISTS WHO REALLY DO NOT WANT TO FIGHT ANY MORE WARS……
Today, Israel suffers from the “FAILURE OF SUCCESS”—as I have termed their maturation and vulnerability.
What can be done now? 
[1]  Dismiss all of the present intelligence directors of Mossad,  Shin Bet,  Zahal, et al.  New ideas require new, fresh blood.
[2]  Bibi must resign now or soon.  He is not really a Sabrah.  He is the story of boy who rode on his brother’s heroism [Entebbe Raid]; grew up in Pennsylvania; scion of an arrogant, obtuse Cornell Teacher [I knew him there].

[3] The mothers of IDF soldiers must go to the ministry and demand a DECLARATION of PEACE with all parties ---including Hamas.  The mothers of IDF soldiers were instrumental in making peace with HEZBOLLAH,  a far more formidable group than Hamas.
[4] Israel should become the KEYSTONE of TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT in the Middle East—and share their technological know-how with Egypt, PLO, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran et al.
[5] Israel cannot and should not DEPEND ON THE USA.  It has to learn that the American people are tired of fostering an artificial dependency with a country that should have matured a long time ago.
[6] Israel should forget the meaningless blustering rhetoric of the neocon Jews—Dennis Ross,  Doug Feith,  David Wormser,  Martin Indyk [Australian intel operative and Ross henchman],  Elliot Abrams,  Richard Haas, Paul Wolfowitz.  They have created more disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. 
[7] Remember the Hebrew “CONCEPTZIYA”--- word coined after the Yom Kippur War in 1973, ‘to describe the BLIND ARROGANCE ‘ of invincibility.  
As the former Scientist/President of Israel, Ephraim Katzir said, ”The hubris broadcast by the Labor Govt reflected the CORRUPTION OF THE NATIONAL ETHOS by DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR in the wake of 1967 conquests.” [Landau].

I have personally and professionally worked with Sadat, Menachem Begun,  Yitzhak Rabin,  Shamir,  Arafat, and many other operatives in the Middle East.  If in thirty years,  the Soviet Union could be transformed into a Russian Federation without war; and  China could transform from a inefficient Communist/Maoist State into a thriving economic juggernaut; and Apartheid could be destroyed….. Please don’t tell me that ISRAEL cannot make peace with all of it’s neighbors! Even Hamas!!
What a shame on the Jewish People that we could create a state from nothing but sand, malaria and flies and then transform it back into a desolate state of carnage because we were too ‘stiff necked’ to bow our heads and extend our hands out in the gesture of peace and mutual trust.
It takes a very intelligent individual to understand that peace allows the national character of a state to evolve into a mature entity.  Paranoia, fear, mistrust, arrogance are all the characteristics of IMMATURITY,  INSOLENCE and…. SADLY BUT PROPHETICALLY …..SELF-DESTRUCTION!!!
If one Israeli soldiers enters into Gaza and tries to strip Hamas of their rockets,  then Tel Aviv, Haifa, and then all of the Israeli cities will be set ablaze with the absolute precision of suicide bombers and terrorist tactics.  Of that I am 100 % certain!
It’s up to you now, Israelis!
Peace? Or Self-Destruction! Your EXISTENTIAL CHOICE!!
And please don’t blame Obama, America, or anyone else!
It’s now up to the JEWISH PEOPLE of the JEWISH STATE!!! 


  1. Dr Steve, You said "It’s up to you now, Israelis!
    Peace? Or Self-Destruction! Your EXISTENTIAL CHOICE!!
    And please don’t blame Obama, America, or anyone else!
    It’s now up to the JEWISH PEOPLE of the JEWISH STATE!!!
    Sorry it's not up to the real Jews, you also said Bibi must resign he won't resign he's just of a puppet of who really runs and control Israel, this site shows who really pulls the strings "ROTHSCHILD The Israeli Supreme Court Building"
    Also people should have a read of the names who are on this list! 'Who Is Who, And To Whom They Sold Their Souls'

  2. Dr Steve, This video below certainly doesn't help the Jewish cause! 'Israeli lynch mob hunting for Arabs'

  3. You are a good man, Dr. Pieczenik.

    One quibble, it's not clear how effective Iron Dome is at interception. After action reports from earlier uses of the system, question it's effectiveness.

    The "rockets" from Gaza are often nearly home-made with no guidance system and limited range, most often they fall harmlessly into open fields and unpopulated areas.

    Whether Iron Dome would intercept sophisticated guidance control missiles, capable of supersonic velocity, with counter-measure capability, is still an open question.

    I wonder what is the point of Hamas launching ineffective home-made rockets, bottle rockets writ large, with limited payloads when the response is so utterly predictable?

    These rockets seem like a designed provocation. Is it possible that Mossad stil has connections inside Hamas or is it that Hamas wants to invite collective punishment to draw attention to Israeli disproportionate use of force?

    Of course, the Israeli government wants to promote the idea that Iron Dome is the difference maker, rather than crude ineffective rockets, because it boasts a technology, where, but for Iron Dome, Israeli casualties would be high.

    But the truth would not serve Likud propaganda because then it would be clear that the Israeli government is engaging in gross disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians.

    Home made rockets falling, mostly, harmlessly in unpopulated areas versus deadly missiles with pinpoint accuracy.

    There simply is no comparison between the armaments being used on each side, respectively.

    In fact, no Israeli citizens have been killed while somewhere up to a hundred Palestinians have died and hundreds more have been wounded including women and children.

    In any event, Israeli technology is brilliant and is a key to a successful and peaceful Israel as you state in heart-felt fashion.

    1. I stand corrected: Apparently, Hamas has come into possession of a more sophisticated rocket or missile, perhaps through Syria. This rocket has greater range and, perhaps, guidance system. It does present a greater threat to Israeli cities.

      Perhaps, it is these rockets that the Iron Dome has been able to successfully intercept.

  4. Israel is doomed. This nation founded on the dislocation of of indigenous peoples justifying itself by ancient fairy tales cannot work. The Zionists thought they could do like the European colonizers in the Americas, Australia, etc. and simply push the natives aside. It won't work for two reasons: 1. territorially Palestine is too small -there is nowhere to put the dislocated peoples, so the region simply becomes a powder keg; 2. the kind of mythology that justified the conquest of the Americas and elsewhere may have worked up into the 19th Century, but it effectively died in the 20th.

    The only thing that might work is Qaddafi's proposal: a one state solution - "Isra-tine" with full citizenship for Jews and Arabs alike, with democratic elections and let the pieces fall where they may.... If it worked for South Africa (though I'm sure MIT Michael will disagree), then there's no reason it can't work here. I seriously doubt this will happen, however, so Israel is doomed, iron domes notwithstanding.

    1. I agree completely. There's not only no justification for a "Jewish state" anywhere in the world, but it's not even possible except as what you see now, and then only temporarily.

      Dr.P and those who appear the like the idea of Israel have to confront several issues. The first is that the UN had no right to declare the existence of Israel, or partition Palestine any more than they would have the right to break off half of Texas and give it to Mexico!

      The second problem is that having done so Jewish terrorists rampaged through Arab areas, mostly at night, and terrorized them into fleeing....

      Then once these people had fled the Israeli government confiscated their lands with no compensation, process of law, etc....just stole it. And since then NONE OF THESE REFUGESS HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO RETURN OR REGAIN THEIR PROPERTIES.

      I mean really Dr.P is this the kind of "state" worth compromising for like Begin and Sharon did?

      Doesn't it occur to you that it's the terrorists in Israel who are the "compromisers?"

      It's not because they are "realistic" or "moderate" but because they're the racist, supremicist figures who are dedicated to clinging to the notion of the Jewish state AT ALL when nobody else really is.

      No one but DESPERATE ISRAELIS and their AMERICAN LAPDOGS anymore promotes a one state solution.

      The fact is that with time the muslims Israeli citizens will outbreed the Jews and then the Jewish state will be history.

      And when this happens what will emerge will be a secular Israel with Arabs and Jews living equally....

      And this will be the best place in the world for the Arab citizens of Israel to be because the rest of the Arab-run countries are absolute shit.

      Except for it's racist, supremicist character Israel is the best country in the region by far, and is probably a better country than the US.

      Israel will go on forever, but as a secular and inclusive nation.

    2. I meant to say that only desperate Israelis and their American lapdogs want a TWO STATE solution....

      what a terrible mistake ive made here...

    3. Mit, are you taking into consideration just how much hate is in Israel for the Palestinians?

      The Israeli leadership is prepared to murder & ethnic cleanse the Palestinians, just like in 1948.

      We are seeing it right now in slow motion.

      Netanyahu always wanted a war to cover and distract from Israel's final solution for the Palestinians -- I'd say he's got enough of the war he wanted -- thus, we see Israel engaging in grossly disproportionate collective punishment of the Palestinian People.

      Even "collective punishment" is a misnomer and a euphemism for what is going on.

      Never underestimate how many people the Israeli leadership is willing to murder in order to keep their nation-state growing and expanding.

      Example A -- the continued illegal settlements in the West Bank where they steal the land and if they have an excuse imprison the property owners.

      Nothing has changed since 1948.

      Sorry, now with the U. S. in their pocket, they are doing it openly for all the world to see.

      If you trace Zionism's intellectual roots, you understand they are willing to murder millions.

      After all, their intellectual forebears already have murdered millions... of Christians and others.

      What are a few Palestinians, when the objective of all of Palestine is within their grasp?

      You are engaged in wishful thinking with your demographic "solution".

    4. Mit, with your phrase, "...and those who appear the like the idea of Israel...", are you referring to my position?

      If so (and maybe you aren't), know this:

      There are millions of innocent people in Palestine/Israel, Jew & Gentile, alike.

      I subscribe to the position I've stated: The Israeli leadership is willing to murder & cleanse Palestinians to get what they want.

      I have grave concern the Israeli leadership and those of like mind are willing to bring world catastrophe before they would be willing to give up the idea of a Jewish state of Israel.

      I want to avoid world catastrophe.

      Give the Israeli leaders what they have now.

      But with an equitable resolution for the Palestinian People -- a two-state solution that works for both parties -- that each gets, not what they want, but what they can live with.

      And avoid world catastrophe.

      A lot of well meaning people, both Jew & Gentile, alike, support your one-state solution, but I'm convinced the Israeli leadership, and increasingly the common people of Israel will murder all they have to, in order to keep a Jewish state.

      I don't want to see that happen for the sake of the people of Palestine/Israel, and for the world's people, as I fear such a blood-letting will morph into world catastrophe.

      I don't want to go there.

      Do you want to take the chance that I'm right?

      Thus, I do support Israel.

      But not if its engaged in ethnic cleansing and/or genocide.

      Stop the madness, lower the temperature on the pressure cooker before it explodes.

    5. Well there's no way to lower the temperature that doesn't involve the Arabs not fighting back, and that's not an option.

      The Arabs have to keep fighting somehow, and for the time being that means using rockets. It results in escalation and more violence, but what's the alternative? To do nothing?

      That would be like telling George Washington and John Adams to put aside their rifles because someone will get hurt.

      It ain't gonna happen.

    6. Doomed?
      66years young. You have a death wish.
      HASTA la vista, baby.
      You are not part of the picture. Stay out of it.

  5. Points 1 - 6. The Palestinian children are paying the heavest price for all for all this constant fighting in the entire middle east. Imagine what the middle east is going to be like in the next 10-20 years . . . honestly I cannot see any positive developments in the middle east any time in the near future . . . all I can see is more gloom and doom. . .

  6. correction: all the children across the middle east.

  7. Hamas rejects Egyptian cease-fire proposal:

    This development in the current pre- planned Israeli operation gives credence to the idea that the Hamas leadership is still under the secret control of the Israeli Mossad.

    I mean the punishment being dealt out is horrific -- it is not Hamas that is suffering (chances are their leadership has fat Swiss bank accounts, made fatter by Mossad bribery money or some other lever of control) -- it is the People of Gaza, as a whole, who are suffering. And by extension, the People of the Palestinian West Bank, as Israeli hatred ramps up against all Palestinians, regardless of whether they are participating in the feeble and ineffective resistance of firing mostly near home-made rockets with a number of more sophisticated rockets/missiles.

    Now, counterbalancing the above analysis is the stated reasons for Hamas rejecting the Egyptian sponsored cease-fire:

    That the terms are similar to past cease-fire agreements that the Israeli government has failed to live up to. So why agree to a similar cease-fire proposal?

    Which analysis is correct?

    I don't know. I only know that Hamas is playing right into the hands of the Israeli government, which has stated that rejection of the cease-fire will bring harsher and more severe collective punishment (for all the People of Gaza, and by extension, all the Palestinian People). I expect the Israeli government to keep its promise, as that is what their inclination is, anyway.

    Now they have their justification in the court of international public opinion (and most important, a rationalization among Israeli apologists in the United States) for what they wanted to do, anyway.

    I can't help thinking there is a dead rat in the wood pile, as I smell the stink of death over a mass of complication, I can not see through.

    Dr. Pieczenik, I ask you what your opinion is regarding the possibility that somehow Mossad still has key people in Hamas under its control or direction.

    I understand this question might end up being rhetorical, but I ask you to think about it and consider the possibilities.

    1. There is a fever in Israel, a fever of hatred, that is, in my estimation, in imminent danger of boiling over into an orgy of hatred & slaughter. A regular pogrom of violence against the Palestinian People.

      People of good will, Jew & Gentle, alike, and most important, those in positions of influence should do all they can to stop the cycle of hate & violence, spiraling upward into ever more extreme forms of hatred & violence before we see a humanitarian tragedy of epic proportions.

      To where the first response, not just in Israel/Palestine, by in other parts of the world (see Ukraine) is to murder your political opponents without giving peaceful negotiation of dispute a chance to work.

    2. A fever in an individual, if it goes too high for too long makes a person delusional, irrational, incapability of measured and appropriate thought.

      So, too, does a collective fever in a society, if too high and too long, rob the society of rational decision making in response to events. Mistakes and over-reaction are bound to happen under this condition.

      As in an individual, so too in a society, a fever is the body's or body-politic's response to a perceived threat from a pathogen's invasion. And, often times the fever helps the body or body-politic fight off the pathogen, but in extreme occasions, the fever goes to high for too long and it ends up killing the individual and, I would suggest, can kill the body-politic, by rendering it incapable of reasoned response to events.

      A doctor's first response if such a case happens with an individual is to bring the fever down, sometimes even an ice bath is resorted to, to bring down the fever before it kills the patient.

      I suggest that is a primary purpose of international diplomacy.

      To bring the fever down to manageable levels before it ends up killing the body-politic.

      Thus, the diplomatic adage, "lower the temperature on the pressure cooker before it explodes" into uncontrolled hatred & violence.

      As I am an American Firster, I should note, "lowering the temperature on the pressure cooker," in the Palestinian/ Israel crisis, is not just a general humanitarian interest, but a vital national security interest of the United States of America.

      In no way should America be seen in the international community of nation-states as condoning, either actively or passively, this ramp up of hatred & violence, spinning into ethnic cleansing and/or genocide.

      The United States is not an island, our relations with other nation-states will be materially degraded by the perception that we condoned this series of events in Israel/Palestine.

    3. One of many blind-spots (or is it they simply don't care what other nation-states think of the United States, as long as they fear the United States) of the neo-conservatives is the studied refusal to recognize that the perception of the United States as the prime initiator and mover for regime change, or nation-state breakup or Balkanization, by any means necessary (overt military or covert CIA operations) is against the vital national security interest of the United States.

      I'm sorry, but the primary way to save the United States from historical ignominy, after such a promising start, as a bastion of human dignity, freedom, and democratic, self-government (after all, the United States is a relatively young country in terms of length of time as an identifiable nation-state) is to confront and remove from power the neo-conservatives.

      In my opinion, the removal of neo-conservatives from power in America is critical to saving the American constitutional republic.

      Should the American experiment in democratic self-government fail, self-government by the people, for the people, of the people, will be critically damaged and those who favor fascist, oligarchical, top-down government will point to the United States as the prime example why democracy can never work.

      If I didn't know better, and maybe I don't, it seems the neo-conservatives are doing all they can to destroy the American experiment in self-government.

      As they that blind or are they intentionally using the United States as a means to an end -- that the American People would find repugnant and an existential threat to their form of government and way of life?

      The American way of life.

      Those are the stakes in the political battle to remove the influence of neo-conservatives from the American government.

      Is this an apocalyptic analysis, wholly removed from reality?

      I don't think so, look at where the United States seems to be heading, if we aren't already there: A surveillance state, police state, empire.

      Empire and the American way of life are incompatible and mutually exclusive.

      In my opinion, America as we've known it and the neo-conservative vision of American hegemony & empire can not exist one and at the same time.

      Our challenge has been seen before, in the Late Roman Republic era of the history of Rome.

      We know what happened to the Roman Republic and eventually the Roman Empire.

      Will we repeat the history of Roman Civilization.

      It would be a shame and an act of ignorance, even stupidity, as we have the Roman Republic's example in history.

      At least the Romans could say they had no pior example to learn from to avoid their mistakes.

      What will our excuses be if we succumb to a similar fate?

    4. Where are you getting this?

      The Israelis are INDIFFERENT to the suffering of the Arabs, but they don't HATE them.

      When I'm in Africa I don't hate the negros I see acting like savages. I'm just indifferent to them and their suffering.

    5. Anaconda, You said "We know what happened to the Roman Republic and eventually the Roman Empire" you're right in saying that because we will succumb to a similar fate yet again because we'll never ever learn from history, I've said it before and I know you won't engage in discussion on the matter about the Jesuits yet all global catastrophes always seems to run in that direction, I find it's more than bizarre you mention the CIA and with a little bit of research we all know who really runs the CIA! watch this Y/T video 'NWO Counter Intelligence I The Company'
      As for this ISIS mob read this article 'ISIS taking orders from the Jesuits via Father Paolo Dall'Oglio S.J.?

    6. I have just today founded a new entity....

      Islamic State of Sierra Leone in Williamson County!

      or in other words...



      "I sell wick"

      So far I am the only member but according to the FBI I need no other members to be a terrorist or a terrorist organization.

      I am not a terrorist however but I intend to lobby for Saria Law to be established in the county courts of Williamson County, Texas, and the cities of Round Rock and Georgetown.

      I demand that HALAAL meats be served at all county and city cafeterias!

      I demand that the cities and county provide a bond proposal to build Islamic Schools for our children!

      I demand that on Interstate Highway 35 that signs be posted stating that our section of this highway be called "Mohammad's Highway" !!

      I ask that all other individuals in Williamson County who wish to struggle for the adoption of an ISLAMIC STATE in the west African country of Sierra Leone organize with me as Islam is the majority religion in Sierra Leone!

    7. more properly pronounced...


    8. Mit, I chuckled... I needed the relief of reading about Williamson County. Irreverence keeps the spirit at ease. Thanks.

      On a more sober note, yes, indifference is not hate.

      You go to Africa and shake your head and walk on, as it were. You don't care to interact, and as long as they stay out of your hair, fine. You might be willing to cut a deal, if you want an item, you make a deal for a price. Still, at the end of the transaction, you move on, unconcerned. You don't actively want to see bad things happen to them, but figure, left to their own devices and inclinations, bad things will happen, but don't care much, as long as you have gotten clear and out of the way of their interactions with each other.

      You might take a glance back and shake your head, that is about all.


      Hate is more powerful, it is easiest to hurt in a systematic way, when we hate or someone or some group has something you want, think you deserve, but they don't want to give it to you.

      Have you watched any youtubes of Israeli citizens talking about Palestinians? Now, obviously, there are Israeli citizens that have an indifference comparable with your indifference, but there are many who actively hate Palestinians and they are all too willing to tell people with video camera how they feel.

      So, yes, in a way you are right, I'm sure there are Israelis who are indifferent to Palestinians, but there are also Israelis who hate Palestinians, and, on a brighter and more hopeful note, there are Israelis who want to help Palestinians, who want to help Palestinians, and, indeed, empathize with their plight and think it is morally wrong, and want to come to a just and equitable resolution and live in peace without stealing any land or killing any People.

      But those folks are in the minority in Israel, now.

      So, while there is a continuum of feelings, there are could be said to be three broad camps in Israel.



      Respect and wanting to help Palestinians have their own place in the sun. Respect the right of all people to live in dignity, to raise families, make a living, have friendships, associations, the accoutrements of a happy, healthy life with what that all entails.

      I've focused on the leadership and the haters, and in some sense that is wrong, as you are right in implying there are many attitudes in Israel regarding the Palestinians.

      But the attitude that seems to have the political play at this time is more injurious than mere indifference.

      This hate has been justified as revenge.

      Revenge is the easiest way to justify hate. Yes, not all revenge is hateful (some is based on a sense of justice, even), but revenge is the easiest way to justify to yourself and others the hatred feel for the other and why you want to carry out violence on others.

      Thank you Mit, in a way you make my point:

      It doesn't have to be this way.

      Israelis don't have to hate Palestinians and many don't. There is a spectrum, continuum, a range of feeling in Israel.

      What we need to do is encourage an attitude less than hate.

      I'll take your brand of indifference any day over a hatred that justifies acting out in violence.

      That includes the Palestinians, too.

      Yes, there is hatred on both sides. It takes two to tango. But obviously, the Palestinians have taken the brunt of things lately.

      Again, thanks, you pointed out some realities that need to be taken into account.

      It's not black & white, there is room for discussion and compromise, I believe there are other ways to come to a stable, equitable, resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

    9. Look, Dr. Pieczenik has worked on hard cases and did find solutions, he helped on the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt.

      Yes, I sounded all doom and gloom, but that does not mean I think this is all inevitable, it's not, that's why I want to move in a different direction, a peaceful direction.

      You know, sometimes I wish I didn't know this stuff, that I didn't have to or want to think about it, was still just a "go along, get along" Republican, it was easier that way.

    10. I don't think Camp David helped solve anything. The reason why the issues have festered all these years is because of the safety Israel was granted when the US bribed Egypt with billions a year to conclude the Camp David sell out...

      Sadat was killed for this betrayal, and every Egyptian cheered when he was shot.

      A real solution at Camp David would have been for Carter to have told Began that if he didn't settle things that the US would withdraw aid. But then Began would have retaliated domestically with the Israeli lobby.

  8. Israel should have never relinquished Gaza.
    The plo should have been banished to Tunis by Rabin, not Lebanon.
    Many political errors from one miltary response to the next got them in this mess.