Monday, July 7, 2014

as he should,  Assad is staying.


  1. This is nuts.

    The reason why the jihadists are running the show in eastern Syria is because Obama didn't expand the Free Syrian Army at the beginning when it was made up of defecting Syrian Officers and secular resistance fighters.

    Instead Obama was smarting from what happened in Libya and didn't want anymore criticism of anything he might do so he only permitted a half-hearted lame tiny little symbolic effort for the Free Syrians. Obama is always doing symbolic acts which are never adequit and now this is the result.

    This is the worst of all situations over there, and the only aspect of this mess is that whatever happens in Syria or Iraq it will not harm anyone in the US because jihadists could care less about terrorizing America.

    Assad is in actuality the craven murderous monster that the USG claimed Saddam Hussein was BUT REALLY WASN'T.

    Saddam fought terrible wars against Shiites, Kurds, etc., but the purpose was to keep Iraq from flying apart the way it now has.

    Assad on the other hand simply tortures and kills the public because he doesn't want reform and the Generals around him want to keep the criminal and financial monopolies they enjoy. Assad is a gangster of the worst kind with no nationalistic purposes at play.

    As for Iraq there's no way it's ever going to turn back the clock and become a single state again. Iraq is finished, and it's no wonder that the PM of Israel is making speeches about how great it is that the Kurds are forming their own state separate from Iraq.

  2. I'm not so sure... The gains ISIS has made enabled Obama and NATO to solve an ongoing dilemma they've had in toppling Assad. How to arm the "moderate" rebels effectively enough to overthrow Assad while keeping said arms out of the hands of jihadist/al Qaeda affiliates (and so to keep Obama in line with his own NDAA -otherwise he'll have to assassinate himself!). Well, here's how to solve that problem: since the "moderate" rebels, whether armed to the teeth or not, are not effective warriors (unlike the seasoned jihadists who've had plenty of practice in Iraq, Libya, etc.) the likelihood is nil that they'll ever overthrow Assad, then why bother? Just go ahead and arm the jihadists in a round-about way - doing so with plausible deniability, and act surprised when this happens... ...leading to this...