Saturday, July 26, 2014

Senator John Walsh:  A Democrat from Montana and a Major Disgrace to:
[1] The US Military [2]  US Army War College, Carlisle, Penn. [3] U.S Code Of Honor [4]  U.S. Senate  [5] Montana and finally, [6] Democratic Party.
NY Times skewered the Montana Democratic Senator for lying his whole life as a military officer,  statesman and Adjutant General of the Montana National Guard.  The article (posted earlier) brilliantly explains, in meticulous detail, just how much plagiarism John Walsh committed throughout his 30 military history.  He was promoted up the ranks based on his Master’s Degree from the U.S. Army War College, for which he wrote a ‘brilliant thesis’.  Needless to say this so-called ‘brilliant thesis’ was ‘completely plagiarized’ by John Walsh, a sad excuse of a Army Colonel.
Senator John Walsh climbed up through the political and National Guard system not on his merits but rather on his ability to continuously plagiarize other people’s work.  He obtained a promotion to “Adjutant General of the Montana National Guard” and then gets appointed to replace Max Baucus as U.S. Senator. 
Why can I condemn this man so vehemently?
For the simple reasons that as a veteran;  a former yearly lecturer at the National War College at Ft McNair, Wash. D.C for over twenty years;  an ex-resident of Bozeman, MT;  as well as someone who knew and admired Sen. Max Baucus,  I find John Walsh to be a complete DISGRACE to everything that I value—honor; military service;  integrity [both personal and professional]; and legislative representation.
How did John Walsh get away with such sociopathy?
He is by history and habit a cowardly individual who when confronted with his ‘plagiarism’ resorted to the most pathetic excuse possible:
His aid responded: ”Mr. Walsh had been going through a difficult period of time when he wrote the paper….one of the members of his unit in Iraq had committed suicide in 2007, weeks before his assignment is due….”  With no concern for the truth or INTEGRITY,  this aid offers this improbable scenario where the poor, pathetic, psychologically damaged Walsh was able to plagiarize in detail all 14 pages of his thesis!  Talk about the old PTSD made me do it! WOW!!

I have heard a lot of different diagnoses for PTSD.
But PLAGIARISM as an outcome of PTSD??  I am giving the ‘Bullshitter’ Walsh the benefit of the doubt here—this is a new neurological/psychiatric phenomenon.  On the other hand, when I step back a moment, why shouldn’t the Democrats have equal representation in the senate in the ‘flaming sociopath’ category?  John Walsh can join Dianne Feinstein and Ted Cruz,  Marco Rubio,  who inhabit the Senate and force us Americans to pay ridiculous taxes for their collective well-being.  Remember we pay these members of the Sociopathic Party a minimum of $174K annually with close to a $1M in staff support and don’t forget those retirement and health benefits!  
Now, let’s wait to see what happens.
Thank you NYTimes for dissecting in egregious detail the stupidity, venality and ignoble behavior of one of MONTANA’S WORST!!! 
Thanks on behalf of a grateful nation.



  1. Oh come on....

    Plagerism? A disgrace?

    You're talking about an American military which routinely sexual assaults and rapes every good looking girl who joins the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines [the only girls not raped by their commanders are the ugly ones]....

    And a military which routinely commits horrendous war crimes such as torture, murder, rape and murder of civilians, indiscriminate bombing of housewives, etc...WHEN OUR ALLIES SUCH AS THE BRITISH, DUTCH, GERMANS, ETC. NEVER DO THESE THINGS!!

    And all you wanna talk about is plagerism as though this kind of thing is the standard of dishonor for the US military.

    You need to wake up and talk to people like I have who have actually served in the US military and deployed in theaters and seen and participated in rape of civilians, torture, indiscriminate killings, etc...

    Dr.P you live in an ivory tower removed from the facts on the ground.

    You should live like I do and work in factories, spend time with enlisted personnel, hang out with drug addicts and prostitutes, etc. like I chose to do and then you might know the truth of the world.

    People like you get your information from the top of the system, and it's all bullshit of what really goes on.

    You should read, "Kill Anything That Moves" about what the US really did in Vietnam. The one example of Mi Lai was only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. This is the reason why I don't like to spend time associating with other educated people like myself. A person can learn absolutely nothing by hanging around with people like ones self.

    The only news I watch is Fox News because their assumptions are totally different from mine.

    If I watched programming with my own assumptions I would learn absolutely nothing.

  3. Sommerset Maughm wrote a book called "The Razor's Edge" about a guy from a wealthy family who spent all his time working at menial jobs, repairing cars, working aboard cargo ships for travel.

    I forgot that guy's name but he knew what he was doing.

  4. Look at the situation in Israel right now. Someone in a Merkeva shot off several rounds into a UN school full of children and their mothers who had taken refuge there.

    An Israel Colonel said, "It might have been bombed by one of ours...."

    Which actually means, "If it wasn't one of ours we would have said so."

    And because of the cover-ups all the supporters of Israel will go on believing the lie that the Israelis on the ground are taking measures to limit civilian casualties when in fact they are clearly not [except every now and then so they can claim they are].

    1. I so agree my friend. Israel has deceived so many good Americans. Hamas didnt kidnap those teens either. The Israeli police chief Micky Rosenfel (who is actually a good guy) stated it was someone else in an official statement. I am sure he will get blowback from Netanyahu for being truthful. I support all the decent Jews who are fighting against there own Dick Cheney, Nutjob Netanyahu.

  5. There's a BBC program on Youtube about Germany After the War: 1945 -1949...

    You will see that looting and rape by allied soldiers wasn't just limited to the Red Army, but was routine by the British, French and Americans. The British and Americans were encouraged by their commanders to steal anything they could find, and the French encouraged their negro colonial troops to rape as many German girls as they could find.

    1. The German hospitals in the French sector were filled with German girls who'd been violently beaten and raped repeatedly by negros from Senegal, etc. at the direction of the French. Most of these girls killed themselves.

      The Germans could never understand this because unlike the French and Americans the Germans are a CIVILIZED PEOPLE and in the German armed forces sexual rape of civilians was punishable by DEATH.

  6. I imagine that all the commanders who raped girls under their command, and stood by and did nothing while civilians were tortured, murdered and raped as well as having their utilities and medical infrastructure destroyed....

    All these other commanders are okay because they didn't plagerize their Masters Thesis.

  7. There are no short cuts in this context. Hell why didn't Walsh just "cut and paste" his name on a diploma and save the time and money of getting an education? Walsh you are busted!

    1. Learn from history! You used the words "cut and paste" in your comment, if you want to see some real cut and pasting read this following article 'For the flight 370 flag report, scroll down to the headline "Redaction" (actually it is not really a redaction, it is a counter punch) A whole lot of photoshopping going on
      The flag in the wreckage is now getting cropped out of images posted of the shoot down, and someone either kicked the aluminum plate over the window out or a second window got photoshopped in.


    Here is a fact about the assassination of John Kennedy which took place in Dealy Plaza, Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963...

    There were more than two sniper positions.

    All snipers where given the same ammunition, which were special low velocity 6,5mm [.257] bullets.

    The reason for the low velocity of the rounds was several fold...

    1.Several of the rifles were suppressed and using lower velocity rounds made it possible to nearly eliminate all sound from those rifles.

    2.There was a concern of over-penetration.
    The target was very close, within a hundred yards. It wasn't necessary to use higher velocity rounds to kill the target. One round alone in the brain of a bullet with a weight of 160 grains or more was sufficient.
    Was was NOT wanted was for a bullet to pass through the target, or a piece of the auto or anything else, and then strike someone else such as what happened with the Governor.

    This is the reason why two rounds which struck the target penetrated very little and caused little trauma.

    However when using lower velocity rounds lethality is sacrificed, and therefore to insure lethality a shot to the brain or heart is necessary.

    As it was the Governor was also struck in addition to the target, but although his shot was within the thorax he easily survived.

    The Carcano rifle selected normally has only a velocity of around 2,000 feet per second, perhaps the slowest of modern military rifles. Others such as the 8mm Mauser or the M14 have velocities of over 2,400, and modern sporting rifles such as the Winchester 264 have velocities of around 2,900.

    The small .223 or 5.56mm 60 grain bullet of the M-16 travels at nearly 3,000 feet per second.

    In 1979 to assassinate Federal judge John Wood in San Antonio, Charlse Harrelson chose a Weatherby 240 with a velocity of 3,800 feet per second. The ballistic shock of rounds of such velocity create far greater trauma, and almost any thorasic wound by even a small bullet at such velocities will be lethal.

    Look for more information on the topic of assassination by rifle fire by myself in the near future.

    1. For me, the Kennedy assassination started it all--long before 9-11-2001. Any information is always catnip

  9. Do you think that James Files with the Remington XP100 (that looks like something from the man from uncle!) fired the fatal explosive shot. Or the Corsican Sarti with his WW2 experience or Sturgis I suppose is another likely candidate from the underpass.

    1. I don't believe Files, or whatever his real name is, was involved. He's another confabulator. His story about how they just showed up and did it is NOT the way these things are done. The Israelis in Dubai had twenty people assigned just to kill one Arab in his hotel room. There were many people in Dealy Plaza that day...many people doing jobs to insure that nothing went wrong.

      The Remington Files refers to would not be the weapon chosen for such as job and Files wouldn't be the person chosen to do it.

      All bullets needed to match to carry the story that only one weapon was used...and that was the Carcano 6.5mm, and even so the particular rounds supplied to the teams were loaded so that the velocities were even slower than normal. That's why the suppressed rifles were not even heard, and why the shots in the throat and the back didn't penetrate more than a couple of inches....

      The shot that hit Connally was from one of the rifles which was not silenced and used regular 2100 feet per second standard rounds, but those are slow too by comparison to other military rounds.

  10. I believe the sniper's nest was in the sewer-storm drain that connected bothe sides of the street. It was in front of JFK's motorcade in front of the grassy knoll. It still exists as of the day I travelled there to see the crime scene for myself. On the driver side of that street where JFK was shot in the head, there was a locked utility box where a broke down sniper rifle could be stored and retrieved later. Shortly after that JFK incident sewer drain covers began to be welded shut if a President was to be visiting in such a similar fashion.

    1. For as worldly as JFK seemed to be, he was not thinking sensibly to think he could ever do the things he did, and travel in an open motorcade. I guess he believed people loved him as much as he loved himself. Like many people, not very objective when it came to himself.

    2. He already was consigned in his own mind that he might be killed at any time.

      When you live in a world where you could be killed at any time you just soldier through and don't let yourself think about the risks at all.

      You just do what your job is and you ignore the risks and don't even think about them.

      That was his state of mind.

      You can see that in his face while he was smiling and waving. It's not a normal expression he has.
      Look at him carefully and think about what he already knew about his enemies and you can see he's already consigned to it. He was just ignoring it and going ahead...

    3. It was Kennedy who asked for the cover to be taken off the limo and for the motorcycle escort to ride behind him....

      He knew there had been other plots in Miami and Chicago.....

      He knew Dallas was a dangerous city for him....

      He didn't care.

  11. I remember in the Summer of 82 the visit of Pope John Paul to Canterbury. The night before they had Frogmen in the sewers and drains and snipers in the windows and on the rooves as somene had taken a crack at him the year before. Regarding JFK I remember one commentator saying he had never seen so many assassins and mercenaries as that day in Dealey Plaza. We almost needed our own 'dancing Israelis' to 'document the event' as they did for 9/11. Not sure if Bush Snr was there or not picture a little bit 'iffy'.

  12. Thank you MITmichael. Enjoy immensely.

    Dr. Pieczenik, callers to talk shows are saying you testified recently in Italy, the transcript is in Italian, and you testified you regularly spread lies and disinformation on American talk shows such as Alex Jones and what you say is not to be taken seriously. Thought you would like to know.