Saturday, August 2, 2014

Chinese Fortune Cookie Says: ”Zhou YongKang,  Corrupt  Chief of Powerful Domestic Security Agency to be Sent to Jail or Worse!”
In the recent Washington Post Article, July 29, 2014, entitled, ”China to Investigate once-powerful Zhou YongKang, former domestic security chief” by William Wan, the indomitable Chinese President Xi Jinping has once again struck a blow against rampant corruption in his bureaucracy by pinpointing for ‘execution’ the fearsome  Zhou Yongkang.
Unlike our US Presidents who have tolerated and even encouraged their political cronies to gorge themselves on the spoils of American politics,  legislation and cronyism, the new President of China, Xi Jinping,  a Princeling son of the Maoist Revolution has taken a different tact toward his bloated, inept bureaucracy.  In a series of swift investigations and subsequent indictments,  the Chinese President has focused his energies on cleaning out the vast nest of nepotism,  political cronyism and corruption replete in the major Chinese run giant corporation centered around oil, gas, food, export/import, real estate, military and domestic security [private/public].  This Chinese President has spared no one in the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.
Clearly,  his initiative is fraught with personal and professional danger for him and his family.  The president spent a considerable time in the USA as a student,  he feels that the growth of China depends not only on the hard working Chinese population but also on the elimination of any obstruction to that growth which may be distorted, diverted or undermined by corruption and political cronyism.
I write this short blog to point out that if a President of a country three times the size of America can take the time to ferret out the cancer,  commonly known as political corruption then it would behoove our own present and future US Presidents to do the same.  American Leaders!!! start reading Chinese Fortune cookies that have the names of potential US culprits who think that they or their relatives are immune from prosecution.
The worst that can happen is that we might one day justifiably indict a bureaucrat or politician for crimes committed against the American tax payer.  At least the Chinese leaders tried … which is more than I can say for our own Presidents… past… present and possibly….. future.
“Every government is run by LIARS and NOTHING they SAY SHOULD BE BELIEVED.” I. F. Stone.  


  1. I always liked the Charlie Chan movies that would come on Saturday afternoon on television. Sidney Toller was my favorite.

    And although he's not Chinese I also liked Mr.Moto immensely.

    Mr.Moto had a cat who he liked a lot but I can't remember his name....

    I like anyone who likes cats.

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  5. A good short post Dr pieczenik! As the Chinese say.... to know the road ahead ask those coming back!....

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  11. MIT,
    Me and another tenant in my North Shore of Boston apt. bldg are being targeted by a wicked scary townie bully landlady. A local shop owner whose voice trembled in fear as she spoke told me Monday that I was not the only one being targeted and that another thin, attractive, intelligent woman who knew how to ask the right questions was also being bullied and that staff was making stuff up to bully her out. We cannot afford to move. Staff is coming in when I am out and turning my stereo speakers to 65 (32 loudest I play it ever). The police are enmeshed with staff and likely a little Acorn going on here, $$ type stuff likely illegal...townies screaming fing in town square and worse even in broad daylight. We have white trash men here, no blaming immigrants or blacks here.

    I likely ticked off the city boys asking them to quiten the townies f'ing c--- near a day care ramp on a weeday, high noon.

    Right now, Kansas City, MO and Dothan, Alabama are where I know people and might be able to land...I grew up in New Orleans, might could make that come together...with Ocare, type 1 diabetic since aged two years in 1965-perfect eyes and kidneys both Mass Eye and Ear and MGH Joslin use miracle...I should stay here due to access to care and safety nets fir working people, but I have been severely targeted and no justice from local police. Do you have any thoughts? My rent here for a tiny studio is $540. Staff may want my apt. as they are moving in all over building and one staff pays $1,000 in same town here for a crappier one. Sigh...

    Patriarch or others that know how I might maneuver now wiser please post, ok. Thanks. My parents are deceased too...I earn like $12 an hour, got denied healthcare for graduate school...