Friday, August 15, 2014

Putin Advancing into Ukraine While His Strategic Flanks and Rear are Completely Vulnerable!
Siberia is in the Process of Separating from the Russian Federation!!
For some time now,  we have known that Putin was a former KGB operative who operated like most intelligence officers—tactically and myopically.  While Putin has huffed and puffed his way into the Ukraine’s Little Red House,  he has forgotten that his most valuable asset: SIBERIA which has suddenly ignited with the separatist spirit.
Ironically while Putin was initiating a separatist movement in EASTERN UKRAINE  he inadvertently initiated a similar separatist desire admits the millions of Russians living in Siberia.

For most of us,  Siberia was known to the west as the basic barren landscape of the infamous Gulags where millions of political dissidents were imprisoned and tortured during the Stalin and post-Stalin eras.  However,  since the downfall of the Soviet Union,  Siberia has transformed into a Texas-style basin of Russian Oil and Gas. Without Siberia folded into Putin’s direct security control,  a newly independent or “Federalized Siberia” would have its own constitution, government and institutions.  Clearly, a Federalized Siberia would not be in the interests of Putin nor his Ex-KGB corrupt political cronies.
Almost all the major gas companies –Gazprom et. al. – derive their natural gas from Siberia. Unlike the Siberia of yesteryear,  today’s Siberia is quite progressive and modern.  It is so advanced in development that the indigenous leaders who have been calling for an Independent Siberia since the 1990’s  have initiated a very sophisticated internet/political campaign which has led to constant protest marches in Moscow.
One can easily imagine that Putin has done everything he can to repress these marches a la the American Ferguson MO police department method utilizing tear gas, suppression and unwarranted arrests.  Unfortunately, as I have repeatedly reiterated for the past ten or more years,  Putin has no strategic sense, unlike his illustrious nefarious mentors—Marcus Wolfe and Stalin.
In reality,  Putin is a sprinter who will exhaust himself and the Russian people in erratic tactical advances that garner much sound and fury but signify very little.  While he saps the patience and resources of the Russian people and country, he will find himself at the end of a rope from which he can literally hang himself or cut it.  That decision is his to make.
Given his intractable, ‘malignant narcissism’, and his need to prove himself in some imaginary world of combatants,  he will most probably lead Russia into a quagmire of such economic and social pain that his own past constructive legacy will have been completely destroyed with one more pathetic incursion into Ukraine, Georgia, or whatever contiguous country he deems to be a strategic threat.

In fact the real threat to Russia has now become Putin’s unrelenting ambitions to ape the past successes of his historical predecessors.  He might want to emulate Catherine the Great who had done more for the Slavs than any other subsequent Russian leaders or Czar.   However, Putin whose understanding of Russian history and culture is limited to the confines of a muzhik has forgotten that Catherine The Great was in fact not Russian but Prussian  … or what would be considered in today’s times: GERMAN!!!
Putin would be wise to understand that present day Germany under the indomitable Angela Merkel is not with Putin but with the Russian people against Putin.
Let me end this blog with the poetess,  Elizabeth Barrett Browning:



  1. Wasn't aware of this hidden news! Apparently as far back as 2011 some Siberians touted the idea of being annexed by the USA!!! I've said before that I put Putin head and shoulders above the rest of the so called leaders but when you take into account the vastness of Russia and its different ethnicities as pointed out on this blog I have to admit!!! It puts it into a different perspective, mind its always the same or in Siberian parlance lack of it whilst oligarchy buy football clubs and commission yachts for presidents! Most definitely interesting times ahead and by the way Dr p! The world stage is indeed pushing further East as predicted

    1. I wouldn't say that Stalin had "strategic sense." Stalin was an enigmatic combination of hegemonic expansion and defensive, paranoid aggression all over the God damn place.....But there was no grand strategy in the mind of Stalin, if that's what he had [any mind that is].

      Now as for Putin's delimmas I have to lay the entire blame for every fucking thing going on right now in Ukraine with the USA and it's lapdog allies in NATO.

      Think what you will of Russians. Personally I hate them. But you have to admit that they are paranoid and defensive in the extreme about the west - including Germany, America, the Brits.....

      I remember in 1983 KGB concluded that Reagan was seeking to deploy the Pershing II and the cruise missile s in Germany as a precusor to a nuclear strike on Russia! This is no joke. The KGB actually believed with no doubt that the US was planning a nuclear war which was to begin as soon as the PIIs and GLCMs were operational.

      Now that's paranoia for you, but perhaps not much less than the "Committee on the Present Danger" or the other Nitze clowns including Richard Pipes, Pearl, and the other madmen of the 1980s neocon confab!

    2. My point is this.....

      [and it's a good point as well]

      As soon as the USSR dissolved the US took all the Warsaw Pact allies Russia had AND STUPIDLY TURNED THEM INTO NATO ALLIED COUNTRIES!


      No non-alignment here boys and girls.

      No such thing as a "neutralist" status for Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Cechz and so forth......

      No, America is so great, so fine, so moral and altruistic....

      Well why would anyone fear anything America would do? Why should the Russians take objection to us grabbing all their surrounding countries on their backdoor and making them our military allies and partners against Russia?

      Why should they mind? Afterall we all know we'd never hurt anyone....

      We'd never invade other countries who never attacked us...

      Uh,......well,.....stratch that one.....


      Well maybe after the US invaded and attacked Iraq and all these other countries and told Putin we'd never kill Kadaffi AND THEN DID....

      Okay maybe Putin is drawing the line at Ukraine.

    3. Okay great strategic thinkers, statesmen, Kissingerian morons and boys and girls alike playing Doctor in the garage pulling down each others pants....


      GET IT !!

    4. Good points MIT! Frank assessment as usual and yes line in the sand it is! I don't see Putin being a pushover and it could well be any unrest in Siberia can be quelled with a little more Money who knows but that situation is on a slow heat whilst Ukraine is boiling over! Kind of difficult not to see your point but its worth watching how this Siberian unrest plays out also


    No POTUS, no VPOTUS, no Secretary of Defense at the funeral. I'm not a big supporter of the U.S. in Afghanistan, but this is a disgrace. This is how they care about the troops?

    Legal Insurrection
    Guess who was missing at funeral of highest ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam War
    Posted by William A. Jacobson Friday, August 15, 2014 at 10:09am

    That’s right: the Vacationer in Chief couldn’t make it. He’s too busy playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Vice presidents exist mainly to attend funerals not deemed important enough to warrant the POTUS himself. But Joe Biden must have gotten too absorbed in his favorite cartoons to tear himself away. It seems the tasteless joke serving as Secretary of Defense couldn’t be bothered either.

  3. All the West can do is stir up these little thorns in the side of real countries... Uighurs are another one -as a menace to China. But enough already with these "soft power" astro-turf "liberations". We saw how that went with the Arab Spring and the Maidan. You can't have any genuine concern for these people, if this is what you wish upon them.

  4. Dr Steve, I'm an Aussie I said early this week when Kerry and Hagel were here signing + finalizing Australia with a 25-year military pact with the United States that the Chinese were going to be thoroughly pissed off with Australia, and now this has come out!
    'China Declares Australia a Military Threat Over US Pact'

    1. I don't blame them.

      The US is trying to surround Russia and now China and this is very aggressive and threatening to them and destablizing.

      The US is the only country with a record of invading other nations aggressively in the last fourty years....

      The US must be brought to heel.

  5. I am Siberian myself , born and raised in Krasnoyarsk. Yes we are Texas style frontier people more freedom minded and entrepreneurial than average Russian but it is too early to talk about any Siberian separatism. I never voted for Putin and he is leading Russia to slow decline but on average Russians and siberians are living much wealthier than in USSR or in 90es. When oil will be lower and disposable income will go down then probably can be some talks. But now I have never seen so many SUVs like land cruiser and X5 in the streets of my native 1 mln plus people city. My two cents

    1. I am in Texas and our corrupt Governor has just been arrested and indicted for felonies here.

      We are very wealthy here so no one cares about what government here does.

      I think Texas and Siberia should both separate from our respective current governments and join together in a confederation.

      Texas produces over 2 million barrels per day of much as Iraq or Mexico.

      If we joined with Siberia and got away from Putin and Obama we would be as rich as the Norwegians.

    2. Ok Michael :) Let me know when You are ready to make the confederation.. The only problem is that midnight in Austin is sunshine on Yenisey river shores..

  6. Hypothetical:

    What would the USA BE LIKE IF marcus Wolfe's offspring was installed as POTUS?

    Read on:

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