Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thanks MIT!   John Hinkley was from a "very nice Texas family" who gave Geo HW Bush a lot of money.  Thank you wikipedia,_Jr.

Hinckley now gets lots of vists home with his parents.....he shot a president, no biggie.


  1. As I recall there was also a drill in place along the lines of what if the President was shot today, maybe Georgie was getting impatient for the 'job'. I never really understood the likes of MKUltra/Manchurian candidate stuff. Seems so clumsy, expensive with a high possibility for things to go wrong. Wheras a 'patsy' with a few good sharpshooters (JFK) seems almost foolproof as you can run it repeatedly as in I think Miami and Chicago. I have always wondered what specifically Georg HW was referring to with the public 'hanging them' quote. Must be a good one.

    1. Hanging things on a patsy only works when the patsy is killed off and that is not a simple thing to accomplish.

      Oswald wasn't suppose to live more than an hour after Kennedy was killed, but he wasn't were he was supposed to be and so a huge panic engulfed the whole plan.....

      In fact everyone involved thought the whole thing would come off the rails!

      It's hard to imagine but if you worked in intl you would know that all these coups and assassinations...


      Only the public believes these things work well but if you are in the business you know that most times they do not.....

      And when Oswald turned up missing the whole thing became a FIASCO.

      What saved the whole mess was a single lucky shot by Jack shot in the right place which cut an artery and Oswald could not survive the loss of blood....

      And Ruby got in an got close enough and on and on...and he used the Western Union thing to cover his tracks and make it look like he didn't intend to be there and even left his dog in the car....

      The whole Ruby thing was improvised just as all these things are usually improvised and never run according to plan no matter how much you plan them out.

      Many people were actually getting ready to run for the hills.

    2. And for Gods sake Dallas was the third time they'd planned and finally gotten off the shots. What a mess.

    3. Right after Oswald was shot a Dallas Detective asked him if there was anything he wanted to say before the ambulance got there because he was badley hit and might not make it...

      Oswald thought for a moment but then said..."Nah, that's okay."

    4. I am extremely pleased to have found other intellectuals who I enjoy reading responses. Most "friends" think I am crazy for doubting so much. All I do is read, I'm not a rocket scientist but if something doesn't make sense I question and question til it makes sense to me. I've been called a "conspiracy theorist" "despicable slob" and "disrespect for the dead". I simply don't believe everything I see thru someone else's eyes or just anyone's story. I find you people REFRESHING. I look forward to reading more of your input.

  2. For every assassination attempt that succeeds about twenty fail....

    For every coup attempt that succeeds ten or more fail....

    That's the truth about covert action.

    It's extremely difficult and it's no wonder it drives people crazy. More CA operators go nuts and wind up in a psychiatrist's office than you would ever know about.

    And then there are the guys like William Buckley who are captured and tortured over months and months until every bone is broken and their minds are completely gone and turned into a screaming, babbling insane.....

    Buckley was pretty much the highest ranking, most admired, most depended on street level operator the United States government had at that point in time.

    And if you ever met Buckley you would think you had just met PAT PAULSON from the Smothers Brothers show....

    Buckley looked and spoke exactly like PAT PAULSON the comedian, and was very small and skinny and strange but he had the touch until he was captured and then he gave up all his agents, every plan...gave up everything and everything was rolled up except for about twenty people who dissappeared or were found dead....

    1. The real James Bond was Pat Paulson.

    2. And Bill Colby would remind you exactly of Wally Cox the silly actor who was on "Match Game."

      People used to call Colby "Mr.Peepers."

    3. In reality Wally Cox was an athlete and an expert Mountain climber.

      You'd never know it but Dick Cavett was a superb athlete....a gymnast with muscles like much for the intellectuals we think we know.

    4. The REAL intellectuals are not the silly nerds you see as losers in high school..etc...who might make money in some techie venture but really are not that intelligent....

      Real intellectuals are not the introverted, self-loathing types at all. Real intellectuals might not be large physically but they are actually inclined to athletic activity.

    5. Afterall, who wouldn't underestimate Pat Paulson?

    6. Even Walt Rostow played tennis every single day that I know of.......

    7. CIA Operator. I found your blog and read every word of it. I couldnt look away. I look forward to more from you. I shared your blog from my Face Book saying, "If people liked history they would like you" or something along those lines. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The beauty of programming someone like Sirhan as a robot or an "android" is that they do everything for you.

    You don't have to do anything because they will do it all. It's all they live for. They're a perfect little robot.

    1. When I used to own a whorehouse this one guy, a rather important guy, from Europe I'd just met asked me,

      "So if I were to meet with one of your girls they would do full service?"

      To which I replied,

      "That's what they exist for."

  4. This is what you should know about the 1980 shooting of Ronald Reagan. I had previously posted it here. John Judge is excellent.

    George H. W. Bush really is evil.

    John Judge The Reagan shooting 1988
    Mike Lopez
    Published on Dec 3, 2013
    For more Brasscheck TV videos go to: