Friday, August 8, 2014

President Obama Has Become The New “Lord Of War”:  Send More Weapons,  Fighter Planes,  Special Forces into Iraq to Destroy American Weapons of War Previously  Given To The Failed Iraqi Army/Govt.
Last night, you saw President Obama’s reluctant, flimsy insistence that America must go in to Iraq for the fourth time in order to save the Kurds, Christians, and Yazidi [minority group].  These rehearsed reasons for yet another involvement in the Iraq War,  now spanning more than a decade of continuous American failures and self-inflicted wounds, is neither convincing nor compelling.
For over five years, I have been warning of Christians being slaughtered all over the Middle East, Obama has taken that shibboleth of religious protection and ‘humanitarian concern’ in order to justify sending more drones; jet fighters; and ‘American military advisors in order to assist the non-existent Iraqi government’.  However, what Obama and his military/intelligence minions have forgotten to underline is that the newly CIA created threat: ISIS—has secunded the highly valued military equipment that the USA had already sent to the dysfunctional Iraqi Military.  Obama and his inept White House sycophants have violated the most basic principle of Nicolas Cage’s brilliant portrayal of a composite ‘merchant of death’ in the timeless 2005 movie entitled, “Lord of War”,  directed and written by Andrew Niccol.

Above all else, the “Lord of War’ emphatically states that:
How is this relevant to today’s headlines?
[1]  USA/Israel supplies Iraq,  Kurds and ISIS groups with all types of weapons.  As mentioned in previous blogs,  ISIS is a “Frankenstein Creation of our Self-Immolating CIA” and it’s military cohorts.
[2]  CIA has ‘vetted’ ‘moderate’ terrorists to fight against the Syrian Regime of Dr Bashar Assad who has for four years protected the Christians, Jews, Druze and Shi’ites.
Of course, Obama and his tightly ignorant group of White House advisors who also advocated intervening in Libya in order to ‘avoid a genocide’ [recall Susan Rice, Clinton, Samantha Power] is now going into Iraq in order to ‘prevent another impending genocide’ of the Yazidis .
[3]  Again, Obama has violated another precept of the “Lord of War’:
“Never go to war especially with yourself!”
Yet we have been doing nothing but going to war against ourselves starting from the Bush Jr/Cheney attack against Americans (WTC) in order to go against the non-existent WMD which we did not supply to Sadam Hussein.  But we then used weapons against Sadam’s American made weapons in order to create a complete state of chaos in Iraq.
After that we sent even more weapons to a non-coalition Govt of Maliki who was supported by Iran and fought with Iran against our own weapons supplied to the Sunni Soldiers who had defected initially from Sadam’s military –thanks to Bremer and Slocombe.
Are you getting this incredible circular absurdity that we call ‘justifiable wars’ in order to protect the world and America against the very Sunni Terrorists that we and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Turkey helped to create.
What is the solution to the increasing military mess that our incompetent Presidents and their toadies have incurred throughout the Middle East?
Let Israel defend the Peshmerga,  since Barzanagi and the Kurds are Jewish and have been part of Israel’s Seventy Year old strategic line of defense initiated in the 1930’s by Ben Gurion.
Insist that our miscreant allies—Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Gulf States— stop funding the CIA initiated and nurtured Sunni ‘terrorist’ groups.
Stop supporting ‘moderate terrorist groups’ in Syria.
Let Iran handle the problems of the Iranian-dominated Iraq situation.  The Islamic Revolutionary Guard is far more effective and more experienced in combatting ISIS than our meager SOF.
Let Turkey intervene into the ‘humanitarian crisis’.
In other words, we, Americans have no national security interests in any part of the Middle East or Ukraine.  At present,  another impending war is developing in the Far East and China watches with bemusement as they monitor our “Lord Of War” destroy itself in this imbroglio called the Middle East.  Even Alexander the Great realized that he could never conquer that region. 

Since we are a very mercantile nation,  really concerned about our business interests in the Middle East,  let us remember the final dictum of the Lord of War:
“Failing everything else, make certain that we have a foolproof way of getting paid for our armaments and ship to all warring sides.”  Obama: if you don’t know how to get that money,  just ask our retired three and four stars generals and admirals,  they will be more than happy to show you.  These retirees are there fighting on any side that will pay them as long as they still receive their six figure American pensions for having screwed up yet another war in the Middle East.  


  1. Your advice is just way too sound to be followed by these war mongers Dr P. I think you are playing chess, and these morons are playing smash'em up with their tinker toy trucks, planes, and other "toys".

  2. "The Lord of War" was an Israeli/Mossad psyop project.

    In the 1990s former IDF figures, Mossad, and Israelis were fueling the diamond wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola and Congo.

    To seek to counter the horrible publicity of this the "Lord of War" film was initiated.

    In "Lord of War" the mercenary selling arms to the rebels in exchange for diamonds, the Nick Cage character....

    He explains that everyone thinks he's Jewish but IN REALITY HE ISN'T...

    He explains at the beginning of the film that he's really a gentile but everyone thinks he's a Jew because he father masqueraded as a Jew so other Jews would lend him money...

    Now this is the most ridiculous, counter-anti-semitism I've ever seen....

    And I guess they thought people would actually believe that all the Jewish diamond dealers, Mossad and IDF members selling arms to the Sierra Leone rebels were in reality not Jews at all but simply people pretending to be Jews...

    And the implication as well is that Jews would never do things so evil....

    Anyway it was a bad film, with the production values of the old Menachim Golan/Cannon films which were Mossad/IDF fronts for money laundering for arms sales, drug sales, etc.....

    And in fact many of the Mossad/IDF figures implicated in Sierra Leone and Liberia also worked for the Cali cartel in Columbia, for the Junta in Guatamala...and a host of the absolute worst butchers elsewhere...

    But then to them none of that matters because the only people worthy of the name "human" are other Jews.

  3. I really got a laugh out of seeing Netanyahu claiming that Israel would never target civilians when they've hit seven UN schools.

    What a pitiful liar he always was and is.

  4. I also laugh when I hear people suggest that Hamas is doing all this so they can negotiate a better condition for their prison conditions in Gaza....

    What a think they'd make war just so they can have better electricity or something...

    This is what they need. This is what will solve the issue....

    1.Everyone in Gaza goes back to their properties in southern Israel or wherever they used to live before they were corralled in there.

    2.The titles of their properties which were illegal transferred to others are given back to them.

    3.They are made full Israeli citizens with voting rights, etc., like other Arab Israeli citizens.

    That's it.

    Those are the things they are absolutely intitled to, but intitled to nothing more than that !

    1. But as for keeping them locked up in Gaza with slightly better conditions in exchange for giving up armed struggle against Israel...


  5. As for the US intervening in a limited way against ISIS or whoever these assholes are in the Sunni areas and Kurdistan, Mosul, etc....

    What's harm?

    Nobody's gonna send over brigades or divisions or any general purpose forces.

    The Special Forces people love this kind of shit, and if a few get hurt that's the business. Anyway I don't see the harm as long as these Salifists take it on the chin.

  6. Aka CIA operative obama/Shabbazz is following orders,not issuing them.
    Joel Skousen has the knowledge the masses should imbibe:

    1. It does appear that the newly taciturn CIA Director Brennan has inordinate influence over the President in such matters – not unlike the influence that both DNI Clapper and NSA Director Alexander seem able to exert. In this respect, Brennan joins the dubious company of the majority of his predecessor CIA directors, as they made abundantly clear when they went to inordinate lengths to prevent their torturer colleagues from being held accountable.

    2. Patriarch, After you've watched this Y/T video 'Counter Intelligence I: The Company (Full Length Documentary)
      You'll realize that these scumbags have been killing and overthrowing Govts' globally for decades, and it all runs back to The Knights of Malta who are a world organization with its threads weaving through business, banking, politics, the CIA, other intelligence organizations, P2, religion, education, law, military, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nations, and numerous other organizations. They are not the oldest but are one of the oldest branches of the Order of the Quest in existence. The world head of the Knights of Malta is elected for a life term, with the approval of the Pope. The Knights of Malta have their own Constitution and are sworn to work toward the establishment of a New World Order with the Pope at its head. Knights of Malta members are also powerful members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.