Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hamas Implements New Fighting Modus Operandi: “360-degree Front” Using “Tunnel Warfare” as an Operational Mode!
Presently,  IDF is unable to obtain military victory.  Despite a major preponderance of fire power and military superiority,  the IDF has discovered after almost four weeks of fighting in Gaza that MILITARY VICTORY IS ELUSIVE!
Hamas have learned to use underground tunnels as an operational mode of fighting.  In the NYTimes Article,  Aug.1, 2014, entitled “In Tunnel War,  Israeli Playbook Offers Few Ideas”, by Isabel Kershner (posted earlier),  she describes the following scenarios:
“Hamas has changed doctrine [from avoiding confrontations, my addition] and is using TUNNELS as a main method of operation”…..”Of the 32 fortified tunnels that Israeli military has exposed so far,  at least 11 run deep beneath the border into Israeli territory, others are part of an underground labyrinth inside Gaza connecting buildings, weapons stores and concealed rocket launchers.”
“…. Hamas gunmen who vanished from one house like magicians and suddenly popped up to fire at them from another. ….. ISRAELI  SOLDIERS  FIND THEMSELVES HAVING TO…. IMPROVISE”.

Improvise? That’s not a credible explanation for the IDF which has monitored the tunnels and military activities for years
What does the IDF improvisation really mean?
For the IDF this incursion into Gaza has been the third one in five years.   Unlike the previous conflicts where Hamas fighters no longer “merge into the crowded urban-landscape.  This time they were prepared for combat.”
What then does the IDF have to do in this type of ‘360-degree front’?
The IDF has to go house to house and check.  They continue to assault suspected Hamas neighborhoods with heavy artillery; creating large numbers of civilian casualties in the process.  According to a senior Israeli official,  Hamas ‘has raised its willingness to sacrifice its civilians to an art form.’  Yet the IDF still relies on an unproven military tenet called ’the DAHIYA DOCTRINE.’   The Dahiya Doctrine refers to the 2006 IDF Invasion of Lebanon,  attempting to knock out the command-and-control center of Hezbollah.  Ironically,  despite the fact that the IDF LOST that war and had to be bailed out by Condi Rice, then Sec State, the IDF mistakenly thinks that the Dahiya Doctrine is still applicable to Hamas.  The problem for the IDF is that Hamas has no centralized command and control area.  If anything,  the military arm of Hamas (The Al Qassam Brigade) is physically and psychologically separated from its ostensible titular head in Qatar,  Khaled Meshaal [a former physicist/ teacher]. 

The real question is what does Israel want? considering that they will not achieve a military victory.
No,  the IDF will never destroy all the tunnels and if the IDF thinks that they can vanquish Hamas….
I would answer by quoting the outgoing Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency,  Lt-Gen. Michael Flynn:  “… if HAMAS WERE DESTROYED, THE REGION WOULD END UP WITH SOMETHING MUCH WORSE!”  or allow me to quote Friedrich Nietzsche “When the Gods are cruel they granted your wishes".
Why would Gen. Flynn say such a thing?
In 2009,  Hamas attacked the Salafist-Jihadist Group,  JUND ANSAR ALLAH, which had declared an emirate in Gaza.  Hamas immediately ATTACKED and destroyed the rajah Mosque thus destroying a far more lethal, extremist jihadist group. [if one can believe that such a thing exists] !!  Hamas KILLED 22 JUND ANSAR ALLAH members including its leader. 
Israel be careful!!  Tread lightly on this so-called ‘terrorist group Hamas’  because they are like the preying mantis, they maintain the proper eco system of violence and terror in the Gaza strip.  I think that Israel can live with Hamas.  The  consequences could be much worse for everyone.
“ A man cannot be too careful in the CHOICE OF HIS ENEMIES”.  Oscar Wilde


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  3. The use of tunnels to provide communications within cities, as well as to defend them in war, is age..age..old. Watch the history channel series about the underground of different cities and you'll see that almost every major city has such tunnels for defense and other purposes.

  4. What I don't understand about the Israelis at this point is that ground penetrating radar should be able to see where such tunnels are. There must be something about the construction of these tunnels which defeats radar and if so I wouldn't know what that is.

  5. I don't think the goal of Israel is to destroy Hamas. I think their goal is to inflict so much pain on the people of Gaza that they will pressure Hamas into not attacking Israel.

    The Israeli right LOVES the fact that Hamas rules Gaza and is influential in the west bank because this provides them with a foil which they can claim doesn't want peace or a two state solution or the existence of Israel.

    This permits Israel to justify their colonization and other aggressive acts.

    1. You are truly an idiot, with too much time on your hands.
      Get a job & be productive---enough of your myopia!

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  6. Contrary to what Israel claims they actually have been targeting civilians, and their strikes on the UN shelters has been intentional.

    They only strike the Hamas leaders' houses when they know they are not there, but when their families are there....

    The strategy of Israel is as the US bombing strategy against Japan in WWII - to kill civilians to demoralize the state.

    1. The Israelis have hit several UN shelters and only a total idiot could believe such a pattern is accidental, and every time it's happened the Israelis say they will investigate but no soldier is ever punished....what a joke.

    2. Notice they never hit two on the same day.....

    3. Either are the FBI executioners.

      I would be more concerned about them.

  7. In a situation like Gaza where every inch of the place is well known there's no such thing as "accidents" with artillary. If a place is hit it's a certainty it was intentional.

  8. Tunnels on hannity on fox in 30 minutes.
    He's in israel all week. A reporting coup, unlike the other self-aggrandizers on their swivel bar stools.

    Tuesday netanyahu

    Hannity can be a mensche in spite of his one note wonder. This is one if those times.

    1. In case you missed it, here is a preview :

    2. The tunnels exist because the Palestinian Arabs had their land stolen and are striking back. They're stuck in the prison of Gaza and are not allowed to go back to their properties or homes by the Israelis because the Jews are natural born thieves who always take what other people have, and in the case of Palestine they took the land the Arabs had and wont give any of it back and won't even pay them for it....

      The arabs have every right to build tunnels, launch rockets, etc against the jews in palestine. Eventually the arabs will win and get their land back but not after a big fight and someone will have to go in and take away the nukes that the jews have illegally built with uranium they stole from the French and technology they stole from the US...etc...always stealing from others.