Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I was glad to see this,  good summary of the TRUTH regarding the inside crime of 9/11.  If you haven't seen the architect's video,  that is worth the watch.


  1. Like I always say where is the still frame of the wreckage when it clearly shows the box girder column with a perfect 45 degree shear through it!?? Those columns would be extremely heavy and thick by any standards!!! Meanwhile Dr p I've finally started to watch house of cards that your good self recommended! Brilliant and addictive!

  2. The British version or the American one? Both are great, the Brits were first (of course).

  3. Sorry! The American does a fantastic job! Delicious in fact! The British version was good also and Kevin spacey could of played lead role in both!! Can't recommend it highly enough to anybody!

  4. House of Cards is a melodrama. I'm so over these "high concept" television programs like Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men.

    When you boil it down they all have the same flaws of all other television except the writing is more polished as well as the other production values. However there's still silly potboilers...melodramas with silly characters and so forth WHEN IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE THAT WAY....

    I've decided that I'm going to produce a television series which will avoid all these problems and finally get at what all these other lack....which is a cimematic, film-quality production except that it's episodic televsion.

    I'm going to be using film people instead of the the HBO crowd of "Vince Van Patten" or "Mark Wahlberg" or "Tom Hanks"....

    No wonder these productions are weak...look at who's making them!

    Film actors today love to do television. The same is true for every other aspect of talent.

    But for some reason the networks like HBO only use television producers who have no sense of cimema compostion or narrative elements, etc.....

    One exception was the Michael Mann production of "Luck" which wasn't bad at all....but still Michael Mann is not a top director or creative talent. He's good, and better than Vince Van Patten or Tom Hanks, but he's still the author of Miami Vice afterall.....

    When I finally finish my project you'll see what i mean.

    1. Michael Mann is a good director but his writing is lacking. Oliver Stone is a good writer but his direction is not that good.
      Fred Skepisi I think disappeared, and he was an okay director but needed a lot of help.
      Peter Weir is a good director. Chris Mengis or whoever directed The Killing Fields is good...
      Now Barry Levin went through different stages...Levin started out very good but then when he did Bugsy he became just horrible and hasn't gotten any better...

      And the same for Michael Cimino, who started out very good as a writer and director but after he was stabbed in the back by the industry he became a total asshole....

      But don't do anything that looks like the Clancy adaptations...they are not good cinima...sorry.

      Anthony Mengela is dead, and that's okay because he wasn't a good director and took some very good material and made horribly directed films from them.....

      Who's still around and good is William that's one lucky Dude in this business.

    2. My list of well directed films...

      1.Good Morning Vietnam - Levinson
      2.Diner - Levinson
      3.RainMan - Levinson

      4.Last of the Mohicans - Mann
      5.Killer Joe - Friedkin
      6.Network - Sidney Lumet
      7.The Verdict - Sidney Lumet

      8.Wall Street - Stone
      9.Godfather I and II Coppolla
      10. Oh Brother, Where art Thou....Cohns

      11.Master and Commander - Weir
      12.Bridge on the River Kwai - David Lean
      13.Heavens Gate - Cimino

      14.Gravity - unknown
      16.2001 A Space Odyssey - Kubrick
      17.Barry Lyndon - Kubrick
      18.Dr.Strangelove - Kubrick

      19.Romeo and Juliet - Zaffarelli
      20.The Messenger - unknown
      21.The Pursuit of Happiness - that Italian guy

    3. Badly directed films...

      1.The Natural - Levinson
      2.Bugsy - Levinson
      3.The Sicilian - Cimino
      4.Endless Love - Zaffarelli
      5.Year of Living Dangerously - Weir
      6.Q and A - Lumet
      7.Talk Radio - Stone
      8.anything by...
      Sylvester STalliion, Robert Rodriquez, Quentin Tarantino, Joey Zito, John Melius, Norman Jewison, Martin Scorstaci

    4. Whatever happned to Roland Joffe? He was the one who directed The Mission and Killing Fields...he was good.

  5. Dr P what was the name of the Underwriters Laboratory or the government engineer who blew the whistle on the phony, cooked-up engineering narrative used to justify the World Trade Towers collapse???

    You know who I mean I hope...

    Anyway why don't you find this guy and write a television film about his life and his whistleblowing and evidence about the phony story of the towers collapsing...

    And if no network in the US will support it then I'll have it distributed in Europe on television there.

    1. Make a successful film on television or cinema about the life of this one engineer and proving that the towers were not knocked down by the aircraft....

      And you will have done more to persuade world opinion than all the truthers put together!

      Package it with the Smedley Butler film if distributors still do those package things they used to in the 1980s when I was in the business....

    2. Back in my day distributors used to do two and three picture deals but I don't know about today.

      People tell me distributors don't even want to do a one picture deal unless its Marvel Comics or other children's content....and that's why everyone is going to television.

    3. Hey now there's an idea.

      What's needed is a better distribution company. Do what Miramax used to do only better as a start. The exhibitors today are so frustrated with the distributors that THEY WANT A DIFFERENT DISTRUBUTOR.

      There's no problem in getting the exhibitors on board in today's market.

      Go for it, because I've got my hands full with the television series.

    4. Seems like Harvey W. "Knows his shit".

    5. The Weinstiens are like many of their generation in that they started in the music business, promoting music venues and doing bookings. Their father worked as a diamond cutter on 47th street and never broke out into being a retailer and struggled. They had a good thing going in the 80s but as the market changed they had to get out and sold. The Weinstiens are really a couple of fat, boated, hairy trolls that I wouldn't want to shake their hands they are so gross physically.....and their links to Tarantino are disgusting. Tarantino is a fucking mess and a psycho.

  6. Used to play tennis with Vince many years ago in North Hollywood. He was an excellent tennis player back in the day. He went on to host some poker tv thing for a while. I think in his prime he was ranked 26 in the world after beating John McEnroe at the Seiko Open many years back.

    Mit what about Sydney Pollack as director? I liked his films.

    1. Pollack wasn't bad but he wasn't good either. He was the "Michael Curtiz" of his generation in that his films had no personality and were just well managed hollywood films.

      When I see a film like "Three Days of the Condor" I can see all the places where it would have been better acted, more beliveable, more interesting composition, more emotional composition or editing.....

      Guys like Pollack and Sidney Lumet were competent directors who thought of their work as just a career, like most commercial film-makers. There is no art or artistry in their work because they didn't intend for their work to be remembered past their paychecks.

      Look at an excellent story like Prince of the City in 1981, and how Lumet made it a very personal film but it's emotionless and incomprehensible. I saw it five times before i could figure out what they were talking about or what was going on....

      Michael Clayton has the same problem. You don't know what they are talking about at the beginning of the film and it gets off to an incomprehensible beginning...

      In Heavens Gate there is a similar problem because most of the exposition happens at one scene when Kristofferson gets off a train and you can't hear what's being said because of the train noise and all the you don't know what's going on in that town....

  7. The 26-pages of redacted material in the "Official" 9-11 Report can probably be found by watching Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. In other words, the Saudi connection to the Bush regime combined with the Saudi connection to the 19 hijackers is irrefutable. The truth about 9/11 goes very deeper down the rabbit hole.

    9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

  8. Disney did well with their 1993 purchase of Miramax for $60 million dollars. They sold it for $660 million a few years ago. "Ronald Tutor and Thomas Barrack Jr. (Colony Capital) were 2 of the buyers. They out bid; Bob and Harvey W for the 700 film library", as well as my former brother in law by about 110 million dollars.