Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some have you have asked about how Popular Mechanics (Hearst Corp) magazine helped to further promote the 9/11 lie.  Here is some Jim Hoffman


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    1. Keith Alexander:
      ""If I retired from the Army as a brain surgeon, wouldn't it be OK for me to go into private practice and make money doing brain surgery?" he asked. "I'm a cyber guy. Can't I go to work and do cyber stuff?"

      His firm is developing as many as 10 patents, he said, and has secured contracts with three clients he declines to name. The technological innovations in the new patents came from an unidentified partner, he said, and are not specifically derived from anything he learned at NSA or cyber command. Alexander also filed three patents while he was NSA director, but the taxpayers own the rights to those, and if he wants to use them he must apply for a license, as anyone could, he said.

      Lawyers at NSA and his private lawyers- including former FBI Director Robert Mueller, now with the Wilmer Hale law firm in Washington - have told him he is on firm legal footing, Alexander said.


    3. Col. Pete Martino, USMCR (Ret.)

      "It's the corruption, stupid!"


      Col. Pete Martino USMCR (Ret.)

  2. "How the FBI is creating terrorists"

    A damning new report suggests the bureau facilitates and sometimes even invents its targets' willingness to act.


    2. It's called entrapment and it's not a bad idea if the target is a criminal...

      But if the target isn't a criminal, isn't involved in any other criminal activity, and ONLY agrees verbally to participate in a conspiracy because you have created it and otherwise would never, ever, commit any such thing...

      Then it's a criminal act by corrupt law enforcement seeking more money and glory by victimizing the public.

      Such law enforcement officers should have their hands cut off by myself so they will be beggars and examples to others.

      Michael F.

    3. I enjoy very much taking corrupt proseuctors, police officers, and even judges, who delight in sending innocent people to prison because they are sadistic animals...

      And then watching their surprise and shock while their hands are chopped off with a very sharp meat cleaver!

      They never thought they'd be held accountable.

      They learned differently.

  3. 911 was merely a gift to millions of people so they could have public sector jobs or contractor jobs in Homeland security, defense, law enforcement, etc....and no one really gives a shit about the dead victims on that day.

    But only in a totally sick country like America would such a craven bunch of shit happen as a result of such a horrendous crime.

    Do you think if such a thing happened even in Russia that the Russians would be doing these things?

    What makes it all happen is the immorality of Americans, but also the fact that the US government can borrow any amount of money from the Fedral Reserve and go trillions into debt to pay all these scammers....

    No other country can just borrow or create such funds.


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