Monday, August 25, 2014

Gaza Bombing Atrocities by Israel is the new Guernica!  Today’s iconic evidence of horrifying violence is a return of the Nazi Blitzkrieg!
Congratulations Bibi and the Israeli War Cabinet.  In your infinite wisdom to attack innocent women, children and men in the four week military invasion of Gaza, you have collectively provided the world with the perfect 21st century image of Pablo Picasso’s Painting of ‘GUERNICA’!!!  Israel, the so-called “Jewish” state, has now rekindled the Nazi’s Blitzkrieg Doctrine of “Terror Bombing” developed on the principle of incessant bombing of innocent civilians in order to break their will to fight in Spain’s Guernica,  Poland’s Warsaw, and Holland’s Rotterdam.

Israel has even exceeded the number of bombing runs and tonnage of explosives dropped by the German Luftwaffe “Condor Legion” and Italian Fascist Aviazone Legionaria by a multiple factor of ten; making the Israeli devastation far more deadly than the Nazi’s OPERATION RUGEN over Guernica.  Currently the death toll by “Israeli mowing the lawn” is at least 2,100 Palestinians dead including 500 children with close to 200,000 homeless.   Let me quote to you from the indomitable Wikipedia [which I hope you all support] to give you a detailed idea of how many sorties and planes were used to kill approximately 1,654 innocent Basques and devastate a city of 7,000 people and the home of Basque Liberty.

The order to devastate Guernica was given under the Fascist General Francisco’s Franco Regime with the close collaboration of Condor Legion “Oberstleutnant”, Wolfram Freiherr von Ricthofen:
“Starting at once: A/88 and J/88 for free fighter bomb mission on the streets near Marquina-Guernica-Guerriciaz , VB/88 and Italians for the streets and the bridge[ including suburb] east of Gurenica. There we have to close the traffic, if we finally want a decision against personal and material of the enemy. Vigon agrees to move his troops for blocking all streets south of Guernica. If this succeeds, we will have trapped the enemy around Marquina.”  Accordingly the Wikipedia article goes onto discuss the cold brutality of how many fatalities could be calculated for each tonnage of bombs dropped.
Where is the moral outrage over the Guernica Redux in Gaza?
The world today will be witnessed to a new type of Guernica where the UN; the Catholic Pope Francis, with all his pretentious vacuous statements; and the EU, in all of its obsequious deference to Israel, have all, once again failed, to intervene into an ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people unmatched since the original order by Ben Gurion to wipe out the Palestinians from Eretz Isreal in 1948.
This time around,  the USA has provided Israel with all the necessary incendiary weapons of destruction like the Hellfire Missiles, Mortar Shells, and a variety of ‘killing materials’ that have nothing to do with ‘defense’.  Accordingly,  Spain and England also came forth to arm Israel for its civilian massacre of the Palestinians.

I have very little to add to the impotent comments already expressed by all us witnesses to this atrocity, be he/she Muslim, Christian, Atheists, Jew, or Buddhist; or whatever. I failed to stop this carnage. Clearly, my frustration is loud and resonating throughout other more silent voices.
However, I have turned to one possible light for the future.
The next Pablo Picasso, perhaps a Palestinian, who will one day portray these Israeli days of atrocities committed in the name of ‘counter-terrorism’ as the new dawn of Peace brought about by the outrage of war refugees all over the world.  Normal citizens of any country can no longer believe in the antiquated notions of the nation-state which uses a corrupted sense of “national defense” as an excuse to murder or even worse, commit genocide.  The UN is now a sick joke and the inane pronouncements of religious leaders are impotent mumbles against the rocket fire and mayhem.  It is only within ourselves that we must find the desire for peace and good will towards others.  We can no longer bow our heads in reverence to a higher immoral authority; nor hold solemn remembrance of false narratives.  Let us stop these leaders in their constant drive to invoke one Guernica after another.


  1. A distraction..everything is a distraction.

    Read on:

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  2. England started bombing civilians first. Germany had not even developed long range bombers. You've been drinking the kool-aid supplied by the very people you're criticizing: the Jews.

    1. I am a Nazi/German apologist and believe that Germany should have won WWII and that the US fought on the wrong side...the Soviet/English side...

      But with that said it's simply a fact that we Germans bombed Rotterdam and Warsaw with no regard to civilian casualties. We shouldn't have done that. By the same token we shouldn't have invaded Belgium in 1914, a horribly ruthless act which galvanized British and world opinion against us and caused us to lose the war instead of winning it. If we had invaded France at our border with the French and not through Belgium it would have been a harder fight but in the end we would have won...instead of doing the immoral easier way which cost us the war.

      As for strategic bombing....

      It was the Brits who developed an entire grand strategy for winning the war based on bombing of cities, and they were the first and principle actors doing this against Germany, and the US followed suit against Germany and Japan, including atomic weapons....

      These acts were far...far worse than anything we Germans did, but it doesn't excuse our bombing of Rotterdam and Warsaw.

    2. It was because we Germans bombed in Spain, Rotterdam and Warsaw that the Brits were able to pursue their bombing strategy against us without moral outrage by their population.

      The British government told their people that they would, "dish out to the Germans tenfold what they had visited upon others..."

      If we had not done what we did they couldn't have said that.

    3. And you shouldn't conflate all Jews with the Israeli right and with zionists.

      There are plenty of Jews who do not support Israel, are not zionists, and actually believe Israel should never have been created.

      It's simpler to view things your way but it's not the truth.

  3. 'Doublespeak: Ten Illuminati Buzzwords'
    'ISIS Rise Foretold by Exiled Iranian Freemason'

  4. Israel gets away with it's atrocities because:

    The Palestinians arabs lost the moral high ground when they turned to savage terror acts instead of direct resistance of the occupation.

    Israel was created by the UN even though the UN didn't have the moral authority to create a state on other people's land...but still the UN did it and this is why Israel is able to get away with claiming that they have a right to exist.

    What happened in Spain was new but the world had feared something like that would was a real shock.

    After the Germans had bombed London in 1918 with aircraft Gotha bombers all the great powers feared that the next war would be a terror war of bombers against cities....

    This fear and outrage was vindicated by the Condor Legion [a really stupid name also and very unprofessional] bombed towns in Spain.

    The English, French and US largely upheld the arms embargo to the Spainish combatants but the Russians and Germans didn't.

    However if the Gemans had not brought about the Franco coup and civil war Spain would have definitely have fallen to the Stalinists.

    Make no mistake about was the Germans and the Abwehr which brought about the Franco coup and made it possible for him to attack the government and prosecute and win the war. If it were not for that, brought about by anti-fascist German Abwehr Chief Admiral Canaris...Spain would have succumbed to the Soviet penetration there...

    It was also Canaris who persuaded Franco to NOT support Germany in the war and to stay neutral.

    1. All through the Spanish war France was teetering on a similar situation....

      The right and left in France were both terrified that the other would bring about a coup or revolution and the war would spread to France...

      That's why the French stood on the sidelines because if one side or the other had acted in Spain it would have spread to France.

    2. Spain was brought about by revolutionary communists in Spain which were supported by the leftist government....

      The "Republican" government in Spain was not so much democratic as it was pro-communist, revolutionary, and supportive of the Comintern and Stalinism and Leninism.

      And all the anti-Franco forces fighting in Spain were taken over by the Russians and the Comintern including the "Abraham Lincoln" Brigade of Americans who found themselves taking orders from Russian communists.

      It was not a good situation but that's why Franco eventually won, and thereafter he became a megalomaniac and a nutball because before the war he was a film actor and a homosexual/sado-masochistic weirdo and cross-dressing creep who loved the Roman Catholic Church the same way the David Ferry also loved the sado-masochistic elements of the Jesuits and Catholic church and was on the far right while really being a cross-dressing weirdo....

    3. CIA agent David Ferry and his butt-fucking CIA officer buddies in New Orleans sufferred from "General Fraco Syndrome" of loving sado-masochistic sexual torture, love of the cruelties of the Roman Catholic Church, and cross-dressing and homosexuality....

    4. When the New Orleans police and District Attorney raided the home of Clay Shaw, OSS/CIA officer...

      They found rooms full of sexual torture devices, places to tie up and bound sex slaves, and a variety of huge penis devices to insert into their victims....

      These are the kind of sadistic weirdos who often gravitated to the far right in those days because the establishments at that time, including the Church, represented discipline, physical cruelty, and a kind of social order and resistance to chaos.....

    5. Franco was an effette, feminized weirdo who can be seen in the movies he acted in before the war....

      The guy's a fag, and of course today we are supposed to believe that people like him are supposed to be foster parents and adopt young boys??????

      I stand against the "LGBT" lobby and advocate for the re-instatement of sodomy laws.

      These sick freaks belong in prison where they can take turns tying each other up and butt-fucking each other the way they like it, but away from the rest of normal society....please.

    6. To understand why there was so much collaboration in France during the war you have to understand the Spanish war, and that the same situation existed in France...

      The right and left in France were at each others' throats and only millimeters away from violent warfare.

      When the Germans came in they were welcomed by the right as a tremendous relief and they were more than happy to set up a government in alliance with the Nazis to defeat communism and socialism in France, Belgium and elsewhere...

      In Belgium the right, particularly the Catholics, formed up to join the Nazis, and had enough volunteers for whole divisions of the Waffen SS to fight in Russia and Ukraine to killl communists.

      And in the Vietnam war until 1954 almost all of the French fighting there were anti-communist volunteers who had fought on the German side in the war....and that's why the CIA was so eager to work with them.

      Those are the simple facts though hard to hear for Americans brought up on anti-Nazi propaganda from the English and Russians....


      I'm sooo tired of ignorant people calling Franco a fascist when he was not. The fascists in Spain were the Phalange, just as the Phalange in Lebanon later....

      The Phalangists were a bunch of weirdo nutballs who did very little but liked to parade around in uniforms and such, and most were rich kids scared to fight but were probably homosexuals...

      Franco was not a Nazi or a Fascist but merely an old style Spanish traditionalist who represented the establishment of land owners and the Church and traditional values but was opposed to finance, banking, or modern corporations or industry.

      Under Franco there was no economic activity in Spain...just a romantic view of looking to the past and the moral superiority of surfdom and feudalism with masses of rural people kept in abject destitute poverty.

      While all these people were living the life of the past hundreds of years ago Franco was getting fatter and fatter and his testosterone levels were getting lower and lower and he was becoming more and more a woman....

      What a fucked up weirdo he was.