Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Imperial Presidency Has Returned: So Long Congress! Welcome Nixon Redux-President Obama!!
No historical truism is more accurate than the simple fact that history repeats itself, again and again.
Just as legislators decided to recess from their already non-existent jobs and careers,  Obama has quickly resumed the mantle of power and authority not seen since the days I worked for President Nixon in the very late 1970’s.  A statement wafted out of the White House ether concerning one simple phenomenon.  President Obama would resort to the ‘phone and pen’ in order to execute governance.  In other words,  Obama alone will decide what is good, bad, appropriate or inappropriate for the American citizens.  Gone is the historical or even hysterical notion that we are a country of ‘checks and balances’.
That myth immediately evaporated once the 103rd Congress decided to work less,  attend fewer sessions and pose more ‘selfies’ rather than propose effective legislation.  I am not advocating anything other than the simple fact that ‘democracy’ suis generis, is at best a ‘fragile experiment’ at worst it is nothing but an illusion.  Before everyone starts the nonsensical rampage of ‘take back our country’ or ‘eliminate tyranny’, let me assure you good citizens of America that we are not really a ‘democracy’ wherein everyone can vote on every single issue that relates to welfare of the nation.
In fact,  for some time now, since the Bush Jr administrations and Obama’s tenure, nothing has become more clear to me than the fact that we are in fact a REPUBLIC.  A Republic has surrogates who supposedly represent our collective interests; but that is only true in theory.  In practice,  most of the legislators have been stripped of one of the most valuable tools of legislation –the line item budget- or the ability to ‘pork barrel’.  Without sounding a pejorative note,  the ability for a legislator to exchange favors from one person to another was and has been a very effective, if not somewhat distorted, element of our legislative process.

Once stripped of that mechanism, nothing was left to the legislators except to amplify their personality preferences, which for most legislators was self-aggrandizement and spouting nonsensical obstructive palaver, signifying nothing. That’s when an ambitious, smart individual like Nixon or Obama (who fits more of the isolated, intellectual personality type of Nixon than any other President I knew)—decides to fill the power vacuum.
And he does for the simple reason that he can.
Obama saw a long time ago the power vacuum in the legislative branch,  instead of trying to “Clintonize” it by spending countless, possibly fruitless hours, days and weeks caressing egos,  he went right of the legislative jugular- inactivity.
Right or wrong,  Obama proceeded to abrogate any powers that may have impeded his continuing rule as the leader of a REPUBLIC where the legislators absolved themselves from any responsibility other than collecting their ill-gotten gains.  The most important factor to remember right now, is that Obama is working within a twisted and contorted series of laws which may or may not be legal.  That is for history to determine.
For now I caution you all that President Obama, like President Nixon was not addressing his constituents at the time of his tenure.  Just as Nixon did,  President Obama is playing to the HISTORY BOOKS…. And that future narrative will decide where he stood in the pantheon of rulers of the American Republic for which we stand.  Remember your pledge of allegiance…. It is to the REPUBLIC!!
“and to the republic for which it stands” Obama is fulfilling his role as the new Imperial Leader! Like it or not!!! At least the pretense of the costly, massive narcissism , called ‘legislators’, has disappeared. 



  1. ; ) Nixon is "not a crook"..... by today's standards.

  2. Dr.P you worked for Nixon in the very late 1970s? I think he was back in California by then....

  3. Well Nixon was....well....

    He fancied himself a statesmen, an architect of statecraft, but if he were then he wouldn't have hired Kissinger, who he didn't even know and who he merely happened upon...

    Kissinger was unremarkable as a scholar, AT BEST. He was not thought of as any kind of shining star at Harvard or anywhere else. He used his position at Harvard to write a ridiculous book about nuclear weapons strategy which all the professionals at RAND and other places found laughable.

    Yet Nixon gloms onto this little Jew as though he was a somebody and then it's off to the races.

    Kissinger and Nixon were both alike in that they FANCIED themselves to be experts when they were really ameteurs, and when their plans failed...

    Well they just went baserk and started bombing the shit out of thousands of villages, cities, and every place imaginable where ordinary people lived....

    Kissinger and Nixon had no problem in killing masses of people in Cambodia or anywhere else when they got frustrated.

    Nixon is barking in hell right now and Kissinger will follow him soon.

    When Kissinger find himself in hell his first sight will be a rotweiller with the head of Nixon to welcome him!

    And if I haven't said this before....Kissinger is the best argument for why the Nazis didn't go far enough in killing off the Jews of Europe...

    1. Imagine in your mind a Rotweiller with Richard Nixon's head on it...

      Now that's hellish enough but then he starts to speak the way Nixon did and you get the full picture~

      The horror...

      The horror....

    2. After Nixon in his Rotweiller body greets Henry he will step closer and lift his leg on Henry and pee on his trousers while saying,

      "Nice you could finally join me. We have a lot to do....."

    3. Moments later.....

      Kissinger is a poodle and Nixon has mounted him from behind and is humping....

      Now's the time Kissinger finally reflects on all those villagers he murdered thinking nothing bad would happen to him thereby.....

    4. From time to time you make me laugh like hell MIT. This is one of those times. The visual alone is hilarious to me.

  4. Today's History Lesson in Firearms...

    The date April 11, 1986 is burned into the memory of firearms designers.

    That was the day that 12 FBI agents carrying 9mm semi-autos and .38 revolvers sought to arrest two bank robbers.

    The robbers were former US special forces assholes, and one was armed merely with a shotgun, but the other had a Ruger semi-auto Mini-14 in .223 remington, the same round as the 5.56 NATO round used by the M-16.

    Well the guy with the .223 shot the hell out of the FBI guys, and all of them were hit badly and two actually died on the spot.

    The reason why this guy kept shooting was because although the FBI guys were hitting him with their shots their guns were too small and none of their shots were powerful enough to bring him down.

    He was shot eleven times before he was finally brought down by a shot to the brain. His partner kept shooting also with the shotgun and was shot six times until shot in the brain as well.

    The lesson is that if you have a small pistol caliber like the 9mm unless you hit someone in the brain or the heart he will keep fighting for hours until he bleeds out...

    So the FBI tested the only semi-auto powerful enough, the 10mm. But the pussy-ass FBI agents said that it was too big to carry and it's kicked too much. So the FBI went to Smith and Wesson and asked them over and over again to make the cartridge smaller....and then smaller....and then smaller again.......

    Until the pussy-ass FBI agents agreed that it wasn't to difficult to shoot.

    Well that's how the Smith and Wesson .40 was invented. And because the FBI adopted it so did all other law enforcement agencies, and then the public followed en mass assuming that the FBI knew what they were doing...

    But they didn't.

    In the mean time no one bought the 10mm anymore, and so all the manufacturers stopped making it and converted to the .40.

    Now all these years later people have finally figured out that the .40 is no more powerful than the old 9mm, but because it's fatter they can fit fewer rounds in their magazines, so now all law enforcement is going back to the 9mm...

    And now they're all right back to where they started.

    What a bunch of shit.

    1. This post strikes me as hilarious as well. In short you're saying the nine we thought was good, isn't, because the FBI essentially has their collective heads up their asses. Do I have this right MIT? ; ). Paraphrased of course. You should do stand up, you are funny! You not only explain how we end up with shitty results, and the twisted logic that got us their, but the inherent flaws in our thinking, I.e. "following the FBI's example is good".

    2. The .40 Smith and Wesson everyone adopted after 1986 is no more lethal than the 9mm everyone ditched because of the Miami shoot-out on April 11, 1986...........

      But the .40 Smith and Wesson is so fat you can't get as many rounds in a magazine so why not just go back to the 9mm...afterall so much time has passed all these new officers HAVEN'T EVEN HEARD OF THE MIAMI SHOOT OUT....

      People have no sense of history and after a couple of decades the new kids have no knowledge.

      Anyway the Smith and Wesson .40 is nothing more than a 10mm that has been sawed in half to make it less powerful so it won't kick as much and pussy ass FBI agents won't complain...

      "Oh it hurts so much to shoot that big thing!"

  5. My advice is this...

    If you want a revolver shoot the .357 magnum or the old .38 Super. Both these rounds have acceptable power to knock down an attacker, AND have the velocity to pass through automobiles, doors, etc....

    Don't worry about "over-penetration," meaning the round will go through a car and then hit a bystander.

    No bystander will be hit if you shoot what you are aiming at..which of course police don't do. Pussy-ass police panic and then shoot over and over again at nothing or anything because they are cowards and pussies and not men.

    And if you want to shoot a semi-auto then shoot one of the few chambered in either .38 Super or 10mm. There are very few models available such as the Glock 20 and 29, the Rock Island Model 1911, and the Tangfolio....

    But don't shoot the 9mm or you will be like the guy who shot Tupac Shakur 6 times and three days later Tupac checked himself out of the hospital....

    When you shoot an asshole like Tupac do it with something that works !!

  6. Illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) is the Fürer; and "HISTORY" repeats itself! Does anyone speak German? I don't. Well, it does not really matter; because, this Fürer speaks ENGLISH! Therefore, I UNDERSTAND!

    What is "NEXT"??? As stated in other comments, "NUKING" THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL on September 11, 2014 by the C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) controlled ISIS, who are already here; and THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) has most likely given ISIS "low yield" (30 to 200 kilotons) nuclear weapons! By the way, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are potential sub-targets; and the "primary target" is still the UNITED STATES CAPITOL!

    1. I speche Deutsch!

      Don't say that Hitler, who was an intelligent, committed though over-zealous genius...

      Is anything like the indifferent, feckless negro called Barak Hussein Obama.

      Deutschland Uber alles.

    2. Hitler was a better painter than Churchill and should have got into Art School but a Jewish fella said he was not good enough oops!. Corporal Hitler was a broken man after WW1 and was going to kill himself, but his therapist convinced him he was a leader of men with a great destiny. The German's crave authority and the one testicled Austrian fitted the bill readily. Genius, No but his military skills were under rated by his Generals who thought he was a bit of a tosser. He had read 3000! books on war and military strategy but obviously none about Napoleon in Russia. One of my favourite jokes involves Hitler being found in South America after the war, when asked what he is doing. He say's he is coming back 'but this time no more Mr nice guy!'

    3. The story that Hitler had only one testicle and that he used to pee or shit on his girlfriends have turned out to be allied propaganda.

      Hitler was a genius. He had a genius-level IQ and was talented in many areas. Like many geniuses he had a really difficult time fitting into normal society. When he decided to enter politics he studied actors and crafted an over-dramatized speaking style because he was projecting himself to huge crowds who could barely see him.... If you take pictures of him close up while making these speeches he looks like a madman, but he wasn't intended to be seen so close up. Radio was new in those days and all polititican spoke in over-dramatized ways, even all American politicians...but Hitler and Mussolini both used the gesticulations of popular actors at that time.

      Hitler's health declined very rapidly during the war and I think he might have been poisoned. His judgement about military matters after 1942 was just aweful, and his decisions contributed greatly to the rapid retreat and destruction of his armies. However prior to that his military ideas were better than most of his generals and his diplomatic abilities and reading of other leaders was exceptional. Not to mention his economic plans which were far superior to that of any other statesmen or economists of that time save for Keynes....

      You have to remember that Hitler was a revolutionary, and way way over-zealous....

      All Germans hate wickedness, and Hitler and Germans like him go too far in their actions to suppress wickedness.

      The problem he had was that most of his followers were people of action and not thought...but that's the only kind of people you have to work with if you want to make radical social change because 99% of the public is utterly indifferent to the evils around them and will not act....

  7. Now if your goal is to defeat kevlar....

    Standard kevlar body armour is really very ineffective. It only works against slow moving missiles, bullets, which are slower than 1,700 feet per second and are not full metal jacketed.

    So kevlar body armour is useless against any rifle round, but is effective against most pistol cartridges because through time velocity has not been anything sought as important in pistol design. The much-admired, though not by me, Browning .45 ACP is so slow at only 950 feet per second with a heavy 230 grain bullet that it's a joke. I can actually see the bullets flying through the air to their targets they're so slow.

    With a light enough bullet the 10mm can travel at 2,300 feet per second or even 2,900 feet per second, which is as fast as a rifle bullet....

    So if you put full metal jacketed bullets of light weight, which is to say size, then a 10mm will penetrate kevlar with no problem.
    Also the Russian TT or Tokarov will penetrate kevlar if you buy the standard eastern block ammo which has a velocity of 1,700 feet per second with a 60 grain bullet.... Stay away from the American manufactured cartridges for that pistol though because the government has pressured them into making their rounds intentionally slow at only 1,300 that they cannot defeat kevlar. This excellent Russian Tokarov is a 7.62mm width bullet in a case which is 25mm long..and is based on the original German Lugar cartridge of 1920 which was 7.63mm by 25mm and which was only slightly slower by design because Lugar didn't strengthen the cambers of their pistols for such high pressures....

    Today though NATO has given us the Belgian made FAL piston designed specifically to defeat body armour...the F57. The F57 has a very small 40 grain bullet flying at 2,700 feet per second out of a 22 caliber cartridge which is necked down like a rifle cartridge but 20 of them fit into the magazine of this excellent pistol

    The Army psychiatrist at Foot Hood who shot up a bunch of people there used the F57.

    The F57 is so popular at over 1,000 per unit that it's a favorite now for Puerto Rican gangsters and drug dealers because of its ability to defeat kevlar body armour.

    Soon the F57 will be used widely in the US also as it's already available here but the ammo is a bit expensive.

    1. My favorite is still the .38 Super because it was invented all the way back in 1932 and it was so effective in going through body armour, doors, cars, etc...that all the serious bank robbers of the time used it and understood it's advantages.

      All it is, is the old .38 that's just made longer to add more gunpowder and make it faster...that's all.

      Anyway the problem is that the .38 is only a pistol round and therefore I don't think that anyone makes a full metal jacketed bullet which is light enough for it so that it could go 1,700 feet per second and go through kevlar but I may be wrong. Anyway even if there were a light bullet like say 60 grains for the .38 I don't think it would be metal jacketed...

      But wait a minute. Isn't the 380 the same width as the .38? And the 380 ACP is the same at 9mm only a lighter bullet for a shorter cartridge...

      And come to think of it there are lots of manufacturers of 380 ACP bullets which are full metal jacketed...

      Okay so take a metal jacketed 380 50 or even 40 grain bullet and put it on a .38 Super cartridge and see what happens!

      I'm guessing it will probably fly out at about 2,300 feet per second and go right through any kevlar body armour......

      Let's see.

    2. I'm guessing that if the full metal jacketed 380 ACP bullet is designed correctly that it will stablize in the barrel of a .38 Super pistol, particularly if the barrel is at least 4.5 inches or longer....

      So accuracy shouldn't be a problem, but still I think I would want the heaviest bullet I could use while still getting to say 1900 feet per second or higher.....

      I need to test and see what happens with lighter bullets around 40 or so grains of weight to see if they can stablize acceptably.

    3. What I call the F57 I think is actually called the FN-57 if you wanna look it up on Youtube. It's awesome.

    4. I believe the Fort Hood shooter used a round that is no longer available now for civilian use.

    5. Mr CIA operator you should really write a column for Personal & Home Defense Magazine or run courses/seminars like that Massad Ayoob bloke..

    6. The 38+P is merely a .38 with a little extra powder.

      The .38 Super is a much longer cartridge invented about 1931 for Colt model 1911s because the .45 ACP was underpowered.

      You can go on Youtube and find reviews for the few handgun models which are still made in the .38 Super. Rock Island still makes a model 1911 in .38 Super for example.

    7. The firearms business is like the nutritional suppliment/bodybuilding business in that there are a few promoters who love to publish magazines full of misinformation and product manufacturers who meet the needs of the consumers based on what's written.

      Arnold Schwartzaneggars' fortune was based on a kind of blackmail....

      He was paid 2% of all of the Joe Wieder magazine revenues in exchange for not saying anything negative about the phony suppliments which purchased ads in the magazines...

      That's the real source of Arnold's fortune...and not the real estate, etc. that he kept saying it was...a total scumbag unworthy to speak the German language.