Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Economic Sanctions Take a Bite Out of the Russian Soul!
“The First Cut Is the Deepest”,  a love song by the infamous British crooner Rod Stewart,  explains a basic principle of economic warfare---strike fast and hard and the enemies’ economy will be ‘severely hurt’. Unfortunately for the Russian people,  the economic sanctions instituted by the Obama administration then followed up by the Germany, France, 
England the rest of the EU, has had a significant economic impact on Russia as well as it’s erstwhile allies---Belarus, Ukraine [eastern],  and Kazakhstan. 

Recent Open Source Intelligence Reports [OSINT] like Stratfor report the following telltale signs of financial distress:
[1] Russia entering period of zero to negative economic growth. 
[2] Approximately $100Billion of capital outflow from major Russian businessmen and investors.
[3] Belarus, the closest Russian ally and will probably suffer the most from the economic sanctions. 
[4] Belarus is Russia’s largest export market amounting to $17 Billion in 2013.  Primary exports affected include vehicles [2.5 billion], dairy products [ 2.2 billion] and machinery [1.5 billion].
[5] In turn, Belarus receives all of its crude oil and natural gas from Russia. But in order to buy those precious commodities, Belarus needs subsidized loans from the Russian –dominated Eurasian Economic Community.  However, because of decrease Russian financial assistance, Belarus will have to seek recourse from the International Monetary Fund under the World Bank auspices [ a shadow agency for the USA]. 
[6] Kazakhstan’s main exports to Russia are ores [$1.5 billion], mineral fuels [$785 million], and iron steel [$773million]. It also exports its own crude oil and gas.
However, “Kazakhstan is heavily tied into Russia’s financial and banking system” [Stratfor, 8/10/ 14].

What does this mean for this very important Central Asian country that was once within the Communist Penumbra?
Kazakh’s TENGE [currency ] is tied directly to the Russian Ruble unlike the Belarus Ruble which floats according to world currency values.  So as the Russian Ruble goes down… so does the “Kazakh’s Tenge”. Without having done anything negative, other than to be associated with Russia, Kazakhstan has already lost 20% DEVALUATION.
What we are witnessing is the hidden war conducted by the spread of numbers all over the world which does not on the surface appear to kill anyone.  However, those numbers or electrons,  known as ‘economic warfare’ has a far more deadly strategic outcome than any military assault or weaponry.  Russia could experience at one and the same time, both external and internal disruptions that would threaten the economic,  political and psychological stability of the Russian Federation.

It is not a pleasant sight to watch an evolving economy like Russia’s implode because of Putin’s Foolhardy wasteful spending on the Sochi Olympics in order to garner some national pride. Was it really worth $51 Billion? Not from my perspective.
Is the Ukraine incursion worth billions more while the Russian economy is bleeding even more billions on an hourly basis?  
As in medicine and love, ‘the first cut is the deepest’ and inflicts the greatest damage.  Putin has not recovered from that infliction.  Instead he has spent an incredible amount of time, energy and resources trying to retaliate against a phantom enemy [capitalism] while having done nothing to redress the hemorrhaging wound.
As someone who helped to take down the Soviet Union [“Evil Empire” ala Reagan/Bush Sr],  I have no patience to witness the downfall of the Russian economy.  The Russians are a great people with an incredible culture.  As a people,  they have suffered more than any other country in defeating the Nazis and other Fascist systems.
The Russian people deserve a new leader who understands that the future of Russia is not tied to the parochial concerns and limited talent of an ex-KGB/Stasi agent named Vladimir Putin.  Putin’s grandiosity, self-absorbed entitlements and brash outbreaks of febrile utterances have compounded Russia’s failures and exposed its internal financial weaknesses that even we the bourgeois capitalists could never have dreamed of some thirty years ago.
Putin in his ill-timed,  poorly conceived concerns for my treasured Russian people reminds me of a statement that my favorite French Foreign Minister Charles Maurice Talleyrand Perigord made about one of his many mistresses-Madame De Stael [but I will change it to fit this particular occasion]:
“Putin is such a good friend and great leader of the Russian people that he would throw all the Russians into the Volga River,  watching them drown so that he could have the pleasure and glory of saving the very drowning that he had created”  Talleyrand understood the paradoxical nature of self-defeating grandiosity because although he was Napoleon’s trusted Foreign Minister,  Talleyrand had to ally himself with the dreaded enemy, the British, in order to end Napoleon’s Grand March to France’s self destruction. 
Take heed PUTIN!!
Russian Czar Alexander I defeated the WILD CORSICAN in order save France and Europe!!  Who knows who might have to defeat you in order to save Russia and the world economy?  Sacrificing your friends, Belarus and Kazakhstan, like the infamous courtesan Mdme De Stael,  is no way to treat your friends or remain in decent company.
 “Vsyovo Haroshovo!” All the best!!


  1. Interesting post Dr p! Russia Today indeed reports that the rouble is 9% down against the dollar and consumer prices are expected to rise between 6%-14% so indeed it could be that "the first cut is the deepest" but the stone in my shoe is Putin hasn't played a card as yet in so far as he as far as Europe is concerned is in charge of "gasoline alley" and just maybe "every picture tells a story" so Rod Stewart songs aside its going to get a whole lot more interesting! By the way my congratulations on Frank Underwood making American President! Just goes to show "some guys have all the luck"!!!! I thought quite a lot about how you would of faired under Francis Dr Pieczenik!!!!

  2. nice Rod Stewart medley! hmmm, you last sentence is one to ponder. :)

  3. Your statement that the Russian people are a great people, particularly for having defeated the Nazis and other fascists....

    This is an insane statement, and particularly for anyone who served in national security in the cold war.

    Almost every government figure I knew except for the Jews Walt Rostow and his assassin buddy David Strier, believed that Nazisim and fascism [which are two different things] were much preferable to Stalinism. That's why the US in the cold war supported fascist parties and government WORLDWIDE to oppose Stalinism and Maoism.
    The Soviet Army juggernaut over all of eastern Europe during the war, raping young girls in every country, setting up Stalinist governments everywere, jailing and murdering middle class, intellectuals, etc......was a horror worse than anything the Nazis did.

    The ONLY reason why you'd make such an outrageous statement, not shared by any non-Jews from the cold war era, is because of your Jewish identity I can only conclude.

    I remind you that you are supposed to be an American, and have the interests of America and the world in consideration and not only those of the Jews.

    It's this kind of bias by Jews in the countries which have generously agreed to accept them which explains why later the peoples of those countries always...always...regret having welcomed them.

    The Russians are a totally corrupt, cruel, brutal, and indolent race of prideful, chauvanistic, lazy, stupid, idiotic people who plunged the world into war in 1914 by declaring war on Austria because the Serbs were "fellow slavs.."

    FELLOW SLAVS ???????

    So when a slav, even of a different country and nation far removed, attacks someone like Austria then out of pure racist chauvanism that attacked country must not retaliate or else it will be invaded by mother Russia!

    Russia will never, never amount to anything.

    1. Yeah buddy. Looks like one of Russians crashed your face in a bar much infantile hatred. Remember not all people of one nation are the same at least.

  4. I would like to remind you that in the Hungarian uprising of 1956 that every member of the Hungarian government which was unbelievably brutal to the population, were all Hungarian communist Jews which had been harbored in Russia during the war and brought to Hungary to bring Stalinism to the population just as such Stalinist Jews had also done in eastern Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, Ukrain, etc................

    And this is why the local anti-communists in all those countries rounded up all the Jews when the Germans came in, and delivered those Jews for extermination by the Germans.

    It's the reason why the Hungarian uprising was led by former fascists and national socialists who were armed and supported by the CIA in order to topple the Jewish controlled Stalinist communist party of Hungary.

    At that time the Hungarian uprising failed because of Israeli agents in the CIA who turned over the names of CIA assets in Hungary to the government, and these people were murdered by the Hungarians and Russians because of Jewish CIA officers who betrayed America in order to keep the fascists from winning in the uprising....

  5. In the cold war CIA supported anti-semetic right wing governments in Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Equador, etc.....

    This is the reason why.

  6. When I was in Israel I visited the "forest memorial" to James Angleton which the Israelis had established....

    They'd set up a garbage dump in a clearing in the forest with a plastic sign reading "James Angleton memorial."

    That was the slap in the face which Israel gave in their typically arrogant and duplicitous fashion to the CIA man with whom they.....


    The Israelis and their Jewish partners everywhere care only about other Jews, and everyone else to them are PIGS, as I remember they used to called all Arabs.

    I will never set foot in that filthy Israel again.

    1. I had a hard time believing that one, so I looked it up... Indeed, though according to this account it was made of cardboard...

      "For his trouble, James Angleton, who died last year, was honored by the Israelis, in the way that the Israelis customarily honor their Gentile helpers. They decided to plant a whole forest for Angleton in the Judean hills, and they put up a handsome plaque in several languages, lionizing Angleton as a great friend of Israel, on a nearby rock. Israeli's intelligence chiefs, past and present, attended the dedication ceremony. Later on, a television reporter of my acquaintance sought out Angleton's memorial during an assignment in Israel. After some difficulty, he was able to locate it, but something seemed odd about it. On closer inspection, Angleton's plaque turned out to be made, not of bronze, but of cardboard. Nor was the setting particularly flattering to Israel's late benefactor: the trees and plaque were at the edge of a garbage dump. My friend's British cameraman put it best "This guy sold out his country for the bloody Israelis, and this is the way they pay him back!""


      It's hard to believe the depravity with which the Israelis, the bad Jews, treat non-Jews...even if they help them.

      When I was in Israel the Israelis told me they'd made this great memorial to Angleton and the whole thing was a joke played on me and everyone from the US government who bothers to check this out!

  7. When I worked with David Strier he boasted to me that with no approval from anyone that he took it upon himself to murder any former SS members that he came across anywhere in Europe, and even those who were working for CIA !

    He was the CIA's number one hit man in Europe, and by himself he would murder the CIA's OWN ASSETS if he personally didn't like them because of their anti-semitic past...

    This kind of thing is what led me to realize that Jews cannot be trusted to work in American national security.

  8. Just look at Henry Kissinger....

    Here is a Jewish immigrant to the US who set about to murder individuals and commit genocide against anyone in the world he didn't approve of.....

    Think of how many innocent people in the world would not have been murdered or tortured or sufferred....

    If the Nazis would have killed Kissinger and his family while they had the chance.

    Think about it.

  9. Kissinger is so diabolical...

    He knew better than anyone that all the Stalinists the US hated were all Jews, so Kissinger set himself out as the "super anti-communist Jew" to gain position and celebrity in America.

    It was all about him, and convincing his new countrymen that he wasn't like all the other, communist, Jews.

  10. What was the name of the US Defense Department official who was drugged and murdered by the Israelis a few years ago....

    He was big in the Vietnam memorial and in cyber security....

    What was his name?

    Mossad just murdered him, right in our country....because they didn't like him.

    And they got away with it.

  11. Dr. P., while the recent sanctions may succeed in driving Russia into a recession, that is only short term. Long term, there are a couple of factors you're leaving out in your prognosis of the Russian economy; namely the recent gas deal/infrastructure development agreement with China and the BRICS alternative to the dollar-based monetary system. Post-WWII, the US along with its allies have had the advantage of controlling the IMF/World Bank/WTO financial/economic playing field. The Russians, the Chinese and really the rest of the "un-West" have come to the realization that they cannot win at this game and are in fact quite deliberately disadvantaged by it. They are therefor in the process of redesigning the playing field without asking for the approval of the West. In so far as these moves tap into the physical resources of the un-West while the West is largely tapped out, the economic prognosis for the un-West is really quite good. This might explain the West's utterly mad flailing foreign policies being pursued through its clandestine services, particularly through neo-nazi and jihadist proxies in places like the Ukraine and the Middle East. Unfortunately, it seems the only thing the West knows how to do is to attempt to disrupt and destroy anything the "un-West" tries to build.

  12. Refresher:

    Dr. P. Forgot his own words:

  13. Soon I'm going to post a history of Israel's nuclear espionage in the United States.

    Everything which constitutes Israel's nuclear program, all of which is illegal, was gained through theft from US agencies and companies.

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