Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Have Never Been to Missouri…. but as Former Devotee of Agitation Propaganda [AgitProp],  I Know Ferguson, MO. Very Well!
Just as we saw the possible denouement of the Israel-Gaza conflict as well as the Ukrainian Borsht disaster, we are now privy to a minute-to-minute indepth report on past, present and potential riots in Ferguson,  Missouri.  By now everyone but the local police chief knows what has been happening in Ferguson, MO.  So I will not belabor the details of the ongoing tragedy that consumes every element of the dysfunctional Missouri state government.
I would, however, like to use this propitious occasion to illustrate some of the basic points that we former Agit Prop devotees have utilized in creating overseas havoc in various different unnamed countries:

[1] Make certain that the indigenous population is never adequately represented by the ruling security forces. White domination over blacks works; as does, black on black; or,  black on white.  The key element here is to pick a place where disproportionate representation of the ruling power must be in a minority position.
[2] Make certain that there is always a peaceful demonstration covering a ‘more lethal, nefarious’ force of ‘chaos’.  Be certain to sacrifice the innocent, well-intentioned protesters to the vitriolic needs of the riot-makers.
[3] Escalate the violence against the ruling party as quickly as possible.  Make certain that in a New York minute,  the agitation can escalate to the point of totally tying down the local, county and then state police.  With some perseverance and Molotov cocktails, stones, rocks, even sporadic gunshots—force the National Guard and, if you are really lucky, bring in the FBI and the Homeland Security Folks.
[4] Divide and Conquer the Bouillabaisse of conflicting security jurisdictions,  pitting local police forces against federal representatives.  Then with some tact, force the civilian police to fight with Military representatives and then pit that entire mess against the FBI,
[5] The more chefs brewing the mess called, ‘peace and order’, the greater the chances that there will be a break down of authority, command-and-control and  security.

[6] Last, but not least, always make certain to invite the major media representatives like Anderson Cooper,  Bill O’Reilly,  NY Times, Washington Post, et. al. If possible, try to have one of the media representatives arrested for whatever reason.  Nothing stirs the pot like a self-righteous representative of the media who has nothing more to do than wait around Ferguson,  hoping for more trouble to be precipitated.
[7] Always make certain that whatever messages are transmitted to the protestors are at best confusing if not completely distorted and mixed.  There should be no clarity of purpose or intention by any police officers to either the protestors or the security forces. Nothing beats the spontaneity of incompetence and lack of disciplined experience.
If you are thinking of entering a new profession like Agitation Propaganda,  please study the ten day coverage of the most deleteriously conducted police operation in the recent history of America.  Ferguson will no longer designate the name of a town…. It will mean a new kind of police mess.
When you create a ‘Ferguson’ that will mean that you should no longer be in Law Enforcement.  Please don’t go all-Ferguson on me for telling it like I see it!
Adios Americanos-- Policias!! 



  1. Law enforcement on the scene did themselves NO FAVORS by arresting, harrassing, and detaining any and all media that showed up. Now every journalist from everywhere in the world is anti-law enforcement on this issue.

    Obama has suddenly gotten "Reverand Desmond Tutu Syndrom" on the matter....i.e. "please please people stop the violence and submit to proper authority PLEASE...."


    The violence and non-violent disruption of normal life is getting the attention of the public on the topic of police murder of unarmed citizens and the militarization of law enforcement. This is one of those "watershed events" you hear about from time to time.

  2. Travon Martin a year ago was a thug who was killed in self-defense by a guy who spent much of his time volunteering at negro youth centers, etc......The media coverage of that matter was completely distorted.

    However in this case every fact so far upholds that the victim was shot to death in a hail of unnecessary and malicious, murderous gunfire by a pussy-ass black uniformed city employee hired by the "department of police" and who was so frightened by the circumstances that he acted as judge, jury and executioner because he knew nothing would happen to him by doing so....

    It happens all the time here in Austin, Texas, and the families of the black victims always settle out of court for cash and the murdering "officer" gets away scott free..

    However this last time here in Austin the black victim was shot execution style in the back of the head and wasn't even wanted for anything so at least the policeman/city employee was indicted for "manslaughter..."

  3. I agree with Alex Jones' comments today that living in America is now like living in Guatamala or Zimbabwe. We live in a police state in which government "authority" can do pretty much anything they like and the courts do nothing about it.

  4. On another talk show a SWAT team member called in and claimed, as he had been taught, that their weapons weren't necessary before because criminals didn't have the firepower they now have....


    Now that's the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever fucking heard.....anywhere !

    Now here's the facts, from ME, a gun person who knows the truth because my father used to sell guns to criminals, including Woody Harrelson's father, south Texas hit man Charles Harrelson...

    IN THE EARLY 1930s......

    All serious criminals used AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. Some were merely the .45 fully auto tompson, which did not require any special license to own.

    But more importantly the bank robbers of the time such as Vern Miller [a former corrupt cop] Lester Gillis [aka Babyface] Charles Floyd [pretty Boy] Alvin Karpis, Campbell......Homer Van Meter, John Dillinger....

    They all obtained their guns from San Antonio Jewish gun maker Hyman Lebman, who operating only one block from the San Antonio/Bexar County Courthouse at 111 South Flores street.

    Bonnie and Clyde Barrow obatained their weapons from RAIDING GOVERNMENT ARSENALS and obtained the full auto/US army Browning Automatic Rifle [BAR] which shot ten rounds of 30-06 180 grain bullets which passed right through any automobile and most walls.....

    All the Lebman clients such as Homer Van Meter, Gillis, obtained FULL AUTO CONVERTED model 1911 colts chambered in .38 super.

    The .38 super could pass right through any body armour of the time as well as automobiles, doors, etc. which the .45 could not do.

    Because of the .38 supers used by criminals which penetrated everything Smith and Wesson invented the .357 magnum, which also could penetrate walls, automobiles, etc....and was a revolver rather than the automatic .38 super.

    Because revolvers were less expensive law enforcement adopted the .357 over the .38 super, which only criminals could afford in the depression.

    The .45 thompson with its inferior, low-velocity, non-penetrating .45 230 grain bullet was very expensive. The thompson "sub-machine gun" was not made of stamped metal, but was made by machine lathes and was extremely expensive to produce. Law enforcement and very few private citizens could afford to buy it.

    1. Even during the Second World War the thompson was so expensive few were available and they were highly prized by Ranger commanding officers and other elite persons.

    2. I mean that law enforcement could NOT afford to buy the thompson except for Federal agencies and a few state agencies. Local law enforcement didn't have the budgets for the thompson or even semi-auto .38 supers.

    3. MITMichael, you know Charles Harrelson claimed he shot JFK? -w/ the gun your dad sold him? OK he was flying on cocaine when he said that, but in any case he has been identified as one of the three "tramps" on site...

    4. Charles Harrelson didn't have anything to do with the Kennedy killing. He only said that on the side of the road while very upset and intoxicated. Harrelson was not one of the three tramps and neither was that trapeez artist/painter guy who said he was there and forged all the Secret Service documents for the team in Dealy Plaza.....

      Charles Harrelson was the best hit man in south Texas and Houstoon in the 1960s and charged $2,000 per job. But he was convicted for one job in the Rio Grand Valley and had to spend a couple of years in prison, then got out about 1978. He was a well dressed gentlemen who always wore a suit and tie and nice little diamond ring. He bought most of his suits from Satel's mens wear on Broadway in Alamo Heights...usually when they had their half price sale once a year which is when my father also bought all his stuff...

      My father used to pay me to shine all his shoes, and they were these kinda high top boot things which became popular after 1969. Tom Snyder on NBC used to wear that kind. When I was going into his closet looking for the shine box and his shoes is when I spotted the boxes of "Second Chance" kevlar vests that Ed Wilson gave him after skimming off a bunch of boxes intended for the Kadaffi in 1972.....

      Those were the dayz!

      I would shine all this shoes and listen to "Three Dog Night" on the cool.

    5. Sometime in the 1950s the FBI came after Lebman in San Antonio and kinda shut him down but that left more business for my father and several others who knew how to modify factory built issues.

      My first paying job was in our garage where my father had his re-loading set up and I would load shotgun shells and rifle rounds after he's set up the machines. I was eleven years old and I would listen to he Delfonics on the radio while I did the slow and tedious job of loading all this ammunition....

    6. I wasn't paid by the hour. It was piece work! My father would set up the machines and bring in the orders and I would keep all the money after the supplies were paid for!

      It wasn't a job really it was my first business, and of course it was totally illegal.

      Now that's the proper way to rear a child ;-)

      I was taught to EARN MONEY !!

      [and stay away from coaches and other morons at school, and start my own business no matter if it were illegal or legal or whatever....and NEVER get a regular paying job as anyone's employee !]

    7. Charles Harrelson worked in Houston and the I-10 corridor and everything south all the way to the border. That was his region.

      In Dallas and north Texas he didn't work, and I don't care what anyone says...he didn't work for the gangsters in Dallas!

      Hit men in Dallas were current or retired DALLAS POLICE OFFICERS.

    8. That officer who was shot, Tippit, was a hit man.

    9. What's funny is that I personally had a major, extremely serious problem when I was 18 in 1978 and was getting ready to hire Charles Harrelson when suddenly he caught caught up in the Chagra family matters and then he was arrested and sent to prison. But by that time his drug use was so out of hand and he became unreliable like about every one of his peers in San Antonio at that time.....
      Bunny Ekert and his crowd were all herion users and so forth and everything became about them using drugs instead of being the businessmen they were supposed to be.

      Anyway just thinking about all this makes me want to go home and get my pimp ring and start wearing it just in honor of the past and the way things used to be...much better than these assholes today for sure!

    10. But that's just my father's side of the family. My mothers side are all State Judges! Can you believe that shit.

      As for morals I think my fathers kind of people do a lot less harm to others than the sanctimonious, pious and cruel, draconian and ignorant people in law enforcement on my mom's side.

  5. Here in Austin the last city cop killed by a citizen was two years ago when an innocent man defended himself by shooting the cop in the head with a 9mm when he was assaulted.

    But before that the last city cop killed was killed by a criminal, a meth dealer...

    And that was all the way back in 1979.

    Way back then when the SWAT member claimed "people didn't have the firepower they do now".....

    That city of Austin cop was shot to death by a meth dealer using a AK-47.

    Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  6. OK I smoked it and found the officer in question had the orbit of his eye fractured by said strong arm thief. Which changes things to assault on a police officer. Like Trayvon this guy chose to be very aggressive and he was gunned down. I wonder what the toxicology report will find in his system. To bad this guy chose evil instead of good. He might have made a good half back or something if only...

    1. The question is why did they wait so long to release this information? It was probably available within less than 2 hours of this shooting?

    2. Someone wants to fan the flames it seems, why?

    3. What a joke!


      I've seen this trick many times in the past....

      Three years ago two bicyle cops here in Austin shot and killed two black kids in a car as they were leaving when approached by the bicycle cops. The cops claimed that the kids tried to run over one of the cops and he had to be rushed to the hospital with an "injury to his achilles tendon...."

      Guesss what?

      The Doctor's note from the hospital visit showed "no injury to the achilles tendon or any other part of the officer's body..."

    4. Four years ago another Austin cop shot and killed a friend of mine who was running from the cop because the cop started chasing him for no reason and the victim was afraid of the Austin cops because they'd framed him for homicide and was cleared by DNA evidence.....

      Well the cop claimed that my friend tried to kill him with a knife, and after the shooting the cop was taken twenty five miles to a hospital in another county where we all know everything is totally corrupt, and on the way they passed four major hospitals.....

      The injuries in that case were falsified at the far away hospital...

    5. Our Governor Richard Perry was booked today for corruption and felony charges.

      His sleezy lawyers and himself are lying about every aspect of the matter, claiming falsely that the issue is political when it's not.

      Perry is notroiously corrupt and it was only a matter of time before some prosecutor finally got the balls to go against the Republican machine here and prosecute him.

      When his trial comes he will be convicted.

      And remember so far my record for predictions on this board is 100 percent accurate.

    6. I wish I had a flame thrower at the Courthouse for Perry and his sleezy, ugly troll lawyers as they gathered around the mic for his little speech of lies. I'd love to see them doing the fire dance! ;)

    7. Not quite 100%. I'm no Rick Perry fan, but I'm no fan of the Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg. She's a disgrace who really has to go, too.

    8. This case has nothing to do with her.

      Perry was indicted by a grand jury which now is pissed at him for lying about what they did, and they were led by an independent prosecutor which has nothing to do with the Travis Co. DA.

      Lehmberg survived a trial to remove her already, and although she's not my idea of what a prosecutor should be she's no worse than any other.

    9. Perry has no defense for what he did so he's trying to make it about Lehmberg and that won't work at trial.

      He's going to be convicted.

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    The highest ranked general since Vietnam was killed recently in Afghanistan. POTUS doesn't go to his funeral. VPOTUS doesn't go to his funeral. Sec. Def. doesn't go to his funeral.

    An American journalist got beheaded in Iraq. An infamous video was made, and there was international press coverage. President Obama today read a passionless statement, then was back on the golf course within an hour.

    1. If not attending a General's funeral is the most anyone can say about Obama then I'm not impressed.

      I'm not a flag waver or anyone who makes too much out of hollow and sentimental displays of mourning.

      Life goes on.

  9. Sir, you told it like it is.
    I was witness here in Serbia how DB ( similar to FBI agency ) or cops co-op peaceful protest with help of their provocateur agents and take control of the situation so they can create what ever psyop operation they want.
    Best regards and stay safe.