Friday, August 8, 2014

Maybe there is more to the story, did the missile miss its target?  Read.

Thanks Patriarch.


  1. This is a possible explanation, as is the possibility that Ukraine wanted a provocation, by way of false flag, to blame east Ukraine rebels, Russia, and Putin, personally.

    The article does mention the second possibility.

    A fact that points towards the second possibility is that the commercial jet was routed over the war zone, 200 miles north of its regular route. This only happened once. Also, the Ukrainian jet fighters were close to the commercial jet for some time, time enough for proper identification.

    The two planes are similar in colors, but the structure is completely different, Putin's plane has four engines, while the commercial jet has only two engines.

    Also, evidence from the wreckage shows machine gun holes around the cockpit, perhaps, 30 millimeter cannon. This would have to be from close range, again, providing for easy identification.

    Thus, I tend to the provocation, false flag theory.


      I'm not shedding any tears and hears why...

      These dead people are merely spoiled brats. They're not really drug addicts or alcoholics. They're simply selfish, narcissistic, self-loathing assholes.

      When a heavy drug user goes to jail suddenly their drug problem is over.

      But when they're released then the temptation gets to them, and they'll steal, lie, and throw their family members under the bus to get their high.

      When Williams, Hoffmann, etc. were working they didn't use drugs or alcohol. They were totally sober when they were on the stage or on the set.

      But when they're not working, for those weeks or months between projects.....

      Then it's party time.

      When I used to know famous actors in the 1980s I found them to be total assholes. They were fun to be around, always witty and making intelligent, well-connected remarks and clowning around. They were always entertaining and friendly at every moment. But turn your back on them and they would be going through your wallet to steal your credit cards if they needed them. They'd bad mouth you to all your friends. They were two-faced assholes who were intelligent but didn't give a shit about ANYONE but themselves. They treat everyone like shit, and particularly their spouses, significant others, etc., who would divorce them as soon as they realized they'd been conned by these charmers, and that they were really monsters.

      All these actors I knew who were assholes were not however sociopaths. They did have a conscious. And therefore the were full of SELF-LOATHING.

      They were the most self-loathing people I ever met.

      If Williams were clinically depressed he would have been treated.

      I think he killed himself not out of real depression, but out of the pain of self-loathing and the blackness of the hell he'd created for himself for the way he'd treated others and lied about what he'd done.

      As people get older these pains to others they've brought about, particularly to those who needed their becomes unbearable. That's why killed himself.

    2. A lifetime of GUILT....unbearable....suicide.

      I saw soldiers and mechanics who'd done government work kill themselves all the time.

      People who'd worked in Vietnam and other places as assassins in Phoenix and in many other situations.....I saw them all kill themselves.

      It's not's guilt.

    3. Read the book "Heaven and Earth" or the Stone movie by the same name....

      It's about a Vietnamese girl who married a US soldier who was an assassin.

      Watch the film and see how his guilt ate away at him until he couldn't stand it anymore and he killed himself.

      That's a true story and repeated hundreds of times.

      DrP I wish you would comment on this.....

    4. I once knew an assassin in Vietnam who prepared himself to kill someone in his house with a knife.

      When the target didn't show up, the assassin went into a depression. He lost all motivation to do anything and wound up in therapy over it.

      Crazy huh?

      Dr.P can you add on this? I'm sure you've seen this before. I mean if you work in that aspect as I have it's just nuts.

      Here in Austin there was a guy who used to put on sunglasses at three am and go out and mow his lawn. He was a Phoenix mechanic....


    5. Hey wonder why all the kids of these "actors" are all fucked up on drugs and never amount to anything.....

      Hey they grew up with no love at all. Just asshole parents who didn't give a shit but bought them everything.

      No love.

    6. Hey read what Peter Fonda says about what his father was like when he was growing up....or that death gool actress Angelina Jolie about what her father was like.............

    7. They're not physically abusive or verbally or mentally abusive...

      They just don't give a shit. Try growing up from early childhood with parents who don't give a shit.

    8. I think actually that these asshole actors had parents themselves who didn't give a shit, and they ended up feeling unworthy and self-loathing from early childhood.

      They turned to entertaining others to find acceptance, popularity, fame....

      But it never took away from the self-loathing and feelings of unworthiness which always haunted them.

      They ended up treating everyone the way their parents treated them......

      It's a real horror. That's why they kill themselves and are never happy.

      Ronald Reagan was like that.

    Rush Limbaugh
    The top story--there's a picture of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfled and Dick Cheney, with the caption, "MISS US YET?" Rush misses them. He's not kidding, either.

    Before It's News
    Putin will, supposedly, soon present evidence tha 9-11 was an inside job. I've heard before that this will happen. We'll see.

    James Brady has died. His death was ruled a homicide, based on the 1981 shooting that also injured President Ronald Reagan.

    The following excellent video of John Judge (who also died recently) should not be watched by anyone in the George H. W. Bush fan club. Judge uses such terms as "Bushy knoll," if you get the picture.

    1. The picture that cums to MY mind of a "bushy knoll" is what used to be the norm before the "bikini wax" fashion of today :)