Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Israel and Pakistan: Doppelgangers!  Jewish/Muslim Identical Twins!
As I receive the constant entrails of vitriolic letters from ‘ex-friends’, ‘acquaintances’ and  so-called, “Jewish supporters of Israel”,  who found my comparison between Israel’s incessant bombing of Gaza’s innocent civilians as comparable to the Nazis Blitzkrieg “terror bombing” of  Guernica, ‘appalling’ , I began to realize that none of them really had any idea how the Zionist state came about.
I thought hard and long about this subject and came up with a profound insight.
Israel was created by the British at about the same time and for the same reason as Pakistan was.  Next I delved further into that insight and realized that both countries possessed nuclear weapons. The Israelis had close to 200 plus nuclear weapons and the Pakistanis had about 150 plus.  Both countries were continuously obsessed with fighting real, imaginary or more importantly,  self-created enemies, usually terrorist groups like Hamas for Israel and Haqqani Network for the Pakistanis.
There’s more.  Let’s not forget that both countries relied heavily on American military and CIA support and funding to the tune of 3.5 billon a year for Israel and 26 Billion for Pakistan over ten years [in order to bribe them to fight al-Qaeda].  Both countries are dependent on a military industrial complex and a political elite which controls, dominates and determines civilian life.

In effect, both countries have been in serious economic trouble with the mass majority of Israeli citizens unable to afford a normal standard of living .. .. similar to the Pakistanis. Both countries, live and die by the paranoia of self-created enemies: for Pakistan,  India’s sole existence is to exacerbate the nation state of Pakistan; for Israel, Palestine is there to justify the reified concept of ‘destruction of the state of Israel’.
Amazing parallels.
How and why could this happen?
I think that both countries have never really matured beyond the state of a primitive hostile ethnic tribal affiliation where survival at all expense was the sole mandate for development.  If one looks at the Israel research and development capabilities,  there is no question that they have developed many amazing technologies---UAV; desalination plants; internet tracking; and cyber security.  Pakistan has been less impressive in their scientific R & D programs, primarily revolving around Dr Kahn’s world-wide collusive enterprises in order to make a nuclear bomb with the help of the ‘saintly Benazir Bhutto’ and North Korea… and the CIA.
Where do these doppelganger’s –one Jewish and the other Sunni Muslim stand today?
At their current rate,  both countries are on a path of self-destruction. Wars do not progress civil societies.  In fact, both Judaic and Islamic Extremism will dominate the fate of both Pakistan and Israel;  and in my humble opinion will eventually seal their respective destinies into a ‘back to the future mode’ where civil society will be dominated by ersatz religious diktats.

However,  if there were wise men, or women, it would behoove both countries to officially recognize each other,  as General Musharraff had once desired years ago.  These countries need something called leadership for a peaceful and prosperous 21st century.  Such mutual recognition would work to establish a Muslim Jewish collaboration model for the future of both South Asia and the Middle East.  

Shalom and Inshallah! 


  1. Great post Steve, sadly I doubt we will live long enough to witness this come to life. Side question, do you think it would be enough for Israel to be officially recognized by only Pakistan? There are other heavyweight nations in the middle east that would need to follow suit, for it to really have a lasting effect I imagine. Good blog. Thanks.

  2. The answer to the Israeli-Arab conflict is simple. All Israel has to do is allow the Palestinian Arabs who they won't let back in to come back to their properties, and then to become Israeli citizens.
    If Israel did this these people would be happy to have their property back and to be living in a nation of law in which they could vote.

    The die-hard zionists within Israel will never do this however because it would mean accelerating the already inevitable process by which non-Jewish citizens will outnumber Jewish ones, and thereby the Jewish citizens loose their privilidged status.....

    So the conflict continues. One thing I'm glad you pointed out is that most Israelis suffer from low incomes and have a miserable material quality of life...

    This is certainly not known to Jews living outside Israel.

    In every Jewish community I've seen everywhere, whether in Argentina or Mexico or Venezuela or England or even Russia I seen nothing but wealthy Jews....

    Israel is the only place where Jews work hard but live in dire conditions all the time.

  3. As for Pakistan...

    These are some clever people. They are clever enough to fool and play the Americans in a deadly game when the Americans thought they could force them to their will.

    It just goes to show you that hubris and arrogance can be defeated so easily by simple intellect.

    I agree that the Pakistanis exaggerate their threats and their military plays too much of a role, but they are in a bad condition. Unlike politicians in India the upper crust of Pakistani politicians are horribly corrupt and they've shown they cannot govern the place. And Pakistan is such a patchwork of groups and areas that it is practically ungovernable by any central authority.

    I actually give the Pakistanis credit for having built very effective intelligence and military institutions. By third world standards they really perform.

  4. I mean these people really have balls...they are real risk-taking poker players.

    During their support of the anti-Soviet mujahadeen in the 1980s I was certain the Soviets would get tired of their provocations and aggressions and attack them but they didn't. The Pakistanis took a terrible chance by supporting the insurgency with sanctuary and supplies, but the Russians never did anything...

    The same with the US in the last war. Once the US found out they were double-dealing them the US could have struck them very hard...but the US never did.

    These are some ballsy people.

    Lt. General Mclnerney went on Fox News recently, and it was just bizarre. He said that an important book would come out on September 7th, sponsored by a major news network and a major publishing house. He said it would explain many things, but didn't elaborate further. Dr. P, do you know about this?

    Then he hinted that MH370 (the missing airliner) might resurface soon, that there might be a terror attack on September 11, 2014, and that we should go into DEFCON-1. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

    Lt. General Mclnerney Warns of 'Flight 370' Attack On 9/11/14! He Urges DEFCON-1!
    Published on Aug 25, 2014
    This man has been briefed on what to say and what not to say. One thing is for sure, a man of this status would never even mention such a thing as Flight 370, unless its real! He would be made a fool for believing a conspiracy theory....But wait a minute, their Not calling this a conspiracy Anymore ....So, You know what that means! GET READY!

    on BREITBART TV 23 Aug 2014

  6. Dr Steve, People should watch this Y/T video:::"The Zionist Story".