Tuesday, July 21, 2015


  1. Redistribution after which rich and rich are going to be richer and richer.

  2. And here are some news from reality.

  3. The middle class is disappearing thanks to globalism.

    The New World Order is the Old World Order. No middle class.

    No more laissez faire capitalism. Just crony capitalism and the robber barons that supersede the nation state.

    Want proof? Sorry. No Can do. You are not allowed to read those trade agreements....

    Don't worry. They will protect the middle class once global wage parity kicks in. Then everyone else but the elite will be paid the same, as they increase both the influx of illegals, temporary workers, and temporarily temporary workers.

    They don't even need to read the bills, because they know who wrote the laws. The only question is where to they sign...

    1. The neo-feudal world without a middle class will be very interesting.... I'm still looking for the double speak language for:

      1. slave
      2. surf
      3. baron
      4. lord/lady
      5. patrician/noble
      6. king/queen
      7. emperor
      8. prince/princess

      Some possible terms used in the future:

      1. illegal
      2. citizen
      3. owner
      4. creditor
      5. allocated account holder
      6. transnational
      7. corporation
      8. trustee

    2. In other news Alex Jones is rightfully angry with Caitlyn Jenner for taking away too much air time away from his show. He counters this by wearing brown socks and pretending he is a zoological specimen that barks like a dog, half naked...

      While it may be true that Jenner should not be used as a trump card by the American left/Liberals to white wash all other politics, dressing up as a zoological specimen to trivialize and marginalize sensitive issues that deserve attention is going too far. Be a gentleman Alex! Your points are best made with balance.

      As Christ said, "Don't throw your pearls to pigs."

    3. AJ take a look at this!

      its fake. but guess what, you are the fraud...

      trans folks don't need to chop their junk off. that's eugenic, you pig! Check out XY vs. Ontario or CF vs. Alberta. its about gender, not sex.... most transgender folks never get surgery, and they shouldn't have to in order for them to have their gender legally recognized, so they don't end up living like illegals in their own country... the requirement for surgery is just as barbaric as requiring female genital mutilation in other countries, and its mostly prescribed, i would argue, for people who are "gender dysphoric". But maybe you don't know much about mental health issues.

      and if you want to be a dog, you just be one without surgery... oh wait... well, maybe you are doing a good job already without the surgery.....

      now get back in your kennel!

      and btw - the Left is going too far... that I agree with you about.. but that doesn't mean that you have to go too far either, and throw all literacy out of the window...

    4. Here is what i think a balanced, healthy, forward looking, perspective looks like AJ:

      1. no purple penguins
      2. marriage is a religous instition exclusively, like in Germany
      3. civil unions can by of any sex combination
      4. male and female as a legal distinction, congruent with boy or girl, man and woman
      5. transgender folks use the bathrooms of their lived gender.

      logically forcing transgender children to be purple penguins isn't therepeutic to either trans folks, or cis-born boys and girls. its just abuse.

      I'm just another opinion

    5. Can civil union be between more partners?

    6. Feudalism would be big advance from this slavery.

  4. Acting as the anti-thetical mirror of the Democrats, AJ is conquering and dividing political spectrums, by using illogical juxtapositions to spread hate.

    1. He is right about this capitalistic products. For instance i would as heterosexual rather go in to bed with Lindsey Graham than with Caitlyn Jenner.

    2. When i saw pictures of Caitlyn i could not stop laughing for 25 minutes, i did not even know who that was before i put name in google pictures... Oh my, I never laughed so good in whole year. Lindsey is gentleman compared to Caitlyn. Lindsey wears tie and Caitlyn look like alcoholic plucked broom. Lindsey is transgender gentleman with style class and reputation and he is cute compared to that alcoholic chicken.
      From Caitlyn you must hide kids away. AJ is right 100%.

    3. Or imagine male version of Robert Kagan, one with deep voice, hairs on neck and in ears, but with lipstick, make up and perm. Now try to joke with such important official, and you could not, because to some people it suites well. But not to Caitlyn. Rob could pass near kids...

    4. Now imagine Rob with all that gear wearing also shiny heels, but all that in evening smoking, holding glass of champagne, talking to Lindsey and commenting white wedding dress of Anthony Weiner as he holds hand of Hillary. Well i would rather let kid to see that than Caitlyn on google picture for one second.