Sunday, July 5, 2015

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  1. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today is July 5, 2015, and I am at the Microsoft Store (SOUTH COAST PLAZA Costa Mesa, California). This has been my regular "hang-out" for a couple of months, since The Apple Store (SOUTH COAST PLAZA Costa Mesa, California) changed their format (very few computers on the floor).

    Earlier today (July 5, 2015), there was a homeless man at a bus stop in front of, I believe, 230 W. Warner Ave. (strip-mall, Casa Del Rey bar). He (said homeless man) stated: "It is finished! Next week!" Said homeless man is connected to "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS (possible informant)!

    About June 13, 2015, I was at Starbuck's Coffee (Warner Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California). There was a homeless man's things (sleeping bag and empty backpack) in front of the door. The homeless man was, at the time, inside said Starbuck's Coffee.

    I went inside said Starbuck's Coffee, and I bought a banana (my B of A bank records). I saw said homeless man inside said Starbuck's Coffee. I found a stool near the front of the said Starbuck's Coffee, and I sat down next to the newspaper stand. I reached over and grabbed The New York Times, and I started to read an interesting article. Since I have short-term memory issues, at this point, I do not remember the contents of the said article. After I read the article, I got up; and I went outside. Immediately, I noticed my plastic bag (located in a shopping cart) was tore-up; and all my thing were on the ground in front of the said homeless man. He (said homeless man) was going through all my things located within my said plastic bag! I was able to recover almost everything, except A.T.M. and purchase receipts during about the beginning of June 2015 and two (2) popcorn seasonings (orange cap and green cap).

    I frequent Regal Theaters a lot; and I buy a lot of popcorn and sodas, along with other concessions. Therefore, I usually have popcorn seasonings in my coat pocket. In addition, every time I go to Regal Theaters (Metro Pointe Costa Mesa, California), I pay with my A.T.M. (my B of A bank records).

    Later (about June 13, 2015), as I was going to various restaurants around the area (near Warner Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana) to replace my tore-up bags. There was a female homeless individual (Caucasian, heavy set, and mid to late 30's) that approached me, and she asked me about a missing black backpack. She further stated her friend lost said black backpack. This "entire" conversation occurred on Bristol St. near Warner Ave. (Santa Ana, California) on or about June 13, 2015! After the very brief conversation, I followed her to a male homeless man with a bicycle (on Warner Ave. near Bristol St.
    and next to strip-mall (West side of said intersection)). We briefly conversed about the said black backpack; and during the said conversation, I pointed them to the said homeless man in front of the said Starbuck's Coffee, because I thought he might have stole their black backpack. At that point, the two (2) said homeless people (said couple) went to encounter the said homeless man in front of the said Starbuck's Coffee. I believe said homeless man in front of said Starbuck's Coffee handed the said homeless couple my receipts and two (2) popcorn seasonings, and I believe said homeless couple were wired with ear pieces to place me at a different location (set-up)!

    On July 1, 2015, I went to said Regal Theaters (Metro Pointe Costa Mesa, California) to see Terminator; and Terminator had just came out in theaters. I saw the very last showing (10:30 p.m.); and this particular showing got out at about 1:00 a.m.. Therefore, I would miss the very last 57 bus line.

    1. My God man get the hell away from both those stores!

      Microsoft and Apple are instruments of demonic forces on this planet; isn't that obvious!!!

      For God's sake man go to someplace with benign essence such as Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles or even a Dennys if they allow you to linger there!

    2. Now let's talk about psychological warfare.

      Most of the American public now thinks that there was a conspiracy that killed John Kennedy...because of a movie, called "JFK."

      Media shapes opinion....completely.

      The last three years has seen releases of films about slavery....

      "Twelve Years a Slave"......"Django Unchained"......"Lincoln."

      These three distorted and untrue depictions of the Confederacy have so POISONED the public opinion about it that they now are demanding that all symbols of the Confederacy and it's leaders be destroyed....

      Here in Texas at the University of Texas the statue of slave owner and Confederate General Jeff Davis is being desecrated and will be torn down....

      No one says anything about George Washington's statue though...he was also a slave owner who put bounties on his run away slaves LOL.

      Also Thomans Jefferson, Madison, etc., slave owners all.....

      It's all the media. These three untrue films are entirely responsible for the public's hatred of the Confederacy.

      For what it's worth only four percent of whites in the south owned slaves, though almost all white men supported secession. In my home county of Comal, in which only Germans and some hispanics lived, they voted ninty percent for secession.....but not one of them owned slaves...

      In fact all the Germans there were opposed to slavery.

      So there you have it.

      The public is just getting dumber and dumber.

      Alex Jones must be right....the vaccines and floride have reduced IQ levels to horrific new lows.

    3. Now let's talk about the Mexican who killed that sweet girl in San Francisco.

      Uh i don't exactly know how to say this but Mexicans and Mexico have always been that way. Sorry but learn your history about Pancho Villa and other Mexicans raiding and murdering and plundering in America. Mexico is a failed state...a cleptocracy as bad as Liberia or Sierra Leone.

      Wake up Americans.

      Read your history and learn what Mexico always has been and remains today.

      And then act.

    4. Because i am very reasonable guy and i hate authority and laws coming from humans, as they are really product of pillage and fear i really do not see why should some pagan from mexican village follow any rules. All those other mexican pagans coming from all those other pagan child sacrifice villages, they are just not honest, they are slaves who follow rules because they are pagan slaves selected to work and bow to authority, but without real reason not to kill and rape someone while there is no human authority to stop them. That is why US government wants them en masse and that is why they will vote for Hillary against Bernie Sanders. If i were some non Judaeo-Christian pagan i really do not see reason why not kill and kidnap some healthy child for 100,000$ if you are 100% sure that no one will find out and you are not going to be bought.
      1. Social construct or authority is not enough for me because i am reasonable
      2. Empathy is not enough for me because with those 100,000$ i would have chance to empathic for my self one time in life and i would say, this change to get 100,000$ while killing this kid is question of natural balance of luck and needed justice so i could do i just once, beside my kids would live better.

      Conclusion is that i would not kill that kid is only because I fear of God omni powerful God, creator of time and space, that is really only real reason. If you do not believe it than you nothing else than stupid person not to kill that kid for 100,000$. Some pagan Mexicans are just little more honest than those trained one.

    5. People also do forget how Earth is around, if you shit in one direction it will come back from opposite direction. For instance, you shit too much against communism or 3rd world, it will hit you very fast. Simply because there must be factor of balance in all relationships, and when you shit too much you are moving your self out of balance.
      Put it simply, China needs to liberate Philippines, just how Japanese attacked first Philippines.
      For that to happen we need Jeb Bush. It is time to turn wheels spinning. Situation is not sustainable.
      I am sure Jeb Bush would agree with me that we need to elect Jeb Bush...
      Ron Paul is right when he is saying that Greeks are like american welfare queens.
      Jeb Bush is also right when he is saying that we need to privatise social security...
      Jeb Bush can employ youth in army at least, people are saying in time of Bush there was at least job for youth in army.
      I mean to block my account just when i was starting to bust capitalistic propaganda on and they know i am too lazy to open new.
      Ok from now i am for Jeb... Greece should adopt measures from Germany, Putin will have to release Ukraine and give them to IMF and world bank, Slovenia should become poorer and poorer, we also, people must learn on their own skin how it is coslty to be stupid. We can play that game also.

  2. Raymond, when i am mentioning locations in my posts, i often use google street view, it would be great to see link for that plaza. Than it more easy to visualise story and i can learn more about America before i come to America and learn how prisons looks from inside.

  3. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Between about June 13, 2015 and July 1, 2015, there were a couple of anomalies with my Bank of America checking account. On a couple of days, the balance was more than it should have been; and on other days, it was adjusted back. Therefore, someone (C.I.A.???) was manipulating and modifying my said Bank of America checking account records!

    As you know, I have been complaining for a couple of years now concerning THE C.I.A. manipulation or erasing all of my records; and this includes, but NOT limited to, S.S.A. RECORDS, CRIMINAL RECORDS, and COURT RECORDS (Civil and Criminal)!

    I believe I am being framed for something that may or may not have occurred during the beginning of June 2015!

    On July 2, 2015, at about 1:03 a.m., I left the said Regal Theater. I walked down to Callen's Common and Bristol St.. I went to Von's Grocery Store, and I used the restroom. After that, I grabbed a shopping cart (grey ("bed, bath, and beyond")); and I went to Subway Sandwiches to eat (about 2:00 a.m.). After said Subway Sandwiches, I walked North on Bristol St. (about 3:00 a.m.); and I went to the 7 Eleven Store on Warner Ave near Bristol St. (about 4:00 a.m.). In the interim, I briefly stopped at the Denney's Restaurant to only use the restroom (Bristol St.). After the stop at said 7 Eleven, I went to Starbuck's (Warner Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California). I had to use the restroom again, because I was sick (arrived at 4:50 a.m. and waited outside till 5:30 a.m. (opening of store)). After said Starbuck's, I walked East on Warner Ave. to my camp site (Industrial area near Warner Ava. and Main St. Santa Ana, California). S.A.P.D. knows where I camp (in front of vacant building), and S.A.P.D. knows where I store my things (same place for six (6) years). I arrived in the area a little after 6:00 a.m., and I had to go to the bathroom again. I went to H.M.I. on Birch St. (about 6:20 a.m.). After I finished using the restroom at H.M.I., I went to get my shopping cart containing all of my blankets. IT WAS GONE (entire said shopping cart and all contents)!

    Sometime during the very early hours of July 2, 2015, someone took all my blankets and everything else in the said shopping cart (nothing criminal)!

    I believe WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS and THE C.I.A. fabricated a crime, or they (WEED AND SEED and THE C.I.A.) committed a crime; and they are trying to tie me to said crime, by using the stolen shopping cart (July 2, 2015), the two (2) popcorn seasonings (empty out and put something in them), and missing receipts (about June 13, 2015)!

  4. See Raymond how it must be done... One week ago in this computer shop i saw note that they are looking for sale person, same building with those serbian sniper from 1991, and i told them, i could try, and i passed test of making computer configurations, and how to sell, first what she was asking me, was do i gamble, and when i told them i am living in same hood (they do not have pay transport expenses) and that i do not drink or smoke, lady boss, started to sit on desk where is was sitting by, all in very small room, and she asked me do i have problem with female authority, While she was giving orders to guys working there... Of course that i said that i do not have problems with her butts there. Then she said that salary is 500$ net (free health and pension) monthly plus 4200$ in computer equipment per year... And that i need paper that i was not punished for crime and that i should mail her my CV. She said that there is also another female boss there but she is on pregnancy leave.
    --- Raymond capitalists are now hunting us those computer generations by paying us in addiction material. 500 for food to not die and rest in dope.
    And under Tito in socialism i would start with 2500$ and would be on list for free flat and workers could elect boss with better butts. Of course i was too lazy to write CV and i did not want to stay on legs for 8 hours, 5 and half days per week...
    They really need some real addicts there... but such again do not like to work. Capitalists really think we healthy would work for such salaries. Hunger is needed. Beside it is better to write swastika on trash can like we can see here, near that lady collecting garbage there...
    Better to wait for revolution. That one with swastika or with red star:),16.433959,3a,75y,158.74h,78.92t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_deaKZcKp1ironV1ZHhF5g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    1. Females are storm truppen of this free capitalism, but they are so naive, and stupid, they are now foundation to sell shit to people (in insurance industry especially) as females can learn how to lie, but soon now when capitalists invest money in to gays than all those females are going in to trash like we guys are now... Simply because gays are much better in lying, as they are born lying.
      It is important to destroy system.

    2. I am now even pretending to look for job around, just to not start writing this my patent application.
      because i have fobia of supporting this system and becoming part of this capitalistic exploitation.
      , and that all just how i could live again in system when i was kid. Outcome can be that i will give 500 more years of life to capitalism, but we can get also swastika if i do nothing, or state capitalism or WW3, if i do it or not...
      I hope it would be used for workers self management, when all those building were new and there were no trash collectors and crazy people were looked as persons in our kids eyes.
      Also what if some capitalists take this my invention just to prolong liberal capitalism for next 500 years.
      What should i do.
      This my system could work properly after nuclear war, when people start hating capitalism for staring another war and polluting earth, and when really all capitalists will be gone and we all under UN socialism.

    3. I have been advised to lay low...but I had to reply Chia Chia.

      Have you read Generation X by Douglas Coupland? You sound Andy, Claire and Dag. I can just imagine your facial expression in there with the potential female boss, haha.

      I think you should find a successful single lady to keep company. With no addiction issues, your equipment probably works well...quite a value to a busy entrepreneurial type of woman.

      You have to stop being as negative though. Put on some happy music and listen to Dr. Oschman's YouTube on earthing/grounding. You need that in your life.

    4. To lay low... why?
      No, females can be my boss only if it is sexual, and if she would work everything around, ...yes she would be dominant as long as i decide she may:) I need go get some poor from Philippines, over there they are poor because they are filled with US capital and they did not had communist resistance and are not near Chinese and Russian army. Something like South America...
      Female must have at least 3 times less education and have 3 times less of money than male for that relationship to work. One from Philippines could be good choice, only problem are those connected to prostitution.

    5. Guy who cannot have female under control is bad material for any kind of service to anyone. I mean to not be able to control women...

  5. Do these people really do not know how many nuclear missile submarines Putin has. I mean they are talking right now like they have right land army of 3M private mercenaries in Europe and paid 20M people throwing flowers at them :))
    They are like Hitler in bunker 1945 :))

    1. On other hand we have on Bloomberg, as our central committee bulletin candidate, good news.

      Pillage is good if punishment upon people for not repaying debt is fear which can produce more pillage later. On Bloomberg they get it, they want to pillage more, they are normal and good.
      On Fox news they want to pillage it until bones and leave it, those are stingy racist. Petty one. On Fox news are pigs.

  6. Guys look this site... This is hard core...

  7. And this is happening right now, seems banksters are going in to full scale racial war against Southern European Romance Mediterranean race plus against Slavic European race...

    Why Quebec and Canada is not counted as Latin speaking America also?
    Look this, they are cutting food imports for Greece...

    Celtic people should also fight against this racial extermination attempts with Romance and Slavic people.

    We should brake every Germanic skull in Europe.
    French capitalists are also Germanic import, France is under oppression and under occupation by germanic tribes there.

    Putin can liberate us all from this Germanic & Chinese steppe extermination attempts...

    Evo Morales, Venezuela, Argentina, everyone is calling this end of Euro imperialism.

    This is getting racial again.

  8. I think they brought in Karl Marx to late from the subs bench. I would have brought in a ringer like Emerson in the second half. When ever they have a poll on peoples favourite philosopher old Karl wins by a large margin.

    1. Yea i really do not get it, they really act like they do not want all...
      Those small capitalists are so ideological and ideology is proven to be nothing because only insane people can think that you have to use same tool all the time for every problem.

    2. My theory says that capital is mandate by government for someone to work with fear in time.

      Internet abolished need of government for carrier of fear to be some capitalist on terrain, made of flesh and blood, simply because that is not economical. Internet abolished that because Internet abolished problem of time.

      Marx is saying that capitalists is one who have mandate by government to say to someone on terrain, you work this, and when you finished i will take all what you have earned and than i will maybe give you salary. Capitalist is one who works with future, he exist in time.

      They are not needed any more, now they are becoming non economical, they are becoming american indians. They is why everyone is looking at Northern Korea.

    3. North Korea is good feudal country, because you cannot have authority among people given by money, only God can give that authority. Especially now when problem of time is solved. That is why for USA it would best to proclaim Queen as new ruler of USA. Global capitalism is last gasp of capitalists to control time:) Feudal reforms on terrain are needed very fast if you do not like yellow buckets of paint or comrade Putin.

  9. Pedophilia is next, all this rich capitalists are pedophiles, as that is only way how to enter among them. Just read those comments bellow, my fake Facebook account was suddenly closed today, just when i started supporting Mr. Putin and calling for anti-germanic resistance...

    In those comments on HF female faggots are right now saying how we normal people must now have fake accounts to go against faggots and pedophiles... And they are right, but they are forgetting how we are also in majority.

    And we all could live in such nice workers self-management buildings Capitalists cannot build such, it will always smell something, look how it have city like feeling, not even one capitalist can build this. It have stones down there on walls, 4 room apartments, built to sustain nuclear attack, fat wide walls... Nuclear shelters on every corner for civil defence for all people. Built in 1950es in our real communism.,16.437995,3a,75y,352.16h,115.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgiHf_4iPD_RHUt5hxBo8XQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Yep comrade Putin is only solution.

  10. Merkel is a dumbass German politician like the idiots who ruled under Weimar. Just as they did she's sent the world into a depression with her austerity bullshit.

    Germany must turn to the far right, elect a true leader like Heir Hitler as the savior of the whole continent this time just as Lord George said he was.....

    And get rid of these insane austerity measures and adopt the politicies of Nazi Finance Czar Helmar Shacht and expand the money supply, marginalize debt, and GROW out of this debacle.

    Greek and German far right neo-Nazi elements must join together and do what's right for the PEOPLE and not the banks and elites....

    And that doesn't mean ALL the people...that means the Greeks and Germans who are borne in those countries with Greek and German blood who have a birthright to those nations.

    Foreigners get the hell out....and maybe Jews too I'm sad to say.

    Jews now have their home "homeland" so go there.

    1. Conclusion is that we need more of socialism, Hitler biggest problem was that he allowed those capitalists to send them shitty products for German hard credited money...
      He thought, as long as they service my national-socialist goal they are free, that was wrong, you cannot have old Mark III / IV tanks from 1935 competing with T-34.
      T-34 was finished in 1939 and Panther as competitor came in 1944!
      Capitalists will always try to sell you old shit for bigger money, because profit is rising exponentially when you are overusing already built logistical production chain.

      You think they care about anything.
      Also that shitty Sherman tanks going against Tigers? They are always 100% insane...

      If you are going to leave capitalists alive from time to time you must kill few of them. Just to show who the boss is.

      I am becoming less and less choosy, if someone would offer me national-socialism over this shit, i would take it also.

      Listen, we can come to power again if we support each other. So we can kill each other later. Only this time we must delay it bore they are done.

      See how Syriza is in coalition with Right wing party that is only possible way forward.

      Le Pen, Putin, Italian northern league...
      It is important to move those on top first.
      And never start to go against each other before job is done 100% with those who scare kids.

  11. Herr Hitler had great battle plan for end of war. His plan was to entice russians to come to Berlin, then defend it with 1,5M soldiers, and than move south (Battle for Budapest)... That battle for Budapest was almost victory, he lost is because of traitorous German generals...
    Sarin gas was ready and produced, unknown to Americans and English (goes thru masks and no anti-serum was unknown) Herr Hitler ordered attack he would clean Western front and 400,000 English and Americans would be gone in first wave, than Battle for Berlin, where new anti-tank armour was introduced plus Battle for Budapest on better terms... And than his insisting that new Me 262 must be tank buster but not fighter going russian tanks would be good decision.

    1. Hitler also knew how rotten and divided capitalists were, and he understood how tactic of WW1 was dumb. Even Germans in 1918 introduced new tactic.

  12. I hope Mr. Obama will fix this problem and cooperate with Syriza, we in Yugoslavia were also taking western credits all the time and were always returning them. But It is impossible to return credits if you have to buy German or Chinese goods with that money or if those credits goes to rich. In that case US will go bankrupt because credits will be unrepeatable.

    1. Or whole southern Europe should take credits and investments from UK. British were not so stupid to buy those american financial products based on real estate bubble. UK did not have real estate bubble nor it will have one. This is great opportunity for British to invest here. And British are good in phycology, so they could easily penetrate market against Germans. Pound as new german DM. Lets not forget that DM went as main currency all down to Sudan until 1989. And that today if you try to change 100 Euros in Guinea that Negros will laugh at you, as they do not know what is that at all. (and that was in exchange office!!)

  13. One of my political science 101 teachers (the only one I ever had who i got in trouble....) told me about this brilliant skit.... it was very funny. If I remember correctly, my only response was that it was sad and pathetic that it took Socrates (the guy who drank Hemlock) and Archemedes (the guy who invented things) to score a bloody goal. Go figure. The skit makes you think, about dong more than just praying for the cows to come home. Sometimes its the farmer who just goes out and gets them, that matters most.