Thursday, July 16, 2015

Donald Trumps Hillary and Jeb! He May be Joke to those on the Left/Democrats but I can Assure you He could become our Next POTUS!
No Joking!
Donald Trump came out with a fury unbeknownst in modern times. He has elicited the comedic vitriol of the enfeebled Jay Leno and those who really think he is cannon fodder for some type of humor –at his expense, of course. Somehow I want to take him a lot more seriously than those who think he is a blustering buffoon or a self-caricature. His braggadocio has effectively covered a very shrewd, highly manipulative, sensitive businessman and showman.

I don’t know Donald Trump. I have never met him. Yet I have worked with five Presidents of the USG and he stands out in a way that reflects some characteristics of each president with whom I had worked.
Nixon was not comfortable in one on one encounters. He was basically shy as was George H. W. Bush. Both were tempered by the imperatives to pander for political favors and assume a fa├žade of gratitude. Trump has no need to pander to anyone. He chooses his own friends and colleagues and demands a certain amount of respect and loyalty. That was true of Nixon, Bush Sr, and Reagan.
Like Jimmy Carter, Trump has appealed to the populist and the incompetency or corruption of his predecessors as a narrative that will allow him some justification for running for POTUS. Those who do not take him seriously now, will pay a very high price later. He, like Nixon, Bush Sr, Reagan –all demand an implicit loyalty that transcends practical quotidian concerns. Theirs is a loyalty for a lifetime to be called upon whenever they decide they might need you.
Like Nixon, Trump does not avoid risk and in particular the willingness to endure failure. I must admit in that sense, Trump is also very much like Obama who has been willing to risk all his political capital on Obamacare; the Iran Nuclear Treaty; and the opening of relationship with Cuba.

Trump is quite bold and at times offensive. His mode of operation is to basically come into an unknown scenario blazing away, hitting indiscriminately anyone or any issue that may stand in his way of progress as a serious candidate for the Presidency. Reagan was very much that way, except he used humor which could be quite biting and offensive, as a way to disarm his opponents. Reagan would mock them later on for taking themselves too seriously [ a bit of a sadistic streak].
Next we have Trump’s business ventures which may or may not be valued at $9 Billion. Whatever fraction of that number may be the real or presumed estimate is not for me to say. I do know from having visited his failed casinos as a managing director for Kidder Peabody [on his helicopter that was not properly certified to fly- no biggie!] his missing cash flows and discounted net worth was still sufficient to garner the attention of Wall Street to try and bail him out of one of his many bankruptcies. As a business man, I am always impressed by those entrepreneurs who have gone bankrupt and then return to the so-called coterie of ‘successful businessmen’. Nixon had always said that he measured a man by his ability to ‘get up from the floor’ and continue ‘to fight’. Nixon, like Trump and even Hillary Clinton can be evaluated on the basis of how they rebounded from disaster or failure.
As for his specific plans that he would like to implement as POTUS, Trump has said very little—and rightfully so. Like Reagan and Bush sr, specificity of implementation will come much later—probably after the Republican Debates. For Trump like Carter, Reagan, Obama, the grand illusions are out there to be articulated and debated endlessly while they concentrate on the other aspects of their respective careers.
Trump has the same affability as Bill Clinton and can deliver it with somewhat more gusto. For now, the American public wants to hear not words but affective emotions that will resonate with their underlying feelings—be it hope, anger or both. Trump has the political acumen of a Bill Clinton who can reach out and co-opt any adversary through bluffs, cajoling and endearments.

As someone who has been involved extensively in real estate transactions, I can assure you that as practitioner of motivating a matrix of skills and diversity of different types of people, Trump may have no equal. The one reason I never went into construction was the fact that I did not want to deal with the different zoning commissions and their particular peccadillos. It was tiresome and exhausting. However, Trump has made his basic livelihood as man overriding these minor problems and constructing all types of buildings all over the world.  In many cases, he sold his name as moniker for others to develop what they wanted to see built. Some were successes. Some were failures.
That combination of failures and successes is par for the course of an industry that has more sinusoidal waves inherent in its industrial fluctuations than a tidal wave in maelstrom.
Jeb Bush is nothing more than a pimple on the ass of Trump’s discomfort. He should never have run. And it serves Mr. Priebus [Chairman of RNC] that he best leave Trump alone; lest Trump break out of the staid, moribund Republican Party and run as an Independent. Over the past thirty years, the Republicans have shown an incredible inability to sense underlying emotional issues that resonate with Americans despite the highly publicized misbegotten and erroneous polls created by lackluster retreads of past campaigns.

Romney lost the election because he ran a very poor campaign-thanks to his inability to discern any reliable talent that was not vouchsafed for previously. I warned that Rich Williamson, his Campaign Manager, would never deliver a Presidency. I knew that because these guys had failed before, they didn’t have the fortitude nor the skill set to get elected. Trump must pick a political team that is chosen by him and not transferred from some other failing candidate. He must also learn to monitor his energy level and remember that this is a long race in which he must defeat an opponent –Hillary Clinton—who has known as many failures as he has. She will not give up. She could be the Nixon in a transgender mutation. She has his wily skills and quiet intellectual arrogance that will flash in moments of desperation.

Trump should remain in the race. If the Republicans give him a hard time, then he should leave the party and create a new Independent Movement. Now Americans will no longer vote accordingly to party lines. Instead, they are tired of party politics and will vote for the individual without admitting to others whom they had voted for.
It’s a new voting reality. Party politics are arcane and dying.
Religion, gun control and abortion will not be the future issues for him to worry about---it will be simply ---Trump versus Trump!
May the best man win!


  1. Should be more than interesting!::"Ventura: They May Lock Down America"

    1. I said a long time ago there was a lot more to this Pope Francis than what is been revealed and this following article just confirms my very thoughts!:::::"Pope Francis´Antichristian Encyclical “Laudatio Si” Demands “World Authority” to Enforce NWO Eco-Communist One-World Governance"

    2. when liberal capitalism destroy everything what is standing on two legs, then we are coming, we young without will to work those ugly running jobs will work in self-management organisations on terrain under infrastructure of google and under regulation of chicago communist eco-international...
      that is how is it is going be...
      what is bad in that?
      here is Michael Moore : Capitalism, a love story

    3. capitalism is biggest shit there is, in feudalism serf (worker) on land would decide about 70-80 of profit he earns... (he keeps it)
      in capitalism worker decide shit about profits, owner of capital takes all and he even decide how much and what you are going to do while you work

    4. Wrong, Lucifer is not Satan, Lucifer is hierarchal level, 1st level is Satan (he is boss and he is above), than Lucifer than Asmodeus... What Satan says, those down must listen, there is no opposition nor talk...
      On other side Holly Trinity is not hierarchical...
      But even Satan must listen Jesus... Jesus gave order to Satan in desert, to not come ever again to him, for ever... Satan lost that privilege for ever.
      Humans could destroy Satan, but God is not allowing that... Satan is needed as absence from God, absence from love. There is no love if there is not absence from love.

    5. Pedophilia and gambling are full possession of Satan him self. With difference that you must cure and help those who gamble, and to pedophile you must cut head off, and remove him eyelashes before, because he should not close them, as you want to be sure that he will be able to watch around while he is still alive. Head can think for 20 minutes without body.

    6. Seems that i have problems with this one, laziness and ingenious invention.

  2. Trump is a character to say the least. He, like Sanders draws crowds. Remember when Obama ran? His turnouts were dismal much like Hillary today yet he won.

    Trump is right about Bush, he looks like a guy that does not want to run but has to run. All the big money is flowing to Bush and Hillary. Everyone else has chump change except Trump.

    Mark my words, if Trump keeps pushing he will get the "visit". I.E. if you keep running that beautiful daughter of yours may have an accident. Remember the Perot death threats when he ran and bollixed things up for Bush and gave us the Clinthongs?

    Its going to be one of three left standing, Bush, Clintthong or Obama will keep it via Martial Law. Some of the smart money out here is on Obama.

    This country is sliding into the abyss. Only a disaster of epic proportions will save us now.

    1. They can only kill Trump,,, they are not going to confiscate his property, (they are capitalists, that is tabu for them) so they only can kill him...

    2. Dr. P I have to agree with you.

      Trump speaks an entirely different language than all politicians. He communicates completely differently. He's never had to run for office so he never comported himself to the smiling, affable benign, non-threatening banality that all American politicians assume to not be labeled as "scary" or "dangerous."

      Trump has surged because he's stated the unspeakable ---------------------

      The Mexicans are using us and have out-smarted us. We need to do with them what is RIGHT FOR US and we owe them nothing. Why should we do what's right for them?

      The Chinese have out-smarted trade hasn't worked.

      We are in a world of COMPETITORS....NOT FRIENDS.

      We have to do what's right for ourselves. We don't owe others anything.

      This message is resonating. "Respectable" politicians won't mention these things.

      I think there's clearly a parallel between him and Ross Perot, but Trump is not a quitter or a flake like Perot. Perot was nuts but Trump is a showman and media personality who knows how to use communications and put himself forward as a brand.
      Perot never had any of those skills and hated media.

    3. Miss your input Mike, you and Doc P are the only reason I look in anymore. Chia and his broken record of kill the capitalists is killing this blog... Enough already with your rhetorical diatribes Chia, we get the point already!

      Trump clearly has the management background to repair much of the damage not only on the books, but the infrastructure which we all know is/has been neglected. The guy doesn't apologize because he knows his business. Trump is proven to be a very effective manager, and in comparison to the hot dog vendor currently occupying the office, we are talking about here to Pluto in contrast.

      The real question is; would he humble himself once sitting behind THE DESK? We could only hope just enough not to press the red button! The guy is just a little off, but that's what I like about him.

      Middle America would rally behind him if he was elected, and as Doc P pointed out, he would be an unstoppable force with the right team of managers surrounding him.

      I hate to be so damn skeptical, but I think he's been thrown into the process to give us another sliver of hope, while the bigger picture chugs ahead unnoticed by the media drunk masses.

      The rest of 2015, and 2016 (if we make it) promises to be a good show now that the Don is in the mix.

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    6. Thank you for feed back Roger... My mum, dad, friends, also hated me while I was talking about capitalists and communists... They were under spell of propaganda that such talk is for losers and failures, and now when i am using new tactic, they talk alone, now they agree with me, with shine in their eyes... :))
      I am just waiting for them to say something then I give Marxist explanation. But with one rule.

      What I need to avoid, I discovered, is to put audience in to depression little too much too soon. I avoid that just by telling them how they are lucky and smart because others do not see that what they just saw, and those others, stupid one are guilty for their suffering alone and for supporting such stupid system. Then I can go full 100% depressive, then the more i am press down the more they love it. Also then there must be factor of unity with listener by calling up on common details about nice life in communism we both noticed.

      Yes problem with blog is that same story cannot go for all and i cannot know definition of other people on blog.
      As marxist definition of person, is individual reduced on way how individual is providing for own material existence. I do not know socio-economical status of others.
      Also here I should use examples about nice common past out of memory of cold war. Thank you making me rethink approach.

      Tell me do you like Brad Pitt, of course you do, even I, who does not care about celebrity culture, and even he is male, still I would read some trivial story about him just because he was always in news, he is now part of you. That is also another way for you to start liking my posts. You will read about Brad Pitt because you are sure he is part our common of history, present and future and he is not taking drugs, he do not talk compromising things. He is above everything even his drugged whore joker face wife.

    7. Ok from now i will spread love...

    8. Braddock Pitt (like his comrades) is an overpaid elitist douchetard. Hollywood exemplifies Sodom and Gammorah and showers the world with nothing but contempt and disdain for the normal hard working family.

      I don't know if you've heard of the smash hit TV show Duck Dynasty, but there are several reasons why their ratings are consistently through the roof. The main reason for that shows success is the unintended message of core family values rooted in the bible. It was supposed to be about a bunch of newly rich rednecks who got their money figuring out how to call ducks into the beads of their waiting shotguns. Who wouldn't enjoy watching that in a society of retards, right?

      The unintended by-product is the Robertson family aren't as stupid and reckless as was the intended plot. Rich rednecks running amok was the plan... Here we have a family that truly loves each other as much as they love their neighbors. A family that shares its success with their entire community out of love and discipleship - not because the government forces them to. A family that feeds and employs a small community when the greedy 'capitalist' move would be moving production to Asia to boost profits. A family that puts the Gospel of Jesus Christ before all else, and the rest falls into place. They are building houses for people... C'mon Man!

      My point to you is, take that family as your example and multiply it in the millions and that's what America truly is at its core. That Spirit. It's the only glue holding the entire mess together anymore. It's explains the shows massive success and it explains why the US out-spends the entire planet combined 10X in charity year after year.

      Karl Marx could not in a million years create such a system, and because his heart was black as coal, he and his minions would have the Robertson's and all like them killed out of jealousy. It's already been done by the tens of millions, over and over again and results are always the same - communism kills the human spirit. Did you know Karl Marx was from a weathy elitist family and never worked a hard day in his life? You would follow that kind of idiot? Maybe you come from a similar background?

      I see you struggling with the internal conflict of your faith vs. the Marxist utopian dream - You best remember that the Spirit of love, compassion, charity, giving, or ingenuity will never be state owned or controlled. Nobody can manufacture these things except the author himself through those with glad and humble hearts. True all governments (especially ours) are hijacked by the miscreants of the world. Pontious Pilot... Has it ever been any different? We live, love and serve our neighbors in spite of the government.

      As it is written, so it shall be...

    9. No i think hermetic US christian majority could control capitalists, but in agriculture only, but when factories came without Marx christianity did not have answer... Later on even fear from USSR was needed to keep Christian minority up above capitalists...
      Now they rule without any fear...

    10. Agree with dltravers:

      America is a captured operation. The bushes & clintons are criminals-murderers thieves, plunderers &
      100% pure psychopathic evil.
      According to them, we are sheep, easily manipulated.

      Dr. P. Is wearing rose colored glasses.


      HE MAY BE WORTH $10B USD, but he is an outsider.

      There will be a contract on him...unless he COURAGEOUSLY exposes the spider web crime syndicate running our country.

      A 3rd party run is exactly what Hillary ("Lady MacBeth" reincarnated) is fantasizing about during her masturbating sessions...

      Trump is too astute for that risk.

  3. Americans are tired of the political "double speak" and duplicity, and taxation without representation (which is responsible for a skrinking middle class imo) and bullshit wars on everything from; poverty, to drugs, to illiteracy, etc etc., that make the aforementioned issues worse and not better.
    "Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?".....Re: Reagan
    Its still about the economy... people will vote their pocket books, imo.

  4. On HfP they are saying that they will not going to report about Trump any more...
    I guess they are thinking he is not talking about serious things...
    For small people questions about mafia, drugs and degrading non melting pot immigration are serious questions.

    1. Trump is normal wing of political spectrum.

    2. Only two articles i opened on HfP were those two articles...

      Trump saying he will spend all what is needed to become president...

      And that latinos are hating him...

      on HfP i am sure they see what articles people are opening, that is why they decided to ditch him, but i think it is too late to stop him...
      this reminds me of anti-bureaucratic revolution in Serbia when Milosevic was abolishing Yugoslavia and started introducing market reforms and was replacing system with nationalism, some media had same reaction to him...
      this is some hard core central planning
      It is always goal to make people to demand violently what government is going to give them... :))
      poor serbs... they had all, paved roads, good clothing, free flats, secured jobs, no bosses... they demanded to go down:)

  5. I agree Chia.

    Nobody reads you. A thoughtful comment every now and then, but you come across as a babbling shit shoveler who lives in the barn.

    1. Sorry that goes in package, nothing is free, not even in communism...

      Here is Vitaly biggest prankster of YT, resting near my barn, 30km from me...
      What is special on this video... No minorities, even most you are going to see are americans:)

      That is western paradise for hard working person of west...! Minorities are to be invisible, capital must be equally dispersed.

  6. Think I will start trusting elected administrations when, and if:

    1. The banks and corporations can no longer lobby, and are no longer considered people...
    2. When "free" trade deals is no longer double speak, making nations subjugated to transnationals.
    3. When the banks are no longer bailed out or bailed-in. When banks can fail and do.
    4. When the free market is actually the best voting mechanism int he world, surpassing anything any elected official can plan or veto. Think Glass Steagel and whatever else too.
    5. When the federal reserve is abolished, and when the US Treasury prints its own cash for "national purposes," without telling the rest of the world how to do their business.
    6. When newspapers print real news, and when citizens like myself don't have to become mini spies, journalists, and lawyers to just to sort out the bullcrap that they surrounded with, just for personal reasons in order to have an ounce of self-esteem. Its bullcrap when you have to own a library which contradicts itself just to feel confident about what you don't know.

    I ain't no scholar, but that was just written in a few strokes of time. Call it a paper napkin ultimatum of trust.

    Till then, I'm still greatly interested in who is in the office. But mostly I'm interested in what they are lying about, and who they are shaking hands with in the process.

    Is Donald Trump good? He could be a straw man to burn away legitimate contenders, who then steps down later in the race, to allow a Clinton or a Bush to take office. AJ and others are staking this opinion.

    His politics seems wonderful in many aspects, but when you see the system he's being voted into - how can a person ever trust him? It will never happen until the system itself is changed. Its not personal - its institutional - the lack of trust. You can't vote away the decay of political mayhem, and if you can, I'll believe it when I see it. I don't personally believe I've ever seen a politician in my lifetime do anything like that.

  7. I've been very slowly browsing through Brzezinski's book "Between the Two Ages: America's Role in the Technotronic Era."" Let me just say that it says a ton of brilliant things - and talks about a reality that completely side steps democracy and free will. I believe this book highlights the compelete anti-thesis to your argument about Donald Trump, Dr. P.

    Read the comments about this book on Amazon, Dr. P, on the link provided above. My guess is that you already know about that stuff and I'm just reifying a point in the process.

  8. Appreciate all comments on this topic, let's be a bit more optimistic
    about our ability to change the tide. We can: its only people and time. Thanks to all, more to come.

  9. I agree, its good to have MIT/CIA back in comment field.

  10. and Patriarch!! Thanks for the heads up comment, hope he reads it.