Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Pluto to Tehran: America is on a Roll from Space to Earth! 
Critics Abound with the Latest Agreement with Iran: Expected but Inappropriately Hysterical!
Now that the deal between Iran and America has been culminated after years of negotiating, I must congratulate President Obama and his administration—including the civilians, military personnel, and intelligence community. For most of you who have never had the pleasure of negotiating an international treaty with any foreign countries, I can assure you that it is arduous and invariably thankless. Predictably, the hackneyed misanthrope of past administrations, be they famous or infamous, immediately rush to the media to make pronouncements which may sound erudite and profound but really reflect their envy and self-loathing for the inevitable process of aging and becoming less than irrelevant.

I have been a healthy critic of the Obama administration from the very beginning. However, I must admit that years ago, when I first realized that Obama and his administration, including all elements of military/civilian capabilities, were involved in a discrete and serious detente with Iran, I maintained that the Iran deal would be inevitable. The times have changed since I refused President Carter’s order to negotiate with Ramsey Clark [inept left wing political crony] with Ayatollah Khomeini.
I remembered that upon my final resignation after having been insubordinate for the second time to President Carter [Hanafi Muslim Hostage Siege—I refused to ‘stand down’], I informed Sec State Cyrus Vance that the Iran Hostage Siege would last quite a long time. Then almost a decade ago, I went on my own to Iran and visited the house of Ayatollah Khomeini were his family was extremely gracious and welcoming, as most Persians are. 

After having espied countless nose jobs of young Persian women and absorbing the fact that most of the people I had seen were young, intelligent and pro-America, I knew then, that in short time Iran and America would once again enter in a mutually satisfactory economic/political relationship. It was Obama and his team including Sec State John Kerry who have accomplished the long overdue rapprochement.
I would like to make it clear that from the very beginning of my support for this treaty years ago, I was certain that the geopolitical and psychological realities of the Middle East would have to change. My response to recent comments by some of my former colleagues, many of whom have never been involved in implementing a treaty or changing a regime without violence, is that they have concentrated on the wrong issue—nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors. Those issues are a complete distraction created by our erstwhile dependent, pubescent country which Americans have ‘breast fed’ for too long—Israel, the ‘nipple dependent infant of a country’

The bold calculations that were made by this administration with all of its component parts was that Iran and Turkey would become the new hegemony of the Middle East while we, Americans, shift to the Far East and concentrate our time, energy and concerns in Asia where the prospects for peace and economic growth exceed normal expectations.
Understandably, most of ‘think tank’ experts including the ones who had considered themselves ‘realpolitik experts’ missed the crucial shift in the schwerpunkt [center of gravity] when our illustrious Gen. David Petraeus and Gen Martin Dempsey clearly stated that Israel is a ‘strategic liability’ and that our concerns are not to be mired in ancient, tribal conflicts that had it’s precedent centuries ago.
A close friend of mine whom I respect, asked me if I thought that Obama, suis generis, has the ability to engage in a strategic world overview. I assured him that like our previous boss, Pres. Nixon, Obama had shown the same personality traits of someone who wanted to accomplish major achievements in world affairs like the opening of Communist Cuba [my birth place] as well as something as difficult and impossible as peace with Iran.
Remember what I have written continuously in my blogs: Obama was what I have derisively described in the past as ‘a CIA baby’ –nurtured and fostered since childhood as an operative with great potential.  I referenced his mother who worked in Indonesia as a trained ‘anthropologist’ who spoke several languages. I mentioned his maternal grandfather and grand mother who both worked in the East-West Center, a place known as a ‘cut-out’ for the CIA.

Now, I must congratulate the CIA/ MI and other intelligence communities for having nurtured and supported one of their own to initiate a bold peace plan that truly deserves a Nobel Prize. It was the latter award that gave me the clue that Iran and Obama would make certain that he would one day deserve that award that was given to him prematurely.
Many say that times are changing and we have entered into a period of chaos and world disorder. I disagree.We have always had wars or low intensity conflicts even during the Cold Wars but then, we did not have the internet and social media to augment the intensities of conflicts that were de rigeur for centuries.

As for the fear of an Arab Nuclear Bomb, please, I have often written about the most dysfunctional state of Pakistan which has hundreds of nuclear bombs with delivery capacity that can easily reach Israel or India. Yet never one word is uttered about the ISI control of a nuclear arsenal where Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Haqqanni network of terrorists know everything about this loosely controlled arsenal of massive destruction. Why is the Pakistan Bomb never mentioned by our antiquated pundits who slobber words of righteous indignation as they reside in our tax supported nursing homes a.k.a Washington D.C. “Think Tanks”?

America, enjoy the fact that in one day, we have been able to achieve what most nations in the world can only dream of---we reached Pluto, the planet as well as correctly realigned the Middle East where our new surrogates will try to maintain some stability. Now Turkey will oversee the Sunni States as they have done for centuries under the guise of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey will continue to engage those post neo-colonialist nations created by the British: Saudi Arabia; UAE; Jordan; offering to engage in war or peace. Now those aforementioned countries are frozen in time with a stale economy where fossil fuels can never resurrect their impending futures.
As for Iran, along with Russia, China, and some of the EU countries, they will temper the Civil Wars in Syria; Lebanon; Bahrain; Yemen; Iraq. Contrary to the zeitgeist of hysteria and panic, I am one American who is extremely proud of the President and the members of his administration who helped to bring Iran back into the fold of nations. I have waited longer than the ride to Pluto, almost thirty some years.
I will quietly celebrate something that I could never expect would happened in my own limited life time: a Treaty with Iran. Next watch the American, German, French, Russian, Chinese companies enter into a melee of infrastructures and booming oil wells long discarded by wars and negligence. Always remember that most treaties are never about the manifest content but about “Money”!!  Everyone stands to make a fortune in the new wild-west called Persia/Iran [Boeing; UAL; American Airlines; Peugot; Halliburton; Shlumberger]. 
Already some of our senior former Ambassadors are lining up to line their pockets with whatever currencies they may want to use.
Merci !!!!



  1. What are differences between Islam and Christianity from atheist perspective...
    Islam is religion which is part of every day life because:
    1. They pray on every possible places, in their private houses, in their brothels and gay spas also, after conducting acts of pedophilia and later, after ordering lesbian sex between his 3 wife and before...
    2. Their priests yell from mosque while in churches priests talk only to those who are in church.
    3. That false religions is part of their everyday life in their dresses, in what they are going to wear, how they will judge other humans, laws, music, etc etc...

    Now what to do with Turkey, Turkey needs to be punished for Armenian genocide...
    And we are not mentioning Putin in all of this. I think he will just play and let all those bankrupt capitalists to invest in Iran to destroy Iranian economy and then he will enter like real liberator. Just how situation is now developing in Europe.
    Putin just have to wait, only where i would put pressure is Kurdistan and Greece... There i would not give one step more to bankrupt capitalist baggers.

    1. USA can go invest in to Taiwan and Vietnam as area with biggest growth anywhere, and Putin and China can take South America, Africa, Europe, India, Arctic, Antartica, non turkish Sunni Mid East... And that if fair deal, because capitalists can live only from sucking only those how have growth.

    2. For us capitalists it would be best to go to live on Taiwan.

    3. Once again the big loser is Israel and this time the loss is huge.

      Everyone in the world except for Iran's lunatic Arab neighbors will love this deal......

      The world will embrace it and Iran will come out from sanctions and the detente that COULD HAVE BEEN WITH IRAN AFTER 9-11 WHEN THE IRANIANS OFFERED IT WILL FINALLY HAPPEN...

      If Israel had seen the writing on the wall and joined the winning side things might not be so bad for them....

      But like their neo-con American agents who engineered the rift with Iran after 9-11....

      The Isrealis will lose entirely through this process.

      Israel and Iran did enormous business together during the Iran-Iraq war and both sides can find pragmatism if the Israelis want...

      But they are too arrogant to seek that.

  2. Very positive, Webster Tarpley about Iranian deal on Iranian Press TV

    1. When it is about foreign policy, americans are like one.

  3. Galileo was not burned, he was put aside, Church knew he was right (they knew it already), but he had to "burned" as example to youth!

  4. The same Neocons who are nutting up about this is the same group that wanted to sell reactors to the Shah. If Israel was going to bomb Iran they would not be claiming that for years. They would do it and say nothing beforehand. They have the corridors from the Sunnis.

    All In all, Iran is a young nation and the hate America crowd is in control. I don't think that will change anytime in our life. Islam is strong and growing. It their Madi comes then all the more.
    They expect him soon.

    The Saudis will get nukes if they don't already have them. The difference being, if Israel is backed in a corner they will use them. If the Saudis fall and the nut jobs take over then we may see the Shiites and the Sunnis nuke each other and leave Israel alone.

    The Christians expect Jesus and the antichrist at the same time, the Jews expect the Messiah, The Shiites and the Sunnis expect their saviors. Others are waiting to put the golden capstone on the pyramid announcing their leader. Its a damnable mess waiting to happen.

    Things were manageable in the old days, today madness and uncertainty rules and this thing could turn any direction at any moment.

    1. No no no, thing are super controllable, you just get class of capitalist traitors in any country you go, sell sodomy to youth pay off generals and make threats with civil war. And you have free market capitalism. 7 living like shit for 2 out of one is from government and where other is small entrepreneur... Congratulation, you just got land, and if that land do not have oil or socialism not connected with chinese or russian army, congratulation your country is done, you got social structure of mexico...

  5. My late Adventist pastor always talked about eschatology (last day events) by prefacing his comments with the following statement: "when Turkey falls, then the end (of the world) is near".
    Nothing at this point would surprise me in regards to our world's constant state of change, good as well as bad.
    I'm hoping for the best though.

  6. Indeed as Winston would have said 'jaw, jaw' is better than 'War, War', it is almost the exact opposite of when 'Dick' was trying to get those 'missing' nukes out there to start a situation with Iran. Now from the 1984 department I came across the little gem that the 50% of internet users worldwide who downloaded Google Chrome also downloaded a software which gives Google the ability to listen to audio through a users computer! Without their knowledge. WTF. Also I was quite intrigued by the levels of reality revealed in the video allegedly from John McCains assistant's phone by Russian hackers. So we have a film of a fake beheading in a studio, the released film may be real or a fake, while the original act itself may also be a fake, that is the films 'found' by Katz in Washington. It could be a fake of a fake of a fake! Confused you should be. I remember John Fowles 'The French Lieutenants Woman' a good book and film where there are three similar levels. So first the Victorian history which was kind of true, then the film/book story which was fiction, then the actors story which was also fiction as they made the story behind the scenes of the film. I like the idea of film crews filming film crews while on another story. A bit like the Rockwell picture painting himself x3.

  7. Here is street in greece, with new houses, this does not look like something bad, for capitalists people are bankrupt when people live nice without living under their control... they want to destroy this and give that only to them and to 1%... In Greece 15% had this... On west this is only for 1%, or to those who are going to sell their souls to them...,23.913471,3a,75y,61.28h,93.89t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sa-Z2EYXgyUZNUiM4OpwzJw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en

  8. All those pagan western scum who supported Turks against Greeks in Turkish-Greek war, (Greeks even entered Ankara) and were against liberation from muslim pagans because they are pagans them self will now pay dearly...
    Pakistan and India joins SCO, next is Turkey...
    Poor capitalists are so stingy and poor they would rather invest in to cultural and religious enemy than to invest little more in to them self and get more money later...
    Capitalists are abnormal scum which are suicidal and they must be put under control and abolished...
    USA thinks they will control Ottoman Empire wow, and they will split Balkan with Germans and Ottomans, woow, what moronic idiot is writing those policies...***

    Pakistan must give Turkey nuclear weapons program, Russia must build them nuclear plants, and get overt this idiotic american dreams...

    Greeks must occupy half of Turkey with Bulgaria... Armenia and Kurdistan take other half, Iran must enter Mediterranean sea near Alepo, than Greece and Iran must form restored Alexander Empire...
    But pagans who controls USA are pagan idiot without any connection to west so we must kill them, they are dangerous...
    Only condition to this is to have Archbishop of Konstantinopol to unite with Catholic Church...
    If it is not going to be that way, that it will be that way with help of Putin... Sorry USA, Putin is less of pagan...

    1. When capitalists see lot of people in Asia they will invest all what they have there, because rate of return is higher soon, even if that is suicidal and anti-christian, they will never plan anything else...

      Pope is right when he is saying that we need to destroy capitalism. Capitalistic godless USA is becoming biggest enemy of Christianity and western civilisation...
      It is sad to watch american people beginning to live like Indians under Mughal Empire.–22)

    2. Why would not america take Konstantinopol abolish Turkey as country and make Konstantinopol 51. state of EU and USA... :) America can hold there barracks and ports, and can restore Alexander Empire from Vienna to Karachi - Pakistan... Here you have Christian Mogul Empire...

  9. Geopolitically these are challenging times for me, cognitively. While I respect your view, I'm still looking at things from every angle, unfixed with opinions and anecdotes. The Iran issue is has been an internal debate with me for years now, without any clear views.

    Met a lot of wonderful Iranians here in Canada, albeit. They are some of the most educated and culturally aware, accepting, and diverse group of people that I've met. My only contention, which is very superficial, is that most Iranian women I've been peers with dress incredibly feminine and talk with very high falsetto voices, above a relaxed articulation of the larynx, which their culture likely dictates. That said, I hope more and more Iranians settle in Canada, and/or get educations here....

    That said, my feelings geopolitically arrange themselves, perhaps like confetti, when thinking of Iran. There are so many issues, that are hard to pin down in terms of any set way of thinking or doctrine...

    1. The Israeli issue - Iran has the largest population in the Jews outside of Israel if I remember correctly. Only those in power, are likely fundamentalist, and therefore, tribal, if that may be true at all (?).
    2. But the real issue is the nuclear threat, involving yellow cake - uranium oxide processed in centrifuges. Personally I don't think there is any way to babysit Iran on this issue, in terms of inspections, and for America to even try, apart from starting a war, which can easily act as a catalyst for a larger world war - whatever way they turn America is likely to shoot itself in the foot on this one. So did Obama do the right thing? I can't answer that, but I will say that if I was somehow an actor, I think I would have been much more passive and neutral than even Obama just out of indecision. For that, I think its ok to not have all the answers, about how the world is supposed to work.
    3. America is using Iran to clean up Iraq?
    A) its been commented this might merely spread Iran's forces thin, and help destabilize Iran, if there ever was an American war with Iran.
    B) America doesn't have the political will to have ground forces in Iraq, in terms of a body count - and therefore using Iran as leverage, from Oriental Persia to the Middle East, to act as a viable regional power, seems to be the things to do.
    4. You mentioned having Turkey and Iran as regional powers that America can have relationship with. I'm a little more hesitant on these terms, because i still think America thinks Brzezinski style (Gagnum style has to be dubbed "Brzezinski Style" lyrically IMHO).... which I'm mostly confused about. I understand in CFR writings or whatever that Brzeezinski was the influence behind Obama shooting down Israeli war planes in the event of a strike (huge etc), and on the other hand, doing everything in its power to stop a Eurasian Trade Zone from forming. Lets just say I'm neither well read enough or experienced with the world to have my own opinions on this one yet - but I think I can basically see the players. In my personal library, I'd say its Jerome Corsi vs Brzezinski.... Who will win? In Canada, that would best be termed, Stephen Harper (Corsi) vs. Justin Trudeau (Brzezinski), if that "might" be a fair analysis.

    Lets just say that in the real world these tensions are unresolved, as they are with me. In the very least though, I'd be keeping a very tight relationship with Iran's leadership, as I think they "might" be a little nutty. But no experience on that.

  10. Here is daddy Varoufakis talking about death of BW system in 1971, because USA stopped to have surpluses to be recycled, i am saying BW stopped in de facto 1966.

    1. Reagan was nothing and Bush also, they did nothing to fall of socialist block he says, it was done by Paul Walker! Economic genius. He was not some stupid poor capitalist (shit heads), we was more greedy. Stock of Jimmy Carter :))
      Lets not forget that we in Yugoslavia had highest economic growth below Japan in 1950es and 1960es :)

    2. Wizard class :) working with time, and we all know only God can work with time.

    3. US demand for Japanese good are 60% less, after 2008, 2007, 30% less for Chinese and 25% less for German goods...

  11. I will have to admit that i'm also not too familiar with Hassan Rouhani (, the president of Iran. I've only acquanted myself with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the past (, who is likely way more radical. Lets just say I'm behind the times... I was there for the Green Movement (, but didn't keep up.... Just reading about it now, and so far, Rouhani seems like he has more than just dental floss holding his head on his shoulders, compared to Ahmadinejad.... Interesting times... I'm actually very happy for the Iranians...

  12. The more I think about it, I'm actually happy that there wasn't an alleged war between Israel and Iran... That would be dire!!!

    I'm not even sure Israel could get away with that, or what kind of diplomatic or military contingencies Israel might have with Russia, on that note. I'd love to know - because that is the question...

    I'm also not a believer in UN/IAEA inspections or the billions in sanctions against Iran. That's nuts. So maybe Obama did do the right thing.. Trade civilizes in my opinion and creates a healthy wold. And Rouhani seems like someone who is good for diplomacy with a larger world, if not Israel, and everyone else. Nobody might see eye-to-eye on everything, but there are lots of good places to start - and maybe Obama has done something positive on that note.

    What claim does Israel really have that Rouhani et al is a genuine threat to Israel's security as a nation? I can understand the propoganda around Amadinejad (and I've read many sides to this story beyond Israels), but I'm not sure that there is some "eminent" threat against Israel by Shia fundamentalists.

  13. Should have written "imminent" threat.... not "emminent" as that implies the power of the government to take private property, etc. I'm such a lousy writer... take me weeks, if not months, to iron essays and other documents out, that I care about... not a writer, that's for sure. "I fear God is not dead because we still believe in grammar." paraphrasing Nietzsche

    1. do not worry that is why we have option edit just right of reply word at end of our posts... NOT

  14. Here is another side to the story. Let's call it the Global Research/WND opinion... Both articles are written by Jerome Corsi.

    1. Central Bankers Controlling U.S. Iran Talks?

    2. White House Stunning on its Duplicity with Iran.

    Beyond that, I'd really like to know more about Israel's opinion on the Rouhani government. There are so many sides to this story that I don't know.

    But just to scrape the surface, here is some Israeli media stating that Rouhani is not as moderate as people think - as he's still supporting proxy wars with Hamas, and others.

    An Israeli Press coverage of Rouhani

    ** Iranian President Hasan Rouhani: Israel is 'a wound on the body of the Islamic world'

    The world is never simple is it?

  15. Usually love Ezra Levant's take on things, as a Conservative Canadian Jew and Lawyer...

    In nuclear talks, Obama acted as Iran's Lawyer

  16. There are many sides to this story, but if I was going to take the time to start somewhere, here is where I'd start:

    1. Brzezinski

    Iran: Time for a new Approach
    PDF CFR document/book

    Think he's written two books on Iran if you look on Amazon or other...

    2. Valerie Jerrett - Senior White House Official
    Many are calling her Obama's potential architect of the US-Iran Deal.

    About Valerie Jarrett - basic profile

    1. Iranians are good... We can make nice empire from them.
      Kurds are buying land in by Serbia occupied Vojvodina (next Kosovo)

  17. Stratfor Global Intelligence seems to be focusing on Iran's oil infrastructure, the release of sanctions, and an increase world supply of oil, potentially furthering the trend towards lower oil prices globally.

    On a quick note, this would seem like a good scenario for the United States, which seemingly can QE without penalty - while further turning the price of oil downwards, depressing the Russian Federations stability, while helping to dislocate any Eurasian trade zone potential. As noted in the Stratfor Global Intelligence article above, is the question whether or not Iran can get its mature fields producing oil again, after so many years of being inactive amid globally depressed prices.

    However in another article by Stratfor, Mohsen Qamsari merely states that he will try and get market share back in Europe, prior to sanctions, among other things, while not "somehow" causing a panic by dumping oil into the world market. Whatever.

  18. Iran Is Hiding 51 Million Oil Barrels At Sea, Maritime Tracker Reports

    The question is, does anybody suspect that Obama's deal with Iran, lifting sanctions, might infact bankrupt the oil market globally? It seems to be deflation in markets is here to stay....
    I'm not buying oil stocks anytime soon, and if I had them, I'd be dumping...

  19. Or dump oil, and buy uranium stocks, "if" you like the energy sector. and if you believe the Iran sanctions might be lifted pending Obama's deal somehow gets pushed through via odious inspections, that perhaps rely more on politics than logic.

  20. For now I read somewhere that Congress has 60 days to sleep and drool over this deal with Iran. Maybe Obama can Caesar his veto too. No clue.

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  23. It is a petrodollar longevity agreement, nothing more.
    Or we would be negotiating with Pakistan & North Korea.

    Netanyahu knows this or he would expose "Obama" 's true ID & expose the Fraud.
    Obama had zero to contribute to this. He Is a ZERO. He is a PUPPET.
    These negotiations have been on & off since 2002.

    The US government is the FEDERAL RESERVE's proxy. They are sabre-rattlling about nuclear weapons and the threat Iran poses to the Middle East, BUT the thin veneer of lies spouted by the elite controlled media is being stripped away, revealing the truth of their "warmongering" rhetoric:

    Iran is seeking to disengage itself from the petrodollar dynamic. In 2005, Iran sought to create an Iranian Oil Exchange, thus bypassing the US controlled petrodollar.

    This "DEAL "is a ruse as a motive.