Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump Attacks John McCain and Double Downed!
McCain was Not a War Hero!
Once again we find ourselves in the middle of a stream of invectives between a man who served our country [McCain] and one that refused to serve [Trump]. Does the fact that Trump seemingly insulted McCain minimize his chances in the Presidential race for 2016?
Let’s exam the more relevant factors in Trump’s assertions.
[1] He claims that McCain was a ‘dummy’ and was ‘low man’ in his Annapolis Class.
Fact: John was born to an extremely privileged military family about which he says very little. Both his grandfather and father were famous Four Star U.S. Navy Admirals.
Clearly he had an advantage when he entered the U.S. Naval Academy. However, according to his own memories, he said the following: “ was bullshit and I resented the hell out of it [demands of discipline].”
“…McCain would later acknowledge that those [key] courses math, science, engineering were a struggle for him” [Wikipedia].
“His class rank was further lowered by poor grades for conduct and leadership which reflected his sloppy appearance, REBELLIOUS ATTITUDE, and POOR RELATIONS with his company officers.”
“Being on Liberty with McCain was like being in a train wreck” [Classmate testimony].
“McCain graduated fifth from the bottom in CLASS RANK, 894th out of 899.”
Conclusion: Trump was correct that McCain did not perform well. I suspect that if McCain’s father, a very famous admiral had not intervened on behalf of his son, McCain would have been thrown out of the Naval Academy for behavioral and intellectual deficiencies.

[2] Trump claims that McCain being a ‘captured pilot was not a war hero’.
Fact: General Patton in his biography and opening statement in the movie played by George C. Scott correctly inveighed his Army troops to believe the following precept of war: “Taking a hostage is what makes us war heroes; not become a ‘hostage’.
What factors in this rambunctious McCain’s military life would have led him to eventually end up as a hostage to the North Vietnamese?
By his own admission, McCain revealed that during his training at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, he was ‘a  party man’, ‘drove a Corvette’ . and dated an exotic dancer named ‘Marie the Flame of Florida’. McCain concluded that he “generally misused my good health and youth.”
He was not assigned to the elite units of fighter aircraft. Instead became a pilot of ‘attack aircrafts’.
A brief history of McCain’s flying accidents and mishaps:
During March 1960 on a practice run in Texas, he lost track of his altitude and speed and his single-seat, single pistoned –engine AD Skraider CRASHED INTO CORPUS CHRISTI BAY and sank to the bottom. [Wikipedia].
In December 1961, McCain collided with power lines while recklessly flying too low over Southern Spain.
In January 1965, McCain appeared as a contestant on the quiz show “Jeopardy” winning one game.  Perhaps stroking his insatiable narcissism?
“In November 1965, McCain had his third accident when apparent engine failure on hi T-2 Buckeye trainer jet over Eastern Shore of Virginia led to his ejecting safely before his plane crashed”. 
On July 29, 1967, then a Lieutenant Commander crashed once again, this time on the USS Forrestal which created a major fire wherein he was struck in the legs and chest by fragments. The fire he had created killed 134 sailors and took 24 hours to control.
In fact, McCain even wrote “in all candor, we[McCain] thought our civilian commanders were COMPLETE IDIOTS who did not have the least notion of what it took to win a war.” Wikipedia.
On October 26, 1967 , McCain was flying  his 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam in his A-4E Skyhawk and was shot down by a missile over Hanoi.
What in all these accidents made McCain a hero?
That is really the key question.
The early release of McCain from the Vietnamese Prison is strictly prohibited by the military code of conduct so that nonsense that he voluntarily refused early discharge from the Hanoi Hilton is nothing but pure propaganda. This propaganda was promoted by McCain himself, Kissinger and Schultz.
Trump has a very reasonable point when he stated repeatedly that McCain was “not a war hero”.  In fact, he was a major screw up.
The rest is history and with a lot help from his well-connected father, McCain became a Navy liaison to the U.S. Senate beginning in 1977. Next he went on to run for politics as a Presidential Candidate where once again, he was a ‘loser’. As a senator,  McCain supported every major nonsensical war created by the Bush Jr administration and continued by Obama.

Please tell me and the other veterans how McCain was a legitimate war hero after having crashed and burned five times before his final captivity? Forget his personal life replete with alcoholism, gambling, domestic violence and constant extra-marital trysts. 
So for all those who did not serve or refused to serve like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Romney [who ran away to Paris to become a Mormon Minister during the Vietnam War]--- McCain stands for recklessness; childishness; and complete and unadulterated narcissism fostered by a political system for which there is no outrage or accountability. McCain fits right in with the misfits of society called “Entitled Politicians”. Trump makes no bones about his draft dodging days and his capacity to defy the system without any recourse to pandering and political correctness.

No one can be more hypocritical or vicious than those who spout platitudes and are born with the congenital lying gene: Hillary, Jeb etc. Trump is not a perfect candidate. He is a man who will on impulse or calculation tell it like it is… Now it’s up to us to decide if that is what America needs or not…
Good luck future voters and supporters.


  1. Yea, in this documentary video about that accident on USS Forestal, no word about McShame loool, i guess producer thought that ship was named USSR Forestal so he wisely censored him self. Such people do not care about anything, those only good if you need leader for 3rd WW... 134 dead...

  2. Good piece. McCain would have never made it without nepotism. It is interesting to watch to media in full war mode against Trump. Have people started to wake up to the manipulation?

    Thye give him time to talk hoping he will hang himself. Its the best show I have seen in my life, a combination of a flippant presidential contender rising in the polls the increasing the media attacks.

    The news reader today had the Trump story sandwiched between the Charleston shooter and the Tennessee Muslim shooter. The seriousness of the tone of the uneducated news reader was quite funny. She obviously partied and slept her way through college. Ahhh the decline of a once great people.

  3. Wow that flying record reminds me of Sheriff J W Pepper when referring to James Bond in 'Man with the Golden Gun' 'what are you some kinda doomsday machine boy?'', 'Secret Agent on whose side?' It is interesting how Politicians as young men can dodge the draft with the agility of a Nijinsky, but when it comes to sending other peoples sons to the great mincing machine it is a really good idea. Interestingly it is not just Politicians that do this, 'Rambo' or Sly Stallone apparently spent the Vietnam war as a Chaperone at a Swiss girls finishing school. In fact many folk think he is a real boxer as well, that is the power of story telling. After all this time and constant repetition McCain probably really thinks he was a War hero rather than the Mr Bean of the US Air force.

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  5. Correction, I meant 'Live and Let Die'.

  6. I need to know opinion of Trump about global warming.
    If Chinese capitalists are going to refuse to bow to our Chicago Eco-communist international then we should suspend them from UN and introduce them economic sanctions of UN. Against Serbs UN economic sanctions worked very very well.
    They would start printing money and they would put it on train and after few curves, toilet paper of that guy controlling tracks would worth more. Also their flags were not allowed on any sport competitions. Same could happen to India and Russia if they would like to join China.

  7. Dummies like John McCain got us in this...

    In way i am very glad for this, why should some atheist or pagan women follow rules which are for Christians and Jews only. For atheist government directly decide what is good and evil and for pagans government via their priests arbitrarily decide that, (muslim pagan priest decide what is evil and what is good), some of them are saying that you should kill apostate and some not, because they all are elected and controlled by local governments so their "religions" are farts of government.
    I really do not see any real logical reason why some atheist or pagan husband could feel that this is morally wrong or have anything against this.

    Communist could never do this, because communist could not have financial reasons to this from marriage, look gay marriage, north korea does not have such idiocy, meaning capitalists are more dangerous to kids because they are successful.
    To change system, person must:
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    6. Electing of Absolute Enlighten Christian Monarch
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    8. Long live the King.

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    Today you have to pay to not live in crime infested area (and why not).
    Only way to reform this is to have democracy on work place, if you cannot democratically decide what will happen with profits of company you are working in, than you are slave.
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    If not, VIVA MEXICO!

  9. Occupy Wall Street was really great movement, and that is why it had
    all secret services united. And today Occupy movement of USA on their FB pages is talking about big nothing all the time... 100% under control of secret service :) OWS of USA on FB is less critical and calling for less action than guardian:)

  10. I've read McShame, when shot down over Hanoi, was flying at a lower altitude than he was ordered to fly. So even then he broke rules that got him shot down.

    I hope Trump humiliates the man. He deserves it.

    McShame is one messed up human being.

  11. Whatever happened to the affair his wife was exposed for having during his run for President? That was after the incident whereby she was stealing pain killers from the charity she was involved with.

    McShame, put yourself out to pasture. We are sick of you and lil' Lyndsey Graham and your "charade" of friendship. Lyndsey know how to butter that bread to get what he wanted.

    They are soul mates.


    1. 7-20-15 Wayne Madsen on the USS Forrestal Fire:

  13. McCain has been tee'd off since his buddy Lyndsey Graham's gerbil disappeared.

    Things have been tense.

  14. Is that why Graham has such a high pitched voice Tiny? Gerbilitis? : /

  15. Was at a political dinner recently, as we are gonna have elections here in or about 3 months federally in Canada.

    A guy came up to me and asked me about Perkins, who wrote "Economic Hitman." As I guessed this wasn't his brand of politics, I cut him short, and called Trump "a nut" covertly, in or about making a bunch of other points, just so he wouldn't think I was "nutz." He then continued many nuances of points, to say that Trump will likely get kicked out of the party by the Repulicans, because he attracts "the crazies."

    Its interesting how you have to falsely engage other people in a democracy in order to merely get the chance to know who they are. But really I wasn't trying to be false, as much as the man needed a view of himself, before another person could get a look at him. I find it difficult to have others engage and be more than just smug politically, above and beyond all the positive and and assertive body language, which doesn't really wiggle its way to the truth. Can't justify it morally, but i will admit that I learned more by lying.

    Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out what the parties here in Canada are really up to. Guess i really don't trust the brochures, or any party for that matter.

    Found out Crystia Freeland is the foreign affairs personality, if there is one, of Justin Trudeau, albeit. Though I'd be more curious about Stephane Dion. That might mean that they are "on the surface" of things, anti-Crimean and pro-Ukraine, as she has wrote with the Brookings Institute. Beyond that, she's pro "H5 plus 1 with Iran; with 10 years," in her words. Or she hasn't done her homework, contemporaneously, as she's too busy campaigning. With a sense of grace, I speculate on the later...

  16. (continued from last response above)

    One of the nuances I also discussed, with the man mentioned above, involved Iran... I talked about how Obama (Brzezinski) was holding back Israel/Saudi Arabia, and saving the American petrodollar, brokered with European oil market share, and saving the world from WWIII. They guy then pipes up cleverly and sais, "Just admit it, Obama is the only guy who can do this right?" This guy bloody well likely knew that I was bluffing him the entire time and I think I must of looked like I was run over by a horse...

    That is for you Dr. P. Who is kidding whom? Hmmmmmm

  17. I like this article/investigation by Mary Hershberger about John McCain's "Tragedy at Sea" shows how McCain's "personal account of his life has shaped a powerful political narrative". And Hershberger shows in this article, how McCain's accounts of his narrative, contradicts the documented evidence/reality, Hershberger also shows how McCain leveraged this (false) narrative to propel his political career.
    Here is the link, enjoy !


    Trump is a showman and exaggerates all the time!

    It's slash and burn time baby.

    He's saying all kinds of outrageous things and that's what's keeping him on top.

    Just as Bruce Jenner gained fame by dressing as a woman what Trump understands is that today's audience wants SHOCK.




    Trump can will this thing.

    He knows what he's doing.

  19. Forget about the truth meter.

    Americans aren't about truth and facts anymore.

    Trump knows what Hilter had to learn when he took acting lessons and was coached on how to make over-wrought emotional speeches....

    That was not the real Hitler but a show.

    With Trump it's the same.

    Hitler and Trump have a lot in common, and THAT'S A GOOD THING.

    ACTION is needed.


    What's needed is what Hitler called "fanatacism" which is hard to do when dealing with Germans because they are the most un-fanatical people in the world.

  20. I don't care if he has to use demogogic tactics to win as long as he governs effectively.

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