Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Greece is a Moribund Country, Barely on Life Support!
Only Two Enfeebled Countries: France/Italy Want a Resuscitation Lest they Drop Dead as well!

By now, you and I have all witnessed this macabre dance of impending death as a tedious exercise in collective self-delusions. No German in their right mind could have the slightest doubt that Greece can never and will never abide or comply with anything that requires self-discipline or some measure of austerity. The Germans, masters of racial profiling and discipline, have never hesitated on their often accurate analyses of their dying Greek partner. Greece has no idea whether it wants to live in a community of nineteen nations or enter the real world of hard work and self-denial and go it alone in this big scary world.
The truth is evident in the incredible delay of the negotiations process. The Germans should consult their past famous psychologists before their exegesis to America and learn that DELAY IS DENIAL. By delaying the process of decisions, both on the Greek and German sides, the very process denotes incredible denial on both sides of the negotiating table which has been the major characteristic of a superior power [Germany] that does not trust a subordinate, undeveloped power [Greece]. 
Whatever Greece will promise for any potential future actions will be nullified by the fact that the people of Greece made it very clear in their past referendum that they do not want to remain in a custodial relationship where their every movement and existence depends not on the veracity of the economic/political realities but on what our own esteemed playwright, Tennessee Williams, once describe as ‘the kindness of strangers’. There is no more kindness to distribute when the recipient is neither grateful nor capable of gratitude. At this end stage of Greece’s existence there is nothing more than the whimper of entitlement in slurry words that amounts to something akin to the fact that “Greece was the mother culture of western civilization”.

Impending death and delay of termination are not bosom buddies in life or even in the end stages. How Greece exits this farce contrived as a narrative of negotiations when in fact the Germans know all too well that they are playing the final aria. Let death acquire its dignity not in the act of termination but in the dignity of allowing Greece to exit with some sense of self-worth and hope. The Euro is nothing but the last strains of oxygen provided to a moribund patient.
It’s time that Germany shut off the oxygen valve …and let the youth of Greece start again with a clean slate….if that were possible.
Let me end with quoting Matthew 25:36—
“I was sick [Greece], and ye visited me.” 


  1. I was in Greece in 1998, people there lived much better than Germans are today. Who knows maybe one day Frankfurt would be able to have all those nice socialist apartment buildings for government officials like Athens have today. Greece needs to forget Euro, young must return to land, they should ban Monsanto, introduce super high customs, enter economic union with Russia than they could again have high growth, and more protected and more heavy entitlement society, and government jobs and factories like Belarus is today where simple workers lives much easier than those on west especially if they do not have own real estate (costs).
    And with agriculture Greeks could be back to growth of Angola and Kazakhstan, because if you suck capitalistic propaganda of west too much youth will forget agriculture and they will become bankrupt west where they would live as poor semi-workers without real jobs for parasite capitalistic class under propaganda of small - entrepreneurship (you can do it, you will also become rich one day)... Land is freedom.

    1. Capitalism must be abolished very very soon, in whole Southern Europe, in Southern Italy people are already producing shoes in workers self-management units even they are illegal in capitalism... there is not legal form which can bound company that no not allow one worker to have more voting rights over other worker in company in decisions what is going to be done by profits created by all of those who created that profit possible...

    2. There is one example in my city where one fat bitch, very fat lady which smokes, is very horrible as person, but as she works in local version of IRS, she got place on public square under concession...

      She there put one wooden stand and few chairs which costs about 1000$ total from local supermarket, and she there now is producing natural juices and selling them, and she have revenue of about 6000$ daily, minimum, and she is almost never there because she is right now destroying 5 lifes of young people who works for her as slaves, and she pays them per month what she earns in half of working hours of one day...

      That is capitlism and that system must be destroyed, american capitalistic model says that she have same right to get that place from city as any organisation of 10 young people who would work there in democratic workers self-management company, and share profit equally...

      And laws are starting to even more toward those small slave owners.
      People it is important to start killing those petty scum who with 1000$ are able to destroy many many generations.
      Why should restaurants have owners, workers should say one day, when revolution starts... listen you scum, we will kill you get lost and leave room, there are more of us...

      So we have one rich scum and 10 poor people serving them.

      And americans and greeks are wondering why those free agricultural countries of asia and africa is overtaking them ... HA HA

      Western capitalistic scum do not have even money now to buy their own graves.

    3. That fat scum is so ugly, she have even put cameras to look those young people sweating there, same is with all those restaurant and caffe owners which are using public space and practicing this monstrous in human system very dangerous for national security.
      People must rise up start killing those little slave owner.

      In beginning while those bankrupted western capitalists were coming to pillage us, they all demanded NGO to be supported by governments, now they are abolishing rights of NGO s, now cities are giving same rights to NGO s, democratic companies and those slave owning companies...

      Pope and Michael Moor are right, young people must start killing them. They are not crazy, they know on what big lie system is standing.

  2. EU is nothing else than model of small entrepreneurship propaganda, for US bankrupt capitalistic model... EU is now giving money from tax payers only to those individuals who have already money.
    They are leaving abandoning human right, animal right, soon they will forget their faggots rights also.
    There is one funding from EU now which wants to reward most innovative female:
    1. That female must have profits of 20,000 euros last year
    That is only demand.

    Only good news is that Putin is building 40 nuclear rockets more to keep beggars on distance.

  3. People! Biggest fear of rich is that you will start organise without them, every propaganda and every law goes against that... That is their biggest fear and paranoia, they would even sell them self to china than to have one restaurant controlled by workers and boss working as employed manager.

  4. They know they will burn in hell, but in meantime they want money, and you to not have kids and anywhere to live, they need slaves, and cheap. West is becoming slave camp with efficient infrastructure where 40% lives like hell, while 30% hopes they will get in to 30%, and of those 30% only 10% remains whole live in 10%.

  5. Replies
    1. Have i worked in workers-self management company, no never, sadly, because politically they were first all stolen from workers while war was waging in 1992.
      First they were all nationalised by government, and then workers sent to homes and front while their real estates stolen by politicians among them self
      (process called privatisation under IMF shock therapy under pressure of Serbian aggression supported by Bush and then reverted by Clinton)...
      Now those politicians are being robbed by US banks. Just how it was planned.
      I now have to return all that back.

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    3. do you know why no one is ever talking on bloomberg, foxbusiness, cnbc, about EU, because EU is nothing, while Euro zone is only way for them to rob people, printing press is only real power...
      They all say Greeks will exit EU when they talk about exiting Euro zone, that is because real EU is really only Euro zone, when you are outside of Euro zone you are still somehow free. We will get same devastation when we get in to Euro zone.
      Then we will get those "real" gay youth running jobs you are talking about...

  6. Think the Grexit issue is now starting to take on a life of its own. While I must admit that I'm weary of the "Grexit Marathon," ready to keel over a die, very much like the runner who ran between Marathon and Athens to warn of an invasion.
    Maybe the Greeks will one day chew on fennel, in the place of Soros (the place of the burial mound of the dead, of the Athenian army who defeated the Persians).

    What I see quite blatantly is a war between the EU, the IMF, and even competing factions and interests within France, Germany, if not the entire EU, in regards to domestic bank stability. Grexit has become an economic war of contagious risk. It almost feels like ebola has crossed from Africa and into Europe.

  7. So lets not be distracted from the heart of the matter: Debt with a capital D, is the negative capital of globalization, consolidating power, and sweeping technocratic reform, like powerful warlock casting its spell over the entire world. This spell tears apart the sovereignty of nations, while drowning entire populations in microcosms of serfdom, based on easy credit and high interest rates, as the banks of the world rig markets and hide their debt off the balance sheets, while creating money out of thin air. Technocrats have discovered antimatter, and it indeed is the most valuable substance known to humanity.

  8. Meanwhile China wants to become part of the IMF's SDR basket of currencies. In an effort to make their currency viable, in China's first attempt since 2009 to show how much gold backing they have, "in one month" of stocking up, China accounted for an increase of 604 tons.

    1. China Increases Gold Holdings By 57% "In One Month" In First Official Update Since 2009

    Note in this article by Bloomberg, there is a sever disconnect of mathematical implications that is astounding....
    2. China Ends Mystery of Gold Hoard to Top Russia’s Holdings

    Ok someone is about to get fired... Gather around ladies and gentleman, because someone screwed up, or is blatantly lying.
    What deception is this? Who is kidding who? We are talking about one of the only non-debt driven assets with no counterparty risk and the math isn't even being reported right, when its one of the few very things that gets traded in markets when there is no trust in currencies. Something is rotten in Denmark!