Friday, July 24, 2015

In Defense of the Death Sentence: Calculating, Mass Killer James Holmes Convicted by a Jury of his Colorado Peers of 1st degree Murder, Must Be Executed!
A life sentence would be a mockery of State Judicial System and the useless, ineffectual Insanity Plea. As most of you by now, James Holmes, a failed Neuroscience graduate student, dumped by his alleged girlfriend, went on a premeditated bloody rampage in a movie theater.  By chance, Colorado still has the death penalty after having rescinded it at one time in their recent history.

The reason I am particularly interested in this case is that very early on in the trial, I explained that this was a typical case of a ‘narcissist, childish’ pre-calculated murder by a young man who was not mentally insane. Some of my colleagues in psychiatry disagreed, declaring a false truism that “by the very nature of this man’s mass-killing, Holmes had to be insane.” That seemingly rational logic has no basis in truth or in my extensive experience dealing with mass murders in the civil arena as well as in the national security environment.
How many times have I heard a senior State Department Official say to me that a particular leader had to be ‘crazy’ or ‘paranoid’.  I would always calmly explain that leader X could not run a country of millions of people as well as command a military, if they were ‘crazy’. Our society has become very lazy in their understanding of what the concept of ‘mental illness’ involves. It is much easier to state that a barbaric act of mass killing like one that James Holmes had committed was part of a simplistic matrix of calculations and manipulation for James to be designated as ‘crazy’.
However, thanks to the excellent work of the Colorado State Prosecutors and the FBI [which has extensive behavioral experience in these type of cases] – Holmes was convicted on 160 charges including 12 first degree premeditated murders. I congratulate the citizens and jury of Colorado for understanding how egregiously calculated Holme’s murders were. Holmes was so clever that he even tried to play the part of a ‘catatonic schizophrenic’ in court by just sitting there and saying nothing. His defense attorneys did what they do best –they try to convince the jury that he committed the act of mass murder because he was ‘mentally insane’. The prosecutors and law enforcement officials made a brilliant case of how really pre-calculated Holmes had been. And the judge, judiciously allowed for all the evidence to speak for itself.

Clearly, any type of sentencing will never bring back the innocent victims [including lovely children] who were wantonly slaughtered by machine gun fire. As the judge and jury agreed, Holmes had been very circumspect and exceedingly calculated in every part of planning his debauchery of mass murder. The question that hangs over Colorado is what to do with James Holmes?
As someone who took care of the criminally insane, I professionally and personally advocate for the death sentence ASAP! Holmes could never be rehabilitated from any mental disease that he never had. Despite the psychiatrists that can be hired to say anything at any time for the proper amount of sheckels, they do not constitute the basis of any truth other than the fact that they can declare anyone insane for the right amount of money.
The converse also works.
When someone like Holmes is placed in a State Psychiatric Institution, he will receive a work-up and then meds according to the diagnosis he will evidence at any given time in order for him to justify the faux reason he had been hospitalized to a life sentence. I have never been able to reform or rehabilitate a mass murder or know of anyone who has. What the mass murderer does in his new surroundings is to revel in his past glories and remain ineffective for the rest of his life, at a huge multi-million dollar cost to the taxpayers.

Look at murderers like Chapo in Mexico and those two lifers in NY State who attempted to escape from prison, I strongly suspect that Holmes will spend most of his solitary life figuring out how to escape from captivity. Prison provides a retreat for a mass murderer to figure out how much further he can game the system. Professionally, I would strongly recommend immediate execution without any delay or commutation of sentence at the last minute. Killing a mass, cold-blooded murderer is as compassionate an act as society can invoke as punishment and retaliation for his wanton killing.
The American mass murderer deserves no less than a full termination of his life ASAP!.
The killer’s death may or may not deter someone else. Death does have a certain psycho-dynamic finality to it which will allow the grieving families to start to end their grief process and work on a new, inspiring perspective to their respective lives. Life sentence for James Holmes would allow for a constant reminder of an odious element to constantly mock society and the judiciary for having gamed it to perfection.

Congratulations to the honest citizens of Colorado who had found James Holmes Guilty on First Degree Murders. Please take the next steps and allow him to end his life as he might have not intended to end his Machiavellian games of revenge for personal hurts and injustices.
He may have gamed the system in killing and wounding as many people as he had but don’t let him game out his final ending of ‘guilty by insanity’.
Nonsense! He is guilty without any marks of mental illness. 

He must pay as the other three murderers [also from Aurora] on Death Row in your Colorado Prison. James sought out celebrity status by enacting his mass murder scenario. Instead, let him discover an ignominious death with alacrity and publicity; so that a man who had committed a heinous act will now pay the proper judicial and mental price for his miscreant behavior.
The French writer, Jean Anouilh wrote the following:
“Until the day of his death, no man can be sure of his courage.”


  1. We can all readers be honoured, and proud for being part of this great blog! Supreme and glorious informations...

    And for him, let s put him on chair! Let even kids know....

    1. Mentioning doctors. In this caffe opposite to former military communist hospital doctors often are guests, often in groups. One night, one group of doctors were drinking rounds and rounds of alcohol as doctors often do, so owner decided to put little white mouse on plate of new incoming round, to run around fresh new bottles and glasses on plate...
      When plate was put on table and left, no doctor sitting in circle did not even said one word, everyone was pretending like they did not see anything, and of course drinking continued...

    2. Mentioning clean streets from polluters, in this video, we can see no trash, no entrepreneurs polluting streets and minds with billboards and unnecessary stuff, stability, security, unlimited free time, smiles... Just rise up flag from time to time and you got it! For those who like relaxation and stability.


      The death sentence is a mockery when in cases where the convicted is insane or mentally impaired.

      There are truely so many genuine sociopaths who are sadistically cruel, and these are the individuals whose lives are not worth dirt and should be put to death. But to kill mentally ill or derranged persons only degrades the society which kills them as it reflects an inability to distinguish between responsibility and not....

      Look when I used to own call girl services and brothels a lot of the girls were mentally ill. Some were manic depressive, others merely depressive, others borderline personalities....

      In running that kind of business it was not uncommon for some of the girls to do outrageous things. Sometimes the things done toward the business or the agency was very outrageous. However I'm proud to say that in cases in which I could see that the girl was emotionally not well, actually clinically mentally ill, I would never take any action against her no matter how outrageous or SEEMINGLY malicious her actions were.

      I learned in dealing with such girls that emotionally damaged and clinically ill people cannot be held responsible for what they do. If their condition is way outside of he normal range of behavior then they are not serious about what they're doing, and they'll change their minds about this or that because there is nothing more than temporary emotion driving them.

      To understand all is to forgive all.

  2. I agree with you (Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.) to a point concerning James Holmes. James Holmes was a sick person; however, you (Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.) fail to consider evidence of James Holmes' programming by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) and Psychiatrists working for THE C.I.A. (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "The Open MKULTRA Drugging of James Holmes" [Alex talks with Jon Rappoport about the alleged assassin James Holmes, mind control, the CIA and MKULTRA.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on March 22, 2013; "Batman Shooter: Manchurian Candidate Programmed by Evil Therapist" [Alex Jones interviewed Paul Joseph Watson concerning James Holmes.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on November 28, 2012; "Court Documents Confirm 'Batman Shooter' was on Zoloft" [This is a news segment by INFOWARS Reporter David Knight.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on April 6, 2013; "The Hidden Power Behind Central Gov't" [Alex talks with investigative journalist and author Pat Shannan about false flags and the trial James Holmes, the suspect in the July 20 shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Shannan's book, Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie: Volume One, is available at the Infowars Store.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on October 22, 2012; "Was Dark Knight Shooter A Product of MKULTRA? Wayne Madsen Reports" [Alex gets investigative journalist and author of "The Manufacturing of a President," Wayne Madsen's take on the Aurora massacre and the ensuing push on all fronts to regulate firearms as a result.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on July 24, 2012; "Witness Claims Batman Shooter was Programmed to Kill" [This is a news segment by INFOWARS Reporter David Knight.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on November 30, 2012; "Breaking: Colorado Shooting Patsy Was Under Air Force Psychiatrist's Care" [Alex Jones doing a news report from his home. This whole tragedy is covered with all the hallmarks of a staged event. Now we learn that the "shooter"AKA the clown patsy was under the care of a top air force psychiatrist.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on July 28, 2012; and "Holmes DARPA Connection" [This is a news segment by INFOWARS Reporter Rob Dew.] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on July 25, 2012)! What do you (EVERYONE) think about this YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Colorado False Flag Batman Shooting Multiple Shooters Had Shotguns Not AR-15's" [Evidence suggesting "multiple shooters" with shotguns!] posted by danp5648 on February 21, 2013????

  3. I remember an earlier post on this subject and as then in my post I have to agree that anybody whom carries out such an act would in 99% of cases have to be very focused and determined, most of us could not carry out such acts due to empathy horror or whatever we feel in such circumstances! I would argue

    1. Sorry I cut myself off! I would argue however these people that carry out such horrors probably are egotistical narcissistic and and feed off whatever energy or feeling they get from such acts and whilst they certainly don't act as most people do I'd have to say they would seem to be in full control of any actions and most certainly be held responsible and sentenced accordingly by whatever the penalty may be, I can't speak for other readers Dr p but I'm sure we all be interested in more insights into the criminal mind deranged or otherwise drawn from your frankly vast experience in that particular field

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  4. Sorry to deviate but must just say they have pictures from the morning of 9/11 on Daily Mail online. Check out Cheney and Rice's body language, while Bush has the look of a Rabbit in the headlights...'like Christ they have actually done it, we are all going to hang'.

    1. Have to say bill I thought exactly the same as you! America under attack and some David Bailey taking snaps on the olympus trip camera!!! Cheney almost looking like "job well done" fits in well with the subject matter of the main post!

    2. That is the impression I have as well. We can only hope Bill : )

  5. There will be always some government. That is impersonal force coming from God. Just how cattle will always push one cow to be leader to be followed. Government is force which have monopoly of using force on one territory, that power can be delegated to police or on to capitalists, or communists, or king, etc...
    Capitalist are those who have power given by government to do with capital what they like.
    Capital is everything which is believed (falsely or rightfully) to reduce chances to die sooner and to live in pain.
    Capitalists are even allowed by government to issue credits.
    Capitalists must give pain to those who does not return credit, because than people will see that those who gave credits are not real capitalists who have real capital.
    There are two solutions to problem of debt...
    1. Is to enlarge equality so that pain is going to be issued equally for government and people to not implied.
    2. Or to spread false pain, for which people are believe it is real pain.
    Capitalists are stupid greedy people people which are not going to do any of those. They will issue real pain over the top, destroy them self and not enlarge equality. Who would say that such peasants are controlling west.

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    2. not implied = implode
      are believe = are going to believe

    3. Problem are not capitalists, problem are little people who think that you get money because you worked or because you deserved, 99,999% of money is not earned, i am sorry... that is only thing what is holding this system

      Here is Richard Wolff, for July, did not watched yet...

    4. Rick is saying that when crisis comes, caused by companies, companies will stop investing and will hold money for them self, but then government will loose money also so government will have to lend from all those same companies who caused crisis, and mostly for WAR!

    5. People do not get that Detroit was capitalist mecca in 1970s, foreign politicians coming to see Detroit, biggest labor union UAW, black working with whites... Then capitalists said bye bye, we are leaving... But not so fast, we will another thing, we will close factories, we are not going to sell them to anyone, plus we will not allow anyone to open new one:)))
      Yes Fox news will stay until end, until there is some military power left in USA to paint stupid people to not do some military communist coup and abduct that rotting army before chinese capitalist army is not powerful enough... And yes most of stupid people and all of stupid military officers will believe FOX news for 10 years more when FOX is going to be gone...

      People capitalists left Babylon, and moved to Venice, then they moved to Londona, then they moved to New York, why you are so stuck up to thing they will not move to Yanjiao. They are building city there with 130M people.

      And capitalists will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER invest ANYTHING where their colleagues are not already investing.

      They will invest in USA when USA will look like Siberia... In 150 years. If I were capitalists I would also never invest one $ to NYC. Why should I, money return is worse, market is oversaturated... And no they will not invest back when salaries starts to be same in China like they are in USA, they will stay more in China and will exit China only when they make ratio of Chinese salaries to US salaries 100:1, like it was in 1972... Then rats will start to move back. That is full cycle.

    6. It is called accumulation of capital, and that accumulation is China not USA, the more you accumulate in China the more you are able exploit others, it is bigger profit.
      And in capitalism only accumulation centre can be rich and powerful, because that is where centre of exploitation and accumulation is.
      US have time 2 months to start communist eco-revolution after Pope comes...
      If not... then nothing... Lets start learning Chinese.
      American capitalists are now begging some concessions from Chinese to not get killed when they move them self to China... Globalism is just facade for that accommodation.
      Hey, city of 130M people. That is like comparing NYC to Berlin today.

    7. We can rebel now or we will be selling organs to Chinese free market organ markets. Like people do in those Indian villages :)) Global capitalism is global, but Metropolis is one.

    8. US could stay on top only if it nationalise all banks and than move them to become owned by public (not government)...
      Introduce workplace democracy.
      And import 100M black people from Africa. And
      100M whites from south america.
      Occupy South America and Africa and colonise Sahara.
      Everyone who is supporting something else is traitor of USA and should be hanged on public square.

  6. If I was walking down the street and saw him I would say he was insanely over medicated. Look at his eyes. He is not faking it. Show me a picture where he looks sane after he entered into his US air force trained psychiatrists office.

    His psychiatrist should be given the death penalty.

    I read somewhere that he was pursuing a neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. If that was really happening you can bet it was funded by a government grant of some sort.

    Of course, the alter elements of our government have been proven capable and able to experiment on peoples over many decades since WWII.

    In this case, who knows but our trial systems are ineffective at delving into the deep waters of programmed killings. This may well have been another one.

  7. The truth is there have been many programs to create drugged up hypnotized Manchurian style candidates over the decades, but they found it is simply not worth the time, money and effort. It is far simpler to groom a simple patsy, or find some trained killer to do your work. As regards a Gentleman like this, maybe have a meet and greet with the surviving family members. I am sure they would give him a warm welcome. Or more humanely let him choose his own method of execution be it Guillotine, bullet, noose or a wrench in the Library.


      David Icke is saying that by spreading instability people do get open to suggestions... I would accept Tony Blair as new dictator of West. Blessed by Pope.

      Like is said, Medvedev is official friendly visit in Slovenia.
      And Trump wife is from Slovenia, and Germany wants Slovenia as first country to expand.
      And there is now big scandal on courthouse which is deciding will Slovenia get access to open sea or not against Croatia. Slovenia bribed judges and secret services collected evidences. So arbitration will be suspended. If Slovenia gets that access, than Germany and Russia got their first access to open sea. We Croats needs to liberate Slovenia from Slovenians.

    2. Russian ultranationalist Zhirinovsky said in Duma, that Russia have stupid name, that it means nothing, that Russia had to call it self Slovenia :)
      No one said anything in Duma on that, no member of parliament demanded reply or asked for apology. :)

    3. That reminds me one letter written by one very informed gentleman, who wrote letter to government back than in communism, with suggestions about what to do with old people. Suggestions were based mostly on experiences of those who were defeated... or to be more precise, bags, oil, powder, lamps, were all mentioned... He also never got any reply...

  8. Chinese communist party stopped fall of stocks and started to threaten capitalists to kill them and started filling jails with them, and now everything is back to stability, from last year stocks are still up 97%.
    Evolved societies are those without religious idiocy about sainthood of ownership and sacred free markets, only such are capable to be future rulers of planet. Also stories about NWO, Jesuits, gay rights are just mask for capitalists to make people fear aristocracy and government while, they, plutocracy, moves capital freely to China.
    Like there is some plan of aristocracy to strike back or that there is some conspiracy based on something else then on money.
    Only conspiracy was capitalists moving to China, that is all, and it had to be masked. AJ is supreme Chinese agent.
    And Chinese are pragmatic and they are not so ideologically dumb, they follow pray which goes "Give us our bread today" :)
    Britain is now only player still existing on West.
    USA have one year and half of Obama, and that seems like it is little too much so it is too late to do anything.
    Transaction seems done.
    White people are really stupid, they really do believe that when "they" "earn" something that that belongs to them and not to government :), or even worse, that you get rich because you deserved that :)) or that reason why they went up in history is because of their own deserved achievements, lool.
    Costs of investing in to such lies showed that investments in to such lies were so overwhelmingly big and counter productive that they were fateful at end. End is when those on top also start to believe own propaganda:). Heck they thought they can shape world in that picture.
    And this process is not over, right now we in Croatia have full propaganda against those who work for government. Full libertarian propaganda for first time in history is now here on all portals. They want to suck all and move everything they can to China.
    NWO is simply, Chinese world order.

    1. Cameron in UK will have 4 more years of austerity. Bernie Sanders is cooperating with Ted Cruz to finish American export-import investment bank...

      this all can have sense only if USA have planes to go so weak that russia will call USA to help protect Siberia from Chinese... that this is great plan!

    2. So if that is US plan to become so weak that Russia will invite US to Siberia, than that is very very problematic stance. That reminds of Japanese war plans for WWII, which were too dependent on Germany.
      1. Japan had 1,5M invasion army ready to be put on ships for Australia after invasion of Papua and NG,
      2. Then build defensive circle and rise war industry.
      3. Take India if given.
      4. Wait for 6-7 years for Germany to be defeated.
      5. After war to be so strong to be able to negotiate with USA and let Australia back as sign of good will.

      Their plan did not work out because Germany fell in 3 years, not 6 like they planned.
      Of course plan was to never, help Germany...
      Even Japan could have helped Germany by making naval invasion of Iran and helping them in battle for Stalingrad and El-Alamein.

    3. No no this getting to lunatic, they again say, ah when we destroy big business it will be better for small business... Of course...

      Also austerity is coming big time next year. 20% cut for unemployment benefits and disability funds.

  9. I knew it!! I knew it!! And here is solution for instability... BREAKING NEWS... It came in few hours from all this phycological attacks... :))

    And solution is United Eurozone budget and taxation :))