Friday, July 17, 2015

The Ultimate Paradox of Terrorism: Hamas and Israel Working Together as The “Odd Couple”— Mabrook! Mazel Tov!
For years I have been trying to state a simple fact that most American Jews and the Moronic Neocons could never understand: Hamas was created by the Israelis as a counter-force to the PLO. Every Jewish and Republican supplicant to the state of Israel’s massive guilt factory funded by AIPAC and American Zionists Organizations—including the most intellectually and morally impaired goniff—Sheldon Adelson and his cronies [Saban, et. al.] now must contend with an intellectual dilemma that beguiles the paranoia of Israel’s defenders. Israel has been working intensively with it’s nemesis, Hamas, in order to deal with recently exploding problems in Gaza; as well as, the southern flank of Israel where ISIS-sponsored groups have given all parties [including the Egyptians] some major headaches.

How do alleged enemies suddenly invoke some element of trust in order to work with each other when a mutual enemy suddenly confronts both? By now, many of you readers know the old Middle East saying that the ‘enemy of my enemy is my partner’. What that means is that for whatever reasons that were propagated time and time over, Hamas was far less a lethal enemy that some ersatz-Saddam Hussein left overs called, “ISIS.”
In reality the nefarious nature of the supposed ‘evil lethal terrorist group Hamas’ could not have been as deadly as the Israeli ‘father’ / ‘ holy creator’ of this particular group had screamed with hysterical intensity. For as long as I have known the Israeli security apparatus—part fantasy/part braggadocio—they have always been in partnership with a host of terrorist groups from the very day that these groups were even conceived including the infamous PLO; PFLP; Habash; Abu Nadel; et. al.
I have mentioned repeatedly ‘terrorism’ is another form of playing the ‘big game’ of manipulating ‘strategic tensions’ all over the Middle East and even in America in order to mobilize national sentiment and the accompanying preparations for conflict that often results in predetermined failure. 
What are we to make of this new marriage of convenience?

From my perspective, I think it is turning point for all parties in the Middle East where realignments of new partners and different consortiums have to be created. Hamas will align with Israel as will it’s ostensible ‘false enemy’, Saudi Arabia. Then the UAE, Bahrain, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon will all fall into place shifting their alliances as needed on a timely bases. We can even imagine these new alignments as part of a ‘Contra Dancing’ maneuver where one partner might end with a completely different partner, time and time again—according the instructions of the “caller”. There will be no music, of course, but rather there will be a lot of verbiage condemning the present state of affairs; decrying America’s indifference to the new situation. It has been a long time coming: the Middle East countries take the responsibility to straighten out what might be the natural order of things without the intervention of ‘big brother’ –America.

I am not totally optimistic that these newly created countries established after the Ottoman Downfall will succeed in any great measure.Yet for the moment, I do enjoy watching the inherent paradox of hatred melting away when necessity and expediency keep knocking on the door of new opportunities.
I wish my Arabic friends—Mabrook!
And to my Israeli friends [if I have any more]—Mazel Tov!
Congratulations to the new partners in this new dance –called, ‘alliances against self-created terrorists group’.
Please remember that at the core of one’s self-destruction is the minute one decides to use ‘terror’ and ‘violence’. It rarely works! 
I know! Most of the groups who started with terror are not around anymore.
They have become some asterisk in history, if that.



  1. Ha ha! It is quite comedic how all these "sworn" enemies have engaged in a "Saturday night fever disco" dance! Your earlier post on the Iranian partnership with the US was a fantastically interesting piece but you did give us readers the early information on that one many posts ago however I did allow myself a slight hint of a knowing smile when the news came out regarding the two nations and immediately thought of you inthe Khomeini household as you informed your readership!! Your latest post was read just after I finished a book entitled "death of a hero" about Robert Niarac who was a soldier whom worked undercover trying to infiltrate IRA units in south Armagh unfortunately he was captured and killed but the abiding points in the book were..the war could never be won and peace strategies were discussed by both parties in 72/73 only to be scuppered by the in fighting of MI6 and MI5! But as you've correctly stated many times the dance as you describe always goes ahead

    1. Shortly after the US occupation of Iraq Sunnis in the north in Falujah and Ramadi former baath and Iraqi soldiers killed Americans by the score daily....

      But when foreign zealots calling themselves "al-qada in Iraq" showed up the US organized the Sunnis who had been killing Americans into the "sons of Iraq" and paid them money weekly instead of the zilch they had been getting....

      Those who had been killing Americans were now American partners on the American payroll....

      It's it great.

    2. There isn't anything the Iranians have done, or will do, which is so bad that the US cannot have full relations with them in trade, diplomacy and everything else...

      It's what the Iranians want and if it were that way....


      There's a tremendous opportunity to help stabilize the whole region and it involves working with these raghead/towelhead Mullahs instead of uselessly antagonizing them....

      They're always going to be the great power of the region just as Russia will always be the great power over Ukraine.....

      So get with the program and let's start accepting those things we cannot change and have the courage to change the things we can....

      And for that matter Mexico is our doorstep so let's start acting like a great power towards them and let them know that we're not going to take any more of their criminal shit.

      Great powers can't be wimps and the Iranians and Russians know this so let's start reforming the Mexicans today.

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  3. I've seen many pictures of Senator McCain working with proxy war leaders allegedly linked to Israeli intelligence. It makes the games being played so confusing, that it betrays all loyalties. Think this is maybe where your line "They have become an asterix in history, if that," Dr. P. Admittedly though, I've never added up the who is who, like some dramatic catharsis, only achieved by Shakespeare's Hamlet, wherein everyone dies on stage.

    Have you written a book on such allegedly self-rigtheous and incestuous proxy wars?

    At this vantage I must admit that I am outmatched by mere opinion. I don't trust any news story or personality at this point in my life, to take sides on proxy war related issues. The best I can do is say nothing, no matter what i read or come across. So when I think your issues with Iran, relating to one of your previous articles, I think to myself that the best I can do now is merely listen.


    1. Brzezinski is gentleman. He is smart. Compare blog of Dr. P with his works, and find things which are not changing, and never forget that USA and Russia have foreign policy planned for next 100 years and that they are always very close to fulfil those goals. That is why we commons cannot get it.

    2. For instance what my country have, are plans not for next 100 years, not even for tommorow, but on what happened two days ago. But always something can be done, for instance Canada, Canada would need 100M people and 100,000$ per head GDP, and concept of defence (people in arms), where goal of regular army would be to just to delay incoming US army while people can take arms and get on defensive positions, 20M people in arms would be enough together with 300 diesel mini submarines. It would be important to cut roads going to Alaska. Then Putin can take back Alaska. Uk can occupy Greenland so that help from Europe can come. Every country must have own plans. Greenland is always interesting. Is it Europe? What is Greenland?

    3. proxy wars for me are very insidious. i feel its very much like watching a magician do his or her work. you don't know where you've been misdirected or whatever else. Its not fun and i don't find it entertaining. How is one supposed to have an opinion around those kind of people, even if you see it with your own eyes? if you work with such people, how could one even go to work in good faith?

      even if your country engages in proxy wars and is guilty, how can you even be sure that another country isn't just as guilty, or that worse, there are double agents, who may even operate at whim of convenience? its very confusing. and even if you pay someone to be on your side, we all know that one day they might not be.

      to make matters worse, what good are instincts if you have your life tied around such inconveniences as proxy war actors? your instincts would have to make sense to a world, ultimately where logic could not play much of a part.

      personally, if i was a global actor with power i'd just ban all proxy wars. simple. that way you know who is who, and if you ever find anyone allegedly on your side of the fence, you shut them down and court martial them for it if there is reason to. end of story. clean hands!

      dealing with mere intelligence agencies, signals intelligence is bad enough. they can be treasonous on their own terms. but proxy wars are an entirely different level I just don't know how to shake a stick at logically.

      All this ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda stuff is B.S. I certainly don't trust that they aren't American directed, and I certainly don't trust them for being fundamentalist Islam, Caliphate directed on their own terms either, when it suits them. Its B.S. I'd rather stick my head in a bear trap.

      On that note, I can't take sides with Dr. P on Iran being better than Israel, in terms of American interests. I don't take sides. I'm neutral, because I hate magicians when it comes to issues that matter, and I can't trust my eyes or intellect enough to know the truth around such diabolical operations, should they actually exist in any form.

      there should be a special place in Hell for proxy war actors....

    4. Lawrence of Arabia was a proxy war actor. i guess that kind of agent isn't so bad. but when its covert, and the nation funding a covert war, doesn't even know about it, that is just wrong! Its duplicitous and arguably treasonous beyond measure. I will never agree with such possibilities. Its just as treasonous as false flags and I know there is good reason to believe that Western governments have a history of those too.

      Yet I'm no activist or hactivist. I believe in the rule of law. I'm not some molatov cocktail club member either. I want to believe in good government. Call me a fool, and maybe i am. But that's where I've drawn a line in the sand.

    5. proxy wars remind me of high school. its like when you hear some girl gossip about so and so. the rumours spread. pretty soon nobody knows who knows what, and who said what. in the end its all a mess, and loyalties, be what they may, are skin deep, superficial as the latest calibrated fashion, and the next rumour. God forbid someone might have a real issue to deal with... if that's how countries deal with foreign affairs, it kind of makes you want to read Candide, to wear plaid farmers clothing, and to stick your middle finger and every rank and profile that crosses your path in one dishelved, dispassionate stride of redneck eccentricity. I know.

    6. Saw the movie "Son of Hamas." Was even tempted to buy the book when it first came out. Glad I didn't. To this day, I can easily see how this is just an Israeli proxy war intelligence spam. When I watched the movie, i could easily see how the Hamas could be an Israeli creation. Plus I've read stuff before that alleged this to be true. Still I won't take sides on this. Its just to sticky for me to be objective about. Its not so much a refusal of the truth as it is as much of a refusal to trust anyone, including myself. Deception is too easy, especially if it is has government funding, whether its yours, or someone elses.

      here is a parody which sums up my feelings so well:

    7. you will like this link...

  4. Why Egypt went crazy and abolished muslim brotherhood, well just because of those ugly asiatic ottomans, why should Cairo accept Istanbul and rulers... Why? If they do not have to. I do not get this policy of restoring Ottoman Empire. I would support it in case Ottoman Empire would take all Balkan orthodox people and unite them with Pope thru (for first time in history free from Kings Putin or Erdogan) archbishop of Konstantinopol (with american guarantees), (meaning not pagan archbishop who must listen King but must only listen God)... That could work, but i support more destruction of Turkey and making of Alexander Empire.

  5. This is big big shift on political scene... How USA is going to exploit this will have to be seen... but results are impressive... Ukraine and Iran... Both in two years, plus seems Greece is getting stable...
    No wonder India and Pakistan are joining pagan SCO.
    Egypt and Saudis are not important... What is important?

    1. Important is Euro Asian circle on line from city of Rijeka - Croatia toward Philippines, Rijeka - Istanbul - Teheran - Delhi - Dhaka - Bangkok - Manila... Who controls that sausage he controls everything...
      We need to free Baluchistan in southern Pakistan!
      Sri Lanka and Bangladesh needs proper security deal.
      Look how many people lives there, everyone needs that line. Pure geopolitics.

    2. Russia entered sausage by taking Crimea, and will never let anything on Caucasus... This is WW3 in broken time line, in puzzles just how Pope said.
      Let s not forget that only tanks Soviet had in civil war in 1922 were used in Tbilisi, Georgia on Caucasus.

  6. It didn't take them long to jump on the bandwagon to defend this following article -------"Buckingham Palace defends footage of young Queen Elizabeth II performing Nazi salute"

    1. Nothing was known before 1935... Nazism was regular option to choose among capitalists...

    2. Just not allowed to be chosen by us mere peasants and serfs! Do as I say don't do as I do springs to mind!

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  7. It all seems like desperate acts by desperate parties to maintain some modicum of control. Israel is quite good at this and the US seems to have learned well. Better you enemies fight each other than gang up and fight you. That oil in Iraq is quite a prize. The Kurds are amazing.

    The problem is I do not think anyone can predict where this will end up. There are all sorts of little dirty turns, shadows and ends. It appears Israel will come out the big winner with Iran and Turkey carving up the Mideast into spheres of influence.

    Jordan and the Saudis will go along with whatever works to keep business going. If Egypt ever turned and thought of threatening Israel again one bunker buster on the Aswan dam would end it for them

    Once the monthly stipends and weapons are cut off ISIL will dry up and blow away and I imagine them parting into small groups keeping the terror angle going.

    Damm I am glad I dont live there. Damm and feel bad for the Christians in the region.

    Imagine being offered on the alter of that sacrifice. We should all be ashamed.

  8. As this article states it's all been prearranged! "How the Republicans Plan to Lose to Hillary"

  9. Yea where is CIA/MIT posts!!
    I will reduce number of my posts for 50%, because I am in problems... I cannot be one to lead here.
    I would like american people to win, but not capitalism, problem is today that this is too intertwined...
    So i am very destructive and cannot find balance. I need to calm and find modus operandi, and factor of balance, between people and system.

  10. Here is one depressive link... So those who throw that medicine are now in Europe together with father who did not say who did it...

    If those muslims do not like Catholic Churches there then they should get Masonic Lodges, plus Mosques as museums, before they get Catholic Churches... MFs... That is how it going to be...

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  12. And here we have Alex Jones, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff free market policies, where government cannot do anything in economy, because that is unchristian...
    It is interesting how in Mughal Empire which was not christian this was impossible but in British "christian" free market capitalism suddenly this started to happen... I guess those corps did not understand free market forces very well, someone should have explain to those corps how free market capitalism is best there is...

    1. Incas were also hunger free, and there were no those who had to rent place where they lived.
      Seems that civilisation is devolving under leadership of white race in many important sociological aspects...

  13. Ironically Iran in it's present state was virtually created by the US and GB in two of the 'revolutions' last century. So in a way it is negotiating with oneself. Regarding Hamas et al I now wonder if there are any terror groups that are not a confection of a major power. Presently I am reading 'Gladio, Dagger at the heart of Europe' as I go through especially the Italian bits, I wonder what light Dr P could shed on the back story to some events. In all of these stories my biggest question is where do you recruit enough psychos to do things like the 1980 Bologna train station bombing killing 85 civilians and how do you even pitch it to the nut in question. Does the deep state exist or is it just the normal political bozos lashing out to protect their own agendas.