Saturday, July 25, 2015

Watch and listen to Donald in Iowa, its worth the 50 mins, trust me.


  1. He sound like very very intelligent man... What is this now?
    Like combination of intelligent hollywood actor with Ph. D. in phycology and philosophy... Using, peoples logic, but fast... He is genius. I do not care if this is set up even if it is one. This is now better than monarchy.

  2. Like all persons who incline more toward action than reflection he's not perfect and he's going to make mistakes as President. I'm sure he's made big mistakes in his career already. However, the field of candidates cannot compare to him in terms of personality. In the acting profession what drives the success of the actor isn't his technique or talent but his personality. The same is true of politics and many other professions. Few businessmen have Trump's personality, and it's grown more expansive recently as he's learned how to appear on television programs and the like. Ronald Reagan proved that acting ability can make for success in politics much more than other traditional qualifications. Trump used not to have this kind of personality, but I remember him in New York in the eightees as a kind of sour puss. He's grown a lot.

    Anyway he has my vote. He's clearly more interesting than anyone else around save perhaps Webb from Virginia. I would consider Webb or even Bobby Jindal. Jindal is a force to be reckoned with. A very intelligent guy who is underestimated because of appearances.

    1. Bobby Jindal is "great", he is mixing private with public schools with vouchers.
      We here had such experiment in medicine, there was one nice privately owned clinic (working under contract with state owned fund which is filled from government taxation) and they have good results. And they were chosen by government to be one who will decide what artificial knees state fund will buy on "free" market.
      That private clinic decided, of course, to buy knees for whole state, of course no name chinese for price of real and good one. Why:

      1. Because private clinic will not use them, patients there will pay few 100 bucks more under advise of doctors and take real one, and they will create havoc in public hospitals which cannot use other one, so even more people would come to them. Plus they took provision from dealers of fake knees.

      Results was that most people which had operation in public hospital had two operations and removal of knees.
      Everyone who is working in private sector must be killed and given to rats.
      Luckily now public hospitals will decide only.

      Private clinic of course got this nice building from government in 1996 to work, even building was nationalised from class enemies in 1949.

      Street name is still: Walking avenue of Marshal Tito :)),14.278279,3a,75y,182.38h,92.09t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1scEjUzHmGBPIMuFScz3WmLQ!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x476357ed77b2dfc7:0x7a07214e2c73eff9!6m1!1e1?hl=en

    2. New Orleans could also very soon also get few streets of Tito if Bobby hold there longer.

  3. Aside from personality, Trump's key message is that there is no "win-win" in the world.

    This is completely different than the assumptions of all politicians.

    Modern politicians in America long ago adopted a view that international relations should be based on "regimes" in which everyone would benefit. American politicians grew to actually believe the outward presentations of diplomacy which always portrayed for practical reasons that everyone was okay and that all issues of competition should be swept under the rug for the sake of diplomacy.

    Trump's entire world view is contrary to that. Trump extolls that every foreign relationship America has is based on the self-interests of the parties, and that these interest inherently conflict. His view is based on inherent competition. He has no place for any regimes in which everyone is "said" to also win.

    This is a fundamental shift away from all rhetoric and statecraft conventions which Americans have followed for the last fifty years.

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  6. He was very good, he has the common touch like a very intelligent bloke in the Pub explaining how his business works. I can almost hear them dusting off the old mail-order Carcano Carbine and finding some dopey sod to be the patsy. No doubt there is much running around trying to find pictures of Trump having Donkey sex or involved with midget Clowns or something. But seriously, how likely is it that big business and the 'Banksters' are going to let a free spirit into the Whitehouse, I know how cynical that sounds but it is probably true. I think a thorough medical followed by lots of plane swapping is in order, also hire some ex-intell folk who could spot any loopholes as guardians Mr Trump.