Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jonathan Pollard: America’s Benedict Arnold becomes Israel’s Hero—The Ultimate Perversion of a Dependent Nation-State Relationship!
For those of you too young to remember the name Jonathan Pollard, please read the excellent section in Wikipedia on this ignoble individual and one of America’s greatest traitors. To summarize his life is basically to use pejorative, but extremely accurate terms like nuts, manipulative, sociopathic, greedy and a vicious traitor to his birthright, America. Pollard sold highly sensitive Top Secret Intelligence as a former U.S.Naval Intelligence officer for hundreds of thousands of dollars to his beloved fantasyland –Israel. 

He is finishing a 30 year sentence in prison and will be extradited to Israel as a one of their newly minted citizen-heroes. My cursory depiction of Pollard’s most salient characteristics as a ignoble human being is countered by a combined American-Jewish and Israeli chorus “he has regret for his actions” and “Pollard was never charged with treason”. The counter argument presented in an ad hominem form for decades by this congregation of ignorant American Jews who have no idea of how much damage Pollard had inflicted on the American Intelligence Community [IC]. These Jewish Fakirs did not realize that ‘treason’ technically involves cases where someone spies for an ‘enemy state’. Stupid Americans never have considered Israel as an ‘enemy state’ despite their malfeasance in 9/11 when countless Mossad Operatives were arrested in NYC and NJ for ‘aberrant activities’.
Yet let me concentrate on this Pollard.
While I and others in the CIA, MI and the Reagan Administration were busily implementing a strategy for the ‘regime change’ in the Soviet Union from Communism to Capitalism, Pollard was busy collecting money from enemy operatives in South Africa, Pakistan, Argentina, Taiwan and of course, the Soviet Union to the tune of a monthly salary of $2.5K plus hotels, travel, sapphire and diamond ring for his second wife. For those of you who might be impressed by the ersatz legends created by the highly imaginative Mossad/Lekem Unit [a highly selected science-intelligence unit] Pollard’s controller was a very famous Israeli spy by the name of Rafi Eitan.
When Pollard was asked what he would do with all the money Israel had given him; he stated the following:
“I not only intended to repay all the money [to Israel of course, not America] I had received but also, was going to establish a chair at the Israeli General Staff’s Intelligence Training Center outside of Tel Aviv.” Voila! Pollard becomes the new benefactor of Israel.
What does this all mean to you and me?
Pollard is a reminder that in the world of international relations, Americans have no friends or partners whom we should and can trust. What we have are national interests. 
How Pollard received countless security clearances in the light of obvious mental health problems as well as manifest sociopathic behaviors is still a mystery to me. Perhaps there are others in the Intelligence Community? However, credit must go to DCI George Tenet and the CIA for pursuing the indictment and conviction of this Israeli spy until he was finally incarcerated after some very complicate manipulations on Pollard’s part.
As for Israel, it is the only friendly country that I know of that has: 

[1] Attacked mercilessly our spy boat, the Liberty and willfully killed many of our brave sailors.
[2] Was intimately involved in the 9/11 False Flag and multiple explosions in the World Trade Towers which were not caused by any flying planes. 
[3] Is the only country to allow dual citizenships of: Bibi, Michael Oren, Dore Gold, and Ron Dermer, all of whom represent Israel with a venom against the country of their birth that qualifies them as an ‘enemy of the state’ rather than a natural born son of America.

None of the aforementioned turncoats has ever served in our American military or intelligence service. Yet, they have the audacity to berate our country for imagined travesties of diplomacy that they have concocted regarding: 
[1] Hamas one of their own progenies
[2] PLO their ally 
[3] Saudi Arabia their longtime ally
[4] Syria an erstwhile ally under the Assad family
[5] ISIS who they helped to create and foster
[6] Iran they had oil trade with them for decades
Like a Frankenstein, America has unwittingly created a bon fide Israeli dybbuk with inherent malfeasance structured into its DNA from the self-propelled and constantly refueled paranoia which they have created to justify any inhumane actions anywhere around the world. As a the scion of “holocaust Jews” who were fortunate enough to come to America and embrace it’s opportunities and requirements for citizenship [as well as serving in the military], I have always warned the Israeli operatives that they are not the friends of those of us who survived the Death Camps. We do not pledge any allegiance to their makeshift history of how they, Palestine/Israel, had saved us. Israel and the ignorant America Jews who know nothing about the real history of the “Holocaust” should pay dearly for any transgressions against our Republic. Every American/Israeli who decides to hold two passports should be the object of suspicion and doubt.

The hi-tech miracle of Israel will remain as that as long as it is not a front for siphoning off secrets from the country that allowed them to exist—America. It is an unfortunate truism that Americans expect China, Russia, France and Germany to spy on our leaders but to have Israel gut out our secrets –that is no longer “a Gentleman’s Agreement”.
Perhaps Pope John XIII gives us wise counsel on such matters:
“See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little”.


  1. Dr.P you are correct on each point. It's true that America like all nations has no "friends merely interests," however in the case of Israel the relationship is particularly menacing from Israel toward America.

    We must remember however that in 1948 the United States provided no aid to Israel during their war of independence, and it was Stalin seeking to form an alliance with them who sent them badly needed military equipment while the US watched and expected [if not hoped] that the Arabs would prevail. An Arab victory was predicted by every agency of the USG.

    Additionally remember that the USG is peppered with Arabist bureaucrats and officials who support the Arab position and despise Israel. My undergraduate studies at the University of Texas were festuned with pro-Arab classes from Arabist and Iranian professors paid by endowments at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and Arab Language Department, which were paid for by Texas based oil companies.....

    At that University Israel was a dirty word, and the few Israeli scholars there were outcasts.

    In terms of Pollard in an interview he gave for American television some years ago he claimed he betrayed America because the US stood by and did nothing during the holocaust - a ridiculous and revealing claim if ever there was - bringing up the holocaust in such a matter is hollow and transparent at best.

    Pollard is just a really bad Jew. He's dishonest, self-interested, indifferent to others, a toad of a "man" if ever there was. He learned long ago that for an ugly Jew like himself that his ticket can be cashed by plugging into the world of Jewry and zionism. They are his network and will enrich him mightily, though not by any merit, merely affiliation.

    1. Superb mind flow. Lets not forget that USA had to be punished by Jews for not caring about killing of Jews under Stalin. Jews gave USA atomic bomb and now USA wants to stay idle. No no, Jews gave hydrogen bomb to Stalin and then Stalin stopped. Lets not forget how capitalistic class of USA forgot own POW in Vietnam after war. :))

    2. Speaking about those who support peace. Biggest Serbian public conspiracy theorist (Dejan Lučić) said that there is always problem among Khazar Jews (he is saying that they rule world)... Because Khazar Boss of bank have atomic shelter while his deputy does not, so they two have different views toward world.

    3. Islamic religion is horrible (like all other pagan), they can make oath on to koran and then lie on court against infidel, you can cheat infidel in trade, if you kill 100 kids, you do not go to hell... like in all other pagan religions... anyone who is pro islamic and anti-Israel should be put in to reeducation camp and monitored while free...

    4. Jews are always first to God and first to Devil. But let s be more precise. Satanists rule the world. Not Khazar Jews, and that is great opportunity for all non-jews, they can become Satanists and they will rule. Satan is not tribal nor racist. Lets look Timothy Geithner, he is not Jew, he is pure German but because he is Satanist, guy rules.

    5. I am beginning to understand that you cannot violently change someones religion or faith or view of world. Best results are when you explain them through reeducation while he does not get it. Problem with capitalists is that they are interested only in commercial reeducation.
      They said, armies are too expensive, changing culture is even more expensive, it just eats profits... Fascists and nazis (capitalist) tried that in WW2, but Stalin (state capitalists) had too many war experienced tank divisions so they said new tactic is needed. And it seems it works better...
      But they are unable to bow even lower to win. Now they think they are so strong... Too early... So much they split them self too early on to US Republicans-Mexico-Euro-China-Brics and Democats-Pope-US-Argentina-Africa-Venecuela-Cuba-Croatia-Greece block...
      You cannot individually say to pagan that he is pagan. Both blocks were making those mistakes, but one block got it. Proudness is sin no1.

  2. Israel had the high ground with the neo-cons, whose careers dated from the early 70's and Henry Jackson, etc. They are history....a blood-soaked history.

    Many American Jews are adherants of Norman Finkelstein and his ilk such as the many Israeli peaceniks and such in Israel, not to mention Noam Chomsky.

    Israel has so many enemies in America today is amazing. They just are not on Fox News.

  3. The American-Israel relationship has been a pretend one from the start.

    Israel set up a memorial for the CIA officer in charge of their account during the 1950s - it's a plastic sign next to a garbage dump..the "James Angleton" Memorial which is their joke on CIA....

    Angleton was also given an award from Israel while he was alive. Angleton had the account because he was the Head of Counter-Intelligence and everyone wanted to make damn sure that anything passed to Israel went through his office because it was assumed that Israel was still full of Russian and communist spies...which is was.

    Pollard's information was passed to the Soviets for that matter.

  4. Fantastic discourse gentleman, very enjoyable and informative reading. Doc P and Mike - you should consider a webinar. Tie-in a story tellers type of show following Trump in key areas and you'd clean up!

    If only we had more of you guys out there teaching history we wouldn't be in such a mess...

    1. History without Marxism, Assyriology, Egyptology and Bible is nothing else than propaganda.

  5. Here is real capitalism, give 100$ to every citizen to donate to candidate he wants. And abolish citizen united. By Bernie Sanders.

    Why Bernie Sanders worries America is becoming an oligarchy

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  6. Paganism is very problematic for society. Here there was case of one guy who wanted from other to remove him curse and guy was asking 20,000E for removal, so there was fight among two as first guy thought how price was too big and other one refused to lower price. That was news from "black chronicle" of daily newspapers.

  7. Stupid american capitalists are hoping to control 25% of EU economy, and right now they have it about 20%, but we real commies in workplace democracy would give them 61% and they know it.
    But no no they are so afraid because it would be bad example, and seems that for them system is system and ideology is ideology, always. Imagine!

    1. American capitalism in colonies (Europe also) do not work, local capitalists in colonies are stupid, evil, they will sell their own mother, they are criminals connected to government, they rob own people... Let us kill them together and then only american capitalists will be left and everyone else will live under eco-communism. In controlled trays. Alliance between ultra rich few and mass.

  8. He he, Alex Jones in Europe... And wow, getting smarter than any European, ant telling truth, but he was never so smart before, seems he really needed to come to Europe to be so smart.
    But why in USA he is so dumb about economy... I would give him now Crown of Europe... Lost son is back :)

    1. Maybe he must be little dummy in USA (domestic obligations). But in Europe he is 100% real. In some moments so naive in interpretation of history but truthful and deep like none would do it here in this "smart" Europe today. We need AJ Europe show. Europe have what America does not and America have what Europe does not. You just cannot be prophet in own village.

    2. He should have come to my city.

  9. I do not understand why people are afraid of tyranny. We can see by reading old Greek literature that under tyranny in Greece, roads and trade routes were protected, art was supported, stability everywhere, and under democracy it was all opposite plus constant wars.
    Here we have results of one cost&benefit phycological analysis done by British government, resulting by this decision.

    1. Government thinks and all naive people do think that people are not almost totally defined by genetics.
      There are many huge yachts (one with helicopter of Kuwait rich:
      now around and in my city.
      When i was passing near coast, there was one yacht named "Lucky me", some anglo-saxonian american on it, of course, and he was putting shoes on coast near boat ladders while i was passing near him... And I started talking, smiling politely toward him and he toward me, but when i mentioned communism his smile went down very very deep, and i just said that we were nationalising those ships in communism, very very fast... That was all, he just said, really.
      It is nice to see how those yachts owners are employing just white anglo-saxonians, they want to show how they have money,,, yes they are those genetical who could not make it in police... but there is place for them also there.

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    3. Government must start telling people truth.

  10. Here we have nice song with main singer who worked for UDBA, or on english, State Security Administration...
    We had nice list of assassinations.

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  11. You are correct Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. concerning several MOSSAD AGENTS being arrested by both New Jersey Police Department and New York Police Department (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11" posted by Nephilim70 on February 26, 2008; "9/11: Truck/Vanload of Explosives (CBS-ABC-WABC-CNN-NBC)" posted by Nathan Flach on October 26, 2008; "Israeli Mossad Agents Arrested on 9/11 - 9/11 Was an Inside and Out Job" posted by Russianvids on January 26, 2012; and "Four MOSSAD Agents in World Trade Center Pre 9-11" Doing Construction" (Interview/Photo Evidence)" posted by UtubularBalls on October 24, 2010); however, Dr. Pieczenik you need to consider THE C.I.A.'s involvement (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Marvin Bush, Stratesec, and 9/11: The Straight Facts" posted by WarCrime911 on December 14, 2012) and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE's involvement (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "9/11: 10 Years Later" posted by LaRouche PAC VIdeo Archive (AUTHENTIC) on September 10, 2011) with the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001! Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. has it right! It was the BRITISH EMPIRE (CITY OF LONDON, England) in concert with Saudi Arabia that did the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 (FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION)!

  12. Bin Laden Family’s Private Jet Crashes in England, Killing Four

    1. Just look those other titles on, Russians again are starting to be disgusting, titles are like it is WW3 and there is just one week left for final battle. Idiots. Robert Kagan should teach them how to speak about supremacy and power, he is gentleman compared to them.
      Seems something is beginning to be serious in Russia.

      US should organise Stasi, Securitae and UDBA to start killing pro-Putin capitalists in Europe. They are starting to go on my nerves again. That would show to KGB to fuck off.

    2. Than UDBA should start cleaning of Stasi and Securitae . Just how UDBA killed Swedish prime minister when Olaf Palme refused and deceived Swedish labor unions by not introducing Tito s workers self-management but went to Soviet block to enforce state capitalism. He had to be killed.

  13. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    On July 29, 2015, when I arrived at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California, I placed my plastic bag (containing three (3) jackets, various clothes, and papers) behind the Jack-in-the-Box at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California; and there are two (2) video cameras on the back-side of the said Jack-in-the-Box covering my said plastic bag! After drooping off my said plastic bag, I started to panhandle the immediate area (SOUTH COAST METRO AREA); and as I acquired money, I was depositing all of the money in the Bank of America (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)! These said deposits were also used as a marker to show my location to counter any and all potential "frame jobs" done by "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS and THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)!

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  14. People do not get that Osama Bin Laden and his whole family are rich capitalists. Families of 2999 dead americans should know that.


    2. Also there is new document how those muslims ISIS capitalists are planning to take Pakistan in attack together with Talibans, and than make nuclear war with India and liberate 400M muslims living there. Poor, BRICS AIIB capitalists:))
      Stupid pagans thought how they will not feel their own paganism on own skin...
      What do they think, that USA is idiot who will bomb ISIS when other pagans wants...

    3. I adore how Greenland is not coloured yellow on this map even Denmark (which holds Greenland) is in NAZI - yellow:))
      USA was right when it said that world should be worried by environmental standards of AIIB bank.
      Real NATO are all those not coloured.

  15. Wrong again, Dr. P...
    YOUR WIKIPEDIA REFERENCES are on the wrong side OF TRUTH...all propaganda links.


    I am a long time friend of Pollard's now deceeasd father.

    I know the legal malfeasance involved in the case, 'a fundamental miscarriage of justice". - Appellate Judge Stephen Williams recommended a new trial:

    "And be these juggling fiends no more believ'd,
    That palter with us in a double sense;
    That keep the word of promise to our ear,
    And break it to our hope."

    JEWS, Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Lawrence Silberman overruled.

    Silberman later presided over Ted Olson's, Pollard's appellate attorney's second or third marriage.



    YOU might like to recite it from time to time...before your years wane.


    From a liberal paper in your neighborhood: