Monday, July 27, 2015

Congratulations to Donald Trump for a Brilliant Tour de Force Speech in Iowa: Humorous, Biting, Highly Detailed, and Comprehensive!
I hope that as Donald keeps running and devastating the Republican and Democratic field, he is cautious of the envy he generates; especially in the Bush and Clinton families. For some time, you and I have been cheering on Donald Trump and his revolutionary style of eviscerating opponents while at the same time explaining the problems of our staid, dysfunctional American political system. I am concerned as some of my more dedicated readers have pointed out- that the longer Trump keeps up his engine-of-truth that the more desperate the Bushes and Clintons become. I use the plural because Hillary and Jeb are not really one person but a compilation of enablers whose relatives have been former presidents with checkered and miscreant pasts.

Both Bush and Clinton families have had an infamous record of avoiding prosecution for economic and political crimes committed by them against the American people. Without belaboring the point, all one has to do is to look at Jeb, who promised a new team, but said team has been repopulated the Neocon cockroaches like Wolfowitz and company. Likewise, Hillary has rebounded from one lie to another with alacrity and vibrant pathology. 
I am not writing this blog to laud Trump, he certainly can do that on his own. My deep concern is when a revolutionary force like Trump appears on a fixed political system, an ossified dyad of Republicans and Democrats, unfortunate accidents and assassinations appear from so-called “lone gun men”.
Recently Americans have witnessed a bizarre circus of so-called ‘lone gunmen’ killing innocent victims all the way from the lovely Cajun center of Lafayette, Louisiana to churches in South Carolina. Whether these killings are part of a copy-cat effect or  something else, I will leave up to the FBI. However, I do know that in the case of other Presidents: JFK, Nixon, Ford, Reagan – we have had a spade of attempted/successful assassinations by ‘so-called crazies’. There is now a requirement for extra protection –be it private and public—lest an ‘unfortunate accident’ should transpire on one of Trump’s stops. I do not and will not advocate violence of any kind against anyone, especially presidential candidates. But, having been in the business of mass killers and political assassinations, I must warn those who do protect Trump that as of now all the psycho-dynamics are in place for something ‘untoward to occur’ whatever that might mean.
The speech in Iowa capitalized on the fact that Trump was funny, knowledgeable, self-effacing and well versed on a host of subjects from currency fluctuations to trade imbalances. That type of insouciant delivery, almost effortless will engender all types of envious feelings among his so-called ‘colleagues in the Republican Party’ including the odious comment by the ignorant, incompetent Scott Walker, whose representative called Trump dumb. The more covert candidate on that trail of jealousy and envy has to be Jeb Bush who was rightfully dismissed as a ‘toady of lobbyists and special interests—a nobody’ [Trump words].
When envy penetrates the dysfunctional family of spoiled, idiot sons of the lovely Mrs Barbara Bush, many things happened like: Silverado S&L Crisis, 9/11 False Flag  or falsifying evidence to invade a foreign country. Clearly the Clintons were baptized by our dishonorable Bush CIA in Arkansas when they were assisting in the illegal drug smuggling initiated from Central and South America by Reagan, Bush Sr, Elliot Abrams.
The media and the sheeple will repeat the mantra of ‘conspiracy theorists’ which by now has become a badge of honor, certainly for me. However, as we say in intelligence, ‘expect the unexpected at all times.’ Thanks to the previous assassinations of our own presidents and successful candidates, we, Americans have learned to mistrust our system and our leaders to the extent that the initials JFK denote—LBJ, Bush Sr, Nixon, Cuban/Italian Mafia; and the Warren Commission. Not an exaggeration, its simply a matter of fact.
Look how the Bush family is now trying to portray the 9/11 self-initiated attack by showing pictures of POTUS Bush Jr looking in a series of stupefied expressions. My friends in the intelligence business as in psychiatry know that very little happens by coincidence—ask General David Petraeus when he went against future DCI John Brennan and POTUS Obama in the Benghazi affair. Suddenly, Americans found out about some ludicrous extra-marital affair just as Obama was about to be re-elected.

If Trump does not make it to the Presidential Races as the major candidate against the constantly judicially besieged Hillary, then I will be quite disappointed and very suspicious. That is not a very good position for me or my fellow American citizens to be in; our future rests on eviscerating this cancerous dyadic nonsense called: Republicans and Democrats. Long live Trumps and the Republic! 
Homer the great Greek poet/writer said the following of a great man who was assassinated:

“Achilles absent, was Achilles still.”   


  1. Military coup is also solution if they kill Trump.
    People must get that there is no NWO, Bible is saying that you see them by their fruits, meaning that those who made this situation cannot build anything, they can not build NWO, they can only destroy more and more, and because they are getting weaker and weaker they will have to start pressing and sucking even more and more, and only those who are going to be able to suck, are only own people.
    Their logic is that people cannot without them and that all others are dangerous for people, and if it is going bad that just means that people do not get their only and best way to go forward. Heck system was great for them, that means it is best for everyone. They see Trump as just another con player but some from opposite side, another boss of another gang playing on their territory, they see people as stupid dumb cattle which even when they are hungry they do not know what they are talking, because you just pay media service more to promote that there is no hunger at all.
    Bush said that americans needs to work more.

    1. Now let s look this dissemination act from privately owned network FOX news, it is important to look at those "people" in public who speaks about Trump, and their opinions where they support Jeb Bush.
      Conclusion is simple, when capitalists take over government you get Mexico.
      Government is government and capitalists are capitalists, that must be split apart.
      And yes they like Chinese people much more.

    2. Some Murphy from Hollywood collected most of those 114M for Fag Bush.

    3. Maybe we could assassinate Koch brothers and that Murphy. Ah if I had some money I would train some bosnian muslim fanatic do it. For instance he rise up in public to ask Murphy about Koch and blow him self up, and than same guy goes to Koch and ask them about Murphy and then blow him self up again.

  2. Glad I am not the only one.Trump really needs protection, maybe he should hire that guy Gavin de Becker who used to protect celebrity's like Madonna and Spielberg, wrote a book, 'The Gift of fear' where he was able to work out where the threat was coming from. Or Trump could diffuse the idea of being taken out, by publicly talking about it, to make it untenable as a course of action. Although thinking about it that did not save Princess Diana, who even spoke of her own method of dispatch.

  3. He needs a vest and a Kevlar lectern to duck behind while his former DELTA Bodyguards take care of business.

    The question is with the amounts of money at stake who can Trump trust?

  4. One reason for Trump's success is that he's a vulgarian, and therefore has the "common touch."

    Despite his wealth Trump has very bad taste. The gawdy gold plated furnishings of his homes are more fit for an Arab Prince than any American billionaire, much less anyone from New York LOL. His garish ties and cheap haircut are all in line with his plebian tastes, as are his cheap salesmen exaggerated words such as "incredible" and "fantastic."

    This vulgarianism is just what the American public wants. It's what they liked about Reagan with his brill creamed hair and cheap suits. It's what they liked about W. Bush as well.

    Trump plays to the masses because he's one of them.

    1. Thank you Central Intelligence Agency...

      Like I said soon Serbia and Croatia will be only real American friends... :))
      Country without secret service is like shit in the rain.

    2. Russia and Slovenia wants Slovenia to be sea port for Russian gas, toward Hungary and Austria (Germany) and then even build one small connection toward Italy, you know, just little one. Because you know axis Italy-Germany is somehow... i do not know... sounds like Axis. So they need excess to open sea. They do not like american decision that Croatia will be port for American oil and gas. Poor Slovenia, poor Orban.
      Medvedev said in Slovenia that sanctions must stop now.
      You must let us occupy Slovenia, pleaseeeeeee...

    3. And also Austria, they really do think that Germans can be represented by German government, they are 100% insane, Germany can only be represented by Washington, they really do think how they are something...
      Cleaner and better Germans are in US then in Germany.

  5. Off topic - I wonder if Robert McDonald - Sec. of Veterans Affairs - was in the Valhalla camp of Bohemian Grove when it burned last week...

  6. CNN now has new "old" accusations by Trumps ex wife Ivanka who claims "trump raped her when she was still his wife". So it starts with character assassination ala divorce court allegations.

    1. I was talking with friend, how the world would look like if there were no males, only females. We agreed that
      1. It would be material manifestation of hell
      2. Any form of organised society, like government would be unable to be formed.
      3. Sperm would had to grow on trees.
      4. Association among, and stratification between, subjects, plus system value would be based on shape of some body parts. Probably democratic majority rule like we have now on west.
      5. Some communal form of primitive anarchy would rise as highest form.

      Biblical line that government comes from God would be false because God would be unable to form it.

    2. females never revenge, they are revenging all the time

  7. This following article reveals the real truth about Trump!
    "Zionists Use Donald Trump to Fix Another Election"
    Donald Trump is an Illuminati agent tasked with getting Hillary Clinton elected!

    1. When i read this article i get that they support Jeb Bush? And that Illuminati or Masons are so weak that they cannot control Jeb Bush so they need to do some tricks, against noble grassroots Jeb Bush and sacred Chinese capitalists.
      Jeb Bush wants Chinese capitalism, he is talking about fazing out Medicare, he tells to old people, they should be happy to get anything.

      Ah we need to hang them all in military coup. Pagan slaves.
      Republican party must be destroyed and Democratic party should be split on NYC - Wall Street wing and Chicago Communist eco -wing.
      Trump can be president, he can be leader urban development and renovation. (Free flats for mobile young workers, 150$ monthly fee, done through eminent domain and nationalisation of private land)
      Republican party must be destroyed for ever.

    2. Russia is already one step ahead, giving free land to Russians in Siberia, 30M young wants to go...

    3. Alec Baldwin supports Trump on CNN.

  8. Trump loves Trump and any real threat to Trump will be overcome by the love he has for himself. He will run not walk away if threatened.

    That being said, he has added some zest to the campaign and his harping on trade treaties is good. The next set of trade treaties are a disaster for they hand our sovereignty off to corporate lawyers and they create a bonanza for them much like the Environmental laws allow their attorneys to sue everybody for anything and get paid very well to do so.

    We are on the cusp of a change of direction. If the possibility for this change opens more, (and it looks like it will) my money is on some contrived disaster or financial collapse that leads to martial law where Obama can move freely to finish his agenda, unhindered by any body of law. It’s their dream come true, game over.

  9. In USA there is seems huge split between pro BRICS German - Chinese capitalistic axis and USA lobby.
    For instance owner of site (among many others in central Europe) in Croatia is firm of course american warburg pincus.
    And main CEO is Timothy Geithner, and even they operate in Croatia they support 100% German exit to warm sea and are in support of Slovenia. Like European capitalistic chinese commission. USA Christian lobby in US is very weak today. Chinese pagan capitalistic agents are in full swing.

  10. Founder is Eric Warburg.
    Never trust German Jews, because they are German :)


  12. "Family of Secrets" author interview: