Sunday, July 19, 2015

In the Spirit of Taking Down the Racist South Carolina Flag, I Propose that another Black-Hating-Bigot’s Words and Statues be Completely Removed from our History Books and Our Capitol!
When I tried to explain why I was against the removal of the South Carolina Battle Flag, I was jeered and overridden by the hysteria of the ignorant and vindictive—be they black, white, or yellow.  Immediately, as in all well-calibrated propaganda movements, mass hysteria took over any attempt at discerning the truth or the possible validity of the reasons for that flag as a symbol of one of the original colonies to be allowed the legal right to secede from the Union.
In the spirit of the present mass hysteria and self-righteous ignorance of white and black politicians and rabble rousers, I then went hunting for more evidence of inappropriate racism against the blacks. In doing so, I realized that I, too, had an obligation to denounce the validity of history and denigrate the man who spoke the following words that I have uncovered. I reveal this man of loathsome venom and hypocrisy---approaching the level of a complete sociopath and mentally deranged individual:
“I will say, the, I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races—that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor in qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a Physical difference between the white and black races. I, as much as any other man in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race” 
If that is not the words of raging Skin Head, Neo-Nazi—then I have never heard words and feelings more racist, bigoted and inflammatory than these and other words that I can quote to you. For example, this person wasn’t happy just trying to explain that white people were superior to blacks, he then went on to propose an APARTHEID STATE –just like South Africa. Let me continue with these ignoble words that has been lost to the history of America:
“Such separation if effected at all, must be effected by colonization….what colonization most needs is hearty will..  our interests [white people]to transfer the Africans to his native climate [Africa], and we shall find a way to do it, however great the task may be.”
Clearly no one in their right mind would consider the aforementioned words conciliatory or pro-black. Therefore these words and many other words and deeds have shown that the man who pronounced them time and time again did so in order to curry favor with his American voting audience.Yet, now, these words represent the most heinous of attitudes that one can even imagine at any time in the short history of our nation.
By now, most of you will suspect that I have played the same propaganda trick on you that our United States Government and state governments played on all of us while we growing up---in the name of education we received highly contrived propaganda by those in the elite schools and institutions of the northeast telling us about a fictional character who was ‘honest’, ‘noble’ and ‘caring’; when in fact his actions and deeds show a malevolent individual replete with hate and tyranny.

Of course, I am talking about none other than our illustrious President Abraham Lincoln—or ‘honest Abe’ as we would watch Raymond Massey play this Marfan’s role in the movie that was shown in grade school again and again.
So where did I get those verifiable quotes?
The first denigrating the blacks comes from the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debates. For those of you who are historians, you may find this quotes and similar ones in the “Lincoln –Douglas Debates of 1858”, edited by R. W. Johannsen [Oxford University Press, New York, NY:1965],  pp. 162-163.
The last quote comes from “Abraham Lincoln Speeches, Letters, and State Papers.” Vol. I, p. 458.
Let us now, tear down the Lincoln Monument because without a doubt Lincoln was a racist of the highest order. Next let us rescind his presidency and demand by government fiat that any all pictures of Lincoln be abolished including whatever paper and coin currencies his picture and/or name appears.
Now, I feel justified that a flaming racist who lied, deceived and killed hundreds of thousands Americans [on both the Northern and Southern sides] would be finally reproached for his heinous deeds and actions.
But, I have one simple question.
How did the North so cleverly disguise Lincoln’s miscreant words and misdeeds so effectively that not one school child in the north would ever be taught the truth? Perhaps the truth does bend to the will of the aggressor? And that the palaver of so-called “American Education” is nothing more than highly contrived propaganda disseminated in our so-called ‘textbooks’ and ‘history lessons’.

What else has the our Federal Government lied to us in modern times?
Let’s ask the new Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.
Perhaps that is too much work and exposure on our part of possible retributions.
Let us just take their word at faith value and believe that this is the best of all governments and truths as my old friend Candide would often opine in Voltaire’s satirical novel.
Control of the masses always takes place through lies and more lies ---Nazi Air Force General Herman Goering said it at the Nuremberg War Trials. Repeat the lie often enough and it becomes to sound like the truth.
Hail Abraham Lincoln !! 
Once again, you have showed that the tyranny of the few can dominate the supplicant masses over and over again.
Was John Wilkes Booth the real culprit when he assassinated Lincoln and pronounced the prophetic words that would eventually remind us of what Lincoln really was—a TYRANT!!
Sec Sempis Tyrannis!
Thus Always With Tyrants!
The great Greek philosopher/writer, Aeschylus writes as follows:
“Words are the physicians of a MIND DISEASED.” 
And so it was with Abraham Lincoln and his supplicant apologists of the North East Establishment and our pathetic two hundred year education establishment.


  1. Yep, new sociological construct is needed... And this time can be based on historical material facts...
    Best for country cannot be interest of one group of people for whole time. Because, USA existed before civil war and will last after power of those northern industrialists is finished (about what is happening now).
    And those are facts on terrain because industrial capital of north is gone (mostly to China), so now it is time to go back to truth which can this time honestly unite whole country...
    Industry with marxism produced class equality, but it made some regions artificially more powerful and better off then others, so now equality among regions will be better while problem is going to be for former middle class to find new ways of struggle to recreate it self.

  2. "Proof Abe Lincoln Was A Racist"
    "The History of the Southern Flag"
    The victors of war write the history. And that is exactly what happened after the so called Civil War in 1861-65. The Cross of St. Andrew, the Southern Flag has been maligned in the worse way by those individuals with personal agendas. The war of 1861-65 had nothing to do with slavery. Abraham Lincoln could not have cared less about freeing the southern black slaves. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was issued near the end of the war, not the beginning. It was written and issued as a political maneuver. Dr. Tom DiLorenzo referenced actual historical documents that support these facts in his book, The Real Lincoln. In 1861, 95 % of the southern people did not own slaves, they were too poor. The political conflict began in Washington over taxation, tariffs on southern products, but not on northern products. The oppressive control directed from Washington was strangling the people and economy of the south - but not the north. It was very biased destructive government management against the southern economy and people. The cry was, "States Rights," but that equated with the rights of sovereign southern states to be out from under the oppressive and destructive control of northern political Washington. Only uninformed or uneducated people believe 425 men died each day (600,000 men) for four years to deal with black slavery issues in the south. The Cross of St. Andrew, the Southern Flag was a religious emblem of moral people, much like Braveheart, engaged in a fight to death conflict to save their families, homes and land from destruction at the hands of northern bankers and politicians.

  3. omnipresent technocratic consolidated media rewriting history, like computer code. that's all the education they need!

    And Pink Floyd thought school was bad...

  4. I guess this supports one interpretation of Ford's 'History is more or less bunk' Historians of the future will have a hard time getting any objectivity because every major event is recorded in such a shit way and usually a total inversion of what really happened. 9/11, the Gulf Wars, the 'war' on drugs, Vietnam when the total truth comes out it will be as relevant and meaningful as say the Boer war is now. No one will really care apart from some PhD students pouring through the files. The American Civil war by the way is sold here as a war against slavery.

    1. I will go now look our communist Military encyclopedia from 1965 and will look what they talk about civil war...
      I remember that they talked about Churchill like of some reactionary capitalistic looser, while in communism Roosevelt had streets and squares.

      Here is in my town, nice communist family houses, (you had to have at least 2-3 flats built in one unit),,16.454803,3a,75y,314.66h,78.65t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suvRXqGF2jx-k12WgoohfKg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

      And this 100% communist street of city of Dover
      from mid 1980es, you know admiral of fleet living in apartment next to school janitor... (could be that school janitor is spy) but those 4 workers living next to him cannot all be... And lets not forget we are 3,5 times poorer economy than USA... and we were able to have free housing...,+21000,+Split/@43.509444,16.481073,3a,75y,85.94h,91.56t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sNiZo_-z4IDTdT0SJmFENtA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x13355e2e1fbe6e01:0xe3da044fcd358ed9

    2. That first street is Street of Roosevelt, not changed from 1949...

  5. People are more stupid today than they've ever been. 97 percent of whites who fought desperately for self-determination from 1961-1864 didn't own slaves...and many or most were opposed to slavery. My own ancestors in Texas were opposed to slavery but they voted to join the Confederacy and fought against the invading union forces who raped, stole, plundered and pillaged their way through "fellow states" to force them to stay in the union against their will just as the Crown had done similarly from 1776 until their surrender at Yorktown.

    It's true that the people of the South were all racists but so were the people of the North, without exception, including Lincoln. Lincoln knew correctly that negros could never assimilate into white culture. In 1862 he tried unsucessfully to have all freed negro slaves taken back to Africa after the war.

    It was only at the end of the war when he cooked up a plan to dominate Southern politics after the war that he proposed giving freed negro men the vote - not because he thought they would use it correctly but because their votes were needed to ensure that Republicans won the votes in the South after the war.

    It was this cynical and craven act which finally motivated the John Wilks to assassinate him.

    Jefferson, Washington, Lee, Madison and other founders were great men and they all owned slaves, so get over it.

    Racism is the way all people think and feel throughout history and in all places today except for America and a handful of western European societies. Racism is normal and natural. If anti-racists want to claim it's "evil" then they will have to condemn 99.9999999% of all of humans as "evil."

    Sorry that racial discrimination and choice hurts the feelings of those groups or individuals who are discriminated against, but just because someone's feelings are hurt is no reason to re-define what's good or bad or evil or not in the human condition.

    Racism is normal and there's nothing wrong with it. I am a racist just as most if not all great minds and moral people have been and are today.

    In the future those few places dominated by anti-racism like America will once again embrace racism.

    In South Africa today 64% of negros say they were better off under Aparttheid, and it's only a matter of time before Aparthtid and a white nationalist government is re-instated - with the consent of the negro majority.

  6. I don't know a single white person in America who cares what any negro thinks about them. The idea that negros care what white's think about them, or that their feelings are hurt because white people don't like them....

    Well it's just stupid and speaks to the inferiority complex of negros.

    Negros should have their own separate culture and society away from whites in America. They should have their own schools, sports teams, resterauants and hotels....

    If they didn't hate themselves so much they wouldn't insist on being with us white people.

    I don't like them and I stay away from them as much as I can because they are primitives who are dangerous to white people.

    I don't hate them and have no malice toward them but they are a danger.

  7. I saw some of a TV program the other night about compensation for slavery, but the twist was it was compensation for British slave owners all neatly recorded (they had great hand writing then!) in today's money it was £18 Billion. Some folk had just three slaves some thousands. Every single one was compensated, in fact it was probably the source of many modern inherited fortunes. Before anyone gets offended about it, at this time they used to have 5 year old's pushing trucks down mines and working 12-18 hours in factories so practically everyone was a slave of sorts...they just did not know it.

  8. I have found (from military 1958. book from A till BO)... title American Civil War

    - Was overwhelmingly caused because of economical reasons.
    Mostly industrial north wanted high protective import taxes and agricultural south wanted free market.

    That is what they say is truth, everything else are again pro industrial lies based on daily politics... Communists here were so afraid of those really evil, stinky and stupid domestic village people (from Balkan hills, which again destroyed this system) that in this article they say that industrial system of those (evil-my word) capitalists was representing free labor against slavery....
    They went in article in alliance with Northern capitalism to be able to go against domestic free capitalists (stinky peasants)

    1. Biggest problem we in communism had was with that stupid and evil peasentry trained very well under feudalism.
      When they would get free flat, they would put pig in bathroom. When they would work in factory they would steal from factory to build house on village, then they would invest back home in to agriculture so sell food back to city and you could not put them in to camps and kill them because they were 95% of population. To be citizen, persons existence must depend upon city, it cannot be rural.
      Biggest problem here was that agricultural feudal country entered in to real (non soviet) communism.
      We had no city peoples here at all. Only something on NW.
      And by Marx only developed industrial society can enter communism.

    2. Real workers self-management theory would say that it was form of agricultural slavery going against industrial slavery (in industrial slavery mobility of slaves was needed in way that they would not go against system while they are not in chains). Capitalists sold them fact that they did not have chains:))) HA HA HA
      They earned twice, as they sold them something which is not there, and they earned because it is more expensive for capitalists to produce chains, put them and provide housing and food for those in chains.

    3. North American and Oceanic peasants are only normal industrial peasants not connected to feudalism. It was real communism. Go alone, take gun, kill enemy, and put flag on part of land you like. If it is not already taken. Of course take care that some other settler with flag do not kill you and put some own flag there.

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  11. Lincoln had a scheme to colonize slaves in Ecuador. His ambassador to Ecuador, Friedrich Hassaurek, was to handle the expatriation, but never followed through, I'm happy to say...

    Sorry CIA, but American culture would be such milquetoast with out the contribution of black Americans. I'm glad they stayed on.