Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dade County Florida, watch how county commissioners killed democracy and ignored the will of the citizens (all 500,000 of them).  Pets Trust continues to fight on despite the corrupted county commissioners


  1. I like cats and hate dogs, because it is always dangerous to have 10 dogs on one place, because they are able to form horde, and biologically as such they are more dangerous than wolfs because they are not afraid of people, they know people. Around cities such hordes attack people much more than wolfs do. Also problems are those hybrids between dogs and wolfs which occur when wolf is not hungry so he will not eat bitch but he will mix with her. It is important to notice such horde on time, and get out of their circle they are making by going back in same direction. I love to see many dogs on playground and those insane people talking to them... and 10 of them is enough.
    I support animal rights because that is only way for pagans and capitalists to learn about human rights.

    And here we have muslim model.

    USA is not democracy, it is money republic, and money is God, while populism is bad.

    1. On another hand animal rights were used mostly as propaganda aimed at those people living in those cold war houses and on those protected cold war salaries, for them to think how everything is fine and that even animals are having everything nice... Well capitalsits seems does not need that mask anymore...

    2. Let me share something with you....

      Like most people in the past when I've been "assaulted" by an angry dog in a fenced yard or on a leash who'd run up to me threateningly I would cringe or appear alarmed or disturbed... And when I would do this, which is what everyone does, then the dog would bark even more and become even more threatening...

      But one time when this happend I did the opposite. Instead of being "intimidated" I responded by moving TOWARDS the dog, and being aggressive back to him...

      My what a surprise. The dog was shocked and looked frightened himself and toned down...

      From that time on I've done the same thing and always had the same response from these animals.

      Aggression in animals is all show.

      if you respond with aggression many times, maybe every time, they will back down unless they are cornered or highly motivated to continue...

      Otherwise it's a head fake.

    3. You are absolutely right (apart from psychotic Pit Bulls)
      I was bitten by a dog once, so I basically bit it back he was quite surprised! It does not work with mountain Gorillas however, apparently best to go foetal.

  2. What do you expect from Florida? The place is a shit hole no matter how many McMansions you see there.

    It's a swamp. An aligator invested swamp.

    Listen to NPR or whatever they call themselves and you'll hear Robert Segal say the word "Flarida" at least two or three times during the course of every news broadcast....

    Robert Segal is of course a New York Jew and New York Jews are obsessed with the state they mistaken call, "Flarida."

    New York Jews began migrating to "Flarida" almost a hundred years ago and today it's the only place in America they will consider moving to once they've said goodbye the snowy mess of New York....


    Everyone on NPR is a Jew, and Robert Segal always finds some excuse to talk about "Flarida" at least once a day on air.

  3. ...Pope and Marx, are they around?... i am starting to have doubts...

  4. Yes negro is guilty for everything, Webster Tarpley is always right, he said that Obama is same. Obama will cut you with 1000 small knife cuts and those on right would let you bleed like cow. When those on right cut, you can at least stop bleeding on one place, but with Obama you are done...
    Tarpley was right about austerity movement, about Syria, about arab spring (way before Glenn Beck)... About all CIA operations in southern europe... His book about Venetian oligarchy was translated here, (my city was under Venice for 400 years)... I miss him very much on Alex Jones... He was 100% right about Negro...

  5. Ignore them. Plain and simple.

    Bog down the courts. Request a jury trial for every violation.

    Screw em.

  6. I am now again neutral (do not want him to liberate us) toward Putin and today i do not hate Germans and western capitalists so much like few days ago,,, Seems that psycho warfare is going on... I must congratulate Putin for having good tactic... attack was good, and now everything looks calm. Now i feel solidarity toward all those young people of Europe... I am real international-socialist... I am like Tito.

    1. Slavoj Žižek said that he was amazed and scared how people mind is strange. When you put electrodes on to people muscles on leg, and starting controlling and moving their legs with joystick, people were saying how they did not feel anything strange nor they were trying to rebel.
      That show that revolutions and mutinies are possible only if those on top are split and are going against each other.
      In USA there is no problem among those on top, they think everything is fine, and maybe they are right, as long they are happy and united.

    2. If someone would put those electrodes on to my muscles Jeb Bush could control them and I would not be lazy person any more. I could finally work, because my nerves would not be connected to my lazy brain and connected with phobia in my brain which is making me go against this slave system of exploitation,,, I could wear that veterans hat of Bush senior and without any problem clean old rich people in some old peoples house while speaking Spanish. Americans must be more productive...

  7. Ah tonight on stadium there and in city are 180,000 people from every parts of american empire... Canada, Australia, proper USA, Europe... on Ultra festival... and i met major of city in city and i recommended to him that we on this plato which was built for people to receive that reactionary Pope in 1998., to build there system of pools, so that we can have biggest pool in europe for parties so that whole youth can come here... (yes drug, and drink alcohol also)... and he said it good idea, but those pub owners in given concession on beach are not very capable for such investment... So any investor wants to this idea to pass? This whole plateau is free, everything bellow road is free, those if there are some building those are temporary.,16.4804857,1151m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

    This is festival happening on stadium every year, those people needs some pool...

  8. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today is July 10, 2015. Last night (July 9, 2015), when I went to get my blankets, the plastic bag containing my blankets was missing. At the time, there was a white pick-up truck with about 5 young Caucasians. I asked them about my blankets. They replied that they had just got there. On the way over to my spot, I encountered an old Caucasian with white facial hair; and he (said elderly Caucasian) was walking with a cane. So, I approached where he (said elderly Caucasian) was sleeping; and as I approached, I noticed two (2) people (the said elderly Caucasian and an elderly Afro-American)! When I finally reached their spot, I looked down; and there was my blankets! I was able to retrieve only the blankets and NOT THE SHEETS!

    Going back to my other comment, on July 2, 2015 someone took my entire shopping cart containing all of my blankets; therefore, I had to go to a church to replace my blankets (July 2, 2015). The Lead Pastor took me to the Church's storage to replace my stolen blankets. All the said Church had was children's style blankets and sheets. I took what little the Church had to give.

    As I was acquiring my blankets, a lady pulled-up in a convertible and got out to discuss things with the said elderly Caucasian. They (said elderly Caucasian and said heavy set Caucasian woman) went for a walk down Birch St. Santa Ana, California. I know the two (2) male individuals were part of WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS; however, as to the said woman, I do NOT KNOW (C.I.A. ?)!

    When I went for my last shopping cart, said heavy set Caucasian woman went and parked were I sleep; and she accessed the water tap. When I asked her why she was there, she gave me a weird answer!

    1. I know who that elderly Caucasian is that you are referring to. He's Nick Nolte that one time famous movie actor.

  9. We people in South Europe are so good and unmaterialistic, we are saving bankrupt empire, we do not even demand Northern and Western part on other side of Atlantic to admitt they are broken... They just had ask us earlier. Near communist it impossible to go broke. We know what is solidarity.