Saturday, August 1, 2015

Here's Donald Trump's letter to supporters, I like what he says and I like how he says it.  I gave him some $$$ (not a lot, he's rich and I am not) to show that I support him.  Read his letter, a breath of fresh air, lets see what happens in debate on Aug 6th.


  1. People should help him with money because we still live in money oriented elections. He must get that nomination. We must strip assets of all those non-american capitalists around world who got US taxpayer money around world.

    Like this guy.
    Chief economist of Bremer Landesbank, Folker Hellmeyer, called for the emancipation of Europe from the United States.

    Seems that everything is going in to high gear! :))
    Capitalists are trying to save them self by selling them self for 0$ to China:))
    Bundesbank is bust:))

  2. He needs no money. Save your philanthropy.
    The Iran deal is tied to the petrodollar, which is why it is so secretive.

    If the deal fails, it will be devalued by @ 50%....a calamity for the world economy, which is why "obama" is becoming vicious.

    He want to time the dollar collapse in a GOP presidency.

    1. So you think $ will be devalued even if Iran enters dollar?
      But i think even Trump made some opinion about less strong dollar (devalued) :)

  3. A refreshing announcement!! Putting is own hand in his pocket and straight talking as well!! Loved the fact he states clearly that he's "very rich" something British politicians tend to keep concealed

  4. Skimming the Spanish language internet sites after Trump's comments on Mexico, the predictably reflexive responses never took time to offer a reasoned refutation. The stark truth in Trump's assessment isn't hard to grasp. That the Mexican people were pulled into the narco-economy feeling betrayed by their government through the failed policies of NAFTA. The resulting lost of nearly a million farm jobs and few alternative economic opportunities should be the target for protests, which are nowhere in sight.