Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jared Fogle “Subway Sociopath” 
Busted by FBI/ Indiana State Police on Charges of Child Pornography/Pedophilia!
My suspicion is that this particular Jewish bullshitter, who had a Bar Mitzvah in Israel and is the failed son of a successful physician and school teacher, is a compulsive liar and an inveterate sociopath who never really lost the weight that was claimed by Subway.  We now see a man of a particular background who has committed one of the venal sins of Judeo-Christian society—Pedophilia and it’s sub-variant medical diagnosis. Thanks to the effective work of both the FBI and the Indiana State Police, they were able to uncover a far greater child pornography enterprise undertaken by Fogle and his compatriot, Russell Tyler. 
What do I make of this particular incident right now?
I thought about what type of man was this Jared Fogle and how did he become a spokesperson for Subway – a very successful franchise that was inspired by a physician at Georgetown Hospital in Wash. D.C. I read in Wikipedia and elsewhere, the disturbing words that “Fogle’s roommate had written an article in the school [Indiana] newspaper about his weight loss.” Then the rest became history. The Subway franchises in Chicago and elsewhere then entered into a collusive relationship with Fogle to create a  convincing narrative [probably false] that Fogle lost 200 plus weight eating only Turkey and vegetable sandwiches at Subway.
Sounds convincing?

Except for the fact that I have eaten Subway sandwiches for decades (usually on the highways of Montana, California and Florida) when I could find nothing but McDonald’s or Wendy’s and I didn’t lose weight?! In my mind, I convinced myself that I was eating healthfully when in fact I was eating bread and mayonnaise with maybe a bit of tuna. The point is that from the very beginning of the Fogle story onward we had nothing but corporate America using a sociopath to promote what most of them like to promote –themselves with a cautionary tale of weight loss. In the Jared story, we have a full blown sociopath who lies with little children because he is completely inadequate physically and mentally to deal with mature women or even men [if he were homosexual]. Even if he were Muslim where child brides are accepted, I would still have to question Fogle’s behavior and even more importantly the integrity of a company like Subway which prided itself on transparency and truth—informing all of us about the hidden calories embedded in the food we eat.
What I suspect is that from the very beginning of the Fogle “Subway Man” creation, the corporation was blinded intentionally by the ching-a-ling of the coins dropping into the massive franchise all over the world. They even promoted him using ersatz props like oversized pants that they claimed, without any verification, that these were the pants that “Fatso Fogle” wore before becoming slim and trim. Subway in the classical American flim-flam corporate manner propagated a completely disingenuous narrative and performance in order to enhance their paltry profits.
I would even go further to claim that certain senior corporate executives knew about Fogle and his perfidious sexual activities and the non-profit foundation that Fogle had created to fight childhood obesity; but they were hoping that the FBI and law enforcement agents would not catch up with their collusive scam with Fogle. My past experiences with sociopathic individuals, especially Fat Jewish Boys who could not measure up to their physician father, is that they end up destroying themselves through lies, deceits and miscreant behavior [just like our politicians].
What is to be done now?
I would strongly suggest that Fogle remain in prison for a far longer time than he was given. He should donate the fifteen million dollars he gained while lying through those Subway commercials. As for his partner, if he attempts suicide again—let him be.
Subway has a real problem.

They have to hire an outside investigator [not Freeh, the ex-FBI Director] to completely vet Subway of any possible illegal activities or false advertisements. Let’s listen carefully to the words of Axl Rose’s song:

“Oh Sweet Child Of Mine…”    


  1. Actually Dr.P there are sections of the Talmud that permit and even encourage pedophilia. It's well known that Rabbis in Babylon had sex with children and wrote extensively about it.

    As for muslims the Kor'an also permits sex with children, in marriage and outside of marriage, particularly with boys. Many Islamic men practice sex with boys in accordance with these teachings, and sex with boys is widespread in the more pious societies such as those in Arabia and in Afghanistan.

    Ask anyone, any American, who has served in civil activities in Afghanistan and they will tell you that in the provences that all the US - supported Chiefs of Police and other officials keep young village boys in the custody for the purpose of sex. Some of these officials also kill the boys after a few weeks and then find another boy to sodomize and then kill.

    This is common.

    Wake up Dr.P

    Learn about the real world of Judaism and Islam.

    1. Talmud is not Judeo-Christian book.

    2. Poor Moses was 40 years is desert how new generation of Jews could be created, without getting infected with pagan customs around... And to be able to kill those idol worshiping pedophiles in holly land who would not leave.
      Just how we communist had to fight against pig meat (capital accumulation) hoarding and peasantry who would hold and feed pigs in bath tubes when they would get flat in city.
      Problems was always that sickle, sickle had to be removed and only hammer had have to be left. Under Tito we had higher Judeo-Christian values than West today. Homosexuality until 18 and pornography was illegal. There were no commercial need to change rules so they were not changed. Biggest failure of communism was promotion of females driving tractors and promotion of lie that females should be more equal, even we all know that all females are same. Yes females can have talents (that comes from God), but everything else which is not from God is same among them.
      They think they can socially pull off, but they cannot... They need sex and are emotionally depended, and when guy see dominant female he runs away. Serving male in kitchen is only cure for females even they cannot cook so well like males can.
      Alcoholic female must go every week and visit those groups of cured alcoholics, for rest of her life while males can say to them self, not even one droplet more.
      Without social pressure females would be having sex with anyone on street especially if that would be trend propagated by capitalists.
      Eastern cultures have much more experience with females, in Buddhism girls are praying to Buddha to be good wives, in Islam they try to keep them checked also rationally. Christianity and Judaism gave them most freedoms but capitalists took that over now so they will have to loose all freedoms again. In communism every apartment building had one party members so they had to watch how they would behave.

    3. There are many examples how talented persons are not at all hardheaded, how many of big poets were alcoholic (weak minded people), but he would when drunk like hell write superb poem no one could ever write. Therefore talent is not personal.

  2. Those people working in those capitalistic fast food chains should be euthanised and told, sorry poor low life scum, go die somewhere... Try have better life in next life, if there will be one for you...

    1. And after this pedophile gets out of prison he will live way much better life than all you low scum working for those slave your slaveowners (capitalists). Listen scum, you had it because of Soviet tanks 500 km from London. Now you do not have it. You will get Ron Paul policies and this in to your white areas. It goes white now. Get tattoo.

    2. Chia - you need to cut back on the vodka. I remember back in the day in Yugo every man was a boozer and one didn't hitch in Yugo to get to Greece or you would end up road kill.

    3. Yes I agree, we had to close all borders so you from west could not pass. Even our muslims were drinking heavy booze back than and yours looks like shit and planting bombs. Per one town of 15,000, there was 20 active clubs for former alcoholics, and today in captialism there is 1 active in same town even alcohol usage went up especially now when heineken, carlsberg and stella artois came, destroyed self-management factories and bought them fro pennies and beer now taste like shit, and unemployed young are biggest target of capitalistic commercials...
      Look our muslims looking like normal people in 1989.

  3. The Talmud is a cesspool of evil. The experience of the Jews while in Babylon twisted the Rabbis and other leaders into a criminal bent. They adopted many malevolent aspects of Babylonian culture and beliefs, as well as becoming extremely militant against other faiths.

    The Talmud is full of references to the Christian messiah as a "pig," "the son of a whore," and claims that he "will be sent to hell where he will be covered with human excriment for eternity".....blah blah blah....

    All Jews who wonder why they have been persecuted in Christian countries need only look to the Talmud and see what it actually says to understand why Christians turn violent when they learn what Talmudic teachings ACTUALLY say about the Christian messiah.

    Personally I am not a Christian and I don't have a dog in this fight.

    But if I were a Christian I would be harshly anti-semetic because of what the Talmud teaches. And all Jews should be very careful when seeking to live among Christians given what the Talmud says.

    This of course to me is another example of why all three religions -- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity should be rejected.

    All three faiths are based on fraud, deception, and intolerance.

    You can try to practice these faiths without intolerance...but the actual teachings of these faiths in their holy books is totally intolerant and violent....except for Christianity which is a reformist sect of Judaism.

    1. All three faiths are a product of the kind of people which live in the Middle East....very...very violent and cruel. They are the cruelest white people on the planet.

  4. With all this said let me also say that sex among minors or between adults and minors has been a feature of all cultures since the dawn of man, and only in America in the last hundred years or so has it become a taboo.

    There is far too much fear of minors having sex in America.

    As long as there is no coercion involved and it is voluntary there is no evidence that thirteen year olds or even younger are harmed by sexual activity as long as they seek and desire it.

    Remember that in "Romeo and Juliet" she was only thirteen and he was merely fourteen...and in the play they consummated their relationship with an epic slamfest of intercourse which lasted for hours.

    That is what's normal.

    We are all human afterall.

  5. Am I the only person here who played doctor?

    What used to go on in the garages in suburbian America in the '60s?

    I won't tell.....

    "Show me your pee pee"

  6. Moms were at home, but always glued to the television watching "The Secret Storm" or "Days of Our LIves" or "As the World Turns" or "The Guiding Light" while there six and eight year olds were giving each other anatomy lessons in the garage.

    That's what kids do. Curiousity, and sometimes comparing the lengths of phalluses. Wow

    1. Yes, but like i said, those games are not sexual games, because kids do not have sexual organs, sexual organs are system of organs for reproduction. If pee pee cannot produce sperm, than pee pee is not sexual organs, therefor those kids were not playing with their sexuality. Penis is not sexual organ until it can be used for reproduction. Penis is just pee pee than, and kids are right. There are no any kind of sexual connotations there.

    2. Yes that is enlightening pee pee. :)

    3. But just the same those little boys had erect penises whether they were producing sperm yet or not. I argue that the presence of an erect pee pee is PER SE a sexual organ and focus of curiosity by these individuals.

    4. Do not worry CIA i am working on establishing tyranny on west. We must start killing of someone... Camps will be needed. It is really not important who will end up there some group must.
      I feel i could knock down this system alone :), that is utter disgrace.
      Herr Hitler or Comrade Stalin IT does not matter. They blocked option to like my communist facebook comments in comments sections of online newspapers just when i started to get one like per minute :)
      Dr. Pieczenik was right, censorship must come! Tyranny must come because, there just not enough money to support all lies floating around:)) HE HE
      Capitalists are not usable any more, only brute force and dictatorship can work!
      Best of all is that we will start killing of those pedophiles and confiscating their property in any case.
      Chavez style dictatorship in USA would be best for USA. He is also organising workers self management there. But those are just my wishes. In USA it will be NAZI one it think.
      People are starting to rebel against Alex Jones on question of David Duke en mass.
      He is capitalistic turd which needs to be removed. He lives in past. Only Sanders could fix it for capitalists few years more this time. He is greatest danger for keeping status quo. Capitalists are in very big trap. HE HE

  7. The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield once proclaimed; "I was so poor growing up, thank God I was born a boy, otherwise I would have had nothin to play with"

  8. More anti Semitic bigotry vomit.