Sunday, August 9, 2015

Megyn Kelly, she's got issues, I'm just sayin'


  1. She is dominant lesbian. ...And that is good, there is nothing wrong with that. Do not get me wrong i mean that is super. She have nice male chin, that is great. I really mean that is nice... better... believe me.
    When kids are small kids wants to try this and that, all things, many, what is bad for them, they are little animals dominated by brainstem. But because normal people (not like Meggy) do grow up, if under influence of grown up people, then they stop to relay only on their brainstem, they start to relay on brain.
    I mean, normal kids when you tell them to not something dangerous, than they stop. On other hand some people never grow up even when they are even 50 years old.
    Some people are not genetic to rise kids also.

    1. We should put her here to work little in US private detention centre, where they sell bottle of water for 2$.

      USA is becoming full blown tyrannical, i wanted to watch goals of match between West Ham - Arsenal, and on YT it is impossible, blocked, deleted, censored... And number of trolls pretending to offer it, (small entrepreneurs) but tries to sell something.
      At end I had to watch it on french, soon it will be available only on Chinese platforms... Facebook is blocking also for any reason they like. Every US platform is now unsecured people.
      People just have to move away from USA to become free. In any possible sense.

    2. Ok ok, i do not want to build up bad news any more, that is not nice, there are people from US reading this...
      If nothing can be done (other then electing Trump), then at least people can live without bad informations.
      Relax... Maggiyeny knees are so feminine, ...relax, close eyes and imagine them next to knees of Ann Coulter. ... now all of them next to knees of her favourite Chris Christie... relax...
      Lindsey Williams was right, he said 10 months before Kiev Maidan that his elite friends told him to watch Russia, China and that contract by which Russia will sell oil to China in RNB (not in dollars), is BIG ONE (event).
      USA needs to invest in Russian oil, USA needs to invest USDs in the Caspian Oil, by ALL means. How this will end up? ...not good...
      Capitalism could work before, but problem is that Earth is round... It was easy before, you give horse and rifle to settler and tell him that he have free land over there, so settler was traveling salesman for capitalist, which would buy cattle, horse, equipment for horse, wood for house, ammo, shovel, axe, he would sell alcohol to indians, get fur to sell to europe, he would have 4 sons who would need that same... That was capitalism... But today no market, no capitalism... Today, yes, we have free market. It is free, big fish (market winners) are allowed to do what they decide among them self, and that is to create cartels and decide to not hit each other to much, so they have to mostly stay idle in pond which is now small for all, yes it is free market, but market is not open. It is free, closed market. And yes it is true, if those huge fishes in such small pond would start to move too much, you would get civil war and then total destruction. Everything is just how it can only be.

  2. I watch her show a lot and the things she says on air are idiotic. She follows the Fox News line of finding sinister evil in everything. She's just a dumbass rable-rouser.