Saturday, August 29, 2015

watch the Trump-video half way down, too much, too true.  I am laughing.


  1. Blatant example of right wing capitalist leeches, exposed by Trump. They must fall off from blood veins of american people. Wold hates USA because of economic totalitarianism forcing anarchy and chaos around world, but even that is not important as fact USA is doing that to own people now. If USA would cuddle own people, people would say, ok, this is what is working for them (USA), blame us for being so stupid to get used by USA. But this is not working even for USA. There cannot be excuse for Alex Jones and Breitbart and such stupid free market propaganda... People are beginning to notice how both are fake.

    1. North Korean TV compares situation of dogs and humans in USA

      Kim Jong Un enjoys soldiers trampling on U.S. flag

      This is how Trump will act as real leader!!!
      Kim Jong Un strongly criticizes Terrapin Farm [English]

      Activities of Kim Jong Un in July 2015
      We see here how new institutions clean and tidy, without trash and commercial propaganda are opened... USA cannot open this on this scale any more...

      And on British socialist masonic they are promoting stories how in north korea everything is fine, how young group of soccer player said how they had wonderful time, how they cared for them, nice friendships were made, how one lady was amazed how everything looks nice, clean, no hunger (obviously pure capitalistic lies)... i am afraid we cannot tolerate any more this behaviour of USA which is not connected to future...

      US right wing lodges should be abolished, or maybe plan is that whole US as political entity should be absorbed in to more advanced socialistic system... i guess that is why we should support more of capitalism in USA, it just needs to break down before it can be done anything... poor Alex Jones... He is left with that sorrow Rand Paul and Cruz, from south he has been kicked by David Duke and Clintons, from north by Tarpley, Trump and Sanders...

  2. This is very funny! However, Donald Trump really did not have to do Anthony Weiner jokes! All Donald Trump has to do is stand there; and everyone that knows him (Trump) can laugh at Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is a "JOKE"! Unfortunately, if Donald Trump gets elected, THE "JOKE" IS ON U.S.!

    1. It's a shame that there isn't anyone else willing or able to do what Trump is doing. But right now he's all we've got. We are like the Germans in 1933. Hitler was the only option. Very flawed but happened to be right where it mattered. Trump is also very flawed but the only person right where it matters.

    2. I could do it but I am lazy and I am not dark skinned like Obama to be american president. If i were president, because I am very lazy person, and I do not care about others telling me what to do, first thing, first day, would be to ask NSA to find me calls from Houston toward phones situated to upper floors of Houston skyscrapers. Then filter them with those calls made to those floors from private jets. Then call NORAD to block whole airspace, then order whole NAVY so shoot anything moving away from USA...
      Then request news conference as president and tell them some rich people wants to kill them with all their names.
      And that is in one day, then I can be lazy for 8 years in which I only need to make military coup and abolish constitution and proclaim monarchy and free royal cities. Also workers self-management guilds like lawyers have as entities which can be ONLY credited by banks.

  3. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (August 29, 2015), while I was at Cancun Juice (2302 S. Bristol St. Suite D Santa Ana, California 92704), between about 4:00 p.m. and about 5:00 p.m., my plastic bag was broken into by WEED AND SEED AGENTS; and they (said WEED AND SEED AGENTS) stole one (1) "DIRTY" TAN PAIR OF PANTS! Why is this soooo very important??? Because, as stated in prior comments, WEED AND SEED (very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put in place by prior SHERIFF that just got out of FEDERAL PRISON) and THE C.I.A. want to "FINISH THE JOB" that was initiated on December 30, 2010 (CASE 11CF0028)! How do I know it was WEED AND SEED??? Earlier, at McDonald's Hamburgers (Main St. and Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California) several WEED AND SEED AGENTS were there trying to pull a "STUNT"! However, I am intelligent! Therefore, I was followed to Bristol St. and Warner Ave.! Then, while I was asleep for about 45 minutes or so (chair under video camera at said Cancun Juice), as stated, my said plastic bag was broken into; and only one (1) pair of tan pants were stolen! Later, a PLAIN CLOTHED "DEPUTY" (WEED AND SEED) shows up at said Cancun Juice to spy (most likely wearing an "ear piece" to make a false tape to substantiate a "FRAME JOB") on me and to talk shit; and this is the only time this has happened during the past few months that I have been going to said Cancun Juice! If there is "FRAME JOB" going on with my said stolen "dirty" tan pants, it had to have occurred between about 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. (when I caught the 57 bus line)! The said "DEPUTY" was there (said Cancun Juice) around 5:40 p.m. to about 6:00 p.m.!

  4. Raymond nobody wants to frame you, you are just afraid. Move to Santa Monica. Better view of the ocean, nice sunsets etc etc.

  5. Dr.P I think you should watch this film about FAST AND FURIOUS

    Mexico's Drug War Documentary 2015

    1. As I stated on this site months ago, the US has used National Security privilige to block Court discovery which would have documented that USG agencies have supported the Sinaloa Cartel, and that FAST AND FURIOUS was intended from the beginning to arm them, and was NOT a LE investigation.

    2. As I have also stated on this site, I was not opposed in the 1980s to CIA assets and officers involved in narcotics trafficking because by doing so they were able to help stablize the situ through choosing better actors over a "harm limitation" matter.


      This kind of strategy has been turned upside down in the USG alliance with Sinaloa as Sinaloa and all the Mexican groups are the WORST of all bad actors in that environment.

      What the USG is still doing in this matter is the opposite of what such harm limitation strategies is suppose to accomplish.

      They have chosen the worst of all scenarios, the most barbaric and vile of actors to support, and there has been horrific outcomes.

    3. Only growth for system can be done by importing new people. They need worse guys around. Rome did it also before they imploded. They need healthy people who can travel on own, only...

    4. That is why they need wars and corruption around. People who would move voluntarily move to USA or west europe are hungry, jealous, criminals, traitors, those snippy who wants to earn money, that is why you need wars...
      Only economic category in capitalism is war...

    5. Because normal person would never move from own country... unless you are Jew (when they wants to put you in camp)... heck no, even in war you should stay and fight against US destabilization agenda... all those young male muslims criminals coming from those destroyed muslim countries should be given arms and told to go back and fight...

    6. MIT, when I go to link for fast and furious youtube, says "sorry unavailable"....who made it?I will look it up. I was just watching "The Talent Mr Ripley" so this will be right up my alley

    7. "Mexico's Drug War Documentary 2015" on Youtube should obtain it.


      This weekend I decided to support Dr. Ben Carson, and was not surprised when today I saw that he's now tied with Trump among Iowa voters....

      As many of you know I am a racist and a crypto-Nazi, but I am not stupid. My racism is derived from my intelligence, as well as my far right politics.

      The simple truth is that Dr. Carson has all the virtues which I seek in a President, and the fact that he's a negro just has nothing to do with anything.

      In my opinion the only individuals who should be considered for office of any kind are accomplished persons --- people who have demonstrated their superior intellect and dicipline by mastering a profession of the highest qualifications.

      Life is defined by subtly and irony. Only the people with the highest IQs are remotely capable of grasping the realities of life and overcoming the mental fallacies which bedevil lesser, more ordinary men.

      The ability to see problems clearly, and to examine one's own opinions critically is something only the most intelligent among can do.

      Although Dr. Carson is a negro he's evidently among that rare tiny percent who is more intelligent the vast majority of non-negros, be they semites, Europeans or Asians....

      Dr. Carson is a soft spoken person who is the anti-Obama. He would not have had the career he had as a pediatric brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins unless he was not only intelligent but diciplined also.

      The voters in Iowa are learning that highly accomplished and intelligent people can sometimes offer themselves for public office, as rare as this is.

      I am of course a Democrat and still hold out for Jim Webb to be the Democratic nominee, but barring such Dr. Carson is my choice.

    9. A well known atheist intellectual recently called Ben Carson an idiot for his belief in God. Carson responded this way, "I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey. You've convinced me you are correct."

      Only a master tactician could have arrived at that retort. There are so few of them left. We'd be in the best shape possible with Carson at the helm because he'd get to work repairing the corporation brain damage and enjoy doing it. Dr. Carson is the best man for the job, unfortunately the powers that be would never allow it.

      There are so few of them left....

    10. In his book “Gifted Hands,” Carson, 63, describes being baptized as a boy by the pastor of Detroit’s Burns Seventh-day Adventist Church. At age 12, he told the pastor of another Adventist church in the Detroit suburb of Inkster, that he hadn’t completely grasped his first baptism and wanted to be baptized again.

      Carson has served as an Adventist local elder and Sabbath school teacher. But he attends other churches. “I spend just as much time in non-Seventh-day Adventist churches because I’m not convinced that the denomination is the most important thing,” he told RNS in 1999. “I think it’s the relationship with God that’s most important.”

      Interesting background on Carson. I'd go to him for a brain surgery consult but I don't want him as our next President. I don't think being a doctor is as helpful as Trump's business background. All the physicians I know are terrible businessmen (and women). Most get into crazy tax evasion schemes and lose millions. Or kill themselves in single engine planes thinking they are pilots ala Kennedy Jr style, in other words exceeding their skill limits by "dabbling" with shit precisely because they are DOCTORS! (Unrealistic view of themselves and their own abilities).

    11. But the other attributes that Carson has or doesn't have may be good for brain surgeons but not the Presidency imnsho. For example does he have the patience of a Jimmy Carter? While interests rates are soaring is he endlessly contemplating all facets of a problem or issue, and therefore unable to make a decision in a timely and effective fashion? Kinda like Carter when he "rescued" the American hostages in Iran?...(not)...good intentions though.

      Carson seems too cerebral and pastoral to be an effective "man of action" imo.

      Also having worked with one of the few Black neurosurgeons in America, I couldn't help but notice how spending so many years with one's head in a book had retarded his social development. It seriously hindered his ability to interact with others on many different levels.

    12. Also, brain surgeons often have entitlement issues. Many believe their "shit doesn't stink" for lack of better words.

      An imbalanced view of themselves leading to strained relationships at best.

    13. Lastly when push comes to shove, the brain surgeons I have worked with are like politicians, namely; wrestlers with no muscles ( in other words "pussies"). Trump excluded.

    14. Lastly, the black neurosurgeon I worked with was big time racist. In front of one of his homes he had a black jockey/stable hand statue painted white (face & hands) and placed on his entryway porch. I found it humorous and got the "msg".

    15. Lol, this will be the third "lastly" comment I make (I'm half asleep sorry).

      Many of the brain surgeons I've worked with are depressed big time. Probably because half their patients have terrible deficits before surgery, and then come out of surgery with even more crippling deficits.

    16. One more lastly, I find most brain surgeons humorless. Which is the worst "sin" of all! ; ))

    17. Like Dr. Craig on "St. Elsewhere" the rock stars of medicine are the cardiac and brain surgeons so they have to have huge egos. Because of that they often think they can tackle problems outside of their knowledge and therefore make mistakes. MDs, lawyers and businessmen are rarely intellectuals, but if their IQ's are high enough they will be able to quickly see their errors and correct them.

      Carson like anyone running for President is going to be an eccentric. The motivation required for that kind of commitment and effort means that the individual's personality is outside the normal range in different ways....just look at Hitler. Therefore no one seeking that kind of office is going to be "normal," and we have to do the best we can with who's available.

      Carson is the real thing; someone who rose through merit.

      Whereas Obama is only a mulatto who went to private schools and traded on his negro identity to pry favors from society, Carson had none of that.

      Carson diffinitely feels a mission in his life, but he might really have one!!

    18. Carson is of course of mixed race. You can see it very clearly. If you were to test his genetics you'd probably see that he's maybe half negro. He reminds me a lot of that Professor Gates at Harvard, and when he tested his genes it turned out he was mostly Irish....

    19. I think Carson is too "nice" to be President, and would be steam rolled/ pushed around. But I appreciate your opinion MIT.

    20. His ego won't permit it.

      If anything he might go the other way and steer away from those around him.

      The thing that made Kennedy a good President is that growing up wealthy he never had to kiss anyone's ass, and he never thought his opinion was less than anyone elses. He never asumed as President that those around him knew more than he did.

  6. Why no one is talking any more about ending the FED?

    1. Private capitalists reduces number of money among people so government cannot collect money in taxes and must enter in to deficit,
      then government can by law only take credit from private people (is not allowed to print money without taking credit from private capitalists credit), (must issue bonds), must issue bonds because government is controlled by private capitalists which never allow government to tax rich, because private FED would then rise rate of return to government...
      also capitalists issue money no one ever saw, they are those to who governments will say, yes we will return money to you, even you gave us nothing, just some numbers on screen...
      we society will return you how much you say we own you...
      FED is wise, they do not want expenses of government, they just want profits of governments... (repayment of debt)...
      government is just there to collects profits from whole society and give it private owners, expenditures goes on people who must work to pay for their up keeping (alone), plus must give money to return interests (must give all profits to private capitalists),
      never never never, those who work, must never keep any profit for them self, that must go to those private capitalists (by government taxation and regulation)...
      goal is that all profits goes to private capitalists and that you are stuck with paying your up keeping...
      in slavery slave owner was paying for whip, barracks (so that slaves do not die), etc... and slave decide 0 about profits...
      in real capitalism (which really started from 2008), slave pays for own whip, house, etc... and slave decide 0 about profits... because rich now decide 100% who will rule (citizens united), and from 1913. money cannot be issued by people, only by private persons who keep profits for them self...
      Obamacare is sky rocketing because that computer program is not controlled by government to get more for you, but by rich owners of insurance companies who s only goal is to get more money and give less coverage, they also must return interest to them self as example for system...
      you getting rich and you while you are not banker is just abnormality in system they just did not adressed yet and on which they are working on every day,
      system works because people are evil and people says...

      1. i am richer then this guy over there because i deserved it
      2. you must work to earn money, you cannot earn money if you do not work
      3. if you take credit that is debt which must be payed

      as long people think this way, it will be impossible to get rich without being one who borrow to government because in any moment rich capitalists will create war in 3rd world and import brown and muslim people to keep their system on, government bonds are only system in town... this system can grow only on war which crate influx of immigrants which must go away from wars, and oh YOU will not have anything from that unless you bought government bods. Oh if you think that will enough when all people starts buying bonds, they will change laws so they you will not be able to do that any more... You do not have to worry about that.

    2. If private individuals played little too much, and made mistake to give too much credit to society, no problem, society will pay, and those private individuals will again earn, because they will introduce austerity measures and that smaller amount money in society will worth more... those private people will be able to buy more for that smaller amount of money society will be able to return to them... that is austerity...
      they do not want to take government because they do not want expenses of micromanagement, just profits, they want only and only profits in every moment there is...
      what ever there is it must take credit from us, and we will take profit from it... no expenditures... no thank you...

    3. maximisation of profits and minimization of expenditures ...
      while for you, is minimisation of profits and maximalization of expenditures...
      yes you can be slave which would need fast car, with newest mobile phone, with house in no crime area, but you will work like hell to sustain those expenditures which are going to be given on to you (slave given to control slaves)...
      and all that when majority find out that government bonds are only game in town...
      and when you get it they will change laws so you will not be able to buy it... only them will be able to buy them...
      they will find some reason, they will create some crisis and manufacture reason... puff done... or they will abolish returning of debt to small investors :)) or create crisis where small investors will have to sell them to survive or invent some other ballon where those small will invest more in to somewhere else... heck they control everything...
      and when they all loose after nuclear war with russia they have gold...

    4. Because without it we'd be doomed.

  7. How situation developed, Germany cannot any more stop Putin so in incoming war German capitalists will have to accept US nuclear weapons on to their own territory (people are to evil to understand anything) so poor German people will have to pay biggest price for being so evil :) again...
    It is good because US soldiers are useless in all wars, because US in unable to win any war, capitalism is unable to do that, because expenditures take over profits...
    It is enough to block trade routes inside US occupied area...
    Americans would be slaughtered in WW2 in Europe have Germans thought they could stop or even delay Russians... Also in North Korea also, have Chinese had better intelligence to discover plan that naval maneuver... Capitalists also stopped long term strategy in Vietnam because they would have to change socio-economic model in home, resulting that US soldiers came there and went home.
    US soldiers would have to come in to Russia, but Russian can hide drunk in to frozen swamp for one year and wait for money changer slaves to come...
    US tactically is unable to win anything... Yes US soldier is not afraid to die, but it is useless, that is not soldier... Japanese which are bad soldiers, and 4/5 of their soldiers were in China, what we are talking about :)
    Oh and if war start in Europe, I would start shooting first on US soldiers... :)

  8. See they will even enact law by which they will forbid people to repay their debts, they want you just to pay interest but never start returning debts...

    Please tell me someone am i really that crazy to be only one who gets it... ?

    1. It is enough just to influence government once to to recognise you as money lender, then join colleagues and then form club of lenders, then come to lend to some government which needs money in some war, then change law so it can lend only from private persons from inside also, and that it... You have it all...
      I guess Iran accepted it with this deal...
      China and North Korea are only one standing tall.
      Venezuela is thinking about leaving this model... Even Russia today is not cleansed from parasites.
      In Croatia law has been changed that government cannot print money alone... Only national bank which is now independent from government can print and decide where that printed money will go...

  9. What a breath of fresh air, there is your man, with his timing he could also be a stand up comedian. The elites should be very afraid, the deep state should be pooping it's pants! If we get the same here they will be truly fucked.

    1. We must be aware, because they perfectly know how to sell fresh air also...
      In free american newspapers from one german airport, today, half of newspapers are about chinese stock market crash, and other few articles are attacks on russia.
      Others are some lies about stocks which for 90% of people means nothing and propaganda from which any normal people see it will not be better to them.

  10. Lesbian Lovers ~ Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Weiner Really???

  11. First time in my life i feel like whole person... I am right! And I will be right!
    Nuclear war is eminent with Russia, and 1st targets to be nuked are nuclear plants by all laws of modern warfare.
    We do not need any laws just one to stop it. And that is to outlaw wealth of more then 2M $ per head. Unless we do that.... I win... I was right... It will be I told you so.
    But because that law will not happen, because they took us already in WW1, WW2 ... there will WW3 very soon.
    They are trying to delay it as long as they can. But stocks must go down because that is just fraudulent product of rich people (no fraud no profit), and when that is finished they will not show gold, also they will not allow us people to take from them ---- MEANING
    WW3 - nuclear is I TOLD YOU SO! he he he
    Ben Carson will not be able to be intelligent because his skull and brain will be boiled...

    1. Capitalism is little worse then soviet communism... But capitalists were good while they were afraid of communism, americans had wealthy uneducated dumb middle class, until fall of soviet communism...
      Now that is bye bye bye...
      Now it fraud after fraud, and nooooo after 1932, they took you to war... They did not want to share anything with you...
      Do you idiots remember that in 1932 it americans were going to work in USSR how shitty Ron Paul USA was...
      It will be again 1932... Just with dumb Americans unable to scare capitalists with soviet style revolution.
      In 1932. 30M unionised workers came to president and told him that they will do soviet style revolution...
      You do not want that, eat shit and get radiated...

    2. I expect Americans to be calling 911 when radiation starts. In that moment Chinese should hack US phone lines so that americans can hear: "I am William Shatner, and this is THE RESCUE 911..."
      In Serbia people are mostly degenerated because Turks took everything healthy (girls for harems, and boys for gay soldiers or to work slaves) so it is usual in Serbia for people to have split phallus in two, like tongue of snake.
      Serbs after nuclear war will finally become normal people like all other people... HA HA HA HA... !THE RESCUE 911!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. 100% CORRECT! "George Soros Public Enemy Number One"

  13. "Hillary’s Plan To Seize Unlimited Power Revealed"
    On this worldwide transmission we talk with former Clinton insider Larry Nichols. Hillary will appoint Bill as Secretary General of the UN, accomplishing what they said they would do in ’86.

  14. Ben Carson wants biblical taxes on rich... Flat tax rate, I think that is good for working majority because that way rich would be richer so they would be finally able to create jobs, with trickle down economy they will help working people to become rich like them.

    And he wants younger people to get social security when they get 75 years old. That is great for working majority also. Because working majority would have sustainable and sound system on great footing. People would have to get in shape when they are little older and have inventive to look for them self little more, tight few belt holes little more... People should think more as individuals.

    Rich people tells me, you know, i know one guy who was skipping lunch and he now own bank, there are many ways to get rich. And that way is your personal individualistic way... While some people just do not want to get rich. At the end, it is personal choice of every individual.

    1. Churchill said that capitalism is only way, and he was right... He was great leader, under his leadership especially after war British empire became larger and bigger. He sent all gold to USA, which was great and wise move, just now when USA is doing that in trade with east. Same was done in Western Roman Empire when their rich was loosing all gold to luxury items of East. What is gold, it just one piece of metal, you cannot eat it, you cannot drink it... There cannot be anything else other then free market capitalism.

    2. Surgeons (Ben Carson included), as all doctors in total, (excluding psychiatrists which are not real doctors) are well known as great intellectuals, especially in sociology, literature and art, and especially if they are specialised in their areas and are working hard every day in their specialties. Especially in USA where primary and secondary education before medical university is known to be very broad and not narrowly directed...
      brain doctor means he is smart because brain is organ by whom people think...
      but lets not be fooled, when i hear word, an eye doctor, it just means something deeply smart...
      when I clean fish and look eyes of fish, i just think what kind of intellectual you must be...

    3. Our host hasn't chided your idiotic statement either because he doesn't read your run-on blather, or because he's busy with more important matters. Maybe it's because he possesses the class of a gentleman scholar and finds answering you beneath the task of removing gum from his shoe.

      In any event, I will correct your ignorance: To become a psychiatrist in the great USA, one must first graduate from medical school. Then, like all other DOCTORS one must perform a two year residency working in a hospital to become a licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR. After completing the licensing process, they may now go to Shrink School for two more years where they must become published in order to receive a PhD in Psychiatric Medicine.

      I'm sorry if your great commie society produces people calling themselves psychiatrist's who are not medical doctors, but if so, now you know why capitalism is better than communism. You see, in our system, most often the frauds are weeded out before they can become established bullshit artists. I'm not saying we don't have our fair share of them, but in a free market system we have the choice of not patronizing such individuals.

    4. Sorry it is fact that doctors are the most stupid people on face of earth. And especially if they have to work in USA, meaning, when they have work so hard like negros on cotton plantation... I said that psychiatrists are not real doctors because they are intellectuals and they cannot be stupid to be good. While real doctors to be good doctors must be less and less intellectual to build their specialties and cannot grow intellectually if they are going to be good and devoted doctors. If eye surgeon have time to read book he would be bad eye surgeon. Good smart intellectual but being in mean time still real doctor, can be only if he is working in socialism or is union organiser who hates own job, and is openly very corrupt.
      On other hand Dr. Pieczenik is obviously one of best, but because he is not real doctor he does not have to be corrupt, working little, or socialists on left to be great intellectual, because he is not real doctor.

    5. I was talking with two girls from Australia, 7 years ago on beach, with my friend then future real doctor, and we were talking about GMO, (how they grow GMO in Australia and how we here put such in prisons), ...making fun of thin people also... and about other things, all for girls boring and mind exhausting... but suddenly we started to talk about their job which was teaching of english in some Catholic primary school...
      Then we started to talk little about poets, yes they knew for Poe, Elliot, Hemingway, but suddenly I found that they never heard for Charles Baudelaire????
      But you have to hear for him, he is founder of impressionism... That is beginning of second and last half of literatures development, universally in all languages.
      Then I really saw on my own skin what we really have here.
      You cannot finish secondary for mechanic here if you do not know for him.
      And in USA you get that graduate hat before even you go to medical university to become real doctor.

    6. But because you are speaking native English, probably you did not understand me well, because I was writing on standard English, so i will be now even more precise. Real good doctor = stupid person, not real doctor = psyhiactrist = smart person.
      Because when you read intellectual book as psyhiactrist you are better in your own job. Unlike, when you read such book and you are real doctor.
      And that, I, here, as I always can, rightfully, can notice, obvious evidences, about intellectual reach, of respected Dr. Pieczenik every week. Someone would say, ah you are saying that is because Dr. Pieczenik is from Cuba.

  15. That was great love that retort Roger. Rofl. : )

  16. Chia you might have had a better argument if you had taken George Soros's view that where he questions whether or not psychiatry should be a "hard science" or not...Soros believes as
    "Flanagan has argued, that reflexivity complicates all three of the traditional roles that are typically played by a classical science: explanation, prediction and control. The fact that individuals and social collectivities are capable of self-inquiry and adaptation is a key characteristic of real-world social systems, differentiating the social sciences from the physical sciences. Reflexivity, therefore, raises real issues regarding the extent to which the social sciences may ever be viewed as "hard" sciences analogous to classical physics, and raises questions about the nature of the social sciences".

    1. Computers are superbly dumb and superbly logical. If you put better processor or faster memory in to computer, the computer does not get more logical nor less dumber.

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