Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Political Debates: Outmoded Entertainment in the 21st Internet/Social Media Century!
Nothing is sadder and more painful than to watch outmoded entertainment that has no particular relevancy to our present times. Example: presumably baseball is our national sport, however, it has a waning attendance that is only equaled by the non-devotional attendees at any local Catholic parish. Sad but true. 

Even the presence of the Holy Father Pope Francis, the papal Rock Star brought in to increase the number of attendees has barely succeeded in Latin America where the Evangelical Christian movement co-opts Catholicism in exponential numbers. Similarly, the national political debates, be they Democrats or Republicans, shares the same pallid shoal of religion. It is become increasingly antiquated as the years approach 2016.
Nothing bores American viewers more than tedious, repetitive political catechisms that were pre-digested by political operatives who earn more obscene amounts of money than a honest grade school teacher. Novitiates of persuasion and propaganda [mislabeled as ‘informed insiders’] pick out members of the church of political narcissism, officially labeled  ‘politicians and politics’, to create a persona which has no correspondence to reality or truth. Just like religion, politics relies on faith. Faith arises in the hope that some amount of truth can penetrate the armor of deceit worn by candidates when describing their personal history and distorted resume of achievements.This palaver that slobbers all over the Presidential debates assumes an annoying, aggravating boredom which prevents most citizens from learning anything substantive.  
So why do we watch the Presidential Debates?
Part of the reason is schadenfreude—our need to quietly enjoy the miseries of someone else. We watch those debates for the same reason that many of us enjoy NASCAR racing. We don’t necessarily count the number of times a driver is ahead as much as we want to anticipate within our quiet, sadistic souls the imminent crash of one or another car traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. Then when the car crashes we can express our deep sorrows and even admit surprise that such a tragedy could happen—when we had been praying all along that it MIGHT happen.
We do not watch the presidential debates to learn anything. The reason we watch is to hope that one or more candidates will make a mistake which will become the butt of every late night comedian; as well as, as allowing us, mortals to deprecate each and every candidate in what is normally called discourse. By the time there is even the possibility of discussing the debates and it’s travesties, the social media engine will have initiated a narrative that over-rides any informal or formal discussion. This far more sophisticated form of propaganda co-opts the possibility for anything that would resemble normal verbal exchanges.
It is not an accident that there are always key words or phrases that are inculcated into our apostates of narcissism, be it about #abortion, #same sex marriage, #immigration, or #terrorism”. The true beliefs of the candidates and their potential to lead can never really be tested accurately in these variety shows labeled as debates.  The debates simply provide a scorecard for how many gaffs each candidate makes so citizens can review the next day like any other spectator sport.

Its time we choose our candidates according to the zeitgeist on social media. Let’s end the pretense of truth in fake eyeglasses; disingenuous blabber and stale Hispanic reminisces. As baseball gives way to soccer as the nation’s most popular sport; lets make real time tweets and posts the way to see who’s the best candidate for the irrelevant position of POTUS.

I will end with a quote from the famous American anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Mead:
“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world, indeed its the only thing that ever has.”



  1. One of biggest communist philosophers, genius, Antonio Gramsci and all his books, are now hit in Europe, he also talks about hegemony and media. And faith.

    Here is wonderful slideshow for dummies...

    1. Drudge report was first Gramsci tool used in media in any country but as way to protect capitalism and model of exploitation against government bail out mechanism and incoming end of capitalistic exploitation.
      But by using that tool of Gramsci, little reactionary nazi Drudge started too much to debunk too much (he went against capitalism it self too much) as capitalism it self used too much of marxist tools to shape consumers to be more easily pillaged. So he had to water down it self, or get one bullet in head. That is why Drudge it nothing today. On other hand Breitbart is example of little reactionary nazi getting too excited also, but as no one like soldiers who gets to excited and does not stop he had to be calmed.

      In capitalism you can go against political interest because politics in capitalism is 100% not connected to anything important, but you will get bullet in your had if you step in to someones private economical interest. In communism on other hand everything is opposite 100% you can talk what ever you like against anyones economic interest.

    2. Drudge showed irrelevance of truth of capitalist class in achieving consensus upon which exploitation can continue. He did that to protect capitalism it self because he was wrongly afraid of Obama administration thinking that they are not capitalists any more. (Capitalists needed communist bail out). That is why any kind struggle inside of system, without real wish to violently demanding communist revolution is paradoxical and futile, and is just another loos for wallet of worker... Especially because capitalists cannot rule without consent of workers them self because there are less of them.

    3. Evangelic religion is also 100% government religion of government of United States of America which is 100% under control of US capitalists.
      They do not follow order of Jesus to St. Peter to formally establish His Church of Jesus among people with centre in City of Rome.
      Evangelical religion is not listening Pope but American secret service commissioner in Washington which must listen american capitalists.
      We all know how all Catholic priests in movie "Capitalism a love story" of Michael Moore said that capitalism is pure satanism.

      Evangelical Christians would say that camel can pass through that narrow passage even no camel ever passed that passage with or without cargo. (Cargo was added word by Protestants, to put words in to Gods mouth) even God never mention cargo. Therefor all rich goes to hell.

      That is why Evangelical movement is strongest in South America to colonise South America against Catholics, that is their priority, they will never invest money to convert muslims or hindus, US government will give money only for that only in South America.
      Tony Palmer Evangelical bishop who worked on reconciliation between Catholics and Protestants went down in accident in head on collision.

  2. Nicely framed analogy reflecting the stale, outdated format that permeates the extant formulaic presentation of MSM sponsored events of national importance. As a supplemental event, there should be a debate splitting candidates into smaller groups. Put them in an outdoor, natural setting, casual dress mandatory, discussing questions unknown to the parties but reflecting the issues of majority importance based on polls derived from internet discussion forums and venues. Leave out the highly visible and well-paid news personalities from moderation and panels. Instead of candidates responding to each other, all can simply respond and answer questions derived from the alternative media audiences with no affiliations
    to any lobby, network , or corporate sponsored entity.
    It's time for updating this fossilized production. The stiff, sterile and contrived ambiance of the debate forum must end.

  3. Replies
    1. ooops i started again, too many attributes and repetitive descriptive words,,,, i apologise... but i was today sitting in one bar and we ordered some roasted meat, and there was poor 3 waiters working and sweating like crazy, taking orders, running on that sun and all that for what, to be able to pay rent to some capitalist change bulbs every 4 month... young girls with no chance to even have family... trapped working for capitalist and paying landlord... it was not like that in under Tito. Such people before had families before and where building vacation houses on coast. I get depressed.

    2. Life is a bitch. I was in Yugo in 73. It was extremely colourless and grey with lots of bread lines and not much in the food stores.

    3. So you would like bread to be free, and not to wait in line little for ti, everyone got that free bread in that line who waited, do not worry about that, and there was much spare time to wait, you would not have to run quickly back to work for boss.
      It cannot go both way comrade:) Yes it was gray because public space was free from private initiative, no billboards and fancy commercials, but everyone had own flat in those "gray" buildings, and heating, and none was hungry, everyone had tv also, car... What do you need more comrade...
      Ah and on job you would only do what all workers would decide to do, meaning you would not work very much. To get fired was unknown category. And you would had more than worker have today.
      And if you were not lazy you would build you own vacation house from "stolen" material given to you by comrade worker working in construction company in exchange for what you had. Land was also super cheap (because ownership was bad word) so only what you would need were construction material, and that was concrete. You had enough free time to build.

      And this area is from that age, it was more colorful back than because those free building were new, maintained. You can see how much free space there is around there for kids to play, and parks, crime was not connected to material gain so all kids were free to play...
      And we were not industrialised, balkan country... no match for west until than, but we built huge building sector working for people, we were building half of africa, iraq, algeria, ethiopia, so we were catching you very fast, in from 1957-1965 growth second to Japan...
      People were not even caring about old parts of town because there were no need to care, everyone was moving to new parts, like in China today, just we were more humane in building because here workers were deciding.

      Ok, choose any street from here, all free communist buildings, any direction you go... I am sorry I am not idiot... Not even in Sweden capitalists will build like this.
      And even all those building were not maintained one day after war. Whole capitalism is going down. I am able to compare balkan backward country with west...

      And these are private vacation houses... built slowly by one person in time span of 10-15 years... freely

      I mean cmon capitalist wants to sell you time, space, air, and water. You cannot build even house alone. Why we have to pretend.

  4. Looks like the papal Rock Star is calling on his so called buddies to help him HUH?
    "Beware of That Luciferian NWO Pope Francis! He Is Calling in Hollywood Jews and Satanist Oprah Winfrey to Help Him Corrupt You"