Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Threatens Joe Biden and Becomes The “Sad Sack” Figure of the Democratic Party!
It’s time for Bill to Start the Razzle Dazzle Routine
As Hillary Clinton becomes increasingly mired in the self-inflicted wounds of corruption and disgrace, she has committed the gravest sin of all, being boring. No one can watch her without having a sense of pity for her exceedingly boring explorations of nonsensical policies that everyone knows she would never implement. She has become a political bore—in all it’s varied connotations.

She blusters through Q&A’s, responding with the blunted insights of a short-sighted Elmer Fudd. Even her speech is faltering, searching for words that seem to be appropriate to questions that were never asked or never even would be considered. She has made her inept showing in the 2008 race against Barack Obama look like a virtuoso performance.
On a very practical matter, whoever donated over $100M better think seriously about bringing in the likes of a Richard Gere in the musical, “Chicago.” We need some fancy tap dance and some smarmy vocals to brighten up Hillary’s abysmal performance.  We all know that no one can touch Bill Clinton in the fancy footwork department. Whatever agreement between Hillary and Bill that keeps him out of her campaign should be immediately rescinded, if she wants to have a chance to win her party’s nomination.

Nothing is more vitriolic in a political performance than the absence of emotion, humor or vitality.
Hillary is the master of contrivance. She forces facial and bodily postures that simulate important political variables like approachability; being liked; or trust. She has the lowest ratings across the polls on all such factors. Hillary comes across as a matronly android simulating human emotions. In contrast, Bill oozes emotion and charm.  In the best and worst sense, he is truly an entertaining politician. He loves the crowd and the crowd loves him. I have never met anyone who had not been charmed or seemingly seduced by Bill’s personal attention and amazing recall of specific facts relating to that individual person. Decades after the fact, I see pictures of Bill and certain women pasted on the refrigerator doors.

  No, I am not jealous, merely observing.  These women were charmed by this man and they remembered it for years, who knows if they even voted for him??!
Here is some simple advice to the Democratic braintrust:
If you ever want to see Hillary anywhere near a number which might indicate that she is true presidential contender, then recruit the peripatetic ex POTUS and let him start to razzle dazzle the American audience. Even if she were to lose, no one could say that the Democrats did not do their best to make the election as entertaining as the Donald has done.

Let’s be honest, nothing turns us off more than a ‘talking head’ who does not mean a word that she says or will say. Hillary: re-introduce your charming, entertaining husband and admit for the first time that you do not have the charisma to win even a seat in the audience for the TV show,  “American Idol.” Democratic operatives: deal with it. Even Carville says he can’t get enough of Donald.
The alternative: the $100M investment in the Hillary Show will bomb before it gets to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let us bring back to the American Political Stage—The Silver Tongued Prince, Bill Clinton, singing something like ‘all I care is about love….” Americans will be entertained by the newly created TV/Cable Show—“Trump Bill!”

That’s show business for which we pay our entrance tickets or as they say in Washington DC: TAXES.


  1. No doubt about that, if Hillary gets it, Bill will rule.

  2. Took the words right out of my head, up to the point of bringing Bill back.

    Hillary is worse than a bore. She reminds me of someone who has no rhythm trying to dance, but doesn't realize it's turned into a embarrassment already. She is so out of touch with where the American Bullshit Barometer is at this time in history. It's in the red as she uses semantics to say she wants to be more "transparent" which is why "I turned over my (scrubbed) server. What a BULLSHIT ARTIST!

    Bill is too slimy and old to salvage Hillary's campaign, not to say he doesn't have great abilities, but Hillary needs more than a wingman to score here. She needs CPR!

    The amazing thing is all these politicians have an unrealistic grandiose view of themselves. Biden is another one who imnsho should be making bobble heads of himself and Hillary for that matter. He is so out of touch with day to day America it's unbelievable...i.e. Usurping the will of the people with the full-time job killer called obamacare by going along with the lie if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, and his track record of letting the credit card companies (MBNA) raise interest rates to usury levels.

    Hillary needles a life...a mission bigger than being "the first woman President"...because nobody gives a fuck anymore about her "legacy"

    What I hate most about these assholes, is that they are soooo self serving and narcissistic, and deserve none of the fortune they've garnered living in America has afforded them by screwing the U.S. taxpayers. They are parasites, liars, law breakers, bullshit artists with a few good ideas in between, making them unworthy of our trust and great admiration. For the most part They disgust me.

  3. Replies
    1. Hillary is old. She's just too old to be doing this. Her one chance was '08 and she blew it. She refuses to understand that after eight years that the clock has run out.

    2. steve, did you watch larry nichols on infowars? what did you think of what he said: hillary pres of US and Bill pres of UN?

  4. "Amal Clooney consoled the wife of one of three Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to three years in prison Saturday for breaking laws while covering the turmoil in Egypt"

    Now here is a lady (George Clooney's wife) doing something constructive taking on a worthy cause and leveraging her brainpower, beauty, and celebrity status in an Egyptian Court. Defending the idea of freedom of the press in a foreign country like Egypt is pretty brave of her. That's admirable to me, in contrast to what Hillary is doing at the moment.

  5. One is sticking her neck out, while the other is sticking her foot in her mouth.

  6. Replies
    1. Amal and George live in Italy, and with any luck I will someday also. With all it's problems you can't be there and not feel energized. America is my home and I'm stupidly sentimental about it, but there's no place like Europe, the home of civilization on the planet. Gore Vidal was right in stating that Americans never built a civilization of their own.

  7. Bill is obviously super charming and has that 'matey' persona that is so good with the voters like Bush Junior. However when someone is charming I always ask the question why? 'Charming' beguiling for what purpose, what are they after? It has been recently revealed in Daily Mail Online that an MI6 analyst who 'killed himself' then climbed into a sports bag in a bath, was hacking into Bill's private info for a friend. Hilary appears to have shot herself in the foot with her email fiasco, permanently I hope. If she were to get her handbag on the Nuclear football, could all get a little 'toasty'. She looks like a moody cow! Now from the coincidence department in the notes of a book I was reading it appears Dr P came up with the idea of very loud speakers to root out Noreiga from his bolthole. I remember David Bowie being a bit disgruntled that some of his music was used along with other stars. My antidote if I had been Noriega at the time would have been to wheel out my Barbecue and pretend to have a party with much dancing...maybe even call out for special requests!