Friday, August 7, 2015

Fox News Entered into the Hunger Games- Sparing No One in Order to Create Ratings: It Failed Miserably.
These moderators became the Rapacious Vultures of Ratings making the real loser in the debate: Fox News! Sorry Roger Ailes, you went way over the top and blew it.
Like millions of other viewers, I anticipated an interesting give and take in last night’s Republican Debate. Yet what I discovered, along with millions of other viewers, were verbal snipers who were so proud of having been tutored so well that they could not even disguise their childish delight with their own presumed success.
Of course, I am talking about the Megyn Kelly whose false eyelashes and windswept blond extensions were distracting enough to attract my attention to the degree that for the most part, I could not really take this seemingly bright woman seriously. I wrote in my previous blog that these debates were irrelevant and last night’s antics proved it. 

I can now say that if I were the Trump Camp, I would disavow myself from these debates which prove nothing except that the narcissism of the moderators is even greater than that of the candidates on the dais. I have never seen such childish, boorish behavior among seemingly serious moderators who gave themselves a ‘high-five’ at the end of the show as a congratulations for what they thought they had accomplished. They had reaffirmed the simple truth that should be evident to the moribund Republican Party-- that Trump should break away from this group of staid school boys who can recite on command the proper catechisms of concern about the American economy, security and immigration.
I have warned the party that if the irrelevant if not noisome issues of ‘abortion’ or ‘same sex marriage’  supersedes the much greater concern of a failing economy or the absence of political leadership, then party is moribund. I believe that Donald is too strong and creative for such a stale party that gave America wars upon unnecessary wars.
Trump is an outlier.  He should accept the mantle without regrets or explanations. If he does not break from a non-existing party of retreads, he too will become what they all are now—“self-caricatures of a political dolls” that have nothing more profound to say than “God”, “Abortion”, and a “stronger defense with through more boots on the ground”.

Enlightenment was not part of last night’s “Fox Burlesque Show”.

Even the dower Fox News Contributor, Dr. Charles Krauthammer [whom I know well], made some fawning comments about how great Megyn was and how this debate was the definitive test of Trump’s superficiality. Unfortunately, Charlie has never been an insightful, objective critic of America; nor, its complex foreign policy. The reason is quite simple. Charlie willingly transformed himself from a serious Harvard Psychiatrist [and VP Mondale speechwriter] with some gravitas to a pitiful Fox accomplice spouting ex-cathedra statements without any bearing to reality or first-hand knowledge of anything. 

For me the defining moments were the beginning of the show when the Fox Moderators wittingly compared themselves to LeBron James and his Cleveland basketball teams. 
The moderators were so proud that they literally playing in the same ‘Hunger Arena’ as the exceedingly talented LeBron. Without belaboring the fact,  last night was the first and possibly the last night of watching this sequel to “Hunger Games” [ a movie promoting perverse sadistic themes of kill-or-be-killed]. Trump should leave the Republican Party and run as an Independent. He will probably choose Senator Ted Cruz [Princeton-trained Hispanic] to be his Vice President or even Carly Fiorina  [ a Stanford Graduate and the darling of  Silicon Valley] to be his running mate [they should bring in the women].

As for Jeb Bush?
What can I say that I have already not said?
Inarticulate, lifeless, awkward and corrupt. 
He is literally a $100M embarrassment to the old man [who should have reigned in his cretin sons] and America.
Fox News accomplished for me what I had expected that they would do—make the debates about their pathetic selves completely bereft of maturity, gravitas and enlightenment. Roger Ailes should have known better. He is far too smart for this type of narcissistic solipsism demonstrated by the Three Stooges –Megyn Kelly; Chris Wallace [a pale scion of his more tutored father, Mike Wallace] and Bret Baier. Perhaps, the only salvage for last night’s fiasco would have been to place only Brit Hume as sole moderator. He is perhaps one of the best TV Journalist in the past decades, who had both the gravitas and elegance to refrain from the offensive self-congratulatory childishness of the “Three Stooges”.
Alas, I am not Roger Ailes; and, I know one thing above all else, Roger received the ratings he had wanted to achieve -bar any sense of journalistic credulity. May I suggest that next time, he might place on stage the once offensive group “Twisted Sister” [Mrs Al Gore’s nemesis] playing against Kanye West. Then he would have broken the world record for real television firsts with regards to vulgarity, entertainment and ratings, which is all Fox really cared about.
Let’s hope that in the next year, we, Americans, can decide on what type of leader we will need without any prompting from the billion dollar dying industry of political operatives who know nothing more than how to sell postcards, bumper stickers and expensive TV commercials.
Time for change….



  1. Well Hillary got her "selfie" posted on Twitter with Kim Kardashian, maybe Hillary wants to aspire to starring in Kim's next "film" ... or is looking for money, or maybe both...which seems to gel the characterization of her that I formed in my mind, (as what Santa says 3 times before he says "Merry Christmas").

    And as they say at the Bunny Ranch..."Birds of a feather..."

    1. Kelley is actually a bimbo. There are a couple of hot and overly-made-up females on Fox who are not, like that Giylfoyle person....

      But Kelley is a dumbass. She's just intelligent enough to consider herself as not stupid...and that's what makes her really dumb.

  2. And lets not forget who owns FOX News HUH 'Knight of Malta' Rupert Murdoch and no doubt we know who he takes his orders from, the bloke mentioned in this article below!
    "Beware of That Luciferian NWO Pope Francis! He Is Calling in Hollywood Jews and Satanist Oprah Winfrey to Help Him Corrupt You"
    Another eye opening article::::"Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose Their Satanic Rituals"

    1. Eh, Satan had built all infrastructure to win, and now when Pope is using that same infrastructure to push back, then he is bad. Nope, he is just using his infrastructure, and what is bad in that. On every road you can go in two directions, road is road, and that road of Satan is full of his victims, you must help those on that road, you must walk on that road.
      But thx for links, it is vacation to my eyes to see how attack of capitalists on Pope are getting louder and stronger...
      You should be aware that robots are working more and more, and that workers, who created those robots are living poorer and poorer even productivity of factories are up and up, that means that society on whole is wealthy but 99% people are poorer.
      That process means that capitalists will kill you when those robots gets so perfect to have artificial intelligence, not poor Pope. They will just release bio weapon throu GMO and they will cure those with money.
      That is why Ron Paul pure Satanists and Koch brothers wants to abolish health care.
      Goal is artificial intelligence so they can start killing even those workers who are needed to create robots for them.

      That is alliance between Satan and capitalists. They both want you dead, profit is larger when cost of labour are 0.

    2. Damn this Alex always gets it self up in my eyes, somehow, best his video! He is intelligent, you see on his forehead. But he does not understand that capitalism is accumulation of capital, meaning accumulation of power. You can not escape it unless you change system. Even Milton Friedman said that after some time you need to nationalise market winners and redistribute their wealth.

    3. And yes, Lucifer is light, little different one, gray-white, but he is conscious giver, he is knowledge, he is evil, without evil how can you know good, God, or know that you exist. Without evil you are just Adam. Consciousness can exist only in opposition toward good and God, that is that I, and padre Pio said that source of every evil on this world is me, me, me. You can believe it or not. But those are Biblical facts.

    4. I might be the only person on this board to actually have been in the Knights of Malta inside's an actual small nation inside a block in the city.

      I actually know several Knights, and know their operation well.

      What I can tell you is that they're just a bunch of bumblers. They don't conspire to do anything, and anyone who claims their inside any conspiracy of any kind doesn't know the first thing about them.

      Knights usually become so because their fathers were, and their just a bunch of sons of idiot sons....

    5. There have been conspiracies in Rome in the past involving the Masonic Lodge there, and the so-called "P-2" or "Propaganda Due".....

      But that has nothing to do with the Knights of Malta.

  3. Interesting video!! "Carly: Cia's Cyber Queen"
    Besides massive layoffs and a 50% decline in Hewlett Packard's stock during her brief tenure as CEO, what else has Carly Fiorina done? With legal barriers to Big Brother surveillance ignored, Carly has partnered with Michael Hayden to promote removal of any technological barriers to total surveillance of the American people. Now we know why FOX news has relentlessly promoted Carly Fiorina's "performance" at the debate.

  4. What Fox proved once again is that they're not a Conservative-oriented outlet as much as they are a Republican-party establishment one.

    Fox personalities will always play to the fears and agenda which the Republican party is pushing at any time -- fear of Iran, loathing of any tampering with the medical industry, unquestioning support for the military and law enforcement, and sniping at anything which rings of the Left like Planned Parenthood and other targets of opportunity.

    What you'll never hear on Fox is concern about the national debt, deficits, unemployment, or unrestrained immigration except for the felons among these uninvited assholes.

    Conservative is not what Fox is about. It's all about the Republican Party, and that's why the event last night ambushed Trump with an opening shot at his reluctance to pledge unwaivering support for whatever Jackass might become the nominee.

    And it got no better for him from there.

    Yet most of the audience nationally was again relieved by his candor, and these are the people whose votes matter most.

  5. I think the worst performance was by the one which Ailes favors most - Jeb Bush. Bush is pro-immigration, pro-national management of education, basically a clone of his Dad and brother, neither of which were Conservatives.

    Conservatives of any stripe, Tea Party of Libertarian or Paleoithic, strike terror into the hearts of the plutocratic, Federalistic finance-class of the Republican leadership.

    1. Dined with a wealthy Jeb supporter the other night (assuming so in as much as he mentioned attending a Jeb! event). It was just after the debate, he and his wife were lamenting the chaotic state the Republican party now finds itself in, thanks to Trump. (Yes, Thank you Trump!) They were entertaining conspiracy theories that Trump probably made some kind of deal with Hillary, for he to be the monkey wrench to insure her eventual victory. What's the bargain? VP for Trump? He would never play second fiddle. They were of the conviction that Trump could never win, whether as the Republican nominee or as an independent, and they were particularly incensed at his refusal to take the GOP pledge. I tried to assure that yes he can win, and that his refusal only demonstrates his savvy as a negotiator. Why after all should Trump give up that point of leverage at the beginning of the game. He conceded: "why just earlier today I was using some leverage of my own"...

      Did I win a Trump supporter there? Probably not, but at least I gave him a little nudge.

  6. Steve your candidate came across kakki and nasty so you are taking it out on others. The modrators and forum was excellent. The best I have ever witness in my 62 years. We all learn more about each candidate. The debate was fantastic!! I thought Fiorina and Carson were the winners ans would love to support a Rubio/Fiorina ticket


      It needs time for society to break down... And we see who is last to fall.

    2. Fiorina is an effective speaker, however her lunatic declaration that "Bibi Netanyahu is her good friend and would get her first phone call as President" just destroyed her chances.

      There's only a small minority of evangelicals and tiny group of zionists in America who would allow anyone who would make such an insane statement to become President.

      The US has no security or defense alliance with Israel....period.

    3. What's really weird is that Fiorini spent her career in Houston, which is a bastion of pro-Arab, anti-zionist oil interests in America.

      How on earth did she survive in Houston with such insanely ignorant views?

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  8. Our time calls for an insolent man to be president.

    Politeness in the face of evil won't cut it.

    The power structure is scared to death of this man.

    "Kill them when they are young."

  9. Insolence in the face of politically correct evil is a requirement.

  10. I think Mike Huckabee cannot believe either what idiots he have around him self. But he is wrong, rich never pay consumption tax in Europe they are free 100% from it, because all capitalists in Europe have companies under which they all buy yachts, cars, villas electronics, food, without paying consumption tax. Because they are owners of companies they control 100% and decide 100% how much and in what way company will use those yachts and villas. They just have to say that they use those yachts for needed business (personal sexual orgies) to not pay consumption tax, (as needed tool of company) ah and they will put them under flag of Bahamas to not pay any taxes.


    2. Ohhoo nice US architecture, this is way how all residential buildings must look like in US led NWO, lots of green, lots of unused free space, looking monumental, not needed protrusions on facades... 100% in opposition to stingy germanic capitalistic style, just how workers self management units would build for them self. Russian capitalists attacking only what is good in USA... Family houses should also look this way.

      And here they are attacking good job relationship and atmosphere, this person need consultation and help not to get fired. Russians capitalists are getting destructive.

  11. The 'War on Women' question by itself proved beyond any doubt that we have script reading asshats posing as journalists with no other purpose than to steer the national conversation away from the only thing that matters - FIX THE BROKEN CORPORATION IDIOTS!

    Take your social issues to your pastors, therapists, girlfriends, the gym, or blogs. Those questions and issues have no business being in the national conversation right now.

  12. Donald Trump is only there for two (2) primary reasons. First, Donald Trump is there to get Jeb Bush the REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. Second, Donald Trump is there as a distraction as to current "EVENTS" (Trans-Pacific Partnership ("T.P.P.") making illegitimate Obama the F├╝hrer, JADE HELM 15 preparing for "MARTIAL LAW," and NUKING THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL on September 11, 2015 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Washington, D.C. gets NUKED! (DAY AFTER DISASTER)" [This is a "PSY-OP" [Al Qaeda did it!] documentary originally produced by THE HISTORY CHANNEL for THE C.I.A.!] posted by CaptainH3R0 on July 10, 2011; and "Jerome Corsi on NSPD 51" [During the interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. concerning an article at WORLD NET DAILY ("W.N.D."), there is mention of an article in The Washington Post dated May 10, 2007 and at page 12 (decapitation of the UNITED STATES by a detonation of a nuclear weapon at the UNITED STATES CAPITOL!] posted by zepa22 on October 5, 2008))!

    If Jeb Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton are NOT REMOVED FROM ANY AND ALL STATE BALLOTS, it will be Jeb v Hillary for the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION; and this is only the "FAILSAFE"! FAILSAFE??? They (NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE") want to take-out ("MAD MAX" [MOVIE] without any survivors (99.99% EXTERMINATED)) the UNITED STATES during the "ILLEGITIMATE" OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!

    1. You are right, of course it will be Jeb. This is just show for naive, for people to hope how republicans will split it self.
      Little of austerity populism.
      And lets face it, it would be best for me, best for Europe, to finally get that head on collision USA vs Russia or USA vs China or USA vs China and Russia.
      I am dreaming of that nuclear war, i could finally have chance for that day when i wake up and it is revolution and reeducation camps are starting to be built.

      On this video from 1:50 we can see how even under full radiation in city of Chernobyl (just look that video footage full of flashes caught on film caused by rays of radiation), civil population is able to live perfectly long enough for workers to achieve full flexible time schedule for killing of all capitalists in town. I will join ultra-left party tomorrow and we can start making list of class and peoples enemies, and list of buildings and yachts for nationalisation. All kids could have again summer vacation like how it was under Tito, and on those yachts:)

    2. Here all media is now capitalistic and US masonic 100%, big cleansing was done 6 months ago, now they are spreading propaganda against those people working for government, so now those without jobs are attacking those working for government, friend goes against friend on facebook. Ron & Rand Paul on steroids. Austerity on steroids.

      Only bigger pro-Beijing anti-NATO party which is fighting against violent police home evictions does not have any media attention which had 6 months ago, because media ownership has been changed and banks slowed evictions drastically. And we were so close to revolution. Everything is moving in wrong direction, everything... You even sent us record number of tourists, we will now all have to work in tourist sector and we were gentlemans before.
      Door of NWO is sealing. Everything is starting to get shape. Even my father is not talking too much about revolution. And from north (where there is no tourism) people are going to work in Germany, so they will also not wage revolution.

      On state owned national TV they will maybe talk little about people with credits in swiss francs and mention how banks are exporting 10% of bdp from country to foreign banks, but in one show in 6 months.

      I really hope China, Russia and Iran will finally get some deal among them self and start pushing back. War is best and only solution. Obamas skin colour is only reason why our liberators cannot push back right now even USA is un-reformable and everyone sees that.

      We feel more and more cut and cut in Europe from Euroasian steppes and fresh air. Masonic empire is closing all doors.

      I do not want to work in capitalism... Noooooo


      Best show so far, real situation of class global inequality and future class trends. This guy says all. Everyone who is telling differently is insane or evil.

    4. Yes it is over Raymond, TTP and TTIP is beginning, they are removing from YT all things which were communist and for kids, best communist kids serial is removed in whole from YT. All episodes. Next will be music, but they will allow official only of Nicky Minaj and Cathy Perry to be free. We free people must move to Chinese upload services, i already started to learn Chinese. It is over, they think they do not need us, now they are closing all doors. Look how they closed doors in Greece.
      Austerity, copyrights, no free medical care, no pensions, real estate taxation, no investments in infrastructure, black life matters attacking Sanders, no government jobs, they are doubling down in total. Bolivia is coming my friends to you.
      Rich capitalists behind wall, out of wall our police force selling drugs and crime, not building even one pipeline for people. Illegal favelas on private land of some oligarch who needs cheap labor near by.
      We all people need war, stupid people must get it what is capitalism. War in Ukraine should start. Chinese are not that stupid to go against Russia to be left alone with USA than :))
      Greek politicians were astonished by bold move of capitalists, but they needed to start civil war, kill rich, and all those generals supporting them and call Putin.
      In Europe US controls politicians, and generals, but not people and economy. I cannot believe my eyes how they make all this.

  13. Just how Gramsci said, elite rule by consent not by power, that consent is called culture, culture is hegemony of main group against other groups which must accommodate and give space to main group.
    FOX news is engine for abolishing that main former Christian group and moving it in to accommodating one.
    Global capitalism and money worshiping is main cultural group, that is cultural hegemony they are building.

  14. Why FOXNEWS Turned on Donald Trump

    "And there's nothing Donald Trump hates like being called a loser."

    "First, Fox's promotion of Trump worked too well. He went from making the Republican primary more interesting to follow — and thus better for ratings — to dominating the Republican primary and potentially harming the ideological movement that Fox supports. Murdoch's public opposition to Trump was a signal that the network wasn't likely to tolerate Trump actually becoming the Republican nominee.

    Second, where other Fox personalities wanted to treat Trump well in the hopes he would come back on their shows, Baier, Kelly, and Wallace wanted to embarrass Trump.

    Third, FOXNews's incentives had switched. Early in the campaign, the way to get bigger ratings was to build Trump up. But now the whole country was tuning in, and what most people wanted to see was Trump torn down — or at least the fight that would result if Fox News tried to tear Trump down. And that's what they got.

    Fourth, JEB! Got advanced questions.

    Trump's feeling that he's been betrayed by Fox News is understandable, even if his reaction to it is gross and childish. But his declaration of war against a major Fox News personality is unwise, and may mark the beginning of the end of his campaign."