Thursday, August 13, 2015

Recent Devaluation of Chinese Yuan:  “Mama-Hoohoo”! Half-Tiger/Half-Zebra!
Chinese President Xi Jinping assumed control of his failing economy then he suddenly devalued the Yuan by 4%. What does it really mean for China and the world currencies? What does that mean to me and to us?
I think it’s a mixed picture hence the blog header: half tiger/half zebra. It’s not indicative of anything in particular except for the following considerations:
a highly inflated Yuan had to drop against the dollar in order to realign it’s true value for spot market [denominated in dollars].
US exports will decrease markedly as the dollar climbs in value making all products sold to China and Asia in general exceedingly expensive.
Yuan dropped in anticipation of the Chinese President’s impending visit to POTUS.
Yuan drop is an attempt to break away from the worldwide dollar-based currencies created by the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire.
China wants Yuan to be considered by the IMF as part of the universal sovereign funds consisting of the Euros, Yen and the US dollar.

The above list is a rational assessment of what China thinks it is doing as a one-off depreciation. However, I am not all that impressed by how President Xi has been able to manage a highly restricted, manipulated economy that has been based on political favors, subsidized by State Owned Entities [SOE’s] and which has changed from an export driven to a domestic consumption economy. I believe that China is in a very serious financial and possibly political trouble.
Why do I think that right now?

China has a top down artificial economy based on exports and false numbers related to growth [average GDP about 6-7%]. Such figures were all highly exaggerated from the very beginning as Deng Xiaoping encouraged his 1.2 billion former Communists to become ‘more capitalistic’. From the beginning, the Central Banks of China had created a structured economy that could not endure for more than a few decades. The past and present economic concerns have never been the free flow of capital or profits. China’s primary concern has always been it’s transformation to a ‘free market’ economy; providing jobs for hundreds of millions of people.
That initial hypothesis was correct –up to a point.
When the workers became successful a strong middle class arose which like America demanded high quality consumer goods. For a period of time that Middle Class acted appropriately. They worked limited hours. They bought their houses and even bought second ones for investments.

However, China was no longer able to export quality goods at a cheap enough prices to USA [primary client]. Instead, our manufacturers who had shipped their respective factories to China realized that the quality of Chinese goods were poor and relatively expensive when one considers the cost of shipping, handling and delayed deliveries.
So what did our  manufacturers do? 
They went to Mexico where they could build cheaper factories which in turn produced cheaper cars which did not need to be shipped over the expansive Pacific Ocean.

The Yuan was no longer attractive to American industrialists who also left China because of severe pollution and restrictive trading practices and realigned their central offices to the more friendly, financial oriented states like Singapore and Vietnam.
What is the state of the Yuan today?
The cheaper Yuan will create a massive deflationary spiral all over Asia and possibly throw China into a severe recession if not depression.
But what do I know?
I have owned a few banks here and there. Lately, I found that banks were outdated modes of currency exchange as the internet created such powerful virtual entities as Pay Pal and Lending Tree. I see a major restructuring of the financial markets all over the worlds where the Euro, the Ruble and other weaker currencies will have to be seriously devaluated if not eliminated, as in the case of the Euro. As most of you know by now, I feel that the Euro entity/currency is not sustainable politically/financially because it was an artificial construct initiated by the French in an attempt to control Germany’s rise after WWII. We all know how that turned out. I would say that Germany should pull out of the Euro and introduce its powerful Deutschmark once again.

For those of you who are worried about the Dollar, don’t! The idiot pundits in the Washington who are screaming that “American xenophobia will be destructive” are completely wrong. Our economy will continue to grow at a 2-3% level with the present administration if the Federal Reserve does not do something stupid like ‘choke off’ our dollar liquidity in the name of a non-existent ‘inflation’ –by raising interest rates.
America’s exceptionalism resides in one simple fact. We are an ‘Entrepreneurial State’ which means that we depend on the ability of many of our citizens to create and implement small businesses of all types which in the aggregate create economic growth. Even if our dollar is too strong we can offset our trade inbalances with creative financing which is what sophisticated manufacturers will have to do in the course of doing business.

If we elect candidates who are attuned to specifically creating a growth economy based on sound principles of business, then we will become an even stronger economic, political entity. America first! That will continue to sustain us as the Financial Tiger of the World….


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    1. The Chinese are systemmatically looting Africa by assisting it's leaders in plundering their countries. This is Chinese policy, and there isn't a single article or book or report about this. I recently completed an investigation involving the plunder of the Jubalee oil field revenues in Ghana. It turned out that the Chinese bribed the Ghana President into accepting loans from China absorbing all the revenue from the oil for a hundred years! Where did all the money go? It's in the Swiss accounts of the Ghana President! They're doing this all over Africa.

      The Chinese are simply evil. They hack into everything and no one does anything about it. They cheat on currency and patents and everything else. They kill people for no reason, steal their organs, and sell them.

      Their chemists make and sell all the chemicals used to make the crystal meth and synthetic marijuana and every other drug sold to addicts in America...and provide all the solvents used to make Cocaine sold everywhere....and the DEA does nothing about it because of China's status to American politicians.

      China is a scorge and menace to the planet. Their products are not very good, but they subsidize and undercut the costs with currency manipulation of whole industries like solar photovoltaic.

      Now as for Mexico it's now a failed state. If it were not for the 40 million Mexicans who've fled to the US there would be ANOTHER CIVIL WAR in Mexico.

      The reason why the Mexican government and Bush family and other Republicans and Dems are supporting illegal immigration from Mexico is because without it Mexico would descend into another war like 1910 !!

      In the 1960s the Mexican government murdered thousands of students in Mexico City with death squads to suppress political activism. Mexico is no different than El Salvador or Guatamala when it comes to political murder and absence of civil rights...

      But when it comes to drugs lords and other criminals like kidnappers the Mexican government does nothing because the drug lords are merely pawns of the bankers and politicians in Mexico.

      Mexico is a kleptocracy along the lines of Nigeria, and the US should and must invade and occupy Mexico with military force.

      Mexico must be annexed to the US and made a vassel state like Puerto Rico, and the US should once again occupy Puerto Rico to clean out the corruption there as well.

      Fix Bayonettes!!

    2. The Chinese have bought so much American debt that they could crash the US economy if they wanted.

      The US has to put up with their crimes because if trade should be halted the Chinese could retaliate using their credit position against the US.

      What a cluster fuck.

    3. The American economy has been at almost zero growth in real terms for over twenty years because of the loss of manufacturing here.

      What growth there has been has roughly equalled the colossal immigration that's increased the population here from 237 million in 1980 to 320 million today!

      The only two things keeping America alive are population growth and the ability of the Federal Reserve to create huge amounts of new money without inflation.

      Twenty years ago the Fed realized that as long as new money didn't reach the public, but would only be circulated among banks, there would be no inflation. To do this they needed to stop publishing the M2 total money supply figure, and then start flooding the banks with massive amounts of new funds.

      These are the funds used now for speculation of all kinds....colossal amounts of credit to leverage every kind of speculation by commercial banks, merchant banks, and then they also lend these funds to hedge funds and even private equity...

      But there's no inflation because this money never reaches consumers.

      The only thing that reaches consumers is credit available to consumers for low interest loans for cars and houses.

    4. In 1845 humanitarians like Mark Twain decried the brutal US invasion of Mexico and the theft of their lands which are now New Mexico, Arizona and California...

      But can you imagine what those places would be like today if they remained part of Mexico????????

      The same applied today.

      Just as the Germans sought to invade and civilize vast swaths of eastern Europe, primarily Russia.....

      Today the US should invade and absorb huge areas of Mexico into the US, and the natives should be cleansed by moving them out to bantustans of remaining Mexicans near Guatamala and Belize.

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      Mexico acts of war on America must be the basis for American conquest.

    5. I must admit that it sounds like viable solution. Different kind of socialisms are only possible solutions.
      Yes, merciful national-socialism is also solution. Someone told me ah germans wanted to kill all other races, and then i replied, do not be so sure, maybe they just wanted put some order in way how they will choose to mix with enslaved groups. For instance Slavs would be slaves, but those slaves would make kids to german females even more then. Blacks would live in protected jungles and yellow race would live in swamps and rivers, and they would catch snakes there.
      Herr Hitler gave order for gypsy museum to be built, real gypsy village with live gypsies. I am sure every continent would have one museum. Everyone would be protected.

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    2. I envy you Raymond. I've had my eye on that campsite for decades. It's the best spot anywhere east of Tarzana.

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  3. Now my studious comment!
    I think that Dr. Pieczenik is again right... USA will economically dominate. US domination is secured because China is full of american worthless papers sold to China. USA have better chance for growth.

    That domination will be secured 3600% if China listen more to USA and introduce free market reforms or God forbid introduce convertibility of own currency.

    When Yugo communists introduced convertibility of Yugo currency in own market reforms in 1989 it was said that one DM worth 7 dinars. What happened than was that all those former communist traitors were going with sacks of printed dinars to publicly owned banks and exchanging that funny money for real DM s of working people who were saving those DM s in banks. Bush senior gave 9B $ for those "market reforms" which is pittance. Pure CIA operation. Resulting in hyper inflation.
    Also workplace democracy was exchanged for workers stock ownership which was utter disaster because only retarded idiot can believe that one who owns and controls stock exchange will not artificially move price of factory down to buy cheaply stocks from workers to destroy factory and take land and real estates.
    Who controls stock exchange he owns your factory.
    Those were other market reforms.
    China is not suicidal to two those market reforms.

    China will overtake USA if they accept my reforms.
    1. Forbid private initiative
    2. Forbid stock exchanges (especially to foreigners to buy anything there)
    3. Forbid convertibility of domestic currency (that is must)
    4. Introduce total ban on counter revolutionary free speech
    5. Put all those capitalists in working camps for organ transplantation or medical experimentations.

    And then do move which is going to be master movement.
    1. Introduce workplace democracy, one worker one vote, what to do with profits.

    They are super power and real democracy.
    There would be no rich capitalists, which would buy yachts before they pay workers, workers are not having destroyed life and economy is bigger. People that is only game in town, will workers decide about profit or capitalists, capitalistic model is outdated and poisonous. OWNER OF CAPITAL SHOULD NEVER DECIDE WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH PROFITS MADE BY WORKERS...
    That is like going to bank, taking credit, and having owner of Bank deciding what car in what colour you will buy. That is total idiocy.

    Rich will try everything to stop model, and lets not forget that workers stock ownership if also disaster and CANNOT work because that is also capitalism, and main character of capitalism is accumulation of capital, meaning capitalist will influence stock exchange and lower price of workers stocks, destroy factory and buy them cheap when ever they like. That is like thinking that casino house will loose money.

    I would accept in any moment full tyranny and democracy where it matters only, and that is workplace. And all that mass of people China.

    1. Eh also, Chinese government should nationalise all those unused flats and flats of those individuals who have two flats. And then rent them out for 100-150$ per month, as great basis for world currency. Such currency which is not artificial and based on artificial capitalistic economy, would than overtake USD easily. Because it could not be rigged on artificial markets controlled by group of capitalists because there would be no markets. And only where that money could be spent are those workers owned factories. Meaning those currencies would be real markets. Cash has to be banned of course also. And private wealth. No human head can own more than one flat, vacation house, one car and one boat.


  4. Interesting article::::"Illustrated Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion: How Rothschild conquered the West and Russia"

  5. Currently, China is being "punished"! Punished? Yes, punished! And, I am partially responsible! How is this? Because, I told Chinese intelligence and the K.G.B., through RT (Russia Today), "STAR WARS" is actually operational; and I substantiated my claim with YOU TUBE VIDEO EVIDENCE! Therefore, this increased the amount of conflicts within China! Everyone must understand, the Chinese Government (since 1949) was created by SKULL AND BONES and THE JESUIT ORDER (OVER 100 YEARS); and in fact, Chinese Chairman Mao Tse Tung was a SKULL AND BONES MEMBER!

    Do WE (UNITED STATES POPULATION) actually have an about 18 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT??? Who do WE owe money to???

    The Rothschild Family is currently worth about 600+ TRILLION DOLLARS in "SOLID ASSETS;" and most of this said wealth was acquired by various criminal activities over about two (2) CENTURIES, since about the middle of the 18th Century!

    1. Listen, we tried, but we could not finish it. I am sorry. Communist countries must be monarchies for thing to work.

      They are talking about it here like it was something bad, but more people are going to die in USA when republicans enact changes in Medicare and in SS... Ten times more. 2,5M to 25M...
      Mao died to early.

    2. Jason Day won the 97th PGA Championship today with a record -20 score, the highest below par score in any major tournament in the history of professional golf.

      Jason's father died when Jason was 12 years old. Jason was raised in one of the worst ghettos in Australia. Jason's mother worked three jobs to feed and house her children. An idiot (Chiapet) would argue that in a communist system, Jason's mother wouldn't need three jobs because the state would take up the slack after her husband died. That may be true for an outcome of mediocre survival for a family where the children would eventually serve the state as souless drones. How would elite excellence find its way in such a scenario? It couldn't.

      In a free capitalist system, a young man like Jason Day raises himself from the sewer into the position of being in an elite group of champions. He doesn't do this because it is handed to him on a silver platter, he accomplishes this because he worked harder than 99.9% of anybody around him. He cries on the final putt not because he's become a famous multi-millionaire, he cries because years of hard work and determination have culminated into this historic moment. The announcers can't speak because they are feeling that familiar emotion of the power of the human spirit. There is no greater emotion

      We celebrate Jason Day not as sheep addicted to a media driven elitist game, but as humans who recognize the spirit of excellence and humility. Nobody ordered Jason to give so much back to charitable causes with his precious time and hard earned money, he does it for the same reason so many like him give back; because once upon a time somebody helped him.

      Communism is the enemy of the human spirit. Communism would have Jason Day working in a production facility pounding out bearings, or fixing potholes in the road. Communism guarantees mediocrity.