Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Thx Patriarch, I think I met this guy, good link.


  1. Businessman Donald Trump is a complete "JOKE"! One of the "LEADERS" of "THE WOLF PACK" (NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITES") telling the "SHEEP": "Do NOT worry! I will STOP THE WOLVES!" What a JOKE!

    Donald Trump is only there to take VOTES from the other Republican Candidates, WHO MIGHT MAKE A DIFFERENCE; and this includes U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal! Notice: I did NOT mention U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, because he (Ted Cruz) is a hypocrite; and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is basically "grandstanding" for the Christian vote!

    U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is NOT a TRUE "born again" Christian! Do I have sufficient PROOF??? YES! First, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz states he (Ted Cruz) is a good friend of illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (NAZI, SKULL AND BONES MEMBER, "EXTREME" DEVIL WORSHIPER, and EVIL CRIMINAL); and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz goes on to say illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. is a "GOOD MAN"! As stated, I do NOT THINK SO! Second, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz states Donald Trump is a very good friend and a good man; and this is when Donald Trump states he (Donald Trump) is a very good friend with THE CLINTONS (VERY EVIL CRIMINALS); and Donald Trump states he (Donald Trump) knows "how to play the game" (immoral business deals with various hardened criminals, such as, the Chinese cartels)! In addition, Donald Trump was set-up with said Chinese criminals by THE CLINTONS' connections (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Clinton Murders" posted by volhead49 on March 15, 2014)! Third, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz states he (Ted Cruz) fully supports the "illegal regime change" in Ukraine (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Ted Cruz stands with the Ukrainian Fascists" posted by Webster Tarpley Radio (AUTHENTIC) on March 31, 2015)! Fourth, U.S. Ted Cruz over zealous in his (Ted Cruz) support of the Zionist Israeli Government, which is part of the "Synagogue of Satan" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "MUST WATCH! "Synagogue of Satan" (Full) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock 1936-2006" posted by Vitaliy Shapovalov on November 1, 2013)!

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    2. From month to month Jeb is getting closer to Hillary on all betting sites. Every other candidate is shown as noise and instability, while pictures of Jeb in all media are shown in sense of stability, calmness, security and clean. It is decided. Chosen pictures of Hillary are problematic and little mangy even on H Post.
      Whole Bush family is best what happen to left, I support whole family.

    3. Unless the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITES" change their minds, it will be Hillary Rodham Clinton (VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) in the WHITE HOUSE on January 20, 2017; and she (Hillary) will "FINISH" (EVERYONE DEAD) THE UNITED STATES within the first year of her FIRST TERM! However, the 2016 ELECTION is the "FAILSAFE" as to the "PLANS" of the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" (CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to THE VATICAN (controlled by THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus)))! They (N.W.O. "ELITE") will try and "FINISH" THE UNITED STATES during the remaining balance of illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama's SECOND TERM!

      There is a very good chance a nuclear bomb will be detonated on September 11, 2015 at the UNITED STATES CAPITOL! The C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) has already brought ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) into THE UNITED STATES; and THE C.I.A. has already given ISIS a nuclear device! All that is needed is for THE C.I.A. to give the "access codes" and the final instructions to ISIS to NUKE THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL on September 11, 2015! How do I know this? Because, THE C.I.A. brought Al Qaeda here (UNITED STATES) to be only the "PATSIES" for the "MAJOR" FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION on September 11, 2001; and illegitimate Obama has already "FIRED" several Generals and Admirals in charge of our (UNITED STATES) NUCLEAR STOCKPILE! In addition, there are several nukes already missing and unaccounted for! Moreover, ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) have already shown themselves on UNITED STATES SOIL!

  2. Fookin Brilliant! This gives Trump a real chance, liked the Bush Crime family wrap. Skullduggery from Skull and Bones!

    1. As stated, Donald Trump is only there to put Jeb Bush (NAZI and EVIL CRIMINAL) up against Hillary Rodham Clinton (EVIL CRIMINAL); and Jeb Bush will "WIN"! However, same as 2012, Hillary Rodham Clinton will get the WHITE HOUSE by "FRAUD"! It is the "LESSOR OF TWO EVILS GAME"! ARE WE READY TO "PLAY"????

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    Russia sends official ultimatum to Turkey over ISIS. Tarpley says that while Obama was out of town that then general Allen united with neocons proclaimed no fly zone over Assad. Coup d Etate.

    Alex Jones today savagely attacked Pope also.

  5. I see on Drudge that Hilary is about to be probed by the FBI, I think she will find this a very uncomfortable experience! Surely the NSA and Chinese and Russian intelligence have copies of them that they could release through a faux Whistleblower.

  6. BIG MISTAKE "No one is indispensable" is a bad philosophy"

    He will go 3rd party, & will bring back Stone

    Roy Cohn Dick Morris & Roger Stone:

    When Trump was accused of using his political connections to manufacture unfair deals for himself, Cohn jumped to his defense. “Donald wishes he didn’t have to give money to politicians, but he knows it’s part of the game,”

    Dick Morris is COHN's cousin.

    Stone said that former Joseoh McCarthyist Roy Cohn helped him arrange for John B. Anderson to get the nomination of the Liberal Party of New York, a move that would help split the opposition to Reagan in the state. Stone said Cohn gave him a suitcase that Stone avoided opening and, as instructed by Cohn, dropped it off at the office of a lawyer influential in Liberal Party circles. Reagan carried the state with 46 percent of the vote. Speaking after the statute of limitations for bribery had expired, Stone later said, "I paid his law firm. Legal fees. I don't know what he did for the money, but whatever it was, the Liberal party reached its right conclusion out of a matter of principle."

    Stone used John Anderson's 3rd party to get Reagan elected with a suitcase full of cash.
    Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again!” was Reagan’s slogan in 1980. Trump took it & trademarked it. Reagan never did
    Trump hated Stone.
    Stone is best known for his talented use of opposition research. He has worked for Republican politicians from Richard Nixon to Bob Dole, Ronald Reagan, and former New Jersey governor Tom Kean.

    Stone is a professional dirty trickster who once formed an anti-Hillary Clinton group with the acronym "C.U.N.T." after he tried "to come up with words for B.I.T.C.H. and just couldn't do it." He's also endorsed birther smears against President Obama and the smear that Michelle Obama is on tape calling white people "whiteys."

    Stone's recent tweets include harsh attacks against the Bush family. He wrote, "I'd rather drink my own pi$$ than see spoiled, elitist crook Jeb Bush in the White House"; claimed Barbara Bush "was stinking drunk at Jeb's announcement #blotto #bombed #sh$t-faced"; and tweeted that the "The Bush Crime Famiy" has "a history of privilege, money, fraud, drugs, murder and ambition."
    Donald Trump has had a circle of unscrupulous people around him all of his generation after the next...not unlike "obama", only Trump has a valid birth certificate.

    Trump's crown Is POTUS. HE IS IN HIS PRIME.

    Dick Morris wants in too.

    Stone interview on his resignation from Trump's staff: