Saturday, August 22, 2015

North and South Korea Enter their Ritual of Mutual Deprecation, Once Again!
It’s been a while since we have heard from either Koreas. However, the Swiss-Boarding school educated leader of NK, Kim Jung Un, has found the time and need to address the problem of the enduring silence on the DMZ border. He has just announced to his people and to the world that he has placed his rundown military on full alert; presumably ready for war with SK. For the most part, everyone in South Korea, especially in the wealthy, beautiful city of Seoul have been ignoring his words.

What could possibly be wrong with these young South Koreans who have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Asia?
Are they spoiled?
Are they ignorant of the threat?
Or are they just inured to the boisterous flatulence proclaimed by Kim Jung Un, a contemporary of theirs who had more of a privileged upbringing than anyone in South or North Korea? Most of you know the answer by now.
No one takes Kim Jung Un seriously, not even his own people. They too have become used to the yearly ritual of threats and ultimatums thrown at the South Korean government for one or another reason. Why does Kim Jung Un continue this useless yearly rituals? One reason is that his grandfather, Kim IL Sung and his father, Kim Jung In, had made this a practice in order to keep their people under a presumed threat of war and terror. Most of the North Koreans know that there will be no war for the simple reason that they also know that no one can or will win a war between North and South Korea. So the North Korean people acted accordingly, making believe that they have been insulted by the propaganda statements of South Korea and then warning the world of imminent war.
The only country that must worry about North Korea is not South Korea or the USA.
It’s China. 

Since WWII, North Korea has been a client state of China. Nothing gets done domestically or externally without China having blessed that particular action. Occasionally the Chinese operatives will deny this, like the time they had personally told me that they have ‘no control over North Korea’ and, then they dismissed that notion outright.
The reality of the North-South Korean problem is basic. Contrary to the American critics untutored in psychology, who have claimed that the Kim Jung Un or NK in general ‘are crazies’, the truth is far simpler. There has been no insanity demonstrated in the actions of the North Korean leaders over the past half-a-century. What we see is the helpless outcry and acting-out behavior of a country mired in poverty and repression. Unlike SK, where the youth indulges in the excesses of capitalism, NK people can barely live through a day’s work without some financial hardship.
NK is not only a failed state, it is also a geopolitical entity that serves the purpose of legitimizing our naval presence in the South China Sea as well as allowing over thirty thousand American soldiers to remain in Seoul as a ‘trip wire’ to possible war. Yes, ‘possible war’. Not actual war; because if one looked at the map of SK, one can clearly see how close Seoul is to the DMZ. This makes it almost impossible for both American and South Korean troops to amass a sufficiently large enough force structure to deter the theoretical might of 2.2 million North Korean troops only a few miles from the heart of SK.

The nonsensical ritual of deprecation continues between both sides as if there were two babies spitting at each other in two aligned cribs. SK raises its country’s flag to seven feet on the DMZ. Next NK has to raise it to seven feet one inch in order to instigate a rivalry of sorts which leads to nothing more than a fruitless round of negotiations.Old habits die hard.  Neither side wants to concede defeat in this constant antagonism.
One day when North Korea has been able to improve its’ GDP after having worked with South Korean factories in the south of NK, they will finally realize that there is  difference in their respective cultures divided now by an artificial financial barrier of the ‘have nots’ and ‘haves’. The dirty secret is that SK uses North Korean labor as a cheap working force in their respective factories located on the border of the DMZ. When NK attains a more impressive economy and the financial discrepancy is not that large, then NK and SK will be one again.

At this point in time, SK feels a bit like West Germany before East Germany, the crippled state, was integrated into WG. SK cannot afford that type of integration now. It would drain the SK economy and possibly implode both states financially. So the merger has to accrue over time as one entity become worthy of an acquisition.
These two entities are like two companies that want to seek a merger at the appropriate time in the fiscal cycle.
Who will be the intervening bankers to arrange this merger?
You guessed right!
America, China, and a few other states that could benefit from this new financial giant called, “KOREA!”
It might do the leaders of both countries well to remember the words of the great Greek philosopher, Heraclitus:

“There is nothing permanent except change.”


  1. Only nation bordering China or Soviet Union can prosper, because there US capitalists will invest money. Those are countries were South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and West Europe. West Europe is not needed any more that is why it will go to hell. Philippines, Liberia, South America, Central America, Africa, Indian subcontinent does not have that luck. Ah and those who sell oil while listening US capitalists like those monarchies on Middle East.
    Lets not fool each other, it is much better to live in North Korea then on Philippines, Nigeria, Haiti, Nicaragua, Liberia, Ukraine, Honduras, Moldavia and other capitalistic free market countries.

    1. On this Graph, we see how Communist China overtook salaries of whole Central and Eastern capitalistic free market European countries. Plus it getting worse and worse there with Ron Paul and Scott Walker austerity measures (lowering salaries of people working for government, SS, lowering of medicare and medicaid) which are known to good for rich and catastrophic for whole economy. Luckily we exploited people of world have Dr. Putin and Chinese communist party to protect us militarily in case Western capitalists starts to spread cancer and poisoning us with GMO.

    2. You might be right.

      I wonder about the veracity of the horror stories of mass starvation and such said about North Korea.

      I'm not sure North Korea is the hell hole western propaganda claims it is.

      I do know one thing. The North Korean war museum depicting American germ warfare bombs is accurate. Americans have always denied it but it's true, and I suspect a lot of other statements by the US about the Koreans is similarly bullshit.

    3. David Mamet is fond of that phrase, "Things Change."

      He uses it a lot.

      Watch "The Verdict" with Paul Newman, 1983.

      "Things change."

      "Yeah sometimes they do, and sometimes they DON'T. Now I remember back to the time when you were disbarred....."

      "I was never disbarred."


      "They dropped the charges."

    4. "If someone was trying to come back and make a name for himself then he could take the settlement. I myself would take it and run like a thief."

      "I know you would."

    5. In filming "The Verdict" Sidney Lumet claimed that he guaranteed that no where in the film would there be the color blue.

      Later he said he was in error because when Frank Galvin goes to the home of Maureen Rooney it's sunny outside and there is blue sky..... When Lumet chose the location earlier it had been overcast...

      But there is actually one other place in the film where there is the color blue....

      I will send $100.00 to anyone who can find where it is!

      Where is it? What scene and where....


    7. Thanks for getting me to watch "The Verdict". I put it on a watch list when you rated it as a well-directed movie a while back. Kinda fun to think that hard about the colors and notice the effect it brings to the movie.

      But where's the blue? When you watch the whole movie looking for it there's quite a bit. Newman's eyes in closeup, the car passing by the courthouse entrance, the Amtrak logo, the blue binder in the courtroom.

      I'm gonna go with the scene where Frank Galvin first visits the hospital though (11m35s). It's relatively full of blue (probably bluer than the sky outside Maureen Rooney's place). There's blue cloth near the edge of the bed, blue hoses connecting to the breathing machine and a blue housing on what appears to be the base of the breathing machine.

      Is that what you had in mind?

    8. "The Verdict" is about as well directed a film as I can find, however Sidney Lumet also directed a lot of badly directed ones. The year before the same team which made "The Verdict" also made "Prince of the City," which is an incomprehensible boring mess which I could easily cite as an example of the worst directed film of all time.

      Directors are strange in that they're totally unpredictable. They can be brilliant one minute and then the next collapse into mush.

      If you're a producer you never know what you're going to get when you hire a director, and that's why if you want anything done correctly you have to direct it yourself.

    9. "Prince of the City" was produced by Jay Presson Allen, who was a writer who told me a story about how "The Verdict" script was sent to her by David Mamet and then she agreed to make it just as it was without any changes and then it was greenlighted and everything was perfect......

      She told me this story in 1986 but I learned years later it was all bullshit. Lumet explains in his commentary on Youtube that the script was doctored and re-doctored by various people because Zanuk and Brown, the producers, didn't like the Mamet script. Then only later Lumet and Allen re-visited the Mamet version and shot it.

      But it was a long process and was totally different from what Allen told me, and I have no explaination except that all the film people I used to know were terrible liars and I couldn't get the truth out of any of them.

      The film business is full of BS and liars.

      I hate it.

  2. People need to watch this following Y/T video to understand how the global elite are setting up societies to crash and burn!!
    "TransNorway - Euro TRANNY MIND CONTROL and the NWO LGBT Agenda!

    1. Bible says that you cannot serve two masters. Capitalists are serving money and all are satanists without any control. Goal of Satan is to destroy economy and society of west only, so much, that west become so weak that it can be attacked by China. They are doing all what they can for that to happen. Goal of Satan is to kill all humanity, he hopes to make it with nuclear world war. If american people will tolerate that any person can have more than 2M dollars, than God will have to allow Satan to punish them and radiate them. Because God is boss, not money.

    2. These outrages will help the Right.

      Just as decadence and immorality ushered in the Nazi Party in Germany so these sick indoctrinations in sodomy in the name of tolerance will cause the public to embrace the Far Right.

      In Italy now the public is so fed up with the Pope's preachings that Italy must accept any and all people who wash up on their shores that the public is turning again to the Far Right in droves.

      Be still my heart!

    3. I hereby issue an challenge...

      Anyone who advocates for homosexuals to marry and adopt children, or for non-trans-sexuals to cross dress can meet me in the Flavian Ampatheater for a fight to the death!

      Choose your weapons! Swords, daggars, mace and ball...

      Anything you choose I will be there!

      You will be slain!

    4. The world was a better place when they knew their safe place in the closet. The 'coming out' party is just another step for those manipulating the masses with pig vomit messages of 'tolerance', 'inclusion', 'integration', and 'acceptance'. There's a build up of scorn occurring and it's no coincidence.

      When I hear ads on conservative talk radio for 'thtop bully-ying' I immediately think of the adversary and the fact that he's bought these useless idiots to tear the fabric of greatness apart. Mediocrity is given a trophy for participation, and little Johnny Twinkletoes is moved to the front of the line for being s'tho courageous...

      "Everywhere is freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity... tax the rich, feed the poor, till theres rich no more...tell me where is sanity? - I'd love to change the world... but I don't know what to do... so I leave it up to you" - Ten Years After

    5. The only man to quote Alvin Lee - rest in peace Alvin ya'll rocked the world and had a good little band.

    6. RD,

      I agree with your critic on "tolerance," but you needn't worry about the world running out of rich people.

      The rich have never been richer, and paid less for the privilige.

    7. Them are prophetic lyrics writen by a kick ass rock & roller named Alvin Lee. It was a smidge before my time, but I had the luxury of hearing it screamed at my face (spit and all) every day by Larry the Nam Vet, USMC retired.

      Larry taught us younger guys how to cook up perfect cocaine rocks (gecko eggs) as we used to call em. Our payment besides not being murdered by this horror movie character was we got to keep whatever stuck to the fine metal screen after doing the 'Fred Astaire' which involved the use of manitol.

      Oh those formative teenage years... all would've been lost if we didn't have Mad Magazine's most radical characters bullying the shit out of us.

      The kids today have Kaitlyn and the Kuntdashians, we had Larry the Nam Vet and the odd escapee from the local mental hospital who all seemed to know where Larry parked his home.

  3. Excellent synopsis with the perfect epilogue picture... hint.

    I can now go back to watching Tiger make his comeback at the Wyndam... who the hell even watches baseball anymore anyway? LOLOLOL

    1. Hate to be the guy that said I told you so, but Trump just put hedge fund managers on notice - Bloomberg article dated 8/23.

      This goes to what I said earlier about his being pissed he's had to work so hard creating his brand and tens of thousands of good paying jobs, while the brood of vipers and thieves (money changers) create nothing but deficits on our treasury's balance sheet.

      I'm sure the price on his scalp just shot up.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Trump is on-target again. Just like the Nazis he's zeroed in on the speculator class as the parasites that they are.

      Trump will be the first German American President, and he has the common touch. He's wealthy and successful but he's the kind of vulgarian the American public wants.

  4. In the UK the little fat turd with the 'haircut' is a figure of fun, although I do not think it was the smartest thing for Clinton and Rumsfeld to give them two Nuclear reactors from which they can tip their missiles with. Still arm the despots up, then take them down appears to be the New American Century policy. Trumps hair looks very impressive on the book cover...did he give it a saucer of milk?

    1. He reminds me of Conway Twitty.

    2. You might have something, they were never seen in the same room together and rumour has it that Mr Twitty faked his own death and was last seen in a midget sub heading for North Korea...could be coincidence.

    3. Conway Twitty... BAAAHAHAHAHA

  5. I was wondering the other day if President Trumps head could be the fifth one on Mount Rushmore, although carving his 'rug' will be a problem. I was surprised to learn that George Washington tried to join the Royal Navy, but was persuaded not to by his Mum! How different history might have been. While I was on Holiday last week read lots of stuff wouldn't normally.The China Crash was well pre-predicted, bit like that movie 'The China Syndrome' where it is supposed to melt through the earth. Also noticed a lot of transgender agenda, what is the point, or purpose of it. Also found all my boys can now now out sprint me on the beach, we raced nearly every year, tis the passing of the old guard! It gets worse we also went into a UFC cage at a gym and just focused on the grappling component and my eldest submitted me, with my own stuff! All made me feel a bit old. The new Guy Ritchie 'Man from Uncle' film was fun, used to love that show in the 60's had the 'shooting' car and a strange extending gun, with gun bra and UNCLE badge. Good stuff.


      Government must print money, it is utter idiocy that only private persons monopoly can print money (issue credits to government and to other people)... Debt of government toward rich people and privately non nationalised or undemocratic companies should be abolished. Herr Corbyn is right. What those fake stupid people knows for who they would vote.
      Soviet economic management saved UK from USA already in 1970es... Now it is time go again. And keep looking at that grave of Reagan for something to not move there.

  6. But that is just wishful thinking, let s see how realistic is any change of direction on West. It is none.
    1st. Corbyn would have to be elected as boss of labour.
    2nd. Labour as such wold have to win election.
    3.rd. That all would have to happen after long 5 years.

    Because that is too long for me to wait and hope i am DONE. OVER FINITO-- Carly Fiorina should be elected in 2016. First because of stability. Then son of Jeb Bush, Joaquin Castro, democrat from Texas should be elected after Carly two term mandate, and after that again George Bush junior.
    From now I will work on that agenda as worm. I think Americans should work harder, and Social security should be given to private investment funds. Also proposal by Carly Fiorina about market oriented health care should fix problems of waiting lists in hospitals. Private initiative, and incentives, based on free market enterprises should unleash wast potential of business creators and in combination with lower taxation would create positive business climate for investors. Free market competition and deregulation (cutting of red tape) would allow investors to freely operate, especially in combination with removal of burden of minimum wage which is biggest enemy of start ups and low paid workers.
    America will unleash creative forces of free market. And, fair tax, would put fairness in field needed for development of real investing climate.
    Democracy also must be adopted on workplace, so that workers can be free from bureaucratic oversight enforced by unions burdening free and open relation between job creators and employees.
    Also we need leaders, brave, to challenge status quo and cut waste collecting in medicare and medicaid.
    True meritocracy. Government must be run like any other company. Pregnancy leave should also be left and private question of confidentiality between job blesser and employee.
    Go Carly.

    Carly have biggest numbers of views on YT compared to all other candidates. Around 100,000 per clip.

    Carly is way to go.

    1. And she is such beautiful lady, she is real chick. She have attractive breasts and as female she is really attractive. Every male like independent, educated, smart and career building women as way to complement each other. Being understanding husband wishing to help, able to share responsibilities, and full of support... I can put my hand in fire that every honest male, meaning all of us on this blog right now is nodding in recognition, agreeing with every word.

    2. Carly is a dumbass. She's a humorless, angry bitch zionist neo-con who wants to use America in a genocide against the Arabs so Israelis won't have to fight them....

      Zionists are evil and need to be extinguished and blotted out from the planet. Carly is one of them.

    3. Every real and wise guy should feel proud for having women earning more than him and especially if she have higher level of education. We guys, let s recognise one to another, that, that if not, such unsecured guys who are not able to cope with it, are not real guys. We should look each other in eyes, shake hands and recognise it. Females are our friends most of all. For me because i am real man, there is nothing better then to feel secured near my educated and rich female. Also I adore to talk with her and find my self discovering ever newer middle grounds, there is nothing better than to talk with smart women. We make rules together how that suite us together. Sometime she is right, sometime I am right, but we both are partners. In love and as life passengers. There is nothing more satisfying then finding out how we both are same as real humans. I wish all those unsecured guys would find as much commonalities with their partners as they can.

    4. I am sure Mr. President found many commonalities with Michele. Upward moving commonalities. Sorry MIT, you are against upward mobility. You do not look females as your partners. Carly is so nice. ------ Now let s serious. Maybe, i would agree with you, maybe we should start killing Zionist, because they are going to right. I do not see those on left. I agree, let s kill them they can be first.

    5. Carly oversaw the destruction of the Hewlett-Packard nameplate. It was torn off of the world's finest electronic instruments then stuck on the crappiest of imported computers. I'm not eager to see what she could do with a whole country.

  7. Carly seems idealistic and articulate but mostly all talk, Hillary seems articulate but not very idealistic at times, especially when it comes to her own ethics. And unlike Trump who doesn't seem to speak with much continuity of thought, ( which imo belies a superficial understanding of topics like anchor babies and the Constitutional rights afforded them, seems oddly very effective, unlike Carly and Hillary.

    Hey MIT would it be politically incorrect (in keeping with Trumps' propensities, to say Carly looks like a MILF in her skinny jeans, (unlike Hillary in her boring solid colored pant suits)? Although I tend to favor republicans like Palin on such matters? : /

    1. Carly has all the sex appeal of an hp laptop that's been blocked so it can't get anything that might be adult material.

      Carly has a big "Access Denied" written all over her.

  8. I'm beginning to think Dolly Parton should have negotiated the Iran nuclear deal, rather than Kerry.

    I think the focus on the "arms", was the wrong strategy.

    Dolly could have procured more concessions from the Iranians imo.

  9. And while trans a hot topic, Hillary needs to stop dressing like a man, its driving voters to Trump and just not a good strategy today, its disingenuous and unflattering.

  10. Replies
    1. Which begs the next logical question about Hillary? Is she Bi and hasn't come out yet?

    2. I would make people come out, they would be able to write down, are they :
      members of
      A: National Socialismus
      B: International Socialismus
      Like we before, we kids were playing partisans and swabs, you could be nazi or commies, everything else did not exist... Nazis were those who ought to be killed by commies, while all other were already dead and buried... Just how it should be. Playing cowboys and indians was option, but only if you would play with girls also.

  11. Sorry Chia if that diverges in any way from your theory.

  12. Aside from Palin, is it an oxymoron to say "she is a goodlooking politician"?

  13. Look him, this is great, fantastic... I think it was staged, but because i am ultra populist i like it. I think masonic order should start killing satanists, because satanists are not atheists.
    I want Herr Trump to do job. All capitalists and their whores must know who they are. King is king.

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