Saturday, August 1, 2015

UBS- The Swiss Bank that Keeps on Giving and the Ex-American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who Keeps on Taking!
What a Wonderful Parasitic Relationship.
By now, we should all have Clinton-phobia or at least Clinton-Fatigue! Yet, I am still amazed by the insatiable avarice manifested by the Clintons in terms of receiving illegal payments, graft and all other forms of financial irregularities. Perhaps, there is some perversion in my delight at discovering how we, Americans have concluded that the Clinton and the Bush families are by far the most corrupt two families spanning our political spectrum from left to right. If money had an ideology than it would be reconfigured along the lines of a Clinton BitCoin that would suck up whatever was in the US treasury and the rest of the world banks and redirect it to some ersatz paradigm entitled: a non-profit foundation; super pac; or the Chelsea foundation for advanced skulduggery.

I want to thank the two journalists at the WSJ [July 30, 2015]-- James V. Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus for detailing the incredibly  incestuous relationship between UBS, one of the world’s most corrupt banks, and, of course, our Lady of the Dollar—Hillary Clinton.
“A few weeks after HC was sworn in as secretary of state in 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart…. The American IRS was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts.”
Now it gets better… 
“Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. UBS turned over information on 4,450 accounts --- A fraction of the 52,000 sought by the IRS, an outcome that drew criticism from some lawmakers …”
Now comes the piece de resistance….
“From that point on UBSs engagement with the Clinton family’s charitable organization increased. Total donations from UBS to the Clinton Foundation grew from less $60,000 through 2008 to a cumulative total of $600,000 by the end of 2014.”
And where is Bill Clinton in this financial chicanery?

Here comes the rest of the familiar tedious political/financial corruption tale:
UBS lent the Clinton Foundation$32M for inner city programs and inner city loans.
Bill Clinton was paid $1.5M  [on top of everything else –guess for what?] for “participating in a series of question and answer sessions with UBS wealth management chief executive, Bob McCann. Making this UBS ‘donation’ the single biggest corporate source of speech income.”
You may think that I am being a little harsh on UBS. But, let me tell you about incredibly corrupt bank.
In Miami Beach, where stupidity, greed and illegality is a way of life, one of the UBS American Executives, a Latin born female and a ‘gringo’ both approached me to place my financial assets in a UBS High Wealth Management fund of about $1. 7 Trillion. Both bankers assuring me that UBS in Switzerland could guarantee that I would not have to pay any US taxes on income derived from my investment. UBS had a fanciful scheme where all the American investors could skirt our IRS laws. Having been an official of the USG, I was fascinated to learn more about the scheme where in effect they would allow you to leave the USA and travel around the world and if you stayed only a certain number of days, then you, the American, would avoid USA taxes. I explained to both of these well-dressed nitwits that their scheme was stupid and possibly criminal. They disagreed with me. I said nothing and left to inform my contacts at the IRS that there was a financial scheme developed by UBS Switzerland and its subsidiaries in Miami to convince Americans that they were free of taxes.
Neither banker was arrested as I had recommended. Instead, true to the venal nature of world-wide banking, both individuals went on to work with an American bank. This is just one example that points to the obvious truth as to the perfidious nature of the Clinton and the Bush Families. Such revelations have finally erupted into a swelling rage; best expressed by Donald Trump who makes no apologies for his braggadocio and financial wealth.

Hypocrisy and political/moral cowardly behavior of the Clintons, whose bounds of veracity has never seen any limits of decency, have contrived to create faux drama with another cowardly corrupt politico, Jeb Bush. Their plan is to make forthcoming 2016 elections seem politically credible and morally consistent with some manufactured standard decided by both families ahead of their ersatz repartees. 
Here’s a quote from Bill regarding the UBS issue,  “I don’t know [if the Clinton Foundation donors ever sought favor from Sec State Hillary]… I never know what people’s motives are.” They really must think Americans are stupid.  It’s time to rid ourselves of this kind of garbage disguised as disingenuous ignorance and make-believe ‘civility’. No enlightened American believes anything from the mouths of a Clinton or a Bush.
Unfortunately, UBS will continue to do what it does best and that is to steal and hide assets in the cloud of ether, assuring every depositor that they will be safe from hackers and any other noisome intruders like the American IRS.
That is a fact of life.


  1. When cat is gone, mice rules. This is so in your face people... I do not know what people should need more to hear and know...

    Seems that what ever profit american worker earns, owner of capital (one who is giving licence to worker to start earning that profit) (capitalist), will take that profit and invest it in China. Away from USA and IRS. Mice rule.
    And they do not care, they know it will stop one day, but until that day they think they will be so rich to run away so they just need to press harder.

    1. Germany is really starting to believe that that they also earned something, capitalists really believe that that is their what government gave them... They also want to run from cat...

  2. Ok ok i will stop about capitalists... now i promise... not even one word any more... I agree, it is disgusting word, and everyone get depressed... I got it.

    1. Today i was in super market, and two female workers, one on cash register and other near here were talking about salaries, (of course in context of problems), and they i told them, well we should introduce back self-management, and lady immediately said, yeeeees off course... And while I was opening doors and going out i told quickly that every idiot can run this kind of business while showing with eyes on store. Lady was very very happy. People must start talking openly.
      Here is store, another nice communist building...,16.43914,3a,75y,6.29h,90.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swBoT8gJqiywLQzSbIcVq7A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

    2. Ah yes i told them also, that that way we all would be owners.
      Here is wonderful vide called, can we do it together, Swedish movie about workplace democracy. There we would be able to see Olaf Palme (prime minister of Sweden and Soviet agent) how he was playing dummy when labor union demanded self-management and while he was confronted in factory because he wanted soviet government anti self-management model. Luckily that traitor was assassinated.

    3. Here we have about Bernie Sanders legislation.

  3. I hit comments only to find Shia... my heart sinks.

    I guess I'll go to bed.

    1. You did not watch that Swedish movie I posted above, I guess? It is nice before bed. It is very modern, also real American politician and democrat Bernie Sanders is talking about Scandinavia very ofter... It could give you some perspective about future.

    2. you wouldl think he could afford a vacation

  4. I do not know who is doing economic policies on AJ show, but right now they are attacking Donald, that David Knight is one of least capable persons on AJ show, he does not look very intelligent but he always think he is right.
    He is now attacking Donald Trump for having legal immigrants building his buildings.
    And people are attacking them in comments...

    Also those free market guys are attacking Sanders and Trump in some wired infowars articles for their stance against open borders. Saying that there should be not any kind of borders, just property borders among privately owned lots. And no public spaces.

    On another hand they are doing good job attacking late term abortions.

  5. How wrong and evil and proud person must be to believe that only what he thinks is truth. That is like saying how you can become non pagan by not reading or hearing word of God. God is not in us, God is word, God came among us, not in to our mind...

    To be able to hear word of God you depend on others to tell you, or teach you to read, and teach you language by which you will understand word of God.

    Obama is right when he says: "You did not build that!"

  6. We should ask Hillary what she thinks about this new French law.
    About real socialist future. Rent controls introduced in Paris. Private owner cannot rent out any flat for more than 14,4E per m2 in centre of Paris (for newer flats). Flat of 60m2 in centre of Paris (two bedroom) for 864E, that is ok. With one sign on paper. French language is now again world language. French is now very important language and real capital of united Europe and most important country of eurozone.
    What we need to do next is now to introduce taxation on to unused flats of 2000E per unit monthly also.

    here is calculator:

    Finally I can go to live to Paris if I want. I can go learn ballet. I can sign up there for unemployment benefits and paint even I am not so good in it. I do not know how will USA leverage this out, this is now changes whole perspective about eastern european NATO for any member of youth and possible soldiers in whole central and eastern Europe. Now this is real warfare.

    1. And of course to get real legal price, you lie that you will pay more, enter flat and then pay real legal price... Owner will get then what is real price... Just to shake up market little:)) What would Milton Friedman say? I will send this article to to see are they going to put it on, or not? I think not.