Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pump Up the Volume: Bernard Sanders and Donald Trump!
Please Get Lost: Bush and Clinton
Just as we had discussed for some time now, America is ready for a new type of President. One who is not tutored or scripted by the retread idiot-savants of previous failed administrations [read Clinton, Bush Jr]. This new breed of political species is born of rage and frustration –the two crucial elements that constitute an effective, non-violent revolution.

Sanders. to my complete surprise and ignorance, [I never really followed him-shame on me] drew thousands of young, black, Hispanic Americans to rallies on the west coast and New Hampshire that $100M could not buy for Jeb Bush. Similarly, Trump is storming across the goal line time and time again. He is the superman of a new type of politics –called, ‘Internet Populism’.  Without having to spend so much money, Donald is streaming across the country, annunciating tough-love sound bites of hope and possibility, in contrast to Bernie who has denounced financial inequality and doomsday scenario.

Both candidates complement each other. Bernie has worked as an independent in the highly partisan legislature for the longest time in the history of the U.S. On the flip side of the coin, is Donald who has been an independent entrepreneur, neither beholden to banks, legislators or anyone other than himself. The forces of American discontent fueled by the inadequacies of past Presidents and politicians has come to full fruition where everyone has gasped with one last breathe – “We Want Change”!
“No more Political Dynasties [Bush /Clinton]”
“No more political chicanery at the expense of the American taxpayer!”

The message was received loud and clear.
Even the tempered boyish disingenuous Anderson Cooper of the left leaning CNN has literally dominated his full hour for over seven weeks- to try to understand the political/psychological dynamics of a phenomenon like “Donald Trump”. The studious and learned David Gergen, JKF Harvard School, gave a fair discussion of Donald’s narcissism and explained why he is not going away from the presidential race.
On the radio, I heard Rush Limbaugh discuss in a very logical sequence why Bernie was leading and why Hillary would not drop out of the race because she could not. I agree with him that she is indentured to so many people that she may have no choice but to run out of the money which she and Bill would never reimburse [again another 100 Million Dollars].
The media has turned around in fast time to accommodate the pumped volume of the public’s reactions to both Bernie and Donald. Contrary to the pronouncements of the other losing candidates in both parties, the American people are responding rationally and vocally to what they correctly perceive to be a major shift in the body politic. Donald and Bernie are extremely healthy representatives of an American narrative that has permeated our society since the Founding Fathers started the kinetic Revolution in 1776. On one hand, we had the firebrands who were willing to upset the status quo, like John Adams and “The Boston Tea Party”. On the other hand, we had the ersatz populist, Thomas Jefferson, who was Governor of Virginia doing almost nothing while the British soldiers were raping Richmond.  Then as now, Americans accepted a narrative slightly different from the reality of the times.
We are in a new era where people are voicing their discontent with social media and rallying to see the real candidate and more importantly, learn how history is being made. One can feel the excitement in the air! Gone are the staid platforms of propped up stick figures and what do we get instead? A famous John Hopkins Neurosurgeon who can best most of them by simply stating that ‘he has to learn about the problem and then try to solve it –logically’. No more BS about position papers and deceptive pronouncements about ‘peace in our time’  a la Cretin- George Bush Jr --when all along he was planning for the Iraq War. Even more dastardly than Geo W. is his younger brother –Jeb Bush –who had the audacity to state the Iraq War arose from an ‘INTELLIGENCE/ MILITARY FAILURES!!!” To which part of the Military did Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condolezza Rice belong?

We no longer have to pretend that no honorable men/women were killed in action because of the compounding incompetence of the former Presidents. Now we have those leaders who can articulate our major discontents. What they will do next, it’s up to them.
As for now…. JUST PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!  



  1. Bernie is 73. Can he survive the stress of presidential office without kicking the bucket. Donald is 69. Hillary 67 and Jeb 62. Never seen such a lineup of geriatric material.

  2. LOL!

  3. Let's hope that Hillary's wealthy supporters don't mind losing their $140,000,000 in "investment monies", I mean "speaking fees".

  4. James, Hillary only bumps her head when she needs to "forget" things, like testifying about Bengazi, otherwise her health is "good",

    Of course with the "wiping of her server" she is probably due for another "dizzy" spell with "selective amnesia".

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    1. Now that's got the ring of truth to it. Like a good John Le Carre novel. Such skullduggery.

    2. Better link :

    3. Here's the audio interview:

  6. May 29, 2012 - Donald Trump Answers His Critics at CNN about Obama's Fake Birth Certificate

  7. Sanders is a fraud.

    The truth about him is that he's in bed with Defense contractors and private prison companies.

    Like many so-called populists he's just a loud mouth demagouge.

  8. An independent Presidential candidate from North Carolina called " Deez Nuts" gets 9% of the vote! Follow YouTube link;

    1. Those polled have no knowledge that a candidate needs to be 35 yrs old.

  9. Something is going to happen to Bernie Sanders, and this going to give Hillary Rodham Clinton the D.N.C. NOMINATION! Therefore, as long as Hillary Rodham Clinton is still on the BALLOT, Hillary Rodham Clinton will get the D.N.C. NOMINATION!

    As stated in other comments, Donald Trump is only there to get Jeb Bush the R.N.C. NOMINATION! This is the reason for Donald Trump intentionally politically sabotage his campaign!

    For the GENERAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, it will be Hillary v. Jeb! Currently, the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" (CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to the JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus)) want Hillary Rodham Clinton in THE WHITE HOUSE!