Sunday, August 2, 2015

V. P. Joseph Biden: Plan B for the 2016 Democratic Presidential Race!
Hillary Clinton cannot and will not be the Democratic Candidate. She is on a continuing road of self-embarrassment and self-destruction. She can’t help herself.  So, I have decided to comment on the Democratic Party Candidates as a biased impartial observer. In that one statement I reflect the inherent contradiction of a Hillary Clinton—talks one way/walks another way.We don’t need to belabor the point of Hillary’s genetic disposition for prevarication leading to her eventual self-implosion---on the smallest unpredictable matter.

Now back to what I would do if I were consultant to the present Democratic Party [clearly I am not]. There is no question in my mind that Joseph Biden is a “seasoned politician”. Even his verbal gaffes are part and parcel of his persona, eliciting a cringe tainted with a hint of sympathy. It is that last factor that I want to talk about—sympathy.I know as much about Biden as most of you maybe even less.
But I do know one thing.
That man and his family has suffered personally and collectively more than any other politician in either the Republican and Democratic Party, combined.Without going into the perverse details of Biden’s losses, cumulatively the full panoply of those losses from the death of his first wife, children and cancer---Biden would in any Biblical Sense qualify for Job, God’s trusted servant of endurance.
Have I become sentimental or have I suddenly become religious in a country that is evolving into atheism and agnosticism as the new shibboleth of faith?? No, I have not become either religious or sentimental. What I see is a large political lacunae in the Presidential Race of 2016. If Trump, by chance, self-destructs or even gets run over by one of his fleet of golf-carts and subsequently sustains serious injuries….what’s the backup?

In other words what happens to the electoral field if untoward accidents occur throughout? As for the Republicans, they will produce their medical team of Drs. Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and even recruit some ignoble candidate of lesser merit. As for Bernie Sanders as the Plan B for the Democrats? No Socialist, avowed or even defrocked, can really sustain a credible narrative of trade, economics and a secure foreign policy.
Elizabeth Warren, the ersatz American Indian who shimmied her way into the pretentious Harvard faculty, she will flame out as Hillary-like opportunist and indigenous fakir. That leaves me to suggest Vice President Joseph Biden, loyal American and exceedingly tenured politician, who has held more political offices than I can remember.
What is the difference now?
VP Joseph Biden has had to suffer through death of his oldest son who died from a brain tumor. That is a life-changing experience when, if one is to believe the narrative that Beau requested one last wish of his father—‘to run for the Presidency and co-opt  the Clinton family’—then his presence in the race becomes more compelling. Even mandatory!
President Nixon, a man of strong convictions always remonstrated to those around him—‘judge a man when he is down not when he is on top.’ Judging Biden at his nadir of his personal and professional career, I admire the fact that he is reserved, focused and reliable to the present POTUS. He neither cowers from attention or political assignments that only a few aides could possibly discuss in public.
Therefore, as a participant-observer of the 2016 Presidential Race, let me reiterate my support for Biden’s entrance into the Democratic Race as initially Plan B. Let us see how Plan B eventually converts to Plan A as the Hillary, Banshee of lies and deceits, whirls herself around into another Charlotte’s Web of self-destruction—aided by none others than her sycophant advisors and so-called, ‘Family Friends’.
Go Joe!

Let America see which is the more revealing truth about a Democratic candidate –inevitable choices-- or an accidental fate which inspires one to reach beyond reality?
Let the best man/woman win!
At least Democrats, please have a Plan B!
Let me quote the Bard from the play, Hamlet:
“A politician …. One that would circumvent God.” 


  1. You're kidding aren't you Dr Steve?? Watch this Y/T video "THE OBAMA DECEPTION - JESUIT JOE BIDEN IS PRESIDENT"
    Barrack Obama , real name Barry Davis is a 32rd degree Prince hall Freemason and a possible Knight of Malta. Joe Biden is a Knight of Malta and Jesuit trained , they will say he advices Obama but in reality he guides Obama.

    1. USA is atheist country which depends more and more on producing wars because capitalists which were saved by communist methods in 2007 needs bail in.
      Who is who is not important, capitalism is capitalism.
      Either governmental of USSR or of USA or of China, all same, workers do not decide shit about profits of company where they work.

      Yes there is public bank in North Dakota (only bank which did not need bail out), yes there is Bernie Sanders, but that is just hollywood stunt for people to think that there is something more then bankrupt capitalists bagger zombies on life support, they will give you that show also.

      Listen kill all rich, and you are sure you are secured. By what smell they stink is not so important. Yes we need to kill rich Catholic priests also. Why not.

    2. US people had 50 years of prosperity only because US workers in 1932 came to Roosevelt and told him how they will do Soviet style revolution, and capitalists got scared.
      Now you will eat shit and be radiated but before that you will elect Jeb Bush and be isolated and poor.
      Alex Jones will give you open global borders but secured property borders of elite. Global capitalists will sell you water and peace. You will pay to not have whore of wife. You will bow to money. Yes more cultural marxism but private ownership sacred and so on, and so on.

    3. And i will go learn French, move to France as EU citizen, take jobless benefits there, rent in centre Paris two bedroom 60m2, flat for protected 864 euros per month, alone... Will take free ballet lessons and rise my legs above my head and will shit on capitalism...

      And Alex Jones can sell you NWO by showing you from balcony of my Paris flat roofs of Paris, and telling you how one day your capitalists will give you communist NWO one day and give you nanny state.
      Sorry but you are too stupid for nanny state.

    4. And all private flats in Paris are now 864euros, ALL... Not just those built for bums and reserved for drug addicts and criminals in crime areas.

    5. But there is hope for American people. Because capitalists really got scared on OWS riots.

      Well people get that communist red flag, start yelling on streets, kill rich, unite with black brothers, start breaking expensive cars, go to rich neighbourhoods and start burning their villas...
      And do not worry, they are doing that to your families every day... They hate you already, believe me. And get it, YOU ARE NOT RICH and YOU WILL NOT GET RICH. read my lips...

    6. If you are not violent. Than teach kids to cry if they see someone getting out expensive car. Call bosses, slaveowners, talk with fellow workers how we must change system and start talking against bosses, sign up to labor unions, demand from labor unions to start founding workers co opts, demand guilds in your profession just how (lawyers do have), start being openly disgust by rich, talk against bosses... See here is gypsy family living in Denmark, they will kick them out because they are rich, meaning they are criminals, they are telling them that they are criminals... And he is criminal, just he is dark so that is why they are attacking him. He is just in your face too much. He name is Gimi, like give me.

    7. Slavery was system where slaveowner would take profits from slaves and decide alone what to do with profits.
      Capitalism is system where capitalists would take profits from workers and decide alone what to do with profits.

      They are scared like hell people. They know it they are minority. You think those guys on MSNBC would kick out Ed Shultz if decisions on MSNBC were made by workers one worker one vote? They all are capitalists. Their only goal is to not loose that position. They do not care how many of you will have to die in wars for them to keep their positions. Money is now what they will try to sell you to bow to, even you will have less of it. They are going full steam ahead.

  2. I do not know why Bernie Sanders is against TTP, that is so dumb from him, he will not get blessing from rich guys and he will not get nomination even sea of young people are for him.
    He is also strange on foreign policy. Rich capitalistic pedophiles wants international approach and penetration and they will use any communist method there is like they are doing all the time.
    Why he is so stupid he could get real chance if he would just get real.

    Sanders is so out of touch. Ed Shultz was fired when he started to talk against TTP. We all see what is no no. And even I see TTP is needed or US to survive.

    Joe Biden would never rise taxes on rich to just level of 95% like it was in 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970 in time of US prosperity, until that was abolished in 1980 and americans started to go poorer and poorer...

    Obama is last hope of US, seems to me, to get that 3rd mandate and introduce communism. Because this is not going to end well.

    Imagine having laws which would allow to owner of capital on terrain (some capitalist full of tax payers money from bail out) to decide what to with profits made by workers and deciding when worker can go to toilet and if.

    Dear folks, everything is rigged for Jeb Bush and those little entrepreneurs on terrain to suck working people off. They even paid one socialist idiot to talk about 2 month maternity leave while in Europe it is 1 to 2 years depending if you have 3rd child or twins.

    Let s just look at Alex Jones and his economic policies of satanic slavery on steroids. Pope nicely said, one who thinks that even one person should be without free flat, free job and free food (free health care) is not Christian. We Catholics destroyed communism, we will destroy this capitalism once for all in 3rd WW because it must be radiated for ever.

    Imagine having boss on workplace and he is boss because he have money and you do not, even 99,99% of money is not earned but from all tax payers from bankers bail out from 2007.

    Obama must get 3rd term by manufacturing crisis. Even Trump was also before for Medicare for all, now he is just for 2nd grade care (but ok at least, still for all).

    Now let watch and enjoy Pete Santilli show where his dear guest David Duke is talking about Jewish Supremacy. Show where capitalists introduced new word, Euro-Americans which is now promoted in show as new way of more of divide and conquer. Euro-americans are by far the most stupid of all groups, by far. They really do believe that you get money when you work. And now they got new group for them self, to play against black so just capitalists can have still head still on shoulders.

    Here is David Duke...

  3. Just how i recommended to UK, leave EU, enter back EFTA, Europeans does not need american aircraft carrier in EU. Nor British people wants others to be seen that way.
    Take Russia in EU, than UK can join back without being US aircraft carrier. That is how US capitalists will have to accommodate socialist international.
    Those republicans are getting too disgusting. If Obama do not make coup and arrest them all in 3rd term. Then also Israel should go on Russian side.
    US capitalists should go together with their China.
    I mean to have same policies in EU like Scott Walker has.
    I would rather WW3.

    About UK getting out from EU.

  4. Obama should put back Van Jones and Eric Holder. And they should arrest Glenn Beck before 3rd therm.
    Lets all remember of Glenn Beck about health care. Whole studio went crazy. Defending undefendable.

    Plan of capitalists is that this negro in white house who saved their ass never ever return. And that socialism goes in to hole for ever. Communism is just for them folks. Everything was ok first two years of Obama presidency, than all those rich white capitalists were very very quiet.

    Let s give them little of formal public regulations...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lets look another CIA agent, not now Glenn Beck...
    They even manufactured this story for beginning to show you stupid american people how you are stupid dumb slave and that you should stay down and not get higher salary.

    You know they want you to work for 1$, do you get that stupid people? They give 20000$ yearly because they cannot kill you, that is only reason, THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU.

  7. Most important speech of Sanders to trade unions. Sadly trade unions were always under influence of CIA so they will be at least criminal as capitalists are if that is somehow possible. was also full of propaganda against UAW and how they are reason why capitalists left. OK, they why they did not leave those factories to workers then? Yes it is true, they would not left if american workers have had african salaries. People must live according to own class, everything else is delusional how ever strong work of CIA is strong on terrain to pollute any form of free association and collective organisation.

  8. Here is some very important socialist-communist economical links about 3 years plan by one of local communist governments in China to give some central planing bureaucratic government credits for full robotisation of factories. They will give some communists subsidies which does "not" work. More interesting articles are now on Chinese.
    It seems somehow that tea-party, whites, right-wing nazi capitalistic aka fake christians are not mentioned there... Maybe they do not have time for losers with leprosy, i guess they do not have fox news there.

    It is on chinese there is no need to open... HA HA HA

    1. Chinese are not idiots to allow to private capitalists to be source of credit or stocks to be source of credits. China stocks are not Chinese economy, Government is creditor in China. China will not have any kind of slow down. Only 5% of credits in China are stocks (private scum). Seems that only some black guy can notice that on this YT video, whites are too stupid to get it. People are protected there.

    2. White capitalists are so stupid, we can see in this video, they only worry about capital miss allocation and wasteful investments. We see here how white skulls are too narrow to accept that capital is licence from government not something you need to earn. End we see how those two guys really do try to hope that China will have to make some changes... LOOL
      Americans are hoping all time that China will be stupid to become stupid like americans are stupid. Problem is that even americans know that they are stupid, but as we say private capitalist are holly cows. Never touch holly cows.

  9. People, they are MONEY ADDICTS, and you do not have to be afraid... THEY WILL NEVER GIVE YOU SOCIALISM... NEVER
    Their only problem is Russian and Chinese continental army and that is why in Europe still have something some from socialism. And Alex Jones (little germanic barbaric pig) can shoot roofs of Barcelona all the time.
    Only 3rd term of Obama can save you... meaning mission impossible...
    Money addicts are doubling down on capitalism big time... You are in power of money junkies.

    1. All powers which are going down, before their end expand their territory... French and British Empire were largest in 1940,,, ever,,,
      French empire had 110M people
      British Empire in 1939 was largest and had 520M (what US can only dream today) people

      And same today with US even in Ukraine. They grow bigger fast before they fall.

  10. Only communist government can cope with greed installed in technology of internet (high frequency trading)... Sorry guys greed does not work there, you are done. God never liked that.

    1. All US capitalists WILL become slaves of only real political non money central committee, and that is CENTRAL COMMITTEE of COMMUNIST PARTY of PR of China.
      To be more precise of this body. Capitalists are slaves and junkies with deformed brains, they cannot rule, only government can rule and issue money.

      This is link of Central Commission for Discipline Inspecion

    2. Obama orders world's fastest computer

      Obama needs life long, dictatorship and super congress without republicans... Whites are just too stupid (ideological)

    3. Chia - you've outed yourself as a communist on a mission to troll Doc P's blog. The IQ level of Doc P's readers and commentators compells scrolling through all your splatter to reach the nuggets of wisdom found not in your diatribes.

      If there is one thing of value you've brought to this blog, its that communist theology is an old, beat down, grey colored painting of the depressed human spirit who's surrendered to the fallen world. "I can't do it myself so you shouldn't either. I'm a victim and the State is my only hope, therefore all should be made to be like me".

      Id tell you not to quit your day job, but I very much doubt you have one. In fact, I think you are from a well to do family and your actual work experience is only theoretical. Like BO, you are driven by communist theology because of the internal shame; that you have been given so much, but you've never earned any of it. In other words, you hate those you could never be.

      Playing the victim requires no effort and always results with emboldening your captors. You can write yourself right into a jail cell as the Apostle Paul proved. The difference is (and always will be) the human spirit that refuses captivity will always quest for more than the State shall ever provide. There is no future in willfully becoming a ward of the state.

      Free yourself from the chains that bind you. Go outside and help somebody, then teach them to help someone else. Do so with a glad heart in thanksgiving to our creator.

    4. I am communist aristocrat, like I said 3 flats of Tito, 150000E x 3. I do not have daily job why should I?
      About how Croatian workers self-management was bad, i do not understand you. I guess you are not educated enough, but I do not know, to me all those building looks in much better shape and of much better quality, with more free space around them, and they were free...
      You know 0$. And on job you no boss. No owners. No private ownership. Salaries more than today in Germany, free land to build houses, nationalised free land first row to sea....
      I do not understand your facts. Have you ever heard for Tito...
      Cmon lets compare average Joe in Tito workers self-management to average Joe of USA and UK, TODAY, not of one before from 1976.

      1. Category: Jobs
      2. Category: Vacation
      3. Category: Medicine
      4. Category: Education
      5. Category: Car
      6. Category: Housing

      This will last... I am woking on it... Wait...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I will take in to account life or real peoples... which were never members of communist party... wait

    7. I do not talk here about USSR which was state capitalism where workers never had right to decide what to do with profits. We will talk about Tito, political dictator but biggest democrat ever because he allowed democracy there where it matter, on workplace!

      When he said no to Stalin. We are talking here about american communism which was 75% under control of CIA.

    8. Lets look life of my father.
      His family after world war II, came to city, grandma was not working, grandpa was accountant. 4 kids. In 1959. they got bigger 4 room flat from company where they worked because he got 4-th kid, (Tito wanted military manpower so that was propagated). This is building. You cannot get such today. He worked in company where workers would decide (one worker, one vote) what to decide with profits. They decided to build houses for them self on nationalised former private land... Meaning land was free for them.

      My father went to school here. Also communist building.

      Then he went on free university, to study law.
      And then he got free flat somewhere here:))

      And that was standard. No rich were allowed, if you had two flats you give back to government.

      He had motorcycles, he had Land Rover also, 10 years old, he also had small ship made in Slovenia, this one.

      Only problem was that he was never greed so he did not start building vacation house near sea. Like all people were doing. On land stolen from private people. Land was super cheap because forigners were not allowed to own anything in Yugoslavia and banks could deal with land. And there were no private tourist investors which would maximase land near coast and destroy nature with these prison cells in miami or in spain.
      But this is standard communist vacation house near sea.

      Also everyone had vacation 3 month. Who would not have house he would have free vacation in workers rest complexes... Like this one.
      But now it is much more ugly because now it is private, so private owner will decide to put more rooms on same lot and will always do some upgrade.

    9. I mean when i came to London in 2005 to see little how life is when you work in capitalism (for fun), I had good salary, but when i saw prices of flats and rent. I said ... HA HA HA HA HA, you must be idiot to even try compare this shit to life under TITO.

      I got some shitty apartment in Tierny Road SW - London, and it was very very under price, and you have to share... That is life of dogs not of people.

      Huge prices, old windows, infested with minorities who are coming to lower prices, everything full of billboards of those 3rd world pagans. Crime, violence.

    10. Only extremely evil or not informed person can say that nationalisation of private excess property is not only way forward. For that violent revolution is must, because all rich needs to be disenfranchised and private initiative must be forbidden on all levels, for ever.
      It was needed only 10 people to found "basic organisation of unified work" OOUR, and you would get full governmental support, money and credit...
      Local people building even oil refineries that way.

      Tito wanted absolute decentralisation to destroy influence of Stalinist Serbs.

      Culture was also on higher level, only Rock and Roll was allowed. As you can see here, much newer cars were driven than today on west.

      Also every building had member of communist party, so females had to watch how they will behave in building. And he was looking that some greedy idiot do not start with private initiative to destroy nature or infrastructure around. It was something like rich version of Singapore and UAE. Which are very poor by Yugoslav standards because in Yugoslavia everyone had free flat, car, and vacation house (if they wanted to loose time and energy on that).


    12. I said week ago, there is only month and half for change direction, right now i think there is 3 weeks only. 50% devaluation of $ is coming, they are ready to keep class positions of power on expense of whole economy. They will lower economy but keep positions.
      Shit dollar is coming, dollar will not be any more reserve currency and then capitalists will sell all to Chinese just that workers do not get or buy from them those factories...
      They are buying US steel mills, former factories, just because US capitalists do not want to sell them to US workers which could buy those factories from US capitalists with help of government.
      They would rather give their kids to their chinese capitalist pedophiles then to change system.

  11. Biden would be crushed. You're right though that Hilary is toast; done, finished.

    If the Republicans can turn out 18 or more hopefuls you'd think the Democrats could squeeze out more than one...

    Jerry Brown could take this hands down if he wanted. That guy Webb from Virginia might work.

  12. I thought I would share a bit of political intrigue here at the moment they are now investigating the late Prime Minister Edward Heath over child molestation allegations. I mention it because Icke and others raised his name back in the 90's and it is only now they are looking into it. He also mentioned in 'The Biggest Secret' about Bush Senior, I was a bit dubious as he had been Director of the CIA, but now who knows. I think it is interesting that quite often these high profile names are aware of these allegations and in western litigious societies like ours with their resources, never do anything about it.Which in itself is quite revealing. Maybe we all need a candidate like Peter Sellers in 'Being there' someone who speaks in gardening metaphors but just tells the TRUTH! It would be a winner.

  13. Trump advisor Roger Stone has a forthcoming book says he will reveal "who really killed" Clinton White House aide Vince Foster.

  14. Shia, we don't want you on here. We don't read your garbage. You are a pariah, unwanted, and ill informed on anything useful.

    Dr. P, you have my vote to block him if it matters.

    You are ruining this site. Like your forebearer's ruined everything good and decent in so many countries.

    You are a tick, a leach, and not wanted here.

    Hit the road.

  15. Shia, I know your wife is sick of hearing you. I know your kids are sick of hearing you. We are all sick of hearing you.

    Your wife has to listen. She married you. We didn't.

  16. Patriarch, Roger Stone says Vince Foster killed himself. His book details what took place after with his body after the fact and who was involved.

  17. Biden reminds me of Jerry Ford. The difference is Jerry was appointed after Watergate.

    Ford came off as a bumbler who was handed a disaster. He suffered through two attempts on his life that would have handed a long promised presidency to Nelson Rockefeller. He was a go to guy to the end for the installation of the system that we now suffer.

    That being said, Biden is very similar. A public bumbler handed a disaster if he did take it and win. a possible placeholder for the system; a hand-off guy. I can't see him winning by putting his foot in his mouth. He would be a placeholder for the next monster on the horizon.

    My money is still on Obummer keeping it through some form of National Emergency. Head for the hills if that happens, return not for you cloak....As Jesus once said...

    Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains: {24:17} Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: {24:18} Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. {24:19} And woe unto
    them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those

  18. Gerald Ford was often drunk while in office. Some of the stumbling and bumbling was due to the fact he couldn't see the floor.

    His wife was no different.