Monday, August 10, 2015

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly: On the Road to Fame and Fortune
Type A Woman with a Sharp Wit!
I have already written about what I consider to be a fiasco of journalism: The First Republican Debates. As much as I respect Roger Ailes and Brit Hume, I was annoyed that Megyn Kelly, a beautiful woman of great potential got herself in a ‘pissing contest’ with Donald Trump. Clearly, her questions were well rehearsed and simulated for counter-responses, both intended and unintended. She felt that she must give truth to some salacious statement that Trump [also an A Personality] made about women in general and one woman in particular.
From my perspective, Megyn unwittingly revealed far more about her own psychodynamics than did Trump who basically said ‘go f..k yourself’ [in much nicer words]. The truth was that Trump restrained himself from his usual verbal scherzos on the incompetency and pandering nature of reporters who in better times tend to “suck up to him”.
It must be challenging to be a reporter these days when anyone with a brain can make a decent investigative video and post it on Youtube.  I don’t believe that Journalism in the 21st Century is a viable profession in which one has to contemplate, reflect and write.
So what separates a Megyn Kelly from the round-of-the-mill ‘journalist’?

Her highly coiffured good looks combined with a Mae West/Joan Rivers type of sassiness. We really don’t listen to what she says because it borders on the absurd, if not the hysterical. Call me a male chauvinist and ask me why I may tune to her program from time to time; because I am tired of seeing mulatto skinned she/men on boring CNN. I will say that Anderson Cooper presents himself as a gay newsman who has at least earned his battle stripes having covered more of the world than most TV journalists.
But, Megyn?
No such gravitas. She is a pure product of Syracuse University where she was a star athlete.  She is overly conscious of her own good looks which has encumbered her intellectual development.  Her insecurities prevent her from maturing and that’s why she has to prove herself by taking on a man like Trump.

Trump is unique. He says and does what he wants to do. That’s his prerogative. He earned it by hook or crook.When he made statements about women or a woman it was not as much a misogynist as it was a point of disgust at having been attacked as self-made celebrity… much like Megyn herself. Megyn has a problem with dominant men. I think that is understandable. She is not the first beautiful high powered woman to have a problem with the opposite sex (abandonment/disappointment/control issues) and she won’t the last one.
However, if she expects to grow in her position as an anchor woman, she must understand why it is that she acts like a ‘field hockey player’ [which is what she was in High School] and less like a mature individual who happens to be a woman and happens to have earned the limelight of fame as a celebrity journalist. If she continues down that road of a group cheerleader, giving her Fox News little brothers an inappropriate ‘high five’ then her credulity will start to wane as rapidly as she had ascended.
I do not wish her any ill will. Yet, self-consciousness on the air is not an admirable trait to watch, especially on a woman who attempts to flaunt her beauty over her intellect.  I guess its a maturity thing or an insecurity thing, or both.  She is more comfortable as the wise-ass miss smarty pants than a serious journalist. Megyn must become more professional. Yet it will take a man like Bret Hume [who has interviewed me before] to continue to teach her how to act maturely and credibly.

We already are beset by the Kardashian phenomena of extroverts and selfies. We don’t need a blonde-haired ace-jock to join the club of empty narcissism. Megyn: beauty is truly fleeting. So is a sassy personality, they both tire the eyes and ears. Sobriety with humor is a gift that few journalists have tried to develop. Eventually, you need to loose the hooker extensions, the 60s style false eyelashes and realize we would love to see an elegant woman with brains and nerve ask alpha male power brokers really tough questions.  Time for a make-over.
“Goodnight and Good Luck!”


  1. She disagrees:

    My daughter created a moniker for her: "Ms-ah-Gyn"

    She tells me she had a nose & chin job, wears thick phony lashes, bleached her dark hair, Alfred Hitchcock blond to please Roger "Hitch" Ailes.

    He manufactured her in his fantasy image as he has to all the ladies on his network.

    I say: she has more ambition than wisdom, & never saw the film "network". Very naive, inexperience & trusting.

    She needs a mentor, not Ailes, but Leslie Stahl.
    Her producer, assistant/fact checkers need to be replaced.

    This scandal is a Karl Rove production. He fed her the crap & she trusted him...her FATAL FLAW- TRUSTING A DIRTY TRICKSTER

    She wants to be the Jessica Savitch of her generation. Look what happened to her.

    Whatever it takes to skip steps along the Road to Success.

    1. Dr.P I wouldn't compare Megyn Kelly to Mae West.

      I watch Kelly almost every night and she's just an idiot. Tonight her show was all about the riots in Ferguson, a ploy to play to her geriatric audience's fears of social disorder as an undercurrent of support for law enforcement and the military. Most nights I am over at my flag-waving 85 year old Texan's house watching her and O'Reilly and both do nothing but pander to the fears of the aged....Oh my God they're legalizing DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God the negros are rioting all over America because they hate the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God ISIS has agents all along the Mexican border!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God the Iranians are going to launch a nuclear bomb at the United States because they hate us!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh my God...Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Every night it's this stupid bullshit and the over-seventy five crowd loves to tune in every fucking night and get all agitated with this turmoil and's their entertainment.

      Mae West on the other hand was the highest paid person in America for several years. She wrote and produced her own films in Hollywood, and didn't even show up there until she was 41 and had a string of huge hits on Broadway which she had produced and written and acted in.......

      Mae West was a force of nature...the original American bad girl with which West was intimately familiar. Her father was a "private investigator" in New York and her early life was filled with criminal characters and their gold-digging molls. She was well aquainted with every form of vice and corruption.

      Go to Google images and get a pic of what she looked like when she was amazing beauty.

      I remember her in 1968 "Myra Brackenridge" written by Gore Vidal. In her senior years she posed with male bodybuilders. She was a genius.

    2. Now as for Joan Rivers I just wanna say that she was one Jewish lady with a lot of courage. She was obsessed with a career in acting or theater and was pretty much disowned by her family for pursuing that.

      She sacrificed and lived miserably because she knew the stage in some form was her destiny...and she was right.

      She's an American story of someone pursuing their bliss for whatever reason and succeeding at great sacrifice, but succeeding none the less.

      I tip my hat to her.

    3. thanks for comments, and the background on two of my favorite women.

    4. Last night's show was another disgrace.

      Kelly claimed that the negro woman DA of Baltimore was unjustly prosecuting the six Baltimore police she indicted for the killing of a negro who was found dead in the back of a police van....

      Kelly claimed there was "new information" that someone who shared the ride with the deceased had been "banging his head against the side of the truck to injure himself" and that the deceased man "had a history or seeking to sue the police for injuries he caused to himself...."

      But guess what?

      There was no new evidence of any of this....whatsoever. The so-called "witness" who shared the ride with the dead negro said he never reported anything of the kind, and that the report that he did so was hear say from some Baltimore policeman.

      There was nothing to investigate and nothing to run down...nothing. There was no evidence that the dead negro EVER injured himself on other occassions or sought to sue the police or anyone else....never sued anyone in his life LOL....

      This is the kind of completely biased bullshit bunk that the idiot dumbass bimbo Kelly puts on her "show."

      The only "show" she's capable of is maybe a peep show in a vintage adult bookstore so she can spread her vagina for dollars, or maybe become a "camgirl" and use a toy or vibrator or something to titilate the masterbating men or south asia and the orient.....

      But as for brains she has none....none whatsoever.

    5. She said the Baltimore DA had a "responsibility to investigate any possible exculpatory evidence.."

      However she failed to admit that there was no exculpatory evidence to investigate.

    6. "I wrote the story myself, it's a story about a girl who lost her reputation, and never missed it"...Mae West.
      : /

    7. Bang as you may, it's not that easy to turn yourself into a quadriplegic in the back of a police van on your own.

      Saw this injury come thru an ER one weekend, but it was a young lady VS a car traveling 60 mph, she was the pedestrian who was struck while jay walking. It severed her C-spine from her Cranium.

      The normally composed ER Doc, lost it, because the girl reminded him of his similarly aged daughter.

      When he regained his composure he realized he didn't need me to check for blood flow to her brain, as she arrived DOA and couldn't be resuscitated.

      This guy had help with his injuries. At the very least they took him on a roller coaster of a ride in that police van to cause that much spine damage. Pretty shameful on the part of the police.

    8. Which was the injury to our aforementioned ER patient.

    9. What Kelly "reported" was a non-event, with no evidence whatsoever, and she treated it as fact.

      The whole point was to villify the Baltimore DA because supporting law enforcement and the military is what the Fox audience wants to see, and they will lie and lie and lie to support anything any policeman does no matter how horrendous.

      Fox is evil.

      They are simple liars who slander anyone who tells the truth about the world.

      The attack the messengers, assault the whistleblowers, and cover for the evil doers.

      Fox is Satan.

  2. She is too perfect to be real so I do believe that she is a production of some guys fantasy through surgery and mental manipulation.

    That being said her eyes do belie something evil behind that super facade. You can see the desire to get ahead no matter what, an emptiness, an unfulfilled need of some sort. There is some pain there from something.

    She seems to need to play the part of the protector of women. There appears to me to be some deep event in her psyche that is being fought.

    We all got our problems but this type of person is one I would steer clear of base on the little information I have. You would need to get into her day to day life with coworkers and peers to better analyzer her.

    She may be a doll and a great gal but the eyes are the window to the soul.

  3. Karl Rove is her snake charmer:
    How to succeed. She picked the wrong mentor.

  4. LA TIMES:

    "The script — which Baier didn’t have to use — took a page from Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show. It went like this: “Mr. Trump, in your business you have rules. You follow rules. We have rules on this stage. We don’t want to have to escort you to the elevator outside this boardroom.”

    “We’re hoping we don’t have to use it,” Baier said later. “[But] we’re locked and loaded.”

    For anyone embedded with the news team on debate day, it became clear that it wasn’t just the Republican hopefuls who would be on-stage this night — but also Fox News, widely seen as the network most friendly to conservatives. No one here wanted to appear as if they were pitching softballs.

    “You can’t let them have that offramp” was Baier’s rule as they hone each line.

    Indeed, when Kelly rehearsed a question for another candidate — delivered in the staccato style that adds to her reputation as a tenacious interrogator — a producer at the table said, “He’ll go berserk.” That’s a compliment for Kelly, who smiled.

    For the individual anchors, the debate was also a chance to burnish their reputations. Kelly has emerged as the channel’s prime-time star. Wallace is a seasoned veteran of the Washington beat. Baier has perhaps the most to gain from the expanded national spotlight"."

    Burnish? Only among the HACKS!


  6. I found that when i promote communism to americans if few comments i made on infowars, it goes not so well, understandable. But when i tell them that rich people should be banned be law, without mentioning communism, it goes!
    From now I will talk about rich only.
    Bernie Sanders is playing looser, why he is talking against corporations, corporations are our communism product... Why why why...
    And imagine at end they move even Trump for us.
    I mean, people do live in prisons also.

    1. not Trump for but Trump from

    2. You're a troll. Nobody cares. Come back when you matter.

    3. Look our communist vacation houses built under law which says that land free and private only if it gets used by someone who does not already have house to build house.

      No banks dear, few sacks of cement and lots of free communist time. In non-industrialised backward country, no rich. When you have easy job, live in communism, and get free flat, than it is easy to build one house of 500K near sea in 20 years.

      I will matter more and more. Capitalistic turd... Especially after we radiate your sick capitalistic brains.

    4. More imbecile news for imbeciles of some techno 3rd world prison camp.

    5. Kerry and Obama are genius, we here use to say that people gets government what they deserve... Not in case of one half of american people, obviously. Kerry and Obama are elite, cream de la cream, angels... Those republicans (excluding Trump) are morons, idiots, imbeciles, retards, cretins, saps, bullheads, dolts, gawks, simpletons, tomfools, dumdums, half-wits, obtuse, duns, louts, boneheads, dimwits, coots, ninnies...
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      something like this, (girl = american people with brain contusion, and that gentleman, are republicans)...

  7. Trump has challenged the mainstream reality show news media very effectively on domestic affairs - e.g. earlier to Obama's eligibility records issue, though he hasn't yet brought questions to Cruz or Rubio's constitutional eligibility for the office.

    (On the other hand, it is regrettable that Pieczenik is not eligible for POTUS by reasons of the same constitutional technicality.)

    To Trump's discredit, he seems to accept the reality show media's foreign affairs narrative of geopolitics - largely dictated by the Likud/Republican neo-con consensus (to which the Israeli left and U.S. Democrats meekly submit). It would have been better had he answered the Iran deal question with a "better deal but we need a deal" response. He did advise against W.'s war in Iraq however. A similar challenge needs to be made against the current war posturing, both that of Netanyahu against Iran, and that of the neo cold war.

    1. I think that cold war is just what we need, capitalists united, is worse thing people can have on this world.
      I hope borders are going to be found from which nice cold war can start. Destruction started when cold war ended.
      I just hope China and Russia can make one block and sustain. That would be only way for this world to prosper ever again.

    2. He received a tweet about Cruz Rubio & Jindal & retweeted it:

      "In 2008 the U.S. Senate passed a resolution, RES. 511, defining Natural Born Citizen to clarify the issue regarding then-candidate John McCain.

      It specifically cites the applicant must be born to TWO U.S. CITIZENS who were U.S. citizens at the time of the applicant's birth. CRUZ IS NOT ELIGIBLE, because his father was not naturalized until 2005.


      If a candidate is not born on US soil to 2 citizen parents then he is very obviously not a legal candidate because he is not eligible by every actual and manifest benchmark that exists. Everyone pretending that they are is just pulling a con game and hoping no one will notice and in that respect, and God help me for having to say it to be honest on the subject, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal, as much as I like those three, are scarcely better than Obama in terms of eligibility honesty because they must know they do not meet the eligibility requirements and yet talk of their potential presidencies, anyway.

      Additionally, while the resolution cites other Presidents not being born on US soil (in fact, the Founding Fathers, actually, who were eligible as citizens at the time the Constitution was written, an exclusion allowed for in-writing in the Constitution, read it yourself), the resolution qualifies McCain because of the fact that the US Panama Canal base on which he was born was regarded as US-owned soil. All of this is in-line with writings of this Nation's Founding Fathers in terms of obvious intent...

      The only time "Natural Born" is known to have existed as a term before or during the writing of the U.S. Constitution is in Emerich de Vattel's 1758 Law Of Nations, a then-contemporary work during the lead-up to the birth of this nation, a writing which was widely quoted by our Founding Fathers, who plainly drew their term "Natural Born Citizen" from Vattel's book.

      Book one chapter 19,
      § 212. Of the citizens and natives.
      "The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens." "

      Waiting for the roadrunners to catch up. If they don't, he'll likely remain silent.

  8. Peoples courthouses in USSR and under Pol Pot could not have been so openly dumb and evil! Look this, what this private rich individual, (not yet nationalised owner of FOX news) is doing with this stage actors is showing guys is that they are doubling down on everything.
    They really do think that closed free market capitalism can work.
    From that link of respected Patriarch, this must be seen separate.

    This is 100% unAmerican... Republican party must be destroyed. Let s just wait, there will be CNN debate under Wolff Blitzer. We need to destroy them all. Same question must be asked for all of them and it must go like this...

    Sanders said that when he asked republicans do they know that 25M people will die without care if you remove 25M of them from Medicare by austerity reforms. (Like it was done in USSR in 1990es, 15M died). Why republicans did not answer at all that question of Sanders. They did not say anything. THEY DO NOT CARE.


  9. Breaking news, breaking news!! Jay Rockefeller was right 100%, competition and free market capitalism is sin 100%.
    North Korean beer beats all South Korean, produced, in taste and in quality. Capitalism is race to bottom, We under Tito also had non poisoned food which had much better taste, capitalists will always fake because they must fake and cheat too survive on market, because even more evil consumers always buys cheap.

    We need feudal self-management guilds. Which can be free established by workers them self. Than public banks can fill money in to them. FED can be controller.

    Then company when it is opening, will take lawyer from Guild No23, manger from guild No4533, janitor from guild No332, and than bank will decide rates for credit.

    UK is doing great job. I am sorry centre of world is in city of London, not anywhere in USA.

    This is gentleman.